A Powerful Thing
Part Three
by sarAdora

0710 Hours
He struggled to get out of bed - it was hard as hell to leave her. His eyes devoured her body as he made himself sit up and pull on a pair of shorts. She's soft and warm and sweet... gonna' have to love her again... soon.

"Coffee, Commander?"

"Uh-huh," she stretched her arms above her head, the movement lifting her breasts and tempting his mouth as he watched her.

"What would you like for breakfast?"

Val laughed softly. "That wasn't breakfast?" she arched a brow.

"Don't tempt me," he murmured, leaning down to cup her cheek.

"I like tempting you," she smiled.

He smiled back, reaching for her.

"Eggs over easy, bacon crisp and sausage well done, grits with lots of butter and sour milk biscuits with jam," she announced, "and sweet sticky cinnamon buns."

"You eat all that and you'll have to run a good ten miles to work it off," he warned.

"I know a better way, cowboy," Val murmured, holding her arms out to him.

"Jesus, woman! At this rate, we're never gonna' eat a meal!"

"Was that a complaint?" she asked, pulling him into her arms and kissing him.

Val rode him hard and collapsed on top of him when he roared his release. "I'm exhausted," she moaned, making him grin and my butt's probably cherry red. You spanked me too hard."

It had been a while since Hank had made love non-stop... a long while. He ached all over but wasn't about to voice a complaint. He knew he wanted to make love to her again. Worth every sore muscle I have, every damn one.

He flipped her onto her back and cradled her to his chest. "You're the one that's hotter than a smokin gun," he told her, kissing her nose. "If I had known how hot you were, we'd have been in this position a lot of months ago."

"Ditto," she grinned, stroking his scratchy chin. "You go shave and I'll start breakfast."

"Uh-uh. We're gonna shower together, then I'll shave and we'll both make breakfast."

"What are we gonna do after we eat breakfast?"

"Make love."

"Don't shave, cowboy."


They both dug into breakfast with gusto and enthusiasm. Hank commented that their appetite was almost as large as their need to make love.

"No, that need is greater," she said with her mouth partially full. "Gonna make love again when the dishes are done."

"The dishes are gonna have to wait, Commander."

Val laughed. "You're a hot critter, cowboy. Wouldn't have thought you had it in you," she teased, swirling her finger through his buttered grits and sucking on it.

Hank's cock twitched and he swallowed hard. "Didn't think I had it in me?" he asked softly, his hand moving toward her.

"No," she answered truthfully, unaware that his softer tone of voice did not necessarily bode well for her.

"Thought I'd love you once and crash, didn't you?" he asked, moving closer.

"Yep," she said, assuming he was reaching for the coffeepot.

"You thought wrong, Commander," he growled, pulling her onto his lap, yanked her T-shirt off and cupped a firm round breast.

Val grinned.

"What do you think now?" he asked as his hand kneaded her breast and his lips covered hers.

"I think," she sighed as his hands continued to tease her, "that I'm just gonna hunker down and take what you have to offer."

He grinned. "Damn straight," he murmured as he pulled her sweats down and cupped her sex.

"You like mixing food with sex, Admiral?" she gasped as he swirled his finger into the melted butter on his plate and anointed her breasts.

"Uh-huh," he murmured, licking her nipples and then because he couldn't wait any longer, he carried her back to his bed and thrust into her warm and welcoming body. His gentle spanks got harder as he thrust faster... relishing her response, her soft murmurs of "more" urging him on.

She recuperated before he did and dropped wet kisses on his face and throat until he could talk without gasping for oxygen.

"Have to examine you, Admiral Willhaven," she said in a serious tone. "I'm a doctor - so don't be alarmed if I touch your privates. It's purely professional."

"I'd rather you made it personal," he chuckled.

"Might just do that," she murmured, fondling his exhausted organ and feeling it begin to stir again. "Lord have mercy. How do you do that? We've been lovin' like there's no tomorrow and here you are, harder than Chinese 'rithmatic."

Hank laughed. "Come on," he stood, pulling her with him. "Need to shower again."


It was late afternoon before they were sated enough to rest for a while. Hank's head was in Val's lap and he sighed, content.

"You ever go non-stop like we just did, cowboy?" she asked softly, her hands massaging his face and bald scalp.

"In Nam," he murmured, "when I was a kid and a few times when I was on liberty. What about you?"

"It's been a while. I don't entertain a lot... and when I do, I rarely encourage anything overnight."

"Anyone special in your life, Commander?"


"Someone you like, though, isn't there?"

"Besides you?" she grinned.

"Yeah. Who else?"

"There's a guy I worked a case with that's about as hunky as you, cowboy. You jealous?"

"You make love all night and the next day?"

"No, he had to get back to... He had to leave."

"Do I know him?"

"Don't know if you do." She bent down to kiss him, her blonde silky hair falling over his face, caressing his skin.

