Just Once...
Part Three
by sarAdora

"Syl," he groaned softly as he fitted himself to her. "Syl," he murmured, pushing inside her warm center. "Syl," he whispered as her internal walls surrounded his shaft. "Syl," he breathed into her mouth as he thrust deep.

"Love me, Zack," she whispered, holding him close to her, her hips arched in counter thrust, meeting his body's demands.

They touched... they joined... they gloried in each other - these two who had met mere hours ago. But when they did, their souls spoke volumes, continuing an echo that might have begun milleniums ago, in some other time and place. There were no questions as to how... they simply took joy in each other's arms. There were no explanations as to what... they simply accepted the feelings and reveled in them. There were no reasons as to why... they simply hoped they'd love again just one more time.


"Just one more time," he said softly as he read her words again. "Just one more time." He tucked the note back into his inside pocket, his mind awash with memories. "Where are you, Syl?" he asked the shadows in the empty room. "Come back to me. We need to love each other just one more time. Just once... before we die."

Must be tired, he thought, as he left his home. Not like me to be so maudlin.

It's because you read her words, his conscience nudged. She has a hold on you.

Yes, she does, he admitted. I think, deep down, she always will.

He wanted to relive those brief moments they had shared, but he needed to clear his head. And he wanted solitude to think about her and their time together. A ride on the Hog should do it. He revved the engine, listening for familiar pings and other sounds that told him all was running smoothly. Palms on handlebars, he turned the bike into the wind and rode into the past once again.


"Ever been on a motorcycle, Syl?" he asked before they slept.

"Mmmm," she hummed. "Once, when I was in college."

"Want to take a ride, tomorrow?"

"Mmmm," she agreed.

"I'll rent a bike in the morning," he smiled, thinking about riding up the famous Trail Ridge Road deep into the Rockies.

"Will you be able to steer that thing with my arms around your waist?" she asked, raising her head to look at him.

"Mmmm," he answered, pulling her closer to his mouth.

"What if my hands wander?" she teased.

"I'll park the bike and take you over my knee," he said calmly, gauging her reaction to his words.

"You will?" she asked.

"I will," he promised, "so best you behave."

"The hell I will!" she announced, making him laugh.

"Maybe, I'd better give you a taste of what's to come," his voice rumbled against her chest, his hand sliding down her belly, slipping between her thighs and cupping her warmed bottom.

"You're fresh!" she exclaimed, spreading her thighs further apart as his arm pressed against her softness and his hand caressed her butt.

"And you're shameless," he laughed softly, rubbing her warm bottom, the inside of his arm immediately coated with her dew.

"Will you spank me there again?" she asked, pushing up into his arm.

"Try and stop me," he growled low, nipping the side of her breast as his hand settled on her folds.

"I love how you spank me, Zack," she murmured, cupping his face in her hands. "Please don't stop."

"I won't, sweet woman," he promised, his heart suddenly full. "As long as you'll let me, I'll spank you, Syl and then make love to you."


The wind whipped over him as he rode and he lifted his head to meet it straight on, the Hog's rumbling engine vibrating beneath him. He drove along the Atlantic shore, the wind along the eastern coastline cutting, piercing his skin with its icy stabs. He welcomed the sting, embracing its harshness as he relived precious memories.

He felt himself grow hard as he remembered that spanking... she had spread her thighs for him... Her flesh was already warm, her petals silk to the touch, and wet... so wet for him. As much as he wanted to spank that wet treasure, he wanted to taste her first.


He stroked her with a gentle hand, teasing her silk, a finger dipping inside to tease her even more. His thumb found that tiny pleasure button and he pressed it... released it... and pressed it again.

"Zack..." she breathed into his ear as she arched her hips into his hand. "Zack, please..."

He cupped her folds, squeezed... landed a gentle spank and paused while his mouth tasted the hollow of her throat. He nipped it lightly, then kissed the pinch of the nip away. Another light spank... his mouth moved to her breast, his lips suckling gently as she sighed. Another light spank... he moved further down her belly, his tongue inspecting her tummy button, tickling her. Smiling at the giggle that escaped between her lips, he spanked her lightly once again. One more spank... and then another... and then he rested his chin on her mound.

"Got to taste you, woman," he husked, cupping her bottom before his mouth descended on the tightest stretch of warmth he'd ever sampled.

In seconds, he reduced her to mere sensations... disembodied... and lost in space. Her mind rose above it all, disengaged... voyeuristically at ease, watching her body succumb to his lips and tongue. She caught that wave, hung on for dear life and rode its crest as high as the sky... a Rocky Mountain high... her RockyMountainHigh... her Zack.

She opened her eyes when she felt him fill her... his velvet coated shaft engorged and pulsing deep within her... her warmth, her wet heat, her inner walls squeezing him, sucking him into her as far as he could go.

"Love me, Zack," she whispered as her arms tightened around his back, her legs around his hips. "Love me hard."

