No Promises, No Expectations
Part Three
by sarAdora


0530 Hours

His internal clock woke him on schedule. Trey took a deep breath, the warm body in his arms playing havoc with his morning erection. He turned slightly to look at the sleeping woman. No morning jog for you, sailor. Indoor exercise with this naked nymph is a much more enjoyable alternative. He pushed the covers off of them to look at the sexy woman who made him feel like a green recruit with raging hormones.

He had wanted to meet her ever since he laid eyes on her in the Rose Garden. She was even more beautiful than he remembered. Her dark auburn hair was a tangled mass of curls this morning - unruly, wild, and silky. Her face, devoid of makeup, was lovely - slightly slanted eyes, high cheekbones, full kissable lips, smooth and creamy skin. And just the lightest sprinkling of pale freckles under her eyes.

With one finger, he traced the line of her jaw to her ear and then down her neck and across to her throat. He bent his head to kiss the pulse in the hollow of her neck and inhaled her scent. She was soft and sweet and he thought he could get used to waking up with her in his arms. Her breasts were round and full and any moment now, he was going to spend quality time with them, learning her sensitive spots. His eyes traveled over her rib cage, and down to her belly. He took his time caressing the silky skin there, then slid his hand further down to run his fingers through her copper curls. Rubbing the silky curls, he marveled at their texture, and knew he wanted to feel that texture between his lips. Dropping light kisses on her flesh from the top of her breasts down to her curls, he paused there, cradling her soft round bottom in his arms, and rubbing his lips over her mound. The scent of her aroused him further and he wanted to know if she tasted as sweet as she smelled.

Gently, he parted her legs and rubbed his scratchy face on her inner thighs causing her to murmur in her sleep. He kissed her silky skin, his lips moving to her sensitive folds and mouthed her gently. Her hips moved forward, her thighs parted further and she moaned softly in her sleep.

Trey grinned. While his hands caressed her hips, his lips and tongue explored her secrets. The touch of his tongue on the insides of her labia made her body twist and her hips arch. She hummed softly when the tip of his tongue entered her and her throat emitted soft purring sounds when he licked her clit. But when he sucked it between his lips, holding it there while he licked it, her eyes opened and she tried to sit up.

When Leine saw Trey's head between her thighs and realized she wasn't dreaming, her entire body turned pink with embarrassment.

"Good morning, little one." He chuckled at her blush.

"Trey, what are you doing?" she gasped. "It's..."

"It's time to love you, darlin' and that's what I'm doing."

His mouth covered her sex once again and he kissed and licked her until her body shuddered in orgasm and then held onto her hips until she calmed.

"Trey," she whispered, her hands rubbing his neck. "What are you doing?"

"Tasting your sweetness, darlin', and you *are* sweet."

"It's still dark out," she shivered, her body sensitive to what his tongue was doing. "Is it the middle of the night?"

"No," he chuckled, "it's 0530."

"That *is* the middle of the night," she grumbled, trying to pull away from him. "Too early for loving."

He pulled her back to him and rose over her, his body trembling with arousal. "It's never too early to make love, baby," he assured her as he thrust into her. "Never too early."

Afterward, he held her close while she drifted back to sleep. His hand cupped her cheek, a thumb stroking the silky skin, and his tongue licking the moisture above her lips. "You're delicious," he whispered to her sleeping face. "I'm glad I found you."

715 Hours

Leine woke, thinking she was leaning against a warm brick wall and couldn't figure out why she wasn't in her bed. She turned over and remembered where she was - in Trey's arms.

He woke when he felt her turn over and rose up on an elbow, propping his head up on his hand. His other arm pulled her up for a kiss and when her lips met his, he enfolded her in both arms, pulling her onto his chest. "You get enough sleep, darlin'?"

"Mmmm," she inhaled his scent, "enough for now."

"Feel rested?"


"Good," he smiled, sitting up and still holding her, rose from the bed and took her into the shower. He held her while the warm spray washed over them and then lathered her body with gentle hands. He turned her one way and then the other, filling his palms with her soft breasts, thumbing her nipples, and causing her to lean back into him and sigh with pleasure. When his hands covered her mound and caressed her there, Leine turned to him, and stroked his erection.

"It's my turn," she murmured huskily. "It's time I give you the same pleasure you gave me. Lean back, Popeye," she urged, pushing him against the shower wall. "Let me love you."

