A Powerful Thing
Part Seven
by sarAdora

Hank recovered first and took a step toward her when she came down the stairs, not caring a whit what Mark Wallace thought when he drew her into his arms. "I was so damn worried about you, sugar. I thought I lost you. Are you okay?" he asked softly, his hand tilting her head up so he could look in her eyes. "Did that bastard hurt you?"

"I'm okay, Hank. Mark and his men got there in the nick of time. Got a little cut on my shoulder, that's all," she murmured, downplaying the incident.

"Little cut, my ass!" Mark snorted. "She was almost killed, Goddammit!" he yelled, enraged all over again.

"Mark," Val warned.

"Is that true, Commander?" Hank asked in his voice of command, his arms tightening around her.

"Tell him, damn it, or I'll show him!" Mark glowered, not really sure if his anger was at the crazed man who tried to murder her or the fact that she was standing in his living room with another man's arms around her.

"Commander?" Hank barked. "I'm waiting."

"You can both go to hell," Val said quietly, pulling away from him, and suddenly shaking, the tears resurfacing as she remembered the cold jab of that screwdriver in her neck and her close call with death.

"Val," Hank groaned, pulling her back into his arms. "Sugar, you're cold... you're shaking." He picked her up without thinking and sat on the couch, holding her tightly as she tried to hold her sobs back. "Let it out, darlin'. Tell me. I'm right here." He caught Mark's eye and stared him down, daring the other man to object, to say something to set his temper off, to give him a target for his rage.

But Mark's gut knew she needed to share it with the "other man" in her life, a man who would fully understand her close call with death, a man who would have died a thousand deaths before he let something hurt her.

Yeah, he's good to her, he thought. I can live with that.

Can you live with him making love to her while you watch? his conscience asked.

Jury's still out on that one.

Quietly, she gained control of her body, the shudders calming as she told him what happened, told him how scared she'd been, how Mark had reached her in time, how he took her home and held her, how he made her feel safe again.

"He's the other man I told you about," she said softly but bluntly, looking him in the eye, hoping he was all right with it.

Hank nodded, kissing her brow, her temple, her mouth. "I'm glad he was there for you," he said quietly. "I'm glad he was there to pick up the pieces and make you feel safe." Turning to Mark, he pierced him with his commanding glare, then pursed his lips at the AD's surly scowl. "Thank you," he said simply.

Mark nodded in acknowledgement. There was no need for further discussion. They both cared for this woman and they understood each other.

"You ever scare the hell out of me like that again," Hank growled at the woman in his arms, his hold on her tightening once again. "I'll whip your butt so hard, you'll..."

"You'd damage your playing field, cowboy?" she asked quietly.

"I'd spank you so hard... I want you so bad, sugar," he whispered, his hot breath on her neck as he nuzzled her. "Do you still want me in your bed?"

"Yes," she whispered back. "I told Mark there was someone else in my life. He knows about you," she said again.

"How do you feel about all this, AD Wallace?" Hank asked Mark who sat on Val's other side and gently rubbed her aching shoulder.

"If this is one more way I can have this woman in my arms..." his voice rumbled and he paused, thinking. "I'll take it one liaison at a time.

What about you, Admiral?" Mark's voice was firm, curt and unyielding, his natural posture also one of command.

"I think it's time you started calling me Hank."

Mark chuckled. "Coffee? Beer? Scotch on the rocks, squid?"

"Scotch, jarhead," his look searing the former marine, letting the man know to tread lightly, acknowledging Mark's look of understanding with one of his own.

Val looked between them and knew they were holding something back from her, but was too weary to think about it.

"How long have you two known each other?" she ventured a guess. Hank wasn't in uniform but Mark had addressed him as Admiral. And Hank had called Mark a jarhead. How did he know Mark had been a marine?

"We met years ago," Hank said, dismissing the subject.

"In Vietnam," Mark added, his look telling her it was not a subject he was going to discuss.

Val understood. Vietnam was never a subject easily discussed by those who had spent a tour of duty there during the war or immediately after for that matter.

