Just Once...
Part Four
by sarAdora

He bent his head into the wind, lost in memories, his body comfortably in synch with the bike as he rode against the force of nature. It took a spattering of rain before he realized he'd be soaked if he didn't soon stop for shelter. He didn't want to stop. He wanted to ride into the past, grasp it and her... and hold it tight... He wanted to bury himself between her thighs... suckle at her breast... kiss her lips... taste her sweetness there and between her silky folds... spank her pretty bottom until she begged him for release. Just once... again, before he died.

He remembered zipping her jacket over her sweater, warning her it would be a lot cooler riding on the motorcycle, tucking an errant curl back into the mass of it piled on her head. He remembered how she teased him, calling him "Devil Biker" and "Easy Rider" and asking if he'd tattoo her name on his arm. He remembered laughing at their silliness, cupping her jeans clad bottom, fitting her to his groin, and wondering if they should kiss and spank and love before they took that ride.

And he remembered that ride...


They made their way to Trail Ridge Road, the foliage so thick they couldn't tell what lay beyond the next curve. The famous road was paved, but narrow with sheer rock on one side and a death-defying canyon on the other, few guardrails to block a fall. He braked, lightly fingering the clutch, slowing the bike as they made their way up the mountainside. The sky was a clear azure blue, not a cloud in sight, the sun so bright it brought tears to their eyes to look at it.

Spotting a fork in the trail, he rode into the bend until he found the perfect place to stop and rest a while... a deep indentation in the mountainside, almost like a cave. He parked the bike on a grass-covered slope, spread a blanket, leaned against the smooth rock surface and pulled her into his arms.

"No people, Syl," he murmured. "No cities, no places, no hassles. Just you and me and an uninterrupted view for miles... Look!" he pointed toward the horizon, focusing her gaze. "If you look hard, you can see forever."

"What are you looking for, Zack?" she asked quietly as she cupped his face, her stare intense.

"The future... and what it will bring," he said, honesty stabbing his heartstrings, his gut suddenly wrenched.

"Live in the present, Zack," she whispered before she kissed him. "Enjoy today. Tomorrow will happen, regardless."

"Will tomorrow continue to bring happiness?" he asked, wondering once again about fate, about destiny, about her.

"Happiness is like a butterfly," she repeated a saying she had learned along with life's lessons. "Pursue it and it will elude you. Live and it will come to you - alighting on your shoulder when you least expect it."

"I want it today," he murmured, turning her in his arms. "And I'll do whatever is necessary to make it happen tomorrow as well."

"Have to love you, now," he told her, his mouth capturing hers as his hands wandered, eager to touch her, to spank her again, to bring her pleasure, and to find fulfillment between her thighs.

He took his time... enjoying the fresh mountain air, a breeze ruffling the curls that fell to her neck, his fingers entwined in her hair. They were relaxed in each other's arms, at peace with the gods and company, their mouths saying little, their souls continuing a conversation started long before their time.

She sighed when he unsnapped her jeans, lifting slightly as his big hands eased them down over her hips and off. She sighed again when his hands slowly traveled back up her calves, his palms warm against her flesh, his fingers inching toward her thighs. But when those same warm hands reached for her panties... and he slipped them down... slowly... she moaned long and low.

"Zack," her voice barely audible. "Don't make me wait... please love me now."

"I *am* loving you, Syl," he murmured, caressing the newly exposed skin, his mouth in concert with his hands... loving her.

He landed one sharp little spank on her mons... her gasp of surprise swallowed when his mouth followed his hand, kissing her. Another spank on her sex... that warm tingly feeling beginning to grow as she arched up to meet his hand.

"Are you okay?" he asked, turning her so she lay bared bottom across his lap. "Too cold?" he wanted to know, the breeze picking up, causing goose bumps to rise on her skin.

"Warm me," she sighed, burrowing sideways and closer to him - her butt sitting high on his thigh.

"Have I told you how shameless you are?" he teased, spanking her slowly and lightly until she lay still. "Have I told you how hot you are, wiggling your bottom in the air, enticing me?" he questioned softly, the spanks increasing in intensity... with medium stings, warming her cool, soft, smooth cheeks over and over until she begged for release.

"Now, Zack," she begged, her voice a mere whisper in the breeze as her hips pushed into his hand. "Love me now."

His hand brushed against her inner thighs, fingers teasing one, then the other, causing her to spread them wider... making her whimper for more before his hand finally closed in on her. Gently, he fondled her warmth... stroking her... finding her wet and swollen with need. Lightly... teasingly... his fingers touched... caressed... sending warm shivers skittering up and down her spine... down to her knees, making her body spasm with delight. That tingling feeling building... and building... and then he spanked... surprising her... making her gasp and moan and cry out as his hand descended again... and again... and yet, again... Her body released another wave of wetness, coating his hand and he bent his head to indulge his mouth, sampling the fruit of her pleasure while she rode that cresting wave.

