A Powerful Thing
Part Two
by sarAdora

She toyed with her sandwich, eating half while he inhaled his and then gave him the other half of hers and was amazed at how fast he consumed it. He didn't engage in small talk - but watched her as they ate, his eyes never straying from her. Val wondered if this was how prey felt when being stalked. Not that she minded being stalked by this particular hunter.

Hank wanted her. "Come here, darlin'," he said, swiping a napkin across his lips, then opening his arms.

He held her close to his chest, softly murmuring how much he wanted her. Turning slightly, he touched the light switch behind his back so the light turned off. They stood in his darkened kitchen, their arms wrapped around each other, lost in the embrace.

"I want you, darlin'," he murmured. "Let's go to bed."

0155 Hours
He held onto her when he pulled the covers back. It wasn't that he was afraid she'd change her mind about sleeping with him. He just didn't want to let her go.

His hands slipped under her shirt, his palms rubbing her bare back as he bent his head to kiss her. Val reciprocated, her hands pulling his T-shirt out of his sweats and hugged him back. Hank broke the kiss long enough to pull her T-shirt off and then stepped back to admire her.

"Lord, you're beautiful," he murmured, his hands cupping her bare breasts, his thumbs seeking her nipples. "I want you, woman. I want you now."

She responded to his sexy Texas drawl, her breasts tingling from his touch. His voice was smooth as molasses and it mesmerized her. She was positive if he set his mind to it, he could seduce any woman he wanted. But that didn't matter right now. Right now, he was seducing her and succeeding. She wanted him.

Lifting her, he laid her in the center of the bed, then kneeled at her side. His hands returned to her breasts as his mouth covered hers once again. When he broke the kiss, he didn't waste any time pulling her sweats off.

Val smiled, raised her arms above her head and stretched. She was comfortable in her own skin and mighty tired. She didn't mind him looking.

Hank laughed softly, her wantonness an aphrodisiac. The socks she still wore somehow made the rest of her nude body even more desirable. He tore his T-shirt off and lowered his sweats. The nightstand lamp was still on but dimmed; he wanted to look at her when he made love to her.

Val's mouth made a little "O" when she saw what he had in store for her, making Hank laugh.

"You stand in line twice for that love machine, Admiral?"

"Wait till he gives you a full salute, sugar," he chuckled. "Then tell me how many times I stood in line."

He lay beside her, gathering her into his arms, his hands moving over her back, her smooth skin a new sensation filling his palms. Her breasts pressed into his chest and he held her closer, her nipples hardening when they made contact with his skin.

"You feel so good," she murmured into his neck, rubbing her face against his hard body. "So very good."

"Not as good as you, darlin'," he drawled, one hand on her chin, lifting it so he could kiss her mouth.

He rubbed his lips against hers, slid his tongue into her mouth and gently explored. Her mouth was wet and warm and very sweet. He took his time kissing her and enjoying it.

When he let her up for air, she put a hand on his chest, playing with the thick mat of hair. "Admiral, I think you should know we're doin' somethin' illegal."

"What's illegal?" He continued kissing her, lightly rubbing his lips against the line of her jaw, teasing the sensitive skin in front of her ears.

"Your kisses." She cupped his face and kissed him hard. "Your kisses are so hot they should be against the law." She kissed him again. "I do believe your mouth is a felon."

"In that case," Hank chuckled, "You ought to get spanked for aiding and abetting... but first, let me show you what else my mouth can do." He ran his tongue across her parted lips, darting in, surprising her when he sucked her tongue into his mouth. He held onto it, sucking it gently while his hands roamed over her body, learning her secrets, and mapping her curves, his palms lingering on a round and silky bottom, a bottom he had every intention of getting to know better.

Val breathed easy, relaxed in his arms and enjoying the sensations he caused in her body. Her hands savored the feel of his shoulders and arms, the muscles flexing under her touch. When she ran the back of her thumbs down the center of his chest, scraping his flesh, his whole body trembled.

He grabbed her hand and kissed her palm. "Lord, woman! I can't wait. I want you."

Val wanted him, too. She was already wet with wanting. She kept one hand around his neck while the other slipped between their bodies seeking his hard erection. "Now, Hank. Come inside me, now," she urged.

"In a second, darlin'," he groaned, his hand moving between her thighs, his fingers probing her heat, making sure she was ready for him. She was ready. He was hard. He reached into the nightstand drawer for a condom.

"Hank, I'm on the pill," she protested, "and I trust you're clean."

"Thank God!" he muttered. "I hate these things."

She pulled him back to her and was pleasantly surprised how easily he gathered her into his arms and turned onto his back. "Ride me, darlin'," he urged. "I want you on top."

Val sat up, straddling his hips and then leaned forward to kiss him. Her long blonde hair fell forward and enveloped them both as their mouths met. Hank's hands caressed the silkiness of her breasts, his fingers stroking their undersides, his palms cupping them in such a way that her taut nipples rubbed back and forth against his wrists. They both moaned at the sensation.

Lifting her hips, she came down hard on his erect penis and momentarily stilled her movements. He arched a brow in question.

