A Powerful Thing
Part Six
by sarAdora

He wanted to feed her in bed but she insisted on getting up and he acquiesced to her wishes. "I don't suppose you'd like to eat naked at my table, would you?" he teased, pulling a clean T-shirt over her head.

"Only if you're naked, too," she grinned, foregoing her sweats, pulling her T-shirt down over her bare butt.

"You're my kind of woman, sugar," Mark laughed, rubbing her bottom with a gentle hand. "How come you don't work for me?"

"I think I work for you very well," she smiled, her face flushed from loving him and then yelped when he landed a firm swat on her round lush bottom.

"Ever think about moving to DC?" he asked while he made their eggs and poured the coffee.

"No," she answered softly, remembering that Hank had asked the same thing.

"Why so quiet?" he cupped her chin. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No, you didn't. It's just that..."

"What?" he asked aware of her serious tone.


"Somethin," he persisted. "Tell me or I'll whip your ass," his tone warm and tender while his large hand fondled her bottom, squeezing gently.

"Let's eat," she said, wondering if she had bit off more than she could chew, wanting him and knew she wanted Hank, too.

"Talk to me," he said after they had eaten.

"Later, cowboy," she insisted, kissing him hard.

"Now," the AD commanded, brooking no argument as he carried her to the couch and held her beneath him. "Some man in your life keepin' you in Memphis?"

She was surprised at how close he was to the truth and shook her head.

"There has to be another man in your life, Val Fletcher. Is he the reason you won't leave Memphis?"

"Why do you think there's another man?"

"'Cause you're too beautiful and too smart and too lush to be ignored. Who is he? Another pathologist? A cop you work with? A sailor?"

When she didn't respond, he kissed her gently. "It's okay, sugar woman. I know it's hard to sleep alone. I want you in my arms and in my bed but I know it's impossible to ask for more than what we get to share." He pulled her T-shirt up and kissed her belly, his tongue dipping to lick the top of her mound. "Tell me about him. Is he as good in bed as me?"

She laughed and teased him back. "No one's good as either one of you. You're both so good," she stroked his bare scalp as his mouth hovered over her sex. "I'd have to have you both in bed with me to make comparisons."

"At the same time?" he grinned, surprised he was turned on by the idea.

"You're just a little boy, AD Wallace," she laughed at the expression on his face. "Just a naughty little boy."

"Better look again, sugar. There's nothin *boy* about me."

"That's what you think," she murmured, spreading her legs wider to invite him in.

"What this man's name who's keepin' you in Memphis?" he asked later, the back of his hand stroking the butt he had just lightly spanked.

"He's not in Memphis," she said quietly, enjoying his caresses. "He's in DC."

"Do I know him?" he asked, repeating Hank's words.

"I don't know," she answered thoughtfully. Requests for her services to other law enforcement agencies weren't routed through the Navy. "It's possible."

"What's his name?"

"I'm not ready for that route," she told him. "May never be."

"So it's just a fantasy," he smiled, delivering another light spank. "You don't really want two of us in bed with you at the same time." But she did.

"I don't know where to begin," she said honestly. "Do I invite both of you to Memphis?"

He paused, deep in thought for a moment and began stroking her bottom cheeks again as he spoke. "The three of us need to share a meal or a drink, first. Make sure we get along... make sure we're willing to share you at the same time... make sure we're able to be naked with you... watch each other make love to you." Turning her over onto her back and hovering over her, he fondled her breasts, cupping one and nuzzled the other. "That comes first, sugar. If I don't like him, I won't let him near you while I'm around. Do you understand?" he asked gently, reaching up to cup her face. "He has to be good to you out of bed, too."

"He *is* good to me, Mark. He's very good to me."

"Then he'll want to meet me, too. He'll have the same concerns. Think about it, sugar woman."

"I will," she said, pulling him back to her, at ease in his arms.

"Are we worlds apart or are we alike?" he couldn't help asking, his curiosity building.

"You're both little boys," she smiled in response. "And you're both from Texas."

Mark snorted.

"You're both in positions of command, both bald, both handsome, both physically magnificent, and both..." her voice trailed off, remembering Hank's hands on her, his mouth bringing her incredible pleasure, his thick cock pouring into her.

"Both... what?" he prodded.

"Both... outstanding in bed, the best lovers I ever had."

"Ah," he smiled, nibbling on her lip. "You're a greedy little girl. We get to take turns spanking you and... Does he spank you?"


"Does he spank you as sweetly as I do?"


"Then we get to take turns spanking you and loving you, little girl. You get to have your fill."

