No Promises, No Expectations
Part Six
by sarAdora


0730 Hours

He lay there, content, his arms around her warm sleeping form. He felt her stir and turned on his side to look at her.

"Hey," he said softly.

"Hey, yourself, sailor man," she smiled, happy in his embrace.

"Sleep good?" he asked, kissing her forehead as one hand stroked her back and teased the sensitive spot below her spine.

"Slept very good," she murmured, burying her face in his neck. "Did you?"

"Mmmm," he agreed, pulling her onto his chest, his hands kneading her firm butt.

Leine felt his morning erection poke her and looked up at him. "Is that for me?" her voice that of a child's on Christmas morning.

"Yes, darlin', all for you," he grinned, pinching her butt and then, they both laughed when her stomach growled.

"I didn't have any supper last night, Popeye, and I'm hungry. Can I have it now?" Arching a brow, she paused briefly, but before he could answer, her mouth caressed him. Starting with the hollow in his throat, she licked his flesh and then sucked it lightly.

Trey's hands roamed over her back down to her butt and up again, his fingers dancing lightly over her ribs. His hands made her shiver but her hands and her mouth made him groan. "You feel so good, baby, so very good." Leine smiled smugly. She liked having the general-admiral shiver at what she was doing to him.

His body was magnificent and she feasted on the buffet he presented for her delectation. She licked, kissed and suckled a nipple, the inside of one of his biceps, between his ribs, back to the other nipple and down to his belly button. Trey's breathing changed, grew ragged and his soft growls of pleasure stirred her further. Her hands wandered while her mouth worked its magic on him, stroking, rubbing, caressing lightly, squeezing. By the time she reached her prize, his body was damp, perspiration dotting his flesh, a light film over his upper lip.

"Enough, little one. You're making me crazy," he groaned, reaching for her.

"Not yet," she grinned wickedly and sucked the head of his cock between her lips.

"God!" he moaned. "Can't take much more."

"Yes, you can," she assured him, dipping her head further to lick his balls.

Trey shot up and grabbed her under her arms, intending to pull her up, intending to impale her on his rock hard shaft. But Leine moved faster, avoiding his grasp. She turned her head and bit his inner thigh.

He roared - she laughed and sucked his length into her mouth, her hands massaging his sensitive sac, working in concert with her lips and tongue.

He collapsed back onto the pillows, muttering threats between growls of pleasure, lost in the sensations of her hands and mouth. When his hips arched toward her, his low growling sounds became louder. He shouted her name, his hot seed rushing forth and coating her lips and tongue. She let him slip from her mouth, the rest of his ejaculate staining her breasts and belly.

Leine was pleased. She had exhausted him for a change. She sat between his thighs and massaged his groin with his own juices. When her hands dried, she palmed her breasts, wiping them clean, rubbing the residue on his balls. She laughed softly when he rotated his hips trying to avoid her incessant touching - his flesh was far too sensitive after coitus.

Slowly, his chest stopped heaving, but he continued taking long breaths while he watched her under hooded eyes. When he couldn't take it any longer, he pulled her to him.

"My turn, darlin'," he grinned.

She grinned back. "Did it feel good, Popeye?"

"You know it did, Red. Now, it's my turn." He cupped both breasts, his thumbs catching her nipples against his palms, pinching them lightly. "I'm going to torture you," he said pleasantly.

"Is that like punishment?" she asked, her hands stroking his face, her mouth reaching for his mouth.

"No," he replied, licking her lips and then bending to nuzzle her neck. His hands continued to play with her breasts, his fingers pinching, his palms rubbing, and his intent becoming increasingly clear.

"Punishment is delaying your orgasm, driving you crazy, making your climax that much sweeter. Torture, on the other hand is bringing you to orgasm," he whispered, sucking the silky flesh of her throat, "and then bringing you there again," he nipped her flesh. "And again..." The flat of his tongue pressed against her throat, licking the pinch away. "And again."

"Impossible," she gasped, pushing at his hands.

"I'm thinkin' about tying you down, first, little one," he said softly.

They looked into each other's eyes and laughed, knowing full well that one of his large hands was perfectly capable of holding her down if that's what he wanted to do.

"I love making love with you," she told him, kissing him.

"Not as much as I love making love with you, little one," he countered.

"Is this a pissing contest?" she asked, her grin as wide as his.

"You think yours is bigger than mine?"