"Popeye?" He chuckled. "I think you should reconsider that particular name. If you call me Popeye, I'll call you..."

She slid to her knees and sucked the head of his penis between her lips, applying pressure while her tongue teased the slit. Trey gasped with pleasure, his blood rushing to his cock along with the remainder of his mental faculties.

While her tongue and lips teased his cock, Leine stroked the rest of him, her hands sliding up and down his engorged flesh then moving to his balls. His hips arched forward and his breath escaped in a long hiss when she lightly squeezed his heavy sac. His hands were in her hair, and his muscles were straining as he desperately tried to refrain from pushing into her mouth. Finally, she gently squeezed his balls while her other hand stroked him and her mouth worked its magic. He came with a roar that startled her and he slipped out of her mouth and coated her with his seed.

His cock was still throbbing when he lifted her into his arms and kissed her hard, his lips bruising her mouth. "You're a naughty little girl, Leine Henley. Beautiful, but naughty." He held her in his arms, her feet off the floor and licked her swollen lips, tasting a little of himself on the corners of her mouth.

"Why?" she murmured, her arms around his neck and kissing him far more gently than he kissed her. "Because I loved you with my mouth?" "No," he smiled at her, delivering a few gentle swats to her wet bottom. "Because you called me Popeye."

He grabbed a clean towel and wrapped her in it, padding her dry and then gently pushed her against the counter. He held her there while he dried his body, reaching over to kiss her neck, her breasts, the tip of her nose, her mouth. When he was dry, he took her in his arms and kissed her thoroughly, leaving her breathless.

"I'm guessing you don't keep a hair blower in your bathroom," she said hopefully.

"'Fraid not, darlin'," he shook his head, tucking strands of her wet hair behind her ears.

"My hair is going to look like little Orphan Annie's, all curly and unruly." "

I like your hair curly," he grinned and then leered at her. "It matches these curls," he teased, putting his hand on her mound.

"Admiral Popeye! You're taking liberties!"

"Damn straight, I am," he growled, "and I'm going to take some more."

"Are you ever going to feed me?" she asked with an exasperated sigh.

"What did you have in mind?" he asked, his dark brown eyes piercing hers and his voice a slow southern drawl.


"You're still hungry?" he asked with a straight face.

"What do you mean? I haven't eaten anything..." Her voice faded as she looked up at him and then blushed furiously, making him laugh.

"What do you want to eat?" he asked, cupping her chin. "Besides me, that is."


"Come on, little one," he laughed, yanking her towel off and pulling her into the bedroom. "Let's get you covered up before I start devouring you."

He removed a long-sleeved T-shirt from his drawer and pulled it over her head. The shoulders drooped down to just above her elbows and the hem covered her to her knees. Leine thought it was sufficient and she was pleased. Trey took a step back to appraise her. She twirled around on her bare feet for his inspection.

"Do I pass muster, Admiral Popeye?"

"Not sure," he pursed his lips. "Need to check all of you before I decide." His hands slipped under the T-shirt, pulling it up, and he pulled her close to his bare chest. Looking over her shoulder, he admired the curve of her back and the roundness of her hips. "I think this might call for a closer inspection," he murmured.

"Go right ahead, Popeye," she teased. "While you're doing that, I'll inspect you." Her hands squeezed his bare butt, making him chuckle until she stroked him just below the cleft of his ass. Trey growled and jumped back.


"Did I mention you're a naughty little girl, Leine Henley?" He pierced her with a classic Browning glare, making her laugh then delivered a firm swat to her bare bottom, making her squeal.

"Waffles, by any chance?" she asked, her face the picture of innocence.


"Uh-huh," she replied, her arms reaching up to pull his head down so she could lick his lips. She was very pleased to feel him harden against her belly. "Waffles with strawberry syrup and vanilla ice cream?"

"Mmmm," he murmured as he bent her over his arm to nibble on her throat. "How about pancakes with maple syrup and vanilla caramel ice cream?"

"Can I eat the ice cream while you make the pancakes?" she gasped, his mouth on her throat sending shivers through her.

"No, you can not," he murmured, still nibbling her throat, but what you *can* do is..."


"I was going to say you can make the coffee," he laughed as she rolled her eyes.

She made the coffee while he whipped up a tall stack of pancakes. She set the table after he pointed out the cabinets and drawers holding dishes and utensils. Then, she stood behind him while he finished cooking, her head peeking under his arm, watching him work. It took less than a minute for her to start fondling him.

