Just Because...
by sarAdora


It was the most severe bout of insomnia she ever had... restless during the day and unable to sleep more than an hour at a time at night. When she woke, she'd twist, turn, squirm, count sheep, and plan menus. Forty-five minutes to two hours later, she would drop off to sleep. An hour of rest and she'd be awake again.

The night was endless and sleep was futile. The cycle was going on three weeks, the longest it had ever lasted.

Every time she tried to get up during the night, his arm tightened around her. Even in slumber, he held her against him. If he didn't, she'd be up working and stay up for the rest of the night. There was always the chance that exhaustion would win out and she would sleep so he kept his arm around her.

She was groggy in the morning but still unable to sleep more than an hour at a time. He insisted she try to nap during the day but when she lay down, she didn't sleep. The situation had deteriorated. She lost her appetite and subsequently, her weight was dropping. Her doctor prescribed a sleep aid; it made her nauseous but when forced to take it, the results were minimal. Her hours of sleeping barely increased.

He was desperate to help her break the cycle.

They jogged together in the morning... he let her run faster than usual, a longer distance, and still she couldn't sleep. Quickly, he cut that out; she didn't need to burn more calories than she was taking in.

He loved her to exhaustion at bedtime, sweet spankings and mutual pleasure. He slept wonderfully; she woke after an hour.

He didn't want her depending on drugs that would make her sleep. He had an idea... she wouldn't like it, but he was desperate.


Three nights in a row... he kept a loose arm around her. When she woke and tried to get out of bed, he let her slip beneath his arm. As quiet as she was, he heard her leave the bedroom, heard her move around the house, felt her come back to bed as dawn was breaking.

The fourth night...

His feet were bare... his footsteps silent... Naked... and determined... he approached her from behind.

One hand went over her mouth and the other pulled her tightly against his chest. Time was suspended, her long stuttered breaths the only sounds in an otherwise muted night. His teeth nipped her earlobe, his arms tightened each time she tried to pull away from his grasp.

The warmth of his chest on her back was simultaneously terrifying and comforting. His body was familiar to hers, his hold on her foreign and scary but a little exciting. It was easy to picture him in camouflage in a jungle or on a hidden mountain pass... overcoming an enemy. He was formidable and she was overwhelmed and sunk back against him, letting him take her slight weight, appearing to give in to whatever he had in store for her.

He thought she had put aside any further resistance but he knew better than to underestimate her. When she leaned on him, his hand pulled her head back to his shoulder, his mouth seeking the smooth silk of her throat.

She kicked backwards... grabbed his ear and yanked... jabbed an elbow into his gut...

He hissed... a sibilant stream of breath as he tossed her over his shoulder, his hand ripping the nightshirt from her back and clapping her bottom cheeks with a hard and heavy hand.

She yelped.

He laughed and dropped to one knee, and draped her across a muscular thigh.

And then he spanked her... again and again and again. Hard and loud... each spank delivered by a large and heavy hand at the end of a well-toned muscular arm. And when the heat on her bottom approached incendiary, he stood with her in his arms and took her into their bathroom.

In the dark, the cold water seemed more shocking, her shivers immediate, goose bumps growing on her skin. When she tried to pull away from the cold and from him... he upended her. And with her red hot bottom under the extremely cold spray, he spanked her again.

Her teeth were still chattering when he dried her with heavy toweling. Finally, she was exhausted and when it seemed like her eyes were closing in slumber, he took her back to their bed.

He was certain she would fall asleep... and wake too soon. He didn't want that to happen so instead of loving her gently... He bounced her onto her back, her sudden and instant moan a sure sign that her bottom was sore. He wanted it to be sore beyond belief and without a word, he lifted her legs above her head and quickly re-ignited the flame. Before she had a chance to utter a strong protest, he cupped her bottom with both hands, kneading the sore flesh as his head dipped between her thighs.

Always, when he loved her like this, he was gentle.

Always, when she was spread open to his mouth and tongue, he was gentle.

Always, she could depend on him to love her like this as if she were made of fragile porcelain.

Always, he would go slowly and bring her to a satisfying climax.

Always was no more.

His mouth made demands... his lips suckled, pressed hard against her folds, pinched... His tongue probed, laved, pushed deep, licked, demanded... A long finger pressed, entered, tormented... Another finger aided, abetted... Her body twisted, shivered and arched into his mouth.

He stopped, lifted his head and smiled when she made a frustrated sound. Without a word, he turned her onto her belly and spanked her again, a rapid staccato beat, short in duration but long in sting. She gasped with each contact and finally growled at this undeserved punishment to her body.


He stopped.

And lifted her to her knees and with her back to his chest, he entered her so quickly, so roughly... his angle of penetration piercing her... One arm held her upright, his other hand cupping her mound, his fingers playing an intimate yet feral, tympani. It was a frenzied coupling, scalding and tempestuous, both so hungry with greed... both violent in their need.

It was lewd and raw and salacious. It was two bodies in concert with each other... his hips thrusting with lechery, his hands furious and impassioned and his body filling hers, tormenting... demanding her acquiescence, her commitment, her pleasure.

It was carnal and earthy... and it was waves of pleasure that consumed them as they both drifted into deep and peaceful slumber.


"I am so sore," she moaned when she opened her eyes the next morning.

"You slept through the night, piccola little one," he told her as he kissed her swollen lips.

"At first I thought it was a wild dream, but I ache all over."

"I'll kiss all your sore spots," he promised, his hands gentle on her bottom cheeks.

"You spanked me too hard, much harder than you needed to and you never said a word!"

"I spanked you as hard as you needed it and I didn't have to talk... I let my hands tell you what needed to be said. My body, too," he said softly, the urge to love her again rising swiftly.

"I don't think I can..."

"Gently, bambina. Gently, this time. Lascilo amarlo delicatamente, dolce, lungamente e dolce. Let me love you gently, sweetly, long and sweetly."

"Why do you love me so much?" she asked with wonder as she rubbed her cheek against his.



"Just because."

~ End ~

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