La Familia
Part Forty Two
by sarAdora


Named for his grandfather, Luciano Ruggiero Batali emerged screaming, his face red from his exertions, his tiny arms flailing at the indignity of being swept from his mother's warm womb. Giancarlo almost stabbed the doctor with the scissors when he cut the umbilical cord, unable to take his eyes off the miracle of the birth of his infant son.

"He sounds like you, bambina," he later told Francesca who cradled the infant to her breast.

"He looks like you," Francesca smiled, exhausted but content, the child's dark hair and eyes a mirror image of his father. "And see his chin? And his hands? He has your chin, Gianni and his hands will be big like yours."

The proud father slid onto the bed and gently gathered his wife and child close to his chest, his heart full. "Thank you for mio figlio my son,"  he told her. "He is as handsome as his mother is beautiful."

"You will spoil him?" she asked, kissing the top of the baby's head.

"His nonnas and nonnos grandparents  will spoil him, bambina. You will indulge his every wish and I..." he intoned with a perfectly straight face. "I will remain totally apart from him until he is old enough to walk and talk and then I shall teach him what it will be like when he becomes il Padre del Dio."

Francesca rolled her eyes at his words. Giancarlo could no more stay away from his son than he could fly to the moon. "You don't want to hear him call you papÓ?" she asked with a knowing smile.

"I want to hear him call me papÓ *every* night," he whispered as he kissed the top of Francesca's head and then that of his son's. "You will have to drag me away from him so that I can go about familia business. Ti amo, mia prezioso I love you, my precious,"  he told her "and when you are fully recovered, we'll make e bella ragazza bambina a beautiful baby girl."

"We will go to the cemetery," the new mother spoke softly. "And we will tell our Bella Rosa she has a brother, si?"

"Si, mia amore," the new papÓ replied. "We will always tell her our good news. She is a part of us and we will not forget her."


When Luciano was six weeks old, they left him in the capable hands of his paternal grandmother so they could have an evening alone together. Over dinner, Giancarlo told Francesca that he had expanded la Familia's business operations. She listened intently knowing full well that she was the wife of the only Godfather that shared any familia information with his spouse. They had come a long way together and it showed in the way Giancarlo treated her.

Since their marriage, Giancarlo along with Dom Marchetti, his consiglieri advisor  had increased their holdings and expanded them into the next state. In addition to their current operations, they now owned lucrative franchises in both the MacDonald's and Burger King corporations. They had negotiated the purchase of several large shopping malls and six more bars. The nine supper clubs grew to twelve separate entities, and because of Francesca's interest in family shelters, the benevolent Godfather had added day care services free of charge to the women who worked in their brothels.

Francesca arched a brow at this news. The brothels bothered her but she knew better than to question his decisions. The women were going to ply their trade regardless, and if they worked for the Batali Familia, they were ensured free medical care. Ladies of the evening did not normally have fringe benefits; in this matter, Francesca kept her opinions to herself.

"You are thinking of expanding again?" she asked when he had brought her up to date on the family holdings.

"Si, bambina," he confirmed as he sipped his wine and watched her pour her own wine over her gelato vaniglia vanilla ice cream,  a habit she had indulged in since he first met her.

"A legitimate business?" she asked, sucking the confection into her mouth.

"Private banks," he replied with a wide grin, wiping a bit of gelato off her chin. "I like the idea of controlling other people's money. And we have experts within la Familia who will guide us and help the banks grow. It should be a profitable venture. Now... enough talk," he smiled, taking her hand. "I want to dance with you."

They danced... through one set and then another until Francesca cupped his face with both hands and told him she couldn't wait another minute to make love with him.

His driver stoically kept his eyes on the road as he sped back to the compound, il Padre del Dio and his wife locked in each other's arms like newlyweds.

He had been successful keeping his eyes forward until...

"Madre del Dio!" Giancarlo swore and pulled back from Francesca... who had grabbed him... intimately... and squeezed... hard.

"Sto andando sculaccialo cosý duro I am going to spank you so hard,"  he informed the naughty birbantella imp  that was his wife.

She laughed.

He flipped her over his knees and gave her a genuine warm-up. "As soon as we get home," he told her when he set her upright again, "La vostra estremitÓ sta andando bruciarsi! Your butt is going to burn!"

His driver laughed. Life was back to normal in the Batali household.


Mama Batali arched a brow when she saw her son enter the house with Francesca over his shoulder. Her daughter-in-law was giggling and Giancarlo had a silly grin on his face. She decided to keep the bambino with her for the night.

"He should sleep in his own room," Giancarlo told her. "The nurse will watch him."

"I will watch him," his mother said with the authority of a matriarch. "I have waited a long time to have a grandchild to love and I am not giving him up without a fight."

They laughed at her words; Mama Batali was a small woman but she had a spine of steel. It wasn't in their best interest to call her bluff. They kissed her and their child and said goodnight.


"Why am I spanking you, bambina?" he asked when he had undressed her and draped her over his knees.

"Because you love me," she murmured, arching up into his hand. "And it had better be a sweet spanking."

"And if it isn't?" he asked as his hand came down hard two times in succession, each cheek instantly warmed.

"Gianni! I'll... I'll..."

"Yes, you will," her husband laughed and warmed her bottom until it glowed a rosy pink.

"You will love me, now?" she asked when he turned her over and into his embrace.

"Sempre Always!"  he vowed. "I will always love you and make love to you often."

Laying her on her back, his eyes were dark with lust looking at her as he removed his clothing. His gaze was possessive as his eyes traveled up and down her body, making her blush. "You are my bride, again," he laughed softly, loving her shyness and her sensuality, a heady combination.

Although she continued to blush, she smiled as she spread her thighs, her love for him blossomed into maturity as she welcomed him into her body. They had made love countless times in the three years since they had wed and each time was still an adventure for both of them.

"Shall we make la ragazza del bambina? A baby girl?"  he asked as he thrust into her. "Bella come la sua madre Beautiful like her mother?"

"Si, per piacere Yes, please," she answered hugging him tight as she met each of his thrusts with those of her own. "Ti amo, Gianni," she murmured later when her eyes closed.

"Ti amo, piccola little one,"  he murmured in return, his arms surrounding her in slumber.


Much to her parents' delight, Marcella Angelina Batali came into their lives after an uneventful pregnancy. The nonnas and nonnos were ecstatic, the house staff even more excited about the new baby than the celebratory raise Giancarlo had given each of them.

After tucking his young son into his own bed, Giancarlo returned to their bedroom and watched Francesca sleep, the baby girl in a cradle beside the bed. Earlier in the day, he had thanked his saints for his blessings and pledged a tithe of his wealth for those women's shelters Francesca wanted to support.

"You make my life complete," he had told her when she asked him why he loved her. Watching her sleep, he knew it was true.

In another part of the house, the Batali matriarch sipped her wine as she communed with her departed husband. "He is il Padre del Dio," she told him. "Have no doubt about it. He is your son in every way. And he is a husband and father you would be proud of, the true head of la Familia."

~ End ~

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