"Loving you, sweet woman," he whispered back. "Loving you with every breath I take."


I did love you hard, he remembered as the wind continued to bite into his skin. I loved you with my hands. I loved you with my mouth. I loved you with my body. God, Syl! I want to love you like that again.

He remembered she fell asleep right after he had loved her. He remembered he had rolled onto his back, gathering her sleeping body into his arms, tucking her into his side. He remembered holding her all night. He especially remembered how good it felt, how restful his sleep had been, how glad he was to feel her warmth against him when he awoke the next day. He remembered how she smelled in the morning... sweet like spice and raspberry wine. He remembered how she felt in his arms... warm and soft and he remembered he wanted to make love to her again.


She stirred when he brushed her hair out of the way so he could kiss the back of her neck. "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty," he murmured in her ear, turning her onto her back. "Did you sleep well?"

"Mmmm," she hummed, taking a deep breath and stretching, her round breasts catching his eye and ultimately, his hands.

"Still taking that ride with me, this morning?" he asked before his mouth descended on a nipple, pinching it between his lips, the other already firmly caught in his hand.

"Mmmm," she laughed softly, running her hands through his hair. "Think I'll take a different ride first."

"What kind of ride would that be?" he asked, a chuckle in his voice, his breath tickling her skin.

"Do I have to tell you everything?" she teased, her hands snaking down to touch him intimately. "Oooooh, is that for me?" she asked when she encountered steel beneath her palm.

"You could get spanked for that," he sighed, enjoying her touch.

"Can I get spanked for this?" she sighed in return, grasping him firmly in her hand. "Or this?" she queried, her other hand reaching to cup his scrotal sac.

"Mmmm," he agreed. "I think we can work something out."

"Let me up," she pushed against him. "Going to love you now."


"My turn," she insisted.


"It's only fair I give you as much pleasure as you give me," she argued softly, her look of determination making him arch a brow. "You do want to please me..." she paused. "Don't you?" The slight doubt in her voice made him smile as he recognized her inner child taking a quick peek from behind the safety of her woman's form.

"Always," he smiled at the naked siren in his arms and cupped her face between his hands to look at her and wonder... about chance, about fate, about destiny, about the yesterdays they might have shared... about the tomorrows that might be theirs...

She bent her head, her hands wandering over his chest as her mouth licked one flat male nipple, surprising him.


"Shhhh, Zack. It's my turn," she murmured, sucking the flat pebble between her lips, making him shiver. "Lie back... relax. Going to love you now."

And she did.

Her hands roamed over his body... touching... rubbing and caressing him... Her lips discovered his erogenous zones... the hollow of his throat... the indentation that ran down the center of his chest... the edge of his ribcage where he was also ticklish... the rim of his belly button... the crease where his thighs met his groin... her lips teasing... taunting... arousing... Her tongue licked... her teeth nipped... her mouth suckled at his flesh until he growled at her to stop.

"Not stopping," she laughed softly, her mouth teasing the hardness of his sex. "Just beginning to love you, Zack," she murmured as her breath tickled the bushy nest of his groin. "Just beginning... just this once."

If he thought she'd simply take him into her mouth and suckle him until he burst, he was surprisingly mistaken. He knew what bliss felt like and he expected it. He didn't expect sheer ecstasy.

She grasped him with both hands, her fingers slowly sliding up and down, her tongue peeking between her lips to touch the tip of him.

He sighed.

She smiled, licking him, her tongue slipping under the tip and all around before engulfing him between her lips. One hand continued to caress his shaft, her other cupping his sensitive sac, gently massaging... making him groan as the pleasure built up inside. She released him, teasing once again... her tongue tasting the fullness of his sex... her teeth nipping the prominent vein... her fingers wandering over... under... and around...

"Is this good, RockyMountainHigh?" she asked as she licked his thickening flesh. "Do you like this, Zack?"

"Mmmm," he groaned, reduced to satisfying sounds, his heart racing and his breath unleashed. "So good... woman... so good." His hands reached for her, pressing into her shoulders, then cupping her face, moving to caress her neck as she loved him with her hands and mouth. "No more, Syl. Can't take any more... going to explode."

"Not yet," she murmured, sucking him back between her lips... her hands in concert, stroking him. Her tongue swirled around him and then she squeezed as she stroked, and tucked the tip of him beneath her tongue. The wet heat of her mouth surrounded him and he erupted with a roar, his release warm and thick and plentiful. She raised her head as he shot forth, her lips... her chin... her breasts... and her belly coated with his pleasure.

Crawling up onto his chest, she purposely smeared his ejaculate between their bodies and laughed softly as he shook his head at her. His heart pounded against her breasts as his arms enveloped her in his embrace. His breath was harsh, gulping air and his hands wandered to her bottom, cupping and pinching lightly.

"Shameless woman," he growled low when he found his voice. "That definitely deserves a spanking."

~ End Part Three ~

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