"Leine!" he groaned, "We'll never eat if you don't stop that."

"Sure we will," she said huskily. "There's plenty here for both of us."

"I thought you said you were hungry." He covered her hand with his and gently removed it from his crotch. "You better behave," he warned, turning around to drop a quick kiss on her lips. "This is your last chance to eat... food... for a while." He continued to kiss her, holding her against his hard body, the spatula dangling from one of his hands.

"Why is it my last chance?" she asked, a little breathless from being held so tight.

"'Cause I'm going to keep you in bed, darlin'. That's why," he informed her.


He laughed when he felt her shiver and gently pushed her toward the table. "Sit!" he commanded.

She sat.

They stuffed themselves with pancakes, butter, maple syrup and vanilla caramel ice cream. Trey ate until he was sated and chuckled as he watched Leine dip into his plate to steal the rest of his ice cream. "You have ice cream on your own plate," he laughed at her. "Why are you eating mine?"

"'Cause I need it more than you do." At his questioning look, she explained further. "I need it to stay cool," she promptly added, grabbing his wrist that held a forkful of pancake dripping with syrup and ice cream and stuffed it in her mouth.

"Why do you need to stay cool?" He reached over to wipe her mouth with his napkin, then thought better of it, licking her lips instead.

"'Cause just looking at you makes me hot," she murmured softly, still holding his wrist and turning his hand over, she licked his palm.

"Jesus, woman!" he groaned, dropping the fork and pulling her onto his lap. "I hope you got enough to eat," he said just before his mouth covered hers. "It's gonna' be a long time till I let you out of bed again." One arm held her securely against his shoulder while his tongue pushed between her lips. His other hand slipped under her shirt to fondle her curves and his cock pressed firmly against her thigh.

Leine would have giggled at his reaction to her words if her mouth was free, but Trey had covered all the bases... literally. She was pleasantly trapped in his embrace, his mouth and hands making her crazy and then, there was his erection, thick and hard. There was no doubt that he wanted her and she wanted him.

They left the dishes on the table knowing there would be a mess to clean later, but neither could wait much longer. Leine tried to remind herself that she really wasn't a nymphomaniac, but this tall, hunky, bald, and testosterone-laden sailor had her feeling hotter than any self-respecting woman should feel. And she did feel... desirable, sexy, horny as hell, and so damn wet!

Trey tried to remind himself that he wasn't twenty years old any more. But the woman in his arms made him feel like he was twenty again, his throbbing erection proof positive of what she did to him. She was one hundred pounds of estrogen, full round breasts, a hot little bottom, the sweetest lips, and the longest, silkiest legs he had ever seen or touched. His insatiable desire for her surprised him and he knew he would continue to make love to her until he collapsed from sheer exhaustion... or he had to go to work... which ever happened first.

He was still kissing her when he laid her on his bed, his mouth roaming over her face, and his beefy arms holding her tightly. She was kissing his neck and throat, her arms around his neck, and her legs already wrapped around his waist. They focused on each other, their bodies touching and rubbing against each other. The only sounds were her soft purrs of contentment and his occasional low growls of satisfaction interspersed with their heavy breathing.

He yanked her T-shirt off and then his own, ripping his sweats in his haste to remove them. Leaning over her, he pinned her arms to her sides. "Did I mention you're a naughty little girl, Leine Henley?" he spoke softly, his words spaced between breaths.

"I think you've mentioned that once or twice, Popeye," she smiled, provoking him.

"Naughty little girls get punished," he whispered against her mouth.

"They do?" she asked, arching a brow.

"They do," he confirmed, licking his lips and then hers, delivering a few more stingy spanks that made her arch up into him.

"Thank God," she muttered under her breath as his lips locked onto the hollow of her throat, sucking it gently.

Trey couldn't help grinning. She was eager for his touch and the smell of her arousal made him hungry to taste all of her. He kissed his way down her firm body, his mouth lingering on her soft breasts as his hands stroked her. Her nipples puckered, never becoming taut, never extending and

Trey lifted his head to look at them.

"You have inverted nipples," he commented, licking one and then the other.

"Do you mind?" she asked, suddenly shy.

"Do I mind?" he laughed softly. "No, little one. I don't mind. You have beautiful breasts and beautiful nipples," he assured her, kissing each one again and again. "I'll just have to keep kissing them until I'm positive you know how much I love... kissing them."

