A Powerful Thing
Part Eight
by sarAdora

Mark growled as he forced her onto her side, his thickness still filling her mouth, Hank rolling with her, still buried inside her. They both pumped in unison, Mark with gentle thrusts, restraining himself so he wouldn't choke her, Hank slowing down, matching their rhythm, his hands between her thighs, his fingers stroking and teasing, increasing her pleasure. Val heard one of them roar and the other growl as they found their own pleasure inside her, then collapsed between them, content to be held in their arms.

Hank's foot tipped the ice cream container over, the contents shifting and about to spill. He reached for it, his grin as naughty as a teenage boy. Picking it up, he winked at Mark who arched a brow, then laughed softly as he realized the Admiral's intent.

"Close your eyes, sugar," Mark breathed in Val's ear, turning her onto her back while Hank positioned himself on her other side.

"Why?" she hummed, still feeling the bliss that follows a satisfactory union.

"That's an order," Hank said quietly but firmly, kissing her eyelids shut.

"Not following orders, today," she mumbled, trying to turn back on her side.

"Yes, you are, darlin'," he grinned, quickly tying a T-shirt around her eyes, gesturing to Mark to grab her hands.

Mark held them in one of his and bent to kiss her mouth, his fingers dipping into the ice cream container.

She almost leaped out of her skin when Mark smeared her breasts with the cold confection, his tongue immediately moving to one nipple, Hank's tongue on the other, both of them licking the treat.

Together, they covered her ribs, her belly and her upper thighs, the chill of the ice cream keeping her on edge, their hot tongues making her edgier with desire. Her soft moans and sudden gasps of pleasure filled their ears and neither Mark nor Hank could imagine a sweeter sound.

Mark took a mouthful of ice cream the same time Hank did and covered her mouth with his own, transferring the cold along with the heat of his lips. Hank covered her clit, his tongue probing, circling while his lips suckled and kissed. They both held her down when she climaxed, eager to pleasure her again just to watch her climb and tense, float away, and return to them again.

She was quintessential eroticism, female incarnate lost in ecstasy, her limbs entwined with theirs, her heart spiraling as they pleasured her. It took a long time for her purrs to finally fade away.

"Better put ice cream on your grocery list, jarhead," Hank grinned as Mark lifted Val into his arms, the three of them headed for a hot shower and more intimacy.

"I think we need to rest a second," Val moaned, her legs a little unsteady when Mark set her on her feet.

"Go ahead, sugar," he laughed softly. "I can do this on my own."

"Do what?" she moaned, sandwiched between them, Mark at her back, Hank's chest against her own.

"Wash you, baby," he murmured, his hands at her breasts, Hank's hands between her thighs.

"Mmmm," she moaned, letting them keep her upright, her body beginning to quiver as four hands roamed.

"I think we're clean," she said later after her body had been lathered and loved and lathered some more.

"Not sure, sugar," Hank murmured as his mouth followed his hands down her belly and back to the center of her thighs. "Gotta check you out from stem to stern."

"There's a spot right here," Mark husked as his tongue found an erogenous zone at the top of her cleft, "that definitely needs some attention."

"Cowboys..." Val moaned, her legs jelly. "I need to sit