"I'm not exactly little, AD Wallace."

"You're what every man wants in his bed, sugar. There's enough of you to grab a hold of, enough of you to love. Love the feel of your soft round breasts in my hands when I'm lovin' you - love the feel of your sweet round butt when I'm pushin' into you, especially when it's warm from my hands on you. You're perfect," he added, spreading her thighs and plunging into her to prove his point.

The day passed quickly, Val still a little shaken from her ordeal and content to let Mark make love to her as often as he wanted to - and he wanted to fairly often. She needed to feel his arms embracing her, keeping her safe, reassuring her. Under other circumstances, she would have toyed with him, let him make love to her on her terms, called the shots in their relationship. She was too independent to let him have his way whenever he wanted her. But in this instance, she wanted to let him have control, keep her satisfied, make her feel desirable, make her feel safe, loved and cherished.

And he did cherish her. Gently, he placed her over his lap, his palm making contact with her bottom cheeks... light stinging spanks until she groaned for more and when he gave her what she wanted, he filled her. He admired her body, worshiping it as if it were a fine and valuable piece of exotic art, stroking all her curves. He made her hot, teasing her with his lips and hands, his palms gliding over her ribs, cupping her belly, telling her how sweet she was and how he was going to spank her and love her and spank her and love her.

His rich baritone rumbled over her, a voice like raw unrefined molasses, clinging to her, making her shiver when his words breathed in her ear. He sighed with pleasure as he touched her, filling his palms with her breasts, the roundness of her pinked cheeks, the slick silk of her sex. And when he was sheathed between her thighs, his heart raced against hers as he locked her in his arms, his body pumping into her with a tender fierceness, making her his own.

"I'm not sure I can share you, sugar," he told her, trying to catch a breath. "But if I did, it would only be because it would give me a chance to rest before I made love to you again."

"You're an arrogant and cocky SOB," Val laughed softly. "When do *I* get a chance to rest?"

"When you wear us both out," he grinned, hugging her. "Maybe, we'll be inclined to make love to you at the same time," he suggested.

She couldn't imagine two thick cocks inside her at the same time. She couldn't imagine them rubbing their penises against each other in her vagina, their balls slapping against each other. They were too male, too macho, too... Oh sweet Jesus!

"You mean..." she blushed, the heat suffusing her face and neck. "You mean, both of you... front and back?"

Mark roared with laughter at her embarrassment. "Guess you never did that, sugar," he choked when he could speak. "It could be a unique experience," he winked, grabbing her hands and pulling them over her head. "Who knows? You might like it," he chuckled, holding her body immobile under his weight.

"You are nuthin' more than a naughty boy," she laughed.

"What I am," he assured her, freeing her hands and kissing her fiercely, "is a man intent on giving you pleasure."

She fixed him a good Southern breakfast, half a dozen eggs and sausages, buttered grits and sour milk biscuits dripping with blueberry jam, taking over his kitchen like it belonged to her. He asked if she wanted chicory or chocolate for the coffee and she took the semi-sweet dark chunk, licking it before dropping it in with the freshly ground beans. He kissed her with a mouth full of chocolate, telling her how sweet she was and that if she didn't hurry, he'd skip the eggs and have her instead.

"You can have me after we eat," she told him, licking the chocolate off of his lips.

"Can I frost your butt with this stuff?" he asked, reaching under her shirt to fondle her breasts.

"You can have any part of me you want," she breathed into his mouth.

"I want all of you," he swore, kissing her deeply and would have make love to her on the spot when she pushed against his groin. "Val," he groaned.

"After we eat, Mr. AD. You'll need all your energy to love me."

"Planning to love you all day," he told her when he finally released her so they could eat, his hand gently pushing her blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Are you?" she smiled, perfectly willing to find out. She dug into her meal, watching him as he watched her, thinking he reminded her of Hank. It wasn't just his bald head or muscular build. It wasn't just his beautiful large hands or the way he kissed her, though it reminded her of the weekend in the Admiral's bed. It wasn't even the very thick cock that was similar to Hank's. It was his attitude, his way with her, his gentleness, his touch, his need to fill her fully, the way he made love to her. If she closed her eyes, it could have been either one of them loving her. They were similar in that.

She wondered if they knew each other, half hoping they did, half hoping they didn't. What she had with him was a powerful thing; what she had with the Admiral was equally as powerful and she knew, if asked to make a choice, she wouldn't be able to choose between the two. She wanted them both.