"Admiral...?" she paused.

"Commander?" he grinned.

"Should I take the initiative in this personal matter or did you want to exercise your right as the senior ranking officer and..."

He laughed softly. "I admire initiative, Commander Fletcher, and if you don't take it, you're gonna find yourself face-down and bottom upended..."

She squeezed her inner walls around him and then pushed down hard once again.

"Then again," he gasped, delivering a few firm swats to her pale butt, he cupped it and pulled her a little closer. "There's a fine line between initiative and insubordination."

"And the difference?" Val asked as she lifted up and pushed down again, a little too slowly to Hank's liking, hoping he'd warm her butt just a bit more.

"Attitude... and intent, Commander," he took a deep breath and flipped them over. "It's all a matter of attitude and intent." He moved inside her, thrusting up, pulling out slowly, thrusting in hard, moving out slowly, and when she yelled at him to hurry, he chuckled at her impatience.

"Giving me orders, Commander?"

"Sure as shootin', this filly's gonna' take over if you don't love me right, sailor!" she shouted, pinching his butt with both hands.

Hank coughed on a breath and yelped when she pinched him, but laughed at her words. His heart had just begun to race from his exertions. He grabbed her hands and held them at her sides while his mouth covered hers and his hips began to move again. She met him thrust for thrust and he pounded into her - giving her what she wanted - harder and faster - until a low growl signaled his release.

He didn't waste any time rolling onto his back, holding her so she was on his chest again. His hands roamed over her, lingering on her bottom cheeks while his breath recovered. "You okay, darlin'?"

"Mmmm," she inhaled deeply, the scent of him was delicious but the scent of their combined sex was intoxicating. She wanted him again.

"Shower?" he asked softly.

"In a sec'," she murmured. "Want to lay here on top of this Texas boy for a minute."

He chuckled. "Texas, yes, sugar. Boy? Don't think so."

"All you Texas boys the same, cowboy?"

"Well," he drawled, "we Texans are a bit passionate about our homeland..."

"Homeland?" Val lifted her head to look at him. "I swear Texas is just one of the lower forty-eight - a mite arrogant and cocky, but just a state."

He cupped her ass, moving his hands to deliver a good hard spank, but paused. "Texas is a state of mind, darlin'," he assured her. "Native Texans never lose the obsession with our roots. As for being cocky," he grinned, "I think I've got every right to be arrogant."

His thick cock was pressing into her belly - hard again - and Val laughed. "They seem to grow them big in Texas, cowboy." She pushed her belly into his, making him groan softly.

"Lord, woman. I want you again. Have to wait a bit, but I *do* want you."

"How 'bout a shower, sailor? I want to touch you - all over." Hank wanted to touch her, too - all over and then some. He didn't waste any time getting them into the bathroom.

Holding her under the shower spray, he tickled her, teased her, pushing her back under the water when she squirmed away.

"Hank! I swear you're gonna get it good if you don't..."

He gave a shout of laughter and hauled her up into his arms. "I'm gonna get it good?" Still chuckling, he teased her. "I certainly hope so, sugar," he grinned and holding her tightly against him, he kissed her until she was limp in his arms, one hand delivering light but stinging spanks to her rounded bottom, his fingers lingering between her cheeks, teasing her between spanks.

Val melted against his broad muscular chest, letting him support her weight until she caught her breath. "Lord have mercy, cowboy, your kisses are sweeter than wine, but if you keep spankin my fanny... I swear on my momma's grave I'm gonna..."

"Hush, baby. I'm gonna love you now. Put your legs around my waist, Val," he murmured, cupping her rosy butt and lifting her. She hung on for dear life, lost in the sensations of his hips thrusting into her, his arms around her, his body holding her against the shower wall. One hand was on the back of her neck, his mouth covering hers, the other hand cupping a breast. His lovemaking consumed her and she was lost when he roared her name as he emptied his hot seed into her.

0545 Hours
When he opened his eyes he felt the warmth of her beside him and smiled, remembering their lovemaking just a few short hours earlier. He turned to face her and the movement woke her.

"What time is it, cowboy?" Her speech was slurred, her lips barely parted.

"Time to get up and run, Commander. You game?"


"It's almost dawn. You gonna' stay in bed all day?"

"I certainly hope so," she murmured, reaching for his penis. "I hope you suffer from morning very-erect syndrome and need my sure-cure."

"Doesn't every man?" he chuckled, sweeping her shoulder length hair behind her ears and leaning down to kiss her.

"No, every man doesn't." She kissed him back. "Love me, cowboy."

"Will you run with me afterwards?"


"Why not?"

"Don't exercise on the weekend."

"What about indoor exercise?" he asked as his hands sought her breasts and his mouth moved from her lips to her throat.

"I could live with that," she sighed, loving what he was doing. "Do we get to go back to sleep afterwards?"

"Only if you dream about me," he murmured, his hands cupping her breasts, his mouth capturing a rosy nipple and suckling gently.

"Give me more to dream about, cowboy," she said softly as her hands moved over his bald scalp and down to massage his neck. "I need inspiration."

