by SarAdora

It had been a long and rough week and he was exhausted, sleeping in for a change. He had been a bear for days, irritable from working too many long hours and not enough rest and relaxation from one day to the next. Now that the weekend was here, he was going to catch up on much needed rest.

She had tiptoed around him all week, staying out of his line of fire and on her very best behavior.

Walking on eggs.

He was still asleep when she got up to shower. Leaning against the doorjamb while she towel dried her hair, she looked at him, taking time to enjoy the view. He was an utterly gorgeous man, nude, sleeping on his stomach, the sheet entangled in his legs and his bare ass in the air.


She grinned, the tempting sight of his firm naked butt just impossible to ignore. Tying her sash tightly around her robe and pulling the towel off her hair, she considered stinging him with the wet twisted linen. Considering that he might retaliate in kind, she decided that sleek butt of his could really use a few hard swats from her open hand.


Standing by the side of the bed, she aimed - fired - and gave his delicious butt half a dozen hard, fast and furious swats. He rose up roaring and she ran from the room, giggling all the way. He was on her in a second, chasing her but tripped on the ottoman she shoved in front of the bedroom door. He went down but came up roaring again.

"When I get my hands on you...!" he growled.

She ran the length of the upstairs hallway, slamming a closet door to throw him off so he'd look in there while she hid in the guest bedroom.

"Give up!" he shouted, "or pay the consequences!" He laughed softly, knowing she knew better than to answer and give her position away.

By the time he had checked the closet and was entering the guest bedroom, she was back in the master bath and turned the shower on.

"Gonna warm that sweet ass, baby," he warned, loving the game. "You're gonna get double if you don't give up now." When he returned to the master bath and turned off the shower, she was already hidden in their bedroom closet, waiting for him to leave the room.

"You're not gonna sit for about a week," he chuckled, eager to pin her down and dive between her thighs. When he went back into the hall, she went back into the bathroom to hide in there. Turning around to get into other mischief, she ran into a block wall - his warm chest.

"Gotcha, imp!" he chuckled with satisfaction.

"You mad?" she smiled, reaching up to kiss him.

"Absolutely," he smiled back, kissing her palm and then her lips, his arms holding her close, caressing her back. His hand drifted down to her butt, cupping it gently and pulled her closer to his hardened shaft.

"Gonna paddle that fanny of yours until you blush, my love," he murmured, squeezing her cheeks. "And then I'm going to spank your sweet sex and make you sopping wet."

Her thighs dripped, sticky with her dew.

He lifted her until her feet left the floor, her body leaning on his, her breasts pressed against his chest and her thighs rubbing against his groin. "You are such a sweet puss," he murmured, moving to the bed and cradling her in his arms. "So sweet, I'm going to have to kiss you... all over... taste all your sweetness, fill myself with you."

"Do I get to taste you, too?" she asked softly, her hand slowly moving over his broad chest, excited that he was touching her.

"Counting on it," he gasped when her hand touched his groin.

"I want to touch you," she said.

"Not yet, Puss. I get to touch you first."

"How come you get to be first?"

"I'm bigger than you."

His mouth caressed her neck, his lips sampling the tender flesh there, moving to suck the hollow in her throat and then, releasing her hands, he cupped her breasts, kneading gently while his mouth consumed hers once again.

"More," she murmured.

Turning, he laid her on her back to remove her robe and feasted his eyes on the banquet she offered him. His mouth wandered, plucking a nipple between his teeth, tonguing the valley between her breasts, kissing the other nipple, sucking gently, making her gasp.

"You're going to be sore," he said with no apology, his teeth moving up to catch the edge of her ear as his large hands moved south to cup her belly and her sex. He stroked her outer labia, testing the fullness he found there, the side of a single finger moving down the center of her damp slit.

"Will you spank me hard?" she asked, her whisper lost in a breath.

"Your sweet bottom's gonna be sore - back and front. I'm gonna make sure you are," he added, the huskiness of his voice washing over her, making her shiver with need.

Enfolding her in his arms as he sat up, he couldn't resist nuzzling her neck once again, then nipped the line of her jaw before turning her over his lap, her sweet bottom bared to his gaze. "I love you, mia bella," he murmured, rubbing her butt, his fingers tracing the curve of her cheeks, cupping each one, pressing the firm and sleek flesh with the heel of his hand. He bent over her, his mouth dropping kisses on each cheek, his tongue tickling the cleft, then sucking the sweet spot at the tip of her spine.

"Smiling at her soft purrs and deep throated moans, he repositioned her on his lap and then raised his hand. The spanks were slow and light, warming her up, his heart overflowing that she trusted him with her body. His hand covered sweet and familiar territory, left cheek - right cheek - dead center - top - bottom - a finger slipping lower to gauge her arousal. He paused to rub her warm cheeks - listening to the sweet sounds she made, his hand roaming over her ass and the dampness of her sex before spanking her again. The spanks were delivered a little faster, a little harder, her cheeks beginning to pink, her moans deepening as the heat of his slaps began to spread.

"You okay, Puss?" he asked softly, noticing the change in her breath, the slight wiggle her bottom made under his hand. His drawl was thicker, his voice deeper when he loved her like this, his emotions base and raw, desperate to give her what she needed, unwilling to push her too far. Over the years he had learned to watch her body as he spanked her, listen to her breathing, realize when she'd had enough. Whether the spanking he delivered was foreplay or something harsher, she'd never tell him to stop; she'd never scream or beg or cry out. It was up to him to give her what she needed and not one spank more.