"Not by a long shot," her laughter burst forth.

Trey laughed, too, a deep, husky laugh, the promise of more pleasure in his voice. "You got that right, darlin'."

She pulled his face closer to hers and nibbled on his earlobe. "Let me up, Trey. I need a shower."

"Not yet, baby." He hugged her tight, rubbing her back and then held her by her shoulders. "Got to love you a little first."

She tweaked his ears. "YOU need a shower, too," she smiled. "Come on. I'll wash your back."

He let her pull him into the bathroom. "You're just putting off the inevitable, Ms. Henley," he chuckled, turning on the water.

He bent her backward over his arm, the other hand on her hip as his mouth sought her throat once again. Her hands rested on his biceps while he nibbled on her, his lips moving from her neck up to her mouth. He kissed her hard and while she concentrated on breathing, his hand moved from her hip and down to her mound. His fingers made a short sweet path through her curls and down the slit, her heat and her dew a magnet for his caresses.

Leine gasped, unable to stand, and reached for his shoulders, trying to maintain her balance. She needn't have bothered. Trey held her securely against him, her breasts pressing into his muscled chest. When he inserted a finger into her lush hot sex, she gave up any pretense of trying to hold on.

"Popeye! I'm dripping!"

"That's a good start, darlin'," he murmured, one arm around her waist lifting her into the shower and under the warm spray.

He said he would torture her and he did. His mouth covered hers while his fingers and hands brought her to orgasm... once... and a second time. Holding her against the shower wall, he cupped her ass, molding her to his body, his mouth gently nipping her neck and the tops of her breasts. When she moaned that she had had enough, he took note of her closed eyes, her rapid breath, and her flushed face and assured her that she hadn't.

"There's more, baby. Much, much more," he whispered to her, his hands moving to her torso to hold her upright, and his mouth moving to her breasts.

"What if I say no?" she asked between breaths. "Would you stop?"

"If that's what you want," he paused. "Yes. I'll stop. Do you want me to stop?" he asked quietly, suckling a rosy nipple between his lips, his tongue swirling around it.

"Are you nuts?" she hissed between breaths. "If you stop now, I'll hire thugs to strangle you. No! I'll strangle you, myself!"

A deep rumbling laugh filled her ears as he lifted her high in his arms and sucked as much of her flat belly into his mouth as he could.

"Popeye! That tickles!" she laughed, still trying to breathe.

"That's not all that tickles," he quickly lowered her to the shower floor, in a hurry to love her some more. "I knew you weren't a wuss," he grinned, spreading her thighs and lifting her legs over his shoulders. His lips caressed her folds, the tip of his tongue darting here and there, teasing her, making her groan with need. He kissed her where she loved him, suckled on her, and rubbed his lips and face all over her soft, sweet heat. By the time he finished lapping her juices, she was sated and totally incoherent. He gathered her into his arms and soaped her limp body.

1245 Hours

Neither noticed they had skipped breakfast unless you call dining on each other a nutritious meal. Leine had also missed supper the night before and her stomach protested in earnest.

"Still hungry, little one?" he asked, smiling broadly, when they woke from a nap, her stomach howling its hunger. And then he chuckled when he heard his own stomach rumble.

"Look who's talking," she laughed softly. "You're just as hungry." She continued to be mesmerized by his sexy smile and cupped his face. "Didn't you get enough of me to fill you up?"

"No," he said with just enough huskiness in his tone to make her hot again. "I didn't get enough of you. Gonna' have to have some more..." he licked behind her ear. "And soon, too."

Shivers went through her. "Popeye! We've been going non-stop. It's only been about three hours. We have to rest!"

"Three hours? Much too long. Come here, darlin'," he teased, pulling her closer, one hand slipping down to fondle her bottom. "Haven't finished torturing you."

His mouth covered hers, his tongue relentless in its slow thrusts in and out of her mouth, his hands roving over her body.

"Trey, I'm hungry," she complained when he briefly lifted his mouth. "If you don't feed me, I'm going to feast on you!" Her hands moved to the hard cock pressing into her belly.

"You can have some of that later, baby," he murmured, his lips tonguing her nipples. "Right now, I need some of you."

"General-Admiral Browning! If you don't feed me now, I'm going to tell everyone at the SecNav's house that your preferred name is Popeye!"

He raised his head and glared at her. "No, you're not." It was the voice of command.

