Just Once...
Part Two
by sarAdora

"Just once... I want to lay across your lap and feel your hand warming me till I cry out my need. . Just once... I want you to know how much I want you. Just once... I want you to fill me... and make me yours. Just once... before we die."

Her words inflamed him and he embraced her, hugging her closer to his chest, knowing he'd be unable to stop once he started loving her. "Syl..." his voice in her ear, the rush of his warm breath washing over her, the need for other words superfluous as they touched. "Syl..."

His hands cupped her bottom, squeezing gently as his mouth covered hers, their tongues skipping the introduction and meshing perfectly. Slipping his hands under her dress, he tugged at the fabric pulling it out of the way so he could touch her.

Shivers skated down her spine as his hand touched her bare thigh and she blushed furiously when he whispered in her ear.

"Going to bare your pretty bottom, Syl," his voice raw and twisted with hunger. "Going to lay you across my lap and slide your panties down. Going to touch you... rest my hands on you... rub them over the curve of your cheeks... spank you... ever so lightly... spank you again... harder... till you begin to warm."

"Zack..." she murmured, leaning into him. "Please... don't make me wait."

He didn't.

He couldn't.

He settled on the edge of the bed, pulled her between his knees and then, ever so gently, laid her across his lap.

She went willingly.

"You okay, little one?" he asked softly as his hands slipped under the skirt of her dress and cupped her bottom, his palms tingling at the first touch of her flesh.

"Mmmm," she hummed, wiggling a little when she felt his hands and made herself more comfortable across his lap.

Pulling her dress up and out of his way, he rested one hand on her lower back, the other patting the bikini-clad round cheeks. He wanted her hungry for his touch and teased her... his hands cupped a cheek, squeezed, kneaded the flesh... then, moved to the other one. Just when she anticipated he'd repeat the pattern of cupping and squeezing, his fingers slipped under the waistband of her panties, swept across her flesh and out again and over the curve of her silk covered butt.

"Zack..." she moaned in frustration.

"Syl..." he smiled in response to her hunger.

"You're teasing me," she whimpered. "Please..."

"Your wish is my command," he said softly, leaning over to brush his lips on the back of her neck before beginning the slow sensuous spanks.


His palms tingled, the memory of touching her that first time as fresh as if it were yesterday. He had purposely teased her and himself as well, prolonging the inevitable, and building the tension. He had spanked her over her panties, often slipping his hand under the waistband to skim her warmed bare flesh, or sliding his palm between her thighs to gauge her arousal. His own was rampant with need.

When he had tormented them both beyond control, the wet panties were history and he spanked her with building passion, her bare cheeks wiggling and bouncing under his heavy hand.

"You okay, little one?" he remembered asking when her body trembled beneath his hand. "I don't want to hurt you."

He smiled at the memory. She had turned her head to look at him, her face flushed, eyes slightly glazed, her tongue snaking out to touch her lips.

"More," she mouthed the word, turning on her side to face him, reaching for his hand and placing it between her thighs. "I need to feel your hand here."

"Woman," he had groaned, his need for her growing painful. "You're going to kill me."


"Are you sure?" he asked gently as his hand caressed her warmth, the scent of her arousal filling him, his palm already damp with her dew.

"Zack... please touch me... spank me... I want to feel your hands on me... everywhere."

"Syl..." he murmured, bending down to capture her mouth as his palm cupped her, filling his hand with the silky softness between her thighs.

"Please..." she whispered.

He lifted her hips, slipping a hand under her to cup her warm bottom, the other gently caressing the pink delicate folds of her sex. "Spread your legs, baby," he urged. "Let me in."

She arched her back at the first light spank, pushing up into his hand, eager for another but he rested his palm on her instead.


"Hmmm?" he hummed as he bent to kiss her exposed belly, the heel of his hand pressing hard against the pearl between her folds.

"Please," she begged, her hands reaching to cup his face. "More..." she breathed.

"Soon," he murmured, rubbing his lips over her smooth flesh, moving to taste the hollow of her hips. "I want to touch every inch of you."

"Now!" she said softly but firmly, making him chuckle.

"Making demands, sweet woman?" He lifted his head to smile at her. "Do you always get your way?" he asked as his fingers stroked her wet warmth, causing her to arch into him again.

"No," she said softly, the color rising on her face again. "But I want you... please."

"Tell me what you want," he teased as his hand moved over her folds... one light spank... another... his fingers diving in to tease her inner walls... her gasp the only indication of his probing touch.

