Need You
by sarAdora


"Your wife on line 2, sir," his adjutant announced over the intercom.

"Hi baby, what's up?" he asked, a smile creasing his mouth.

"Need you. Come home," she whispered.

"You okay?"


"Where does it hurt, sweetheart?" he was suddenly alarmed, forcing himself to remain calm.

"My heart," she whispered. "It aches for you."

He relaxed considerably, sitting back in his chair, prepared to calm her with his voice, his words, his tone.

"When did the ache start?" "

About twelve years ago."

"Does it always ache?"

"No, sometimes, it sings. Right now, it's aching."

"My sweet Puss," he murmured softly. "Mine aches, too. Where are you?"

"In bed... waiting for you."

"Any other part ache?"


"Tell me where."

"My thighs... my breasts... my nipples."

"Mmmm. How can I fix that?"

"Touch me..."


"Slide your hands over my thighs... do it slowly... I want to feel your palm, the heel of you hand."

"And then?"

"Your lips... I want them on my skin. Kiss me there."


"On my thighs... make me hot. I need you... come home."

"Are you wet for me, Puss?"


"How wet, little one?

"Sopping wet... the sheets are wet..."

"And...?" "I need you. Come home now."

"What do you need, baby?"

"I need to explode. I want to feel your hands on my butt, warming me... loving me... dipping down to touch my inner heat."

"How warm should I make you, mia cara?"

"Warm... so it spreads over me... warm enough to make me cry... warm enough so I'm so wet I need to feel you inside me... warm enough so I know you love me. Do you love me?" she asked, her whisper breathing in his ear, her voice hungry with need and insecurity.

"With every breath I take, my love. I love you beyond reason, beyond doubt, beyond redemption and the grace of God."

"Come home."

"Soon," he promised.

"I need you," she said softly, silent now.

He heard the need in her voice - knew there were tears in her eyes. There was something she wasn't saying. She didn't make unnecessary calls - wasn't prone to interrupt his work. He listened to her breathe.

"Talk to me, mia bella. What else do you need?"

"I need you," her voice was barely audible. "I need you to hold me... wrap me in your arms... kiss me... touch me... make me yours."

"What's wrong, mia adore, my own?"

"Empty... I'm empty... I need you to fill me with your body, your love. I need you to fill all those empty spots... the lonely ones... the ones that I keep secret from the world."

"Should I spank you, baby?"

"Yes. Warm me with your hands."

"Where should I spank you, love?"

"My butt, between my thighs, my sex.... I need you there. I need you everywhere. Come home, now. Please."

"I'll come home as soon as I can, mia adore," he groaned, his voice husky with desire.

"I need to love you, too," she whispered. "I need to put my mouth on you... My belly needs to touch your belly... my thighs need to touch your soft sex..." she murmured, "... needs to touch your hard sex..."

Her words made him crazy; he was instantly hard and he wanted her with a need born of desperation and longing.

"I'm on my way, little one," he murmured, hastily gathering his things, dashing out of the office and headed for home.


"I'm here, my love. I'm here," he whispered as he slipped into bed beside her, raising her chin and kissing her mouth. "I'm here and I'm loving you. Everything is all right," he breathed into her mouth, lifting her onto his hard shaft, his hands cupping her round butt. He could feel her soft sweet flesh expand to accommodate him and he filled her body while his tongue explored her mouth. "Everything is as it should be - everything," he soothed her.

He loved her gently - slowly - pushing in and out of her - filling her with his body and his love. His arms held her close, her breasts pushing into his chest. When her inner walls tightened around him in orgasm, he shot into her - flooding her womb - overwhelming her - enveloping her. His chest rose and fell against hers, his lungs filling and emptying - his breath hot, heavy, heating her mouth - her face - her throat. Afterward, he stayed inside her as long as he could, his hands spanking her gently, the slaps warming her butt as she snuggled into his chest.

Sleep took her. He watched her chest rise and fall, her body eased and relaxed against him. Whatever had bothered her was only temporarily appeased; he knew she'd need more of him when she woke.

"I need you," she whispered later. "Please."

"Tell me," he murmured, kissing her brow.

"Empty," she breathed into his neck. "Need to fill myself with you. Need to push away the world. Need you. Make me whole."

He did. His arms turned her over his lap, hugging her close to him, holding her still while she took several breaths. Then, he rubbed the rounded cheeks, dropping a kiss on each one before raising his hand. The time for gentleness was past. The spanks were swiftly applied, up - down, between her thighs - left - right, and down again. And then he rubbed the pinking spots, following with kisses. The spanks were fast again, up - down - between her thighs - and again till he heard her whimper. Stretching her onto the bed, he leaned over her reddened cheeks, his lips drawing the heat he had caused.

"Love me," she murmured, her hips arching to meet his mouth. "Need you, now. Please."

He drew her into his arms, holding her tightly. His breath was in her mouth, his chest heaving against her breasts, his powerful hips pushing in and out of her faster and faster, filling her completely. Her inner walls grasped his flesh - released - and grasped again and her shuddering orgasm caused him to empty into her with a muffled roar.

He held her in his arms gently - his gaze tender - the love evident in his eyes. His lips roamed over her face and throat, his breath warm on her skin. Her hands moved over his neck, his chest - rubbing - lightly massaging, not wanting to lose contact with his flesh. Her lips reached for his, wanting to kiss him again - not wanting to let go.

"Are you all right, mia adore?" he asked as his palms slapped gently against her rosy butt.

"Need you," she snuggled closer.

"I'm here," he answered simply. "I'll fill your need."

~ Finis ~

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