He applied himself to the task and it wasn't long before she was convinced that he loved her body just the way it was. While his mouth moved over her breasts, his hands caressed her shoulders and upper arms. "You're like silk, darlin', pure silk," he murmured, his hands moving to her belly and then her hips. When he finally reached her mons, he ran his fingers through her curls, and then gently pressed the top of her vulva, teasing her.

"Now, Popeye," she moaned, reaching between her thighs, trying to guide him into her. "I want you in me, now."

"Soon, darlin'," he murmured, his voice husky and his drawl thicker than usual. "Patience is a virtue."

"Do you have any?" she asked, arching her hips and wrapping her legs tighter around him.

"None, whatsoever," he laughed softly.

"I want you inside me, now! That's an order!" she commanded, hoping she had used the right tone of voice.

He raised his head to look at her, his hands still stroking her, making her hungry for him.

"Not too many people get to order an admiral around," he mused, his mouth curving up at the corners.

"I'll bet not too many people get to be where I am right now, either." She returned his gaze with an unflinching one of her own.

"You're right," he smiled.

"Don't make me repeat my order, sailor," she said a little sternly, making him chuckle.

"Aye-aye, ma'am," he grinned. "Your wish is my command." He thrust into her before the words were out of his mouth and was pleased to hear her soft gasp of surprise.

"Is this what you wanted, madam?" he growled, feeling her inner walls squeeze him, and making him thrust faster.

"Yes-s-s," she hissed, her breath escaping between compressed lips. "This is exactly what I wanted. You follow orders very well. I'll have to think of some others."

"Don't think," he laughed softly, bending down to kiss her. "Just love me back."

She gave up thinking and she loved him back. Her legs were wrapped around him, pulling his hips toward her, her hips meeting his every thrust. One arm was under his and around his back, the other around his neck and her hands wandered over him wherever she could reach, pressing and rubbing his flesh. As her hands slid over his muscular torso and down to his hips, she thought he was an intoxicating mix of steel and velvet, hard muscle mixed with a thick mat of fur. His lips were soft on hers and his cock was hard inside her. Leine thought he was everything a man making love should be.

Trey was close to orgasm. He wanted to prolong the feeling but knew he wouldn't last much longer. He rose to his knees lifting Leine's legs straight up to his shoulders, changing the angle of his thrust. She gasped as he pounded into her from that position, the friction of his pubic hair stimulating her clit.

"Come with me, Leine. Now, darlin'," he urged her. His orgasm took them both by surprise, his loud roar ringing in her ears as his seed filled her.

Leine shuddered as the spasms from her climax shook her to her core. Trey's hands were on her hips, stroking her, his hips still pushing in and out of her slowly as he emptied into her. He continued to stroke her until she calmed somewhat, his own breath beginning to even out, and then, he parted her legs and covered her with his body. Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled onto his back so she could rest on his chest.

Their breath was still ragged, their faces flushed and both were damp with perspiration. Trey smoothed her hair behind her ears while Leine continued to take long and even breaths.

"You okay, little one?" he asked.

"Mmmm," she responded to the tenderness in his voice. "Very okay, Popeye."

Trey grinned. "Good thing - 'cause I said I wasn't letting you out of this bed and I meant it."

"Do we get to rest a few minutes before we start this exercise all over again?" She played with the furry mat that ran down the center of his chest, twisting the fine hairs between her fingers, and tugged it gently.

"Close your eyes, Leine. If you fall asleep, we'll make love again when you wake up," he whispered, gently kneading her butt. She closed her eyes, smiling when she felt him kiss the top of her head. She definitely liked making love with this sailor. He was male personified, virile and loving and tender toward her, and she was genuinely surprised at how gentle he was. She had wanted him from the moment he offered her a ride. She was positive they'd enjoy each other when he pulled into his driveway, but she hadn't expected to spend the night. It's just sex, but it sure would be nice if we could become friends.

Trey thought she was the epitome of woman, an intoxicating blend of soft and sweet female curves combined with a sensuousness that drew him to her like a magnet. She wasn't intimidated by him and even bossed him a little. He grinned, considering her size, he had to admire her courage. She actively participated in their lovemaking, giving as good as she got and he wanted more. He hoped they could get to know each other better. This one might be a keeper.

~ End Part Three ~

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