"Please," she begged again, her thighs inching a little wider, her hips arched into his hand once more. "Warm me, Zack. Make me tingle... make me hot and wet for you. Now.... please," she breathed, a catch in her breath as his hand descended once again.

Lightly, he spanked her heat, her softness swelling slightly under his loving touch, her wet pleasure coating his palm with each tingling spank. Finally, he paused, letting her catch her breath as he stroked her swollen petals, the soft silk of her warmth... her wet heat... pushing all her buttons... pushing his as well, making him painfully hard for her. His fingers slipped and slid over her... dipping inside... gently teasing until she thought she'd explode.

"Zack... please," she moaned softly, another wave of wetness coating his hand. "I need more of you."

His self-contained control evaporated - he unzipped her dress with alacrity and growled low when she softly laughed at him, recognizing his need was as great as her own.

"Careful, woman," he warned, lightly nipping then sucking and kissing the hollow of her throat. "I haven't finished spanking you."

"Good," she smiled, reaching for his shirt, tugging it out of his pants. "I was hoping there'd be more."


Chuckling, he remembered how indignant she became when he wouldn't let her undress him. She had reached for his shirt, tugging at it, trying to free it from his trousers, but he had stayed her hand.

"Not yet," he had smiled, capturing her hand.

"You unzipped my dress," she had quietly protested. "It's only fair that I..."

"Next time," he promised. "This first time, I'm undressing you." And he had. His hands had pushed her dress over her shoulders and when it dropped to her waist, he remembered sitting back to look at her, brows arched as he gazed at her full and round naked breasts.

Her face was in full blush and he laughed softly, pulling her back into his arms. "Naughty puss," he had admonished her. "Do you ever wear a bra?"

"Sometimes," she smiled into his chest.

"And today?" he remembered asking, still chuckling.

"Didn't feel like it."

"Shameless woman," he had murmured in her ear. "Shameless women get spanked, you know."

"Do you mind?" she had asked, not sure how he felt, despite his words.

"No, sweet woman. I don't," he had assured her, kissing her brow as his hand cupped one firm round breast. "I don't mind at all."


"Beautiful," he murmured, pulling her dress from her and pausing to drink in her graceful form. "Beautiful," he whispered as he bent his head to capture a nipple in his mouth. "Beautiful," he smiled as his eyes wandered over her naked body. "Very beautiful."

She lay still, watching him undress, her own eyes wandering as he shed his clothes. He tossed his shirt in her direction and as he unbuckled his belt, his hands froze and he stared at her. She had lifted a leg, bending a knee and slowly pulled his shirt between her thighs... over... under... teasing herself with the cloth. The moisture glistened on her sex and he licked his lips, then growled at her.

"Syl..." he said sharply. "I'm going to spank you."

She smiled, pulling the shirt to her face, inhaling her own scent as he hastened to rid himself of his pants and shorts.

Still growling, he pounced on her, gathered her into his arms and rolled onto his back, his hands seeking the rounded curves of her ass. "Shameless... that's what you are," he husked, his voice twisted with desire. "Naughty puss... shameless woman."

"Is that all right?" she asked, nuzzling his neck and making herself comfortable on his chest, her soft hand reaching for him.

"Shameless? Yes... I'm glad you are."

"Are you going to love me, now?" she questioned, wiggling her body against his, catching his hard shaft between her thighs.

"Mmmm," he answered, stroking her back, enjoying the touch of her hand on his engorged flesh.

"If you don't love me now," she warned. "I'm going to love you first."

"Shameless woman," he murmured again, turning her onto her back.


"Now, Zack," she had insisted.

He sighed, remembering how she raised her hips so he could cup her bottom cheeks. He remembered how her legs wrapped around his waist. He remembered thinking how firm her thighs were. He remembered the silky feel of her skin as she tightened her legs around him. Chuckling, he remembered how her heels had banged into his back when she demanded that he make love to her.

"God knows I wanted to make love to her," he murmured to the empty room. "But I wanted to savor the moment - take it slow - memorize each thrust... each touch of her soft sweetness as I plunged into her... I wanted to remember every thrust of her hips as she met my assault on her senses... feel every hot breath she took as I filled her... hear every moan... burn it into my brain."

He covered his eyes, remembering those details, seeing her again as she was that day. "I thought you were fire and air and water. I was wrong, Syl. You are none of those. You are earth and I need to be with you again. Just one more time."

~ End Part Two ~

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