"Wanna' bet?" she threatened.

"I'll take that bet," he pulled her arms over her head, holding them with one hand and tickled her with the other.

It wasn't long before she begged him to stop. "Please, Popeye, no more!" she laughed, her whole body twitching.

"What's my name?" he bellowed, still tickling her.

"Popeye!" she screamed.

"Wrong answer! What's my name?" his mouth nipped her belly.

"General-Admiral what's your face!"

"Wrong again!" He gently bit the underside of her arm and then massaged it with his tongue, causing goose bumps to rise on her skin.

"Sailor man!" she yelled.

"Guess again," he nipped the underside of a breast. She inhaled sharply.

"Sailor boy?"

"Boy?" He narrowed his eyes at her and then hauled her over his knees.

"No-o-o," she screamed.

"Time to pay the piper, darlin'," one hand held her squirming body in place while the other rained soft spanks on her butt before fondling her. Finally, his hand slipped down to tease her sex, a finger teasing her clit.

"Popeye," she moaned, "I'm hungry."

"Me too, baby. Me, too." He moved her onto the bed on her stomach and pulled her to her knees. Covering her, he pushed his heavy cock between her wet folds and teased her.

"You're so hot, darlin', so hot and wet," he breathed in her ear, "and I am so hungry for you." He tortured them both, his hand moving from her belly to her mound - teasing - tugging her curls - making her beg him for release. He used his other hand to stroke himself - rubbing his hard cock against the cleft of her ass - down to her folds - up again - leaking pre-cum.

"I love lovin' you," his husky voice went straight from his mouth to her core. "And I'm gonna keep lovin' you 'till you beg me to stop," he promised and plunged into her, filling her. He thrust hard - fast - and deep. His balls slapped into her - his hands roaming slow, then fast, over her breasts, her belly, her mound, back to her breasts to pinch her nipples.

Her head hung down, her hair falling over her shoulders, and her butt was in the air, her vaginal muscles tightening around him. Trey murmured his pleasure, plunging, retreating, and plunging again and again.

Leine collapsed in orgasm. Trey had brought her to new heights and her climax drained the remainder of her energy. She never heard his roaring release and was only vaguely aware of his kissing her face when he turned them over.

"You okay, little one?"

His tenderness made his lovemaking that much sweeter and Leine snuggled into his embrace. For the first time since they met, her heart filled and she was afraid she'd lose herself in him and be lost when it ended.

Trey held her, his hands moving over her arms and shoulders and finally, he cupped her face and kissed her. She was soft and sweet and delicious. She was hot and sexy and wanton. She was beautiful and loving. She was smart and funny and witty. He couldn't stop touching her and he couldn't stop making love to her. Their relationship, if you could call it a relationship, was purely physical. His bed would be empty when she left. He wondered if a part of him would be empty as well.

He finally fed her - Chinese take-out - delivered for an extra charge so he wouldn't have to leave her. They feasted in front of the fireplace - unlit because the evening was warm - but it was a cozy place to sit and eat - and kiss - and touch - and kiss some more.

He wore sweats - she wore one of his T-shirts. She placed a hand on one of his thick biceps, then moved to his furry chest, before sucking a wonton into her mouth. He slipped a hand under her shirt and fondled her breast while he sucked chestnuts into his mouth. She leaned over to kiss him. He pulled her shirt up and suckled her breast, instead. She slipped her hand beneath the waistband of his sweats. He dropped his chopsticks and pulled her onto his lap and kissed her... and kissed her... and kissed her.

"I'm having trouble keeping my hands off of you, Leine Henley," he murmured.

"I'm glad, General-Admiral. I like your hands on me," she said softly.

"I can't stop making love to you," he admitted.

"I'm glad, sailor man, so very glad."

"Little one..." he cupped her chin. "I want... after this weekend, I want to see you again, see where this goes, if there's more to us than... than making love." He smoothed his thumb over her cheek and then kissed her again. "I can't make any promises, baby. I..."

"Shhh, Popeye. I love what we shared this weekend. I'm not making any promises, either. And I'd like to see you again, too. But I have no expectations."

He didn't want to take her home. She agreed to stay till morning and go into work later than usual.

He made love to her again and she received him with open arms, matching him kiss for kiss, caress for caress and thrust for thrust. He filled her and she took all he had to offer, giving him as much of herself as he would take.

~ End Part Six ~

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