When did I turn into a slut? Momma's turning in her grave. Sweet Jesus, I want them both in my bed. She eyed him over her coffee, picturing him and Hank naked in her bed. Two horny studs... two bald and muscular hunks... two thick cocks, she sighed. Four beautiful hands touching me... two mouths kissing. - Sweet Lord, I'm sopping wet just thinkin' 'bout it.

"You okay, sweet woman?" Mark asked, covering her hand. "Your shoulder hurtin you? You need somethin for it? Tell me, baby. I don't want you in pain."

"I'm good," she smiled at his gentleness. "You sure I know you? You don't sound like the surly bastard who yelled at me when I worked that case for you."

"You work another one with me and you'll see that bastard again," he assured her.

"You mean he's just for show?" she teased, holding a sausage between her lips and sucking on it.

"What the hell does that mean?" he growled, his cock twitching at the sight of the fat sausage in her mouth.

"I mean," she said slowly, spacing her words, "that I bet I can knock that surly nonsense out of you any time I want."

"The hell you can!"

"Ask for my help on another case," she goaded. "I'll touch you when you least expect it. I bet I can make the surly SOB of an AD purr any time I want to," she said with confidence.

"Impossible!" he barked, then laughed. "You touch me at an inappropriate time, Commander Fletcher and I'll spank you good and proper across my desk and then I'll love you the same way."

"Promise?" she grinned, suddenly picturing the Admiral's desk as well, considering that possibility and blushing rosy red.

"Promise," he grinned, loving her blush and unable to resist, hauled her onto his lap to show her what a good and proper spanking would entail. It wasn't long before she was dripping... and begging... and he showed her what a good and proper loving was about as well.

She slept through lunch, her shoulder bothering her, taking one of the painkillers the paramedics had given Mark for her if she needed one. He rubbed her back, holding her close to him until her eyes closed, then lay down beside her to look at the beauty in his bed. She had surprised him when they finally got together that time in Memphis. He knew she was smart but he hadn't expected funny. Her wit had occasionally risen to the surface when they were working together, but he had attributed that to her manner of speech. Her beauty had attracted him along with her sweet Southern charm and he was surprised at how much he wanted her in his life.

He wasn't sure about sharing her with another man but knew he was in no position to offer her anything permanent. He couldn't expect her to be celibate, waiting for him to show up now and then. Theirs was a relationship based on lust, not a good basis for anything lasting, he was sure of it.

But you trust her, his conscience said.

I do, he thought, wondering why.

You like her, too.

I adore her! he admitted.


We're good together. It's easy, relaxed, comfortable.

And she's good in bed.

You bet!

What would you do if she actually moved to DC?

Probably be a lot happier than I am now.

Didn't answer the question, his conscience prodded.

Not going to. But I *am* going to do what I can to rearrange my life to see her more often.

And the other man in her life?

We'll see. Take it one step at a time.

He left her in bed to answer the door, wondering who was knocking on a Sunday afternoon, suddenly worried he was needed at the Hoover.

His brow arched with curiosity when he looked through the peephole and saw Admiral Hank Willhaven standing outside his door.

"Admiral Willhaven," he said formally when he opened the door.

"AD Wallace," Hank replied, accepting the invitation to enter.

"What brings you here?" Mark asked, folding his arms across his chest and pursing his lips.

"Landed at Andrews this morning and one of my people called to let me know that Commander Val Fletcher was attacked at Norfolk. I tried calling her. When I couldn't reach her, I made a few inquiries. A staff member said she was with you when you left the base. I'm damn worried about her and hoped you knew where she was."

"I'm right here, Admiral," Val answered, standing on the top step of the stairs. She had pulled on her sweats and a T-shirt and Hank could easily see her nipples straining against the cloth.

The two-star admiral didn't need to graduate summa cum laude from Harvard to figure out the identity of the "other man" in the Commander's life. He took a step back to look at AD Wallace, pursed his lips and folded his arms across his chest, unwittingly mirroring the AD's stance.

It hit Mark like a ton of bricks. She had said the "other man" was tall and bald and in a position of command. He and Hank had a history that neither of them was going to mention to the beautiful woman they had shared. It was his turn to stare at Hank.

Val looked at the two of them, both standing in the same position, arms folded across their broad chests - the AD with a surly scowl - the Admiral with a matching one. It was a heavy-duty testosterone stand off and she had this sudden urge to stand between them, one hand on Mark's cock, the other on Hank's.... rubbing them hard, then gently squeezing two sensitive and heavy sacs...

Yes siree! Gonna get to hell quicker than I planned. Forgive me, but if there's a goddess... well, She's really come to glory with these two! Those cowboys are the finest male specimens as I ever did see!

~ End Part Six ~

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