La Familia
Part Twenty Six
by sarAdora


Mama Batali had heard Francesca's screams, paused on her way to her room... thinking... remembering... and decided the happy couple didn't need any interference from her. If Giancarlo was anything like his father... and he was a chip off the old block... he could handle the feisty ragazza girl  and she would survive nicely. She rubbed her bottom, each memory of her time with her late husband precious.

"I'll spank you and paddle you and..."

"And beat me until I'm unconscious? Then do it now," Francesca said with dignity and quiet determination. "If that's how life will always be with you, ora uccidalo kill me now."

"You're *not* going to die," he said, equally determined, "but you *are* going to obey me in this."


"Listen, bambina, and listen well," he said as he cupped her chin. "You are mine. Appartenete a me. You belong to me.  You are no longer Francesca Minucci, la nubile the maiden  and you can no longer behave as if you were. You are Signora Francesca Minucci Batali, mia moglie my wife  e moglie della il Padre del Dio and wife of the Godfather.  And as wife of the Godfather," he paused to push a damp strand of curls behind her ear and to let the words sink in. "You are more vulnerable than if you had married any other man. Siete mia tesoro You are my treasure,  bambina," his voice softer now, his lips seeking to kiss away her tears, tears he had caused by the harsh spanking he had administered.

"If anything happened to you..." he murmured as his arms pulled her closer, "I... You have become important to my life... so important that... Do you understand what I'm trying to say?" his body rigid as he chose his words. "I *do* love you, bambina. I may not always say the right words. I may seem stern with you and too quick to punish... I am trying very hard to give you more freedom... to be more modern... to be more understanding but I cannot change over night and there are rules meant for your safety. But know this: I *do* love you and I know that love will grow."

She didn't want to believe him. He could so easily seduce her with his sexy voice, his strong and well-toned body, his handsome smile and of course, his hands and mouth bringing her to ecstasy long before he slipped between her thighs.

She knew she had deceived him by going to the shelter without her bodyguard, but she hadn't realized what she had put Giancarlo through. If something had happened to her, Giancarlo would have sought retribution and that could have caused a terrible rift between the Mafia families... families that worked hard to rule in respectful harmony. It had been a long time since blood had been shed between the families and it wouldn't take much for that tenuous harmony to be shattered. For that, she was sorry and she told him.

"Mi spiace I'm sorry,"  she whispered, "I did not think about the consequences of my actions. I did not realize you would worry about me... about la familia. I thought you were just angry because I did not heed your wishes. I apologize. I was wrong."

"Grazie, bambina," he murmured, tilting her face up to kiss her. "Thank you for understanding. You will be more careful now," he added, certain she would think twice before willfully putting herself and la familia in jeopardy again.

"Mi spiace, Gianni I apologize," she whispered again. "I was wrong."

"Che cosa? What?"  he asked, startled.

"I said I was wrong."

"No, not that. What did you call me?"

"Gianni," she said softly.

"Only mia madre calls me Gianni," he murmured. "Say it again."


"Keep saying it," he whispered as he stroked her back, his heart suddenly full. "Call me Gianni. Ancora! Again!"  he demanded.


"Ancora! Call me Gianni and let me love you, bambina. Let me into your heart. Let me keep you safe from harm. Lascilo amarlo Let me love you."


The sharp pain in her bottom woke her the next morning when she rolled onto her back, a searing pain that should have been a dull ache but continued to burn. She whimpered, trying to turn onto her side but a heavy thigh suddenly held her down.

"What is my name, bambina?" he asked as he hovered over her.

"Gianni," she whispered.

"Mia amore," he murmured, lifting her legs to his shoulders, his hands cupping her tender bottom cheeks as he thrust into her core.

She soared.

She didn't want to soar. She wanted to make him beg for her favors, make him want her so much. She wanted to tease him, make him crazy with desire and promise her the moon.

He didn't have to promise her the moon. But a promise not to spank her again... that would do nicely.

Instead... he took what was his and made it so good for her, she soared.

He carried her into the shower, his arm under her still-red bottom, his other hand on her back holding her close. Their bodies were heated from passion, sticky with perspiration and the residue of their loving. Her head angled back inviting his lips to linger on her throat and her soft moans encouraged more.

"Love me, Gianni," she heard herself say and then groaned at the admission that she wanted him.

He took her at her word, lifting her so that her thighs rested on his broad shoulders, the tiles cooling her backside as his mouth drew moist heat from her core. And when he finally stopped loving her long enough to let her catch her breath, her hands clutched his head closer as the pleasure spasms went through her. He reveled in her sensuousness and passion and loved her yet again.

When she woke, he was holding her on his lap, his arms cradling her close, one palm cupping her cheek and his lips brushing the top of her head. He had rubbed lotion on her backside, not sorry he had spanked her but secretly hoping it would alleviate her pain.

"Ti amo, bambina, I love you, baby,"  he said when she opened her eyes.

"I don't believe you."

"You don't?" he smiled. "What will it take to make you believe me?"

"Stop spanking me."

"No, bambina. I can't do that," said solemnly. "When you need a spanking, I will spank you."

"Why is it your decision?"

"It is my decision because when we were wed, a vete promesso di amare il honor ed obbedirli a me you promised to love, honor and obey me.  And because I wear the pants in this family, because I am the man of the house, the head of this household. That is the way it should be, the way it will always be with us."

"And if I don't agree?"

"You do not have to agree," he conceded, brushing his lips over her brow. "But that will not stop me from spanking you if you need spanking."

"And that is love?" she asked with a skeptical brow arched.

"I love you," he said again, happy to see her independent streak back in full force. "And loving you means spanking you if necessary."

"I don't like that," she said unnecessarily.

"You don't have to like it, but that's how it's going to be."

"And if I leave you?"

"When I catch you..." his voice grew softer. "Sto andando sculaccialo cosė duro I will spank you so hard  and believe me, bambina, you will not sit comfortably for a very long time."

Francesca was not happy with this pronouncement. She needed to talk with Mama Batali and with Angelina, of course. There had to be a way to make Giancarlo change his mind. She arched a brow as she contemplated his words.

Giancarlo arched his own brow at Francesca's reaction to his words. "Believe me, bambina, if you disobey me... if you defy me in this, I promise that you will not sit comfortably for a very long time."

"Is that the promise of mia marito o il Padre del Dio my husband or the Godfather?"  she asked.

"Both," he assured her as his mouth claimed hers once more.

~ End Part Twenty Six ~

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