Pausing to rub her flesh again, the scent of her need for his body filled him, his mouth watering in anticipation. He spread her legs wider and cupped her sex, his fingers pressing into the soft tissue surrounding her engorged clit. His hand dragged, pressing into her as he rubbed her folds, his palm and wrist coated as it traveled back and up, over the curve of her ass - three rapid spanks - his hand traveling down again to the heat of her sex. Back and forth he warmed her bottom - teasing her swollen lips - two fingers milking her pearl - dipping inside to press against that special spot - three more spanks - left - right - center - again and again until his body demanded more of hers.

Swiftly turning her so her back was to his chest, he spread her legs and spanked the same soft folds with sharp, fast slaps until her breath was nothing more than shallow gasps. And then, lifting her on his lap again, he raised her legs over his shoulders, her hot butt against his chest and her head on his knees. Lowering his mouth to her heated sex, he feasted on the fruit of her pleasure.

She hung her mind on a nail - disconnected - void of sense and sanity, drifting away. There was only him, his hands spreading her thighs and the touch of his lips on her folds, his tongue slipping, sliding, dipping into her sopping heat. Vaguely, she was aware that her body was climbing... higher... higher... straining to reach the top of a cresting wave... and with a gasp, caught it... was swept away... and floated... and floated... bliss... inner peace...

In the last waves of her orgasm, he prolonged her pleasure, still suckling that sensitive pearl, and when he felt the tension leave her, he drank at her well, trying to quench his thirst for her, knowing he would drink there again and again.

"You sore, Puss?" he asked later, holding her hands so she couldn't push away from him as he blew his hot breath on her mons.

"Yes," she moaned as the tip of his tongue still tickled her sex.

"How sore?"

"Not going to tell you," she moaned again, her head on his lap and her warm ass on his chest. Unable to resist his tongue, she pushed against his lips even though she had just climaxed.

"If you don't tell me, I'm going to have to make sure you're sore," he murmured huskily, dropping kisses on her soft and swollen folds. "Really sore."

"Mmmm," she hummed, wiggling her bottom on his chest.

"Gonna warm your sweet ass again, too," he growled low, his tongue still prodding her moist heat, releasing her hands so he could squeeze her butt. "Naughty little pusses get spanked before they get serious lovin'."

She didn't hear him; his lips had pushed her over the edge again and she was lost in a sea of orgasms, one after the other as he continued to mouth her sex. She didn't remember when his lips stopped sucking and his tongue began lapping. She floated again, lost in his lovemaking, safe in his arms, aware she was deeply loved.

She blushed furiously when she finally met his gaze, his chin resting on her mons as he looked at her, post coitus. The breath from his soft laughter made her moan again and he teased her, eager to keep the blush fresh on her face.

"Gonna keep you naked all day, mia adore," he grinned like a naughty boy.

"No you're not," she shook her head.

"Yes I am," he assured her, dropping kisses on her inner thighs, licking the crease between them and her sex, watching her shiver as his tongue snaked out to tease her where she loved him.

"You're a wicked man, Texas boy," she said softly, her hands reaching to cup his face.

"That, I am," he smiled at her, capturing her hands and kissing her wrists and palms.

They fell back to the bed, his body covering hers, one finger slipping down inside her heat, his other palm caressing, stroking, and teasing her warmed backside. His lips captured the sweet flesh of her throat and sucked it, sending shivers skating through her body, making her moan with need. The beauty in his arms arched into him, her long silky hair tickling his chest, her soft curves rubbing against his hard body, her sweet flesh warm and wet, hungry for more of him.

She spread her thighs wider, inviting him.

"Gonna make you sore again, Puss," he promised. "Really sore."

"I love the way you love me, Texas boy," she murmured when he rose above her and pushed his hard cock inside her. "Love me hard."

"I'm going to," he growled, and later, you can ride me till you drop."

In the aftermath of their loving, they lay exhausted, limbs entwined, the scent of their union permeating the air. They were alone and sated - in a cocoon of their making. She didn't remember when he lifted her and took her into the shower, washing her with such tenderness her eyes overflowed.

She whispered his name in her dreamlike state, awareness shocking her into full wakefulness when he began to feast on her again. She couldn't stand after his assault on her tender flesh and leaned on him, her body his to love.

Bending her over his arm, his mouth suckled her breasts, the nipples turgid from his continued touch. She tingled everywhere, begging him to fill her once again. Instead, he pulled her back against his chest and turned her toward the warm hard spray. Spreading her thighs, he positioned her under the water's blast so it was directed at her clit, then laughed softly as she gasped and shrieked - multiple orgasms leaving her weak.

"Want to love you, now," she whispered as he held her on his lap, drying her. "My turn," she insisted softly, her voice barely audible while she kissed his neck.

"Soon, mia adore," he said, taking her back to bed. Like a hard core addict desperate for a fix, he was erect, constantly hungry for her, needing her as much as she needed him.

He lay on his back, her body on top of his as his hands stroked the silk of her flesh, the heel of his hand tracing her spine, then sliding over the curve of her ass. Spanking one cheek, then the other, he warmed her until she purred, then slipped his body under hers to catch an erect nipple between his teeth, nipping gently.

"Please..." she begged.

He turned her, filled her again, stretching her, his cock hard and thick, plunging in and out, his need for her overriding any other emotion. She moaned, arching up in counter thrust. He thrust again and stopped. She whimpered.

He thrust again, rotating his hips, intent on touching every inch of her core with his rampant cock. He was so hot and hard for her - he wanted to consume her, devour her, and possess her. She had turned his life upside down - this sweet puss of his - and he remained desperate for her, willing to sell his soul to keep her in his life.

This day, he loved her fully, giving her everything she needed, taking all that he desired. True to his promise, he spanked her till she was sore - front and back - making love to her over and over, keeping her naked all day.

~ End ~

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