La Familia
Part Twenty Nine
by sarAdora


One of the joys of marriage was the woman currently asleep in his arms when he woke each morning. Giancarlo often watched Francesca while she slept, the beauty of her face and form one he never tired of. This morning, her lips were slightly swollen from his kisses, the pink flush of sleep tinting her cheeks and unable to resist, he bent down to rub his face against hers.

She opened her eyes, looked at the man who had teased her to the point of mindless frenzy, making her beg for release and blushed.

Her husband's soft laughter filled her ears. And then he covered her face with kisses again. "Do you still have this urgent bisogno  need, bambina?" he teased, knowing that he had fulfilled her every desire the night before and his as well.

"Are you going to love me, again?" she asked as his bent his head to adore her breasts while his hands slipped under her to cup her bottom cheeks.

"Si," he said softly as he suckled. "And then some."

When she was weak and wet from his loving attention, he took her into the shower with him and they soaped each other until he couldn't take any more... With no warning, he suddenly upended her, swatting her wet flanks until they were a satisfying shade of red and then he pushed her up against the tiled wall, thrusting hard and fast, bringing them both to a shattering climax.

Francesca had gasped and screamed once when he spanked her, then gasped and moaned softly when he took her roughly. She said nothing while he washed her again and continued to remain silent while he toweled her dry.

"Next time you want to show me how much you need me... how much you want to make me crazy for you... control me by using your body... do it when we are alone, bambina. Do not interrupt my work. Capisca? Do you understand?"

He was startled to see tears in her eyes and it gave him pause. Maybe, she *had* needed him... maybe it hadn't been premeditated... certainly, they had both enjoyed it... Hmmm...

Francesca bit her lip, the sweet sensations of a satisfying sexual union swiftly fading as the dull ache in her bottom cheeks reminded her that he had spanked her hard, briefly... but hard. It hurt. Maybe she shouldn't have barged in when he was with his consiglieri and capos and whoever else had been there. Maybe she shouldn't have said she needed him that very moment. But at the time, it seemed like the perfect way to... To what? See if he cared for me more than la familia? See if he would stop his important work to take a moment for me? See if he really cared that much about the way I act? Am I being selfish?

She didn't know what she wanted - one moment, she wanted him to stop being so bossy, always telling her what to do, what to wear, how to act - the next, she wanted him to dominate her with loving attention. She was hurt that he had spanked her even if he had discovered that she hadn't been completely honest with him.

"I apologize if I embarrassed you in front of your men," she said softly and with more dignity than he would have imagined, pushed away from his arms and left him to dress for the day.

Giancarlo watched her walk away from him, puzzled again by Francesca's sudden mood change, wondering if he had misjudged her actions once again. Other women had always obeyed him without question; no other woman had ever questioned his decisions, but Francesca... Hmmm...

Before leaving the bedroom, he took her in his arms again, whispered that he would take her out to dinner that evening, suggested that she go shopping for a new dress... "Black silk is always nice, mia amore. Buy something in black silk." Her mouth was soft and sweet and responsive when he kissed her and he kissed her several times before he left.


She pasted a happy smile on her face when she joined her mother-in-law for breakfast, but Mama Batali was not fooled. She offered a pillow for Francesca's chair, poured the caffè con latte coffee with hot milk  and buttered a hot roll for her daughter-in-law.

"Do you want to talk about it?" the older woman asked quietly, willing to remain silent if Francesca shook her head.

"He spanked me... very hard," she answered softly. "I thought... I didn't mean to embarrass him in front of... Do you think what I did was wrong?"

"No, mia figlia my daughter,  I do not," Mama Batali shook her head as she passed the buttered roll to Francesca's plate. "But Gianni is much like his father. He likes to be in control at all times and when he is with his men, he does not like surprises... especially not from his wife."

"But..." she held up a hand when Francesca opened her mouth. "He is just a man and as such, can be tamed. The fact that he is very much in love with you makes it so much easier for you to bend him a bit."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean..." her mother-in-law smiled. "That you should go out of your way to drive him crazy with desire. It will not always work but if you are consistent, he will soon have expectations of you and those expectations will result in the loving attention you will give him when he comes to you and he will return ten-fold."

Francesca smiled ruefully. "I'm not sure my natiche bottom  can take much more of his loving attention, madre."

"Yes, it can," Mama Batali laughed. "You will see."


An afternoon shopping with Mama Batali and Angelina had been a rare treat for all three. They had scoured the shops for just the right dress and then had indulged in a late lunch consisting of their favorite menu - small salads, ample wine and huge desserts. By the time they returned home, Francesca was feeling flushed from the effects of the wine.

Since his marriage, Giancarlo had taken extra precautions to keep his loved ones safe. In general, honor among Mafia Familia included safe passage for a Godfather's immediate family, especially a wife and mother. Nevertheless, during their outing, the three women had been well protected, unseen bodyguards keeping a respectful distance but visible to any that would bring them intentional harm. One bodyguard, in particular, was happy to see the wife of the Godfather flushed with wine... He had selected it himself.


"I'm taking mia amore out to dinner," Giancarlo told his mother when he bent to kiss her cheek as he passed through the living room on his way upstairs.

"I know," his mother smiled. "Francesca and Angelina and I went shopping for that black silk dress."

"And did you find one?" her son asked with a wicked smile.

"We did," Mama Batali laughed. "A beautiful one. She's upstairs getting ready now."

Giancarlo went upstairs with a smile on his face, relieved that Francesca had obviously put the morning spanking behind her. He would spoil her tonight, be extra tender, and again, try to give her more freedom. But first he would hold her, tell her he loved her; they would dine out and start fresh yet again.

He immediately called her name when he entered their suite. When she didn't answer, he thought he heard the water running in the shower and went into the bathroom to surprise her.

The water was running... Francesca was naked... on the floor... her arm over the open commode... her face flushed... her eyes watery and her breath reeking with wine.

"Madre del Dio! You are drunk?" he snarled.

"No, I'm..." her head fell forward before she could say more, her stomach valiantly trying to turn itself inside out as she bent over the porcelain bowl.

He held her head until her stomach gave it all up, washed her face and neck and when she finally looked like she would survive the ordeal, he took her into the bedroom. Sitting on the side of their bed, he turned her over his lap and set about lighting a blazing fire on her bottom. It took a few moments and harsh spanks for him to realize that she wasn't protesting, wasn't squirming or wriggling over his lap and that she just lay there like a limp rag doll.

"Francesca..." he said softly as he picked her up, the rage he had felt that she had become inebriated swiftly fading into quiet concern. "Dicami, bambina Talk to me, baby.  Tell me why you drank so much. It is not like you. You have never drunk so much vino that you..."

Something caught his eye, a red stain on the carpet... and another... Gently placing his silent wife on her belly on their bed, he followed the patterns of stains back to the bathroom... blood.

~ End Part Twenty Nine ~

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