La Familia
Part Twenty
by sarAdora


"You are so beautiful to me..."

Giancarlo stood at the altar waiting for his bride, confident she would not embarrass either of them. He had spanked her royally a few weeks earlier, reducing her to sobbing that was so sincere, he had apologized for his hasty temper. To make amends, he had loved her thoroughly, his hands and mouth bringing her to heights of pleasure over and over until she collapsed in his arms. He had promised not to spank her again before they were wed and also promised to ask the old retired priest to perform their marriage ceremony. In return, she had given her word that she would marry him. He trusted her to keep it.

Francesca was amazingly calm as she entered the sanctuary, Paolo holding one arm, Leonardo the other. She had been more than happy to wear the wedding gown that Giancarlo's mother had worn to her own wedding, the few alternations necessary had changed the gown somewhat and merely enhanced its beauty. Its sleek slim lines clung to her feminine form and enchanted all who saw her in it. Angelina had declared her beautiful and swore that Don Batali would not be able to take his eyes off of her.

When he saw her, his heart tripped and time paused. Everything faded... silence reigned... until he took her small hand in his larger one.

A thousand violins...


"You're everything I hoped for
"You're everything I need
"You are so beautiful to me"

The solemnity of the ceremony celebrating the sacrament of marriage finally ended when Giancarlo turned to his bride and bowing to custom, he placed a soft kiss on Francesca's lips. Gathering her close to his side, they retreated back down the aisle, accepting congratulations as they made their way to the waiting limousine.

Once they were settled into the lush leather seats, Giancarlo pulled Francesca into his arms and crushed her to his chest. "Bambina, ti voglio, Baby, I want you,"  he murmured as he kissed her, his lips brushing the sweet spot in the hollow of her throat and then, raising his face, he covered hers with his kisses.

"You'll have to wait," Francesca replied softly, peeking at him from under her lashes, the first words she had spoken since giving her hand in marriage.

"Not for long, we'll leave as soon as we can," her new husband swore, making her blush.


The reception was packed with well wishers, the lush gardens of the Godfather's compound overflowing with friends, business associates, and those wishing to curry favor with him, all bearing gifts. The wine flowed, the food was consumed in abundance and the mood glorious. Il Padre del Dio had taken a bride and what a beautiful bride she was.

Giancarlo kept her close to his side, dancing with her when other men got too close, but allowing her to dance with Paolo and Leonardo and only one other - Dominick Marchetti - his right-hand man and confidant as well as his personal attorney and consiglieri advisor.

Angelina was a bit tipsy, her happiness worn on her face along with the wine she had consumed. She couldn't remember if it was Paolo's night... or Leonardo's... Hmmm...

Mama Batali's eyes overflowed with joy when she embraced her daughter-in-law, welcoming her into the family. "Ti amo, mia figlia my daughter.  You have made me very happy and I know my Gianni will make *you* happy."

There was one guest who was the happiest of all to see the Godfather married. Giancarlo was highly respected as the head of his large organization and had been fairly invincible. Now he had an Achilles heel - a very beautiful one - Francesca Minucci Batali. He'd bide his time, let the couple develop more than a passing fondness for each other, have a child... then he would strike. Anticipation, like fine wine, lingered on his tongue like a taste one savors slowly... and then swallows with much delight.

When they were finally able to leave their guests, Angelina whispered final words to Francesca, reminding her that her husband would do what he could to ease her introduction into the loving arts. Mama Batali whispered that Francesca should always remember to make Gianni crazy with desire.

They needn't have bothered. Giancarlo wanted her like he wanted no other woman and he was certain a lifetime would not be long enough to enjoy his wife.


"You are so beautiful to me
"Can't you see...
"You're everything I hoped for
"You're everything I need
"You are so beautiful to me"

The private estate in an undisclosed location was theirs for as long as they wanted to stay. Giancarlo chose to stay there for one night only. He was eager to bed his bride and after the marriage had been consummated, they would fly to the Eden-like island where he had purchased a home as a personal retreat several years earlier.

When the bedroom doors closed behind them, Giancarlo turned toward his bride, holding out his arms in invitation. "Mia amore, mia moglie, my love, my wife,"&nbs; he murmured when she drew near, his arms enfolding her, his mouth seeking hers.

"I... I need to change," she whispered, suddenly shy now that Giancarlo had every right to her body.

"You don't need to change," he murmured as he lifted her in his arms and walked toward the canopied bed in the center of the large room. "I will undress you, myself."

When she would protest, he shushed her with a gentle finger on her lips. "It's not as if I've never seen you naked, mia bella, my beautiful one.  I've waited a long time for this night. I want to unwrap you, kiss every inch of you, and make love to you until you know you are mine, ora e per sempre estragga now and forever mine."

Sitting on the edge of the turned-down bed, Giancarlo placed his bride on her feet between his thighs and embraced her. He murmured softly, his words meant to put her at ease while his hands slowly went about the pleasant task of undressing her. One sweet slide of his hand down her back and the fastenings were released, her body leaning against his holding her dress barely in place. He lifted her then... her dress falling into a heap on the floor along with her shoes and his own as he stepped out of them.

"Let me look at you," he breathed as he placed her on the welcoming bed. "You are so beautiful."

Francesca flushed pink as he gazed at her, her transparent camisole drawing his eyes to her breasts, her matching panties equally transparent, lacy garters begging his fingers. She would never know how he was able to rid himself of his own clothes while he touched her and kissed her. She only knew that his touch and his kisses were somehow different from when he had touched her before.

Awareness of her surroundings faded when his naked body touched the length of hers, the remaining filmy garments she had worn strewn around the bed. His hands on her... his mouth... that was all that mattered.

"I'm going to love you, mia amore," he told her as he kneeled between her thighs, his hand gently fondling her soft moist folds. "It's going to hurt for a moment, no more," he promised and thrust hard against the barrier of her virginity.

Her startled gasp was swallowed in his mouth as his lips covered hers at the moment of penetration and then he eased back to give her a chance to breathe. "Is it done?" she asked in a shaky breath.

"It has just begun," he murmured as he moved within her. "It has just begun, bambina, and it will last a lifetime."

~ End Part Twenty ~

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