Naughty Girl
by sarAdora


For some reason I'm blindfolded... and completely at his mercy. We are together in his house and not being able to see makes me feel vulnerable... and so damn aroused. I'm wearing a simple black camisole, black stockings and no panties. I am feeling absolutely wicked and seductive and can't wait until he ravishes me.

He teases me with gentle touches and kisses and satisfying nibbles and then suddenly, he leaves me alone with the command to look for him. Look for him? Oh, this is difficult and I stumble over and over again bumping into the glass coffee table, his leather chair, the end of the sofa. That makes me so nervous... oh god, my thighs are dripping.

Suddenly, a wave of fright washes over me and I call out to him. He is undone at the tone of my voice. He loves me and though he needs to show me his power... his dominance, he also does not want to see me hurt.

Without warning, he grabs me, crushes me against his chest, forces my lips open with his hot, eager tongue. The kiss leaves both of us breathless. I collapse against him and feel his strength heightened. He calms as soon as he knows I am okay.

I want to touch him, want to feel his arousal, want to feel his need for me. Ahhhh, he is *so* aroused! So hard. I want him. A soft moan escapes between my lips and my breath is short and panting.

"Do you like this?" he murmurs as his finger finds my core.

I nod.

"Say it - I want to hear you say it," he growls through clenched teeth.

"Oh god, yes. I like it yes, more, I want to feel you inside me," I gasp. I'm close, so close...

He pulls me tighter to his chest and slips another finger into my heat... teasing... and then walks away! Leaves me alone!


I sob with frustration as I hear his teasing voice.

"Not yet. You have to work for your pleasure. Follow me. Where do you think I am now?"

I know where he is. He's opened the door to his patio. Oh... he's on the patio... near the hot tub. I can hear the water gurgling.

I can't form a coherent thought. I've turned into wanton animal. I want him, now! Why does he do this to me? I'm...

"Come here," his voice continues to tease, and once I've reached him, he grabs me and drops me into the warmed water, handcuffing me to the handrail. Handcuffs? Ohgodohgodohgod. His hand comes down swiftly, catching me unaware, and rains hard hot spanks to my bare bottom. My breath is caught between a gasp and a moan - it feels so good, so good, this wet stingy heat.

I moan softly, the spanks sting but don't really hurt and I taunt him, telling him he spanks like a girl, telling him he's not man enough to really make me bend to his will, telling him he's a wuss and no match for me.

He chuckles at my words, one arm slips under me, lifting my bottom higher and then his hand comes down and I'm gasping as his palm makes harsh contact. Oh, this is more than I expected; this is hot and hard and I think the water temperature just rose by ummmph degrees - so good... so damn good. I want him to stop; I don't want him to stop. I want more! No! No more!


He reaches over me, releases my hands and runs his palms over my heated cheeks. His hands... the water... I can barely breathe from the sensations. I sense him behind me in the water. When did he remove the rest of his clothes? I'm floating from the heat in my bottom cheeks and in my core...

He's positioning himself against my entrance and ohhhhh, I'm so open and ready... The water laps at me... at my heat... He enters me with one long slow stroke. And then he stills. No, don't stop, my mind screams. Don't stop now.

I hear his ragged breathing. He pulls my head back, leans toward me and kisses my lips, my throat, the sides of my neck. I shudder - this is incredibly wonderful. This man I love fills me totally and his mouth on my face and my throat is so sweet, so good, so right.

Vaguely, I'm aware that I still have my camisole on... and the stockings. My bottom is warm from his hands on me and I'm wondering if he'll spank me again. I push back into him.

He moves, long slow strokes, withdrawing almost completely and then rams back in until he is in me as far as he can go. I have no control over my breathing. I moan with each stroke; he makes unintelligible sounds and somehow, it's right.

"Oh yes, this is good. Ohhh, I love this."

I start moving my hips following his rhythm and can already feel another orgasm building. Our pace gets faster as he murmurs. "Do you like this? Tell me. I want to hear you say it!"

"Oh yes, that's good," I gasp. "Wonderful, love me, love me harder, I want to feel you deep inside me...."

I see bright stars. The world begins to fade as his hands grab my hips and he plunges rather forcibly again... and again.

"Oh yes, this is good; this is perfect..."

I'm panting, sobbing, waves of pleasure emerge from my center, washing over my body... I'm floating... Bright sparks of light flash; there are tiny black spots in front of my eyes. My inner muscles contract again and again. My whole body spasms. I start shivering uncontrollably. I hear him cry out and his cock shudders inside me. I feel him pouring into me. He almost collapses against me but I'm not sure. Everything is suddenly black.

I awake in his bed, nude.

"What happened?"

"You fainted again." His dark brown eyes are pools of love and concern. "Are you okay, princess?"

"Yes," I whisper.

I smile and touch his cheek. He holds me, cradles me, kisses the top of my head, my eyelids, my lips. I know he prefers gentle lovemaking, but every now and then he complies with my wishes and takes a hugely dominant role. And ohhhhh, he is so good at it. I love losing control, love never knowing if and when he'll spank me, love the ferocious lovemaking.

"I don't ever want to hurt you," he murmurs as he hovers over me. "I could never forgive myself if you suffered because of anything I did." His words are reassuring, his voice gentle to my ears and I feel safe and protected and very much loved.

"Spank me, again," I whisper. "Bring me to that place again," I beg.

"Such a naughty girl," he whispers back as he positions me over his lap once again. "Such a naughty... sweet girl."

~ End ~

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