"But I'd sure like to have both of you in my bed."

"At the same time?" he asked, reaching for her and pulling her down until she was lying on the length of him.

"Hadn't thought of that," Val blushed. "Bet that would be hotter than..."

"You ever do that?" he asked huskily as his hands went under the waistband of her sweats.

"Once in med school," she admitted. "It was a really thorough way to learn anatomy and play doctor."

Hank laughed softly as he cupped her butt and rose slightly to flip her beneath him. Dropping his mouth to her throat, he sucked it gently, nipped it and licked the pinch away.

"You leaving marks on me, Admiral?"

"Uh-huh," he murmured, pulling her T-shirt up and her sweatpants down to her knees. "Now, I'm gonna play doctor and examine you and later, you get to examine me."

"Shall I get my stethoscope? My blood pressure cuff?"

"No, sugar. I think I can safely say our pressure is going up and our heart rates are gonna increase. Got everything I want... everything I need right here," he assured her as his hands and mouth moved over her willing body and his erection pressed against her thigh.

2130 Hours
They didn't have enough energy to change the sheets. Hank lay on his back, panting, his eyes closed. One arm was stretched out at shoulder level, the other wrapped around Val's naked form. His body was sweaty, and Val thought the smell of him could be bottled and sold as an aphrodisiac.

Her cheek lay on his chest and rose and fell as he gulped air, his rapid heartbeat loud in her ear. She was equally damp with perspiration, her hair clinging to her face and neck. She was sore from all the loving - a sweet ache between her thighs - a lingering tingling glow on her bottom cheeks - and very satisfied.

"We gonna get some rest now, cowboy?" she murmured when she could speak.

"Mmmm," he hummed, turning them onto their sides and kissing her wet brow. "If you insist."

He felt her smile against his neck and tilted her chin up to look at her. "How come it took so long for us to find each other?" he asked quietly.

"Don't know," she murmured, "but I think we've made a small dent toward making up for lost time."

"A small one?" he grinned mischievously.

"Oh yeah," she sighed, stroking his cheek. "We've got a long way to go to make up for lost time. Might have to kidnap you and take you back to Memphis with me."

"You could transfer here," he suggested, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"Not on active duty, Sir," she nibbled his bottom lip. "In the reserves. My home's in Memphis."

"Might start makin' it my occasional weekend home, if that's okay with you, sugar." He hugged her tightly and growled into her mouth. "Need more of you, Commander Fletcher, much more."

"Got to tell you, Admiral... if you come visit me, you're not gonna get a chance to see much of Memphis."

"Why not?"

"'Cause sure as shootin', this filly's gonna' keep you in bed, that's why."

0930 Hours - Sunday
They sat up in bed sipping coffee and talked quietly. They had barely been out of bed for the better part of the last thirty-six hours. Already, they were regretting that the end of the day meant the end of their interlude.

Hank knew Val was his match in intellect. She was well educated, always completed any cases needing her expertise and never complained about the hours or the assignment. Each time he had seen her at Navy headquarters, he'd been delighted to have her on deck but only took the time to say hello-goodbye, nothing more. He was dumbfounded at how attracted he was to her.

Val knew Hank was senior military brass through and through. That she was in his house and in his bed and in his arms astounded her. The man was Navy and ethics and regs and her attraction to him overwhelmed her.

"Have to tell you, cowboy... if anybody ever bet me I'd be right here... in this spot... with you, I'd have said he was dumber than dirt."

"What you mean," he grinned, taking her coffee mug and setting it on the nightstand, "is that if anybody had bet you and I would be naked under the covers - together..." He pushed the sheets down, slid over her, straddling her hips and cupped her bare breasts. "Had no idea you were such a hot little sailor, Commander," he murmured as his hard shaft rubbed against her belly. "If I had known... I'd probably have given you very specific orders before now. I'd probably have..."

"Orders?" she growled low and reached for his penis, tugging on it, pulling it toward her breasts.

"Easy, Commander," Hank groaned. "That's not a leash."

"It wants me," Val laughed. "See how it's pointing right at me. Can't turn that down. Got to have it," she murmured, wrapping her breasts around his fullness and rubbing her softness against his hard flesh.

He didn't have a chance to respond. What she was doing to him was pure heaven and he was having a hard time not putting all his weight on her. He braced his elbows on the sides of her chest, his hands cupping her breasts together, and his thighs on either side of her torso. His thrusts were long and slow - between her breasts - through her palms - between her lips... back through her palms - between her breasts. Forward again... between her breasts... his low growls became a constant hum but when she held him between her lips and swirled her tongue around the tip of him... His hips arched forward, his head fell back and his body shuddered as he spilled his seed and coated her breasts and throat.

Before he collapsed from sheer exhaustion, he pictured her over his lap, warming her round butt with fiery stinging spanks while his other hand stroked her until she dripped... and then warming her again... and loving her again.

~ End Part Three ~

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