La Familia
Part Fifteen
by sarAdora


"Sto andando amarlo lungamente e duro, molto duro. I'm going to love you long and hard, very hard,"  he whispered.

There was nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. She was beneath him, his body outweighing hers by more than one hundred pounds, his strength surpassing hers. He planted his elbows on either side of her chest, balancing his weight and cupping her face with both hands. She was very aware of the warmth and weight of his body as he lay between her thighs.

The salty taste of her tears on the tip of his tongue gave him pause. He knew he had spanked her hard; he meant to do that but these were fresh tears and he was undone.

"Bambina, mia amore," he murmured. "Vostra parte inferiore Your bottom  hurts so much, it brings tears to your eyes?"

She bit her lip and didn't answer him.

"Dicami, Tell me,"  he said softly. "Did I spank you so hard you have more tears to shed? You shouldn't be crying," he soothed, his lips brushing her tears before capturing her mouth in a gentle kiss.

"You shame me," she said softly.

"I... what?" he raised his head to look at her.

"We are in Angelina's bed... where she... This is where she takes her lovers. This is where she... And... and we should not be in her bed... their bed."

His brows shot up, the significance of where they were... in the unmarried Angelina's bed... making Francesca feel less the lady. He had told her he would wait to bed her until they had wed and now he was going back on his word. But he also promised to love her longer and harder than he had spanked her and he had every intention of doing that.

Standing, he scooped her up into his arms and hurried to her bedroom.

"In my bed?" she squealed, the stuffed animals of her teen years lined up on the pillows, an incongruous audience for the love tryst she was sure would follow.

"Would you rather I took you home where mia madre also lives?" he laughed.

"I'd rather you left!" she snapped then gasped as he dropped to the bed and draped her back over his thighs. His hand rained another volley of spanks on her tender bottom and when she seemed to have trouble breathing, he finally stopped spanking and started rubbing.

"No more. Please. No more," she sobbed as he cradled her to his chest.

Remaining silent, he pulled her clothes off, the jeans that had dangled at her ankles were unceremoniously tossed across the room, the silk panties summarily removed. Her blouse was pulled over her head and her bra disappeared between the pillows. His mouth immediately found her breast as his hands cupped her tender bottom.

Francesca was stunned into silence. He was going to take her virginity because... because he could... and she couldn't stop him.

"Giancarlo," she said softly, her voice tinged with fear and innocence and something else... something rising to the surface... something wonderful. "Per piacere... Please..."

"Adore voi, I adore you,"  he murmured as his lips brushed one breast and then the other. "Li desidero. I want you.  Desidero toccarlo... li tengo... li bacio. I want to touch you... hold you... kiss you.  Desidero assagiarlo. I want to taste you."  he whispered as his hands cupped her breasts, their fullness filling his palms and overflowing, his mouth drawn to the dusty rose tips that tightened when they felt his lips.

She was immediately dizzy, the sensations new to her, his lips warm... so warm and as if it were the most natural act in the world, she embraced him, her arms around his neck as he suckled at her breast.

"Bambina," he murmured at her acquiescence, his body tightening as he thickened with desire, his trousers binding him tightly. "Bambina," he breathed into her mouth as he loosened his belt, then lifted up to pull his shirt and T-shirt over his head.

When his naked chest pressed into her breasts, she trembled. Not a shiver of desire... a tremble... fear rising.

"Calmo," he murmured, turning onto his back and gathering her naked body in his arms. "I'm going to love you. I promise not to hurt you. I have to kiss you... touch you... I won't hurt you," he said again, his hands slipping over the silk of her back, the tips of his fingers caressing the firm buttocks he had enflamed. He reveled in the heat of her bottom, her breath warm on his neck, her bare breasts pressing into his chest, and the revelation that she was his.

"You will have me before we are wed?" she asked shyly, her total nakedness drawing her fear to the surface.

"I will love you," he said simply and again, turned her on her back.