"Wanton..." he murmured as he filled her, spreading her petals with his thickened need. "Wanton... warm... and wonderful. Syl..." his heart ached as he plunged as deeply as he could go. "I will never get enough of you."


The rain startled him out of his reverie, the drops heavier, falling faster, feeling chilled, and suddenly drenched. Pulling onto one of the many wooden boat docks that lined Kennebunkport's Eastern Shore, he took shelter in an overhang, his mind still in Colorado's Rockies.

They had rested for a while, wrapped in each other's arms, a gentling breeze cooling her bare bottom. Her hands slipped under his shirt to toy with the fur on his chest, his cupped her warm pinked cheeks, his lips dropping kisses on her brow, her temple and the silk beneath her eyes. He had been content to stay that way until day's end.

"Tired?" he had asked her, cupping her cheek with a gentle hand. "Did I wear you out?"

"Not yet," she had whispered, the blush rising swiftly, making her duck her head under his chin.

"Not yet?" he remembered chuckling as he hugged her tightly. "Do you think I should love you again?"

"Please," she asked so prettily he remembered smiling, then began to laugh.

"Do you know what you are?" he had teased, his eyes twinkling at her blushing face.

"Shameless?" she smiled, then blushed again.

"That you are," he had agreed with her, happy that she was.


"Going to spank you again, shameless woman," his voice rumbled as he turned her across his lap once again. "Going to make you hot... and wet... and wanting. Going to tease you like you teased me... going to make you beg."

His words went from his mouth to her inner core, shivers skating over her as her body tensed... waiting for his hands to perform their magic on her flesh. He didn't disappoint. His big hand landed a sharp little spank on one cooled cheek, then the other, slow... then faster... as they repeated their earlier dance.

Murmuring softly as they lay entwined, he was suddenly aware she was trembling. "Cold?" he asked, pulling her jacket over her bottom cheeks, covering her with more than his hands.

"No," she replied, snuggling closer in his embrace.

"Tell me," he said, his breath warm on her neck. "Why are you shaking, Syl?"

"I love how you love me," she said, offering nothing more.

"And that's why you tremble?" he asked, looking deep into her eyes, waiting for her words.

"I'm going to miss you," she said and reached for his face, both hands cupping him to her. Her lips rubbed against his, back and forth and then she brought one of his hands to her mouth, kissing the palm. "Going to miss you, RockyMountainHigh."

He was undone.

"Want to see you, again," he said softly. "Have to see you, again. Have to find out if there's more to us."

"We live a world apart," she argued. "Doesn't make it too easy for us."

"It's not a world that separates us, sweet woman. It's only a continent. It's manageable."

"San Francisco is still a long way from Kennebunkport, Maine, Zack. And... and..."

"And what?" he asked, cupping her chin. "Tell me the rest."

"And... and I'm not very manageable."

"Ahhh," he sighed. "So that's it." He pulled her under him, inserting his body between her thighs, balancing his weight on his arms and took her face between his hands. "You think I can't manage you, Syl?" he asked softly, his brows arched, demanding a reply. "You think I can't tame you when necessary?"

"You won't be able to spank me hard, Zack. I know you won't. You're too gentle, too kind hearted. I'll... I'll run roughshod over you."

His laughter rang out at her words and he hugged her tight, rolling with her in his arms until he caught his breath. "Syl..." he choked on his words, the laughter still bubbling forth. "You're easily tamed, I assure you."

"But you've been gentle with me..."

"Of course, I have, woman," he chuckled, kissing her. "You've given me no reason to do otherwise. But if you do," he gave her his sternest look, "best you know I only have so much patience and I'll tame you well and good."

"I don't believe you," she threw the gauntlet down.

"Is that so?" he said in a quiet tone. "Testing the waters, woman?"

"You look really cute when you're stern," she teased, tweaking his nose.

"You're pushing your limits, little one," he warned.

"I know," she smiled. "How far can I go?"

"Test it and find out," he challenged, one hand cupping her bottom.

"You don't have it in you, Zack," she sighed, turning in his arms.

"I don't?" he asked, his hand swiftly landing one hard spank, making her jump at the sting. "Are you sure?" he questioned, another spank landing equally hard.

"I... I believe you," she sputtered, trying to twist away from his hand but he pulled her back and squeezed those chastened cheeks.

"I'm willing to continue if you still doubt my ability to tame you," he assured her. "Shall I continue?"

She shook her head.

"I didn't think so," he growled, pushing into her again, consuming her and reaffirming exactly who was in control.


"Ahhhh, Syl..." he sighed as he watched the rain. "We were good together... so good. Lord, woman! I want to slip your panties down again. I want to rub your little bottom... I want to make you hot again... make you wet for me. I want to look in your eyes and know that little warm tingle is building deep inside you.... Where are you, Syl? I need to be with you just one more time. Just once... before we die."

~ End Part Four ~

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