"Let me up, cowboy," Val ordered Hank, attempting to move away from him.

"Not on your life, darlin'. I thought I lost you and now that I know I didn't, I'm not lettin you go."

"Show him your shoulder, sugar," Mark said quietly, sitting beside her again after he handed Hank a drink. "He needs to see what happened."

"Let me see, baby," Hank said softly, amazed at how unperturbed he was that he was suddenly part of a threesome. The last time he shared a woman was in Nam and that was a lot of years and several lifetimes ago - and he hadn't been emotionally involved in the act.

"Whoa there, cowboy!" Val scrambled to her feet. "I don't take orders from either one of you."

"Is that so?" Mark grinned, hauling her back onto the couch and onto his lap. "You were the one who set up the rules. You said you wanted both of us in your bed. You said we were both men in command. Time to take a few orders, sugar."

His mouth stopped her protests. He captured it and dived right in, his tongue filling her mouth, lifting only briefly so his hands could tug her T-shirt up and off. His mouth captured hers again as his hand cupped a full, round breast.

Hank was instantly hard. Watching Mark touch her was more erotic than he imagined and the sight of her beautiful breasts and belly made his hands itch. His palm moved of its own accord, covering one of her engorged nipples and she moaned at the sensation.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" Mark murmured as Hank's hand cupped Val's breast.

"She is," he answered reverently and without a thought, pulled her sweats off and spread her legs, kneeling to dip his head and inhaled her woman's scent. Val arched toward him, his hot breath stirring her. He took the invitation and kissed her folds, her upper body consumed by Mark's hands and mouth.

It had happened so easily... too easily, he thought later when he finished his Scotch and poured another. One moment, he was relieved to find her safe and simultaneously pissed she was in Wallace's condo. The next moment, he was lapping her nectar while she sat on the man's lap.

I am totally out of my mind!

He stayed that way. Mark ordered Chinese takeout for a quick supper and invited "the other man" to spend the night. Hank accepted. If Mark hadn't invited him to stay over, he would have cold cocked the son-of-a-bitch and taken Val home with him. Now he didn't have to. Fortunately, he had a clean uniform in his luggage and wouldn't have to go all the way home in the morning. He'd make it to the office on time.

Mark had pulled her shirt back over her head, kissed her gently and asked her what she thought about two men loving her at the same time. "Was it good?" he asked tenderly. "Did you like it, sugar?"

"Mmmm," she had sighed. "Want more of both of you." Her hand reached for Hank. "Come here, cowboy. I need you as much as I need this surly SOB."

"Who you calling a surly SOB?" Mark barked, nipping her neck, making Val squeal.

Hank grinned. "You pegged him right, darlin'," he murmured, pulling her out of Mark's arms and onto his lap, his mouth covering hers in a long and deep kiss.

"I have missed you so much, baby," he told her, his soft Texas drawl washing over her. "And I really want to..."

"Make love to me," she finished for him, fondling his thickening cock through his jeans.

"Kinda cocky, sugar," he teased, his hand slipping under her T-shirt and cupping a breast. "What do you think, jarhead? She seem a little cocky to you?" he asked, looking into Val's eyes.

"More than a little," Mark huffed. "I think she needs to feel what cocky is all about. You up for it, squid?"

It was Hank's turn to snort. "Been up for it the second I laid eyes on her."

"Lots of words, no action," Val sighed, wiggling her butt over his erection. "Somebody better start lovin' me soon or both of you boys are gonna find your ass in a sling."

"Boys!" They both shouted at the same time. "Grab her, jarhead. Let's show this insubordinate woman what cowboys do with a naughty little filly... a filly that needs a little bit of discipline."

Mark grabbed her around the waist, pulling her across his lap and gestured for Hank to hold her upper body while he delivered stingy swats across her already rosy backside. She giggled and wiggled and carried on like he was beating her but they both noticed she arched her butt into every spank.

Hank pulled her shirt up and off, one hand slipping under her to cup a breast and the other unsnapping his jeans, dropping them along with his briefs. "You're gonna get it now, sugar," Mark told her.