His mouth traveled south over her smooth torso, his hands following as he rubbed his lips and then his palms over her belly. His tongue dipped into her navel and then a finger followed, teasing the rim and tickling her. He paused at the top of her mound, his chin pressing down and moving side to side - slowly, very slowly - making her arch her hips - making him laugh softly.

"You want somethin, darlin'?"

"Don't forget how talented I am with a scalpel, Admiral Willhaven," she threatened softly, grabbing his head and pulling it closer to her heat.

"You know what happens to sailors when they threaten a senior officer, Commander?" he said just as softly and with the same degree of threat.

"Please tell me it's a good thing and very pleasurable..." she gasped as he slipped further down and nipped one inner thigh and then the other.

Without warning, he flipped her over and dragged her across his lap, one large hand descending before she took a breath. His hand made contact... her hips involuntarily arched... he paused... swatted her again... harder. She gasped... swore... tried to raise up... he spanked and immediately bit the pinking cheek.

"My scalpel is gonna make mincemeat out of your balls!" she yelled then inhaled sharply when his hand slid south... into her heat... teasing... probing...

"Should I stop?" he asked calmly, his hand between her thighs.

"Stop and I'll emasculate you!" she groaned, climbing... seeking.

He spanked her, relishing each swat, delivering the body tingling swats to her left cheek... right cheek... top... bottom... cleft... and when she peaked... turned her, tucked his arms under her knees and lifted her legs to his shoulders. His mouth dived into her folds, his tongue buried between them, licking her until she screamed with the sheer pleasure of his mouth. He wasn't finished. While her breathing calmed, he kissed her inner thighs where his teeth had nipped her, licking them and sucking them gently, his tongue massaging any pinch that might have lingered.

"Slow down!" she exclaimed. "Got to take a breath."

"Keep up, Commander!" he ordered, chuckling and rubbing his lips against her again, his tongue darting into her core, making her moan softly.

"Hank... Hank... come up here, cowboy," she murmured, holding her arms out to him. I want to feel you inside me." "Yes, ma'am," he breathed into her mouth as he covered her body, filling her completely.

"You are so damn hot," she told him. "And I'll never be able to sit again... never be able to go to Navy headquarters again."

"Why not?" he smiled into her soft brown eyes, his cock twitching inside her as she tightened her inner muscles around him.

"Because you're hotter than a two dollar pistol and I'll see you and start blushin' when I remember what we've done. Won't matter that you're in uniform. I'll remember what you look like in the buff. Then I'll probably forget protocol and push you into your office or pinch your two-star butt." She pinched his butt cheeks and kissed him hard. "Lord, Hank, it doesn't matter what I do. I just know I'll embarrass myself when I see you there."

"I'm definitely gonna' have to find a reason to bring you into HQ," he said with a wicked grin, then pushed into her, holding the position momentarily. "I'll make a point of speaking to you - publicly - in the common bullpen," he pushed in and out of her slowly. "See if you can maintain protocol," he pushed in and out again, his hands moving to her breasts. "It'll be a test of your integrity under fire."

She squeezed him as hard as she could, making him gasp. "You'll break before I do," she gulped air, her hips arching to match his thrusts. "I swear on all that's holy, you'll break before I do."

"Is it a bet?" he panted, pushing harder and faster.

"You're on, cowboy!"

He rose up on his knees, lifting her legs higher and pounded into her, one hand spanking with every other thrust. Val matched him thrust for thrust. When he yelled "Now!" and growled low, she peaked... crashing over the edge and coming down hard... felt him empty into her... and floated. Briefly she pondered his supply of never ending testosterone.

Val buried her face in his neck when he turned them over - the smell of him post coitus about as erotic as anything she had ever smelled. His body's a sin, no doubt about it, and his lovemakin... oh sweet Jesus! That's about as sinful as it gets.

"You okay, sugar?"


"You're sweet - like sugar," he murmured, his hands enjoying the silky feel of her hair, his chin on her head.

"Wish you were ugly as sin," she muttered.


"Said I wish you were ugly as sin."

"I heard you the first time," he chuckled. "Why?"

"Because I said so," she took a deep breath, finally filling her lungs.

He turned her over, capturing her hands in his and covered her mouth.

"You said so?" he grinned. "That's it? You said so?"

"If you were ugly as sin," she explained, "I could love you and leave you and have fond memories of our time together. But you're built like a Greek God! How in the world am I gonna' forget this body of yours? How am I gonna' resist you the next time I see you?"

"You don't think I could coax you into my bed if I were uglier than sin?"

"Admiral Willhaven, you could charm the pants off a Carmelite nun," she said in all seriousness.

Hank burst out laughing.

"I just want to charm the pants off you, sugar," he grinned, hugging her tightly, kissing her softly. "Just you, Commander."

"You've already done that, Admiral."

"Then my next goal is to charm you into leavin' them off, darlin'."

"You keep lovin' me like this, cowboy and I'll stop wearin' them," she declared, making him grin.

~ End Part Two ~

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