His hands touched her... in places she had never been touched. His mouth followed, his lips brushing the sweet spots between her ribs, his tongue teasing the underside of her breasts, her soft gasps of pleasure spurring him on. The inside of her elbow was an erogenous zone and he smiled as goose bumps rose on her skin. But when his mouth found her mound, his thumbs teasing the soft crease in her thighs, she moaned. It was her first sweet sounds of desire and he yearned for more. He dipped lower, his lips brushing virgin folds while his hands held her hips, fingers pressing into her well-spanked cheeks.

"Umm... I don't think... You shouldn't..." she whispered.

"I won't hurt you," he told her again. "Enjoy, bambina. Just enjoy."

"I can't," she tried to argue.

"You can," he assured her. "And you will."

And she did.

His mouth explored her core, lips brushing against the soft folds of her sex, his tongue teasing the nub and when he sucked it between his lips, her hips arched up of their own accord and nothing else mattered. She was climbing some invisible path, her need building as he teased her.

And he reveled in teasing her, enjoying her response, and kept her wanting... waiting for that illusive moment when the fireworks exploded and she saw a million stars.

"More, mia amore?" he asked, lifting his mouth, breaking contact...

"Please," she heard herself beg, uncaring that she wanted more, spreading her thighs further apart, willing to sacrifice her pride if necessary.

"Mia amore, come sei bella. How beautiful you are."

His face was drenched with her dew as he brought her fulfillment, her first startled gasp music to his ears, her continued soft sighs and sweet shudders filling him as he drank at her well. She arched into his mouth and then blushed at his soft laughter but he was filled with joy that she was a sensuous woman and that he had awakened her passion.

Moving up in the bed, he tilted her blushing face up and kissed her, his tongue dancing in her mouth as it had in her body. "Do you taste what I did to you, bambina?" he murmured as he caressed her, his hand drawn back to her thighs, his fingers itching to be inside her.

Suddenly, she was shy again. His hand between her thighs embarrassed her and she covered it with her own, trying to push it away from her body.

"You shouldn't do that," she told him as if that would stop him.

"I had my mouth on you and you didn't object," he laughed softly. "Surely, my hand can be there, too. I made you blush," he smiled broadly. "Bambina, you are too adorable. It will be my life-long pleasure to make love to you."

She didn't have an answer for his words, her own thoughts in turmoil and her body craving more of what he had given her.

"See," he said. "I did not hurt you and I did love you as I promised."

"I shouldn't be naked with you... You shouldn't... I mean..."

"You are going to marry me," he reminded her. "I will love you like this until the priest blesses us and then I will love you so good, so long, so hard," he murmured, pulling her into a tight embrace, his own body straining with need.

"Will you always love me hard?" she asked, very aware that the body she was pressed into was stiff beneath her.

"At first, si," he said as his mouth found her breasts again. "Later, when we are exhausted from our loving, I will love you slowly, easy, more gently," he promised.

"But this is hard for you," she protested. "You will be crazed by the time..."

"We will marry soon," he told her. "Very soon. I may have to kill someone if we are not married soon. If I have to, I will strangle the priest himself," he vowed.

Francesca laughed. Angelina had told her that she could control a man with her body and for the first time, she understood.

"Tell me you're going to marry me," he said as he cupped her warm bottom. "I want to hear you say the words."

"Do you promise not to spank me?" she asked.


"I won't marry you until you promise me that."

"I will spank you until you tell me the words, bambina. I will promise you that."



They both laughed.

"I adore you, bambina. We will have a good life. I promise you that. And I promise to give you everything you want."



"You will do something nice for Petey Petrale and his family?"


"You will make Angelina welcome in your home?"

"She is always welcome."

"You will let me work at the women's shelter?"

"As a volunteer, si," he replied but someone will be there with you. You will not go there alone."

You will stop spanking me?"

"I promise you," he smiled as his hands cupped her bare bottom and his mouth covered hers in a tender kiss. "I will not."

~ End Part Fifteen~

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