"Thank God," she sighed, making them both chuckle and sucked Hank into her mouth while Mark cupped her sex, switching positions, and then, without preamble, plunged between her thighs.

Mark rode her, one hand fondling her other breast, teasing the nipple taut and when she moaned softly, he thrust faster, his hands pulling her body closer on each downward plunge, his breath escaping in huffs, heating her back.

"Darlin'," one of them groaned. "I have missed you so much."

Val's body tightened around the shaft inside her, pushing back to meet Mark's thrusts. "Cowboy," she purred when Hank released her mouth. "So good... so fine."

Both men smiled at her words and then shared a smile. She called both of them cowboy and it tickled them that she did. They discovered that they both called her sugar and that tickled them as well.

They were more alike than different, these two powerful men of command. Both had strong testosterone levels, able to make love several times a day. Neither was inclined to indulge in one-night stands, though both had done so at various times. Both men were particular about who they slept with, and both were romantics at heart, though neither man was inclined to admit it. Both of her cowboys made Val feel as desirable as a woman should feel, both ensuring her pleasure before taking their own. And both men cared deeply for her, even though their liaisons had been brief.

Both of them wondered what the hell they were doing...

The fierce and fast coupling kept them aroused, both fascinated as they had watched the other take pleasure in her body... and returning it. Each had felt the other plunge in and out of her, each thrust vibrating through her body to theirs. They were hot for her all over again.

Hank had climaxed quicker than he usually did, Mark's presence hastening his pleasure. Both were genuinely surprised that the other's presence was such a turn-on and equally surprised how comfortable they were with the current situation.

Val wasn't surprised at all. They both appealed to her for the same reasons. She was certain they'd be comfortable together. But now, she was hungry.

"Got to get some more nourishment into this body if I'm gonna have enough energy to please you," she told both of them, snuggling into Mark's chest, reaching for her other cowboy and pulling his head to her breasts. "Two naughty boys," she murmured. "Need to give you both some well deserved attention, make you behave."

They chuckled at her words, both eager to love her all over again, both kissing her at the same time, Mark capturing her mouth, Hank sucking an engorged nipple between his lips.

"We're gonna love you good, sugar," Mark told her.

"Count on it, darlin'," Hank echoed, deciding it was his turn to warm her butt.

"No matter how much you two make love to me," she said quietly, unsure why her heart ached just a little. "I'll love you more. It's the way I am."

Naked, they settled onto Mark's bed, a quart of HŠagen Dazs ice cream perched on a pillow, three spoons dipping, exchanging kisses while they ate. A blob of the cold treat dribbled off of Val's spoon onto Mark's inner thigh when she leaned over to kiss him. He thought the look on her face was downright wicked when she bent over to lick it off, but he loved the sensation of her tongue on his flesh and he let the spoonful in his own hand dribble some more.

Val giggled and licked it as well, her tongue moving closer and closer to the velvet rod standing stiff and tall.

"Gonna do somethin' about that, darlin'?" Hank asked, gently pushing her onto her belly so he could straddle her thighs while her mouth nuzzled Mark's cock.

"Mmmm," she hummed, her mouth already lapping away, her tongue still chilled from the ice cream, driving Mark up the wall.

Mark leaned back against the headboard, ice cream forgotten while his fingers entwined in her hair. "Sugar... that is so good," he moaned, watching her lips surround him, the tip of her tongue teasing him, her palms cupping his balls. "Hank...?" he groaned. "You should..."

"I'm on it," the Navy man grinned, leaning over Val's butt, one arm snaking under her to fondle her breasts, his other hand delivering tingling spanks... caresses... spanks... his erection probing her inner thighs.

Val arched her butt up, accommodating his shaft as he sought entry between her thighs. The twin sensations, her mouth on Mark's flesh as he thrust gently between her lips, Hank pushing in and out of her, filling her, overwhelmed her. It was a fantasy come true. She adored both men and lying between them was enough to push her over the edge. But it was just the beginning...

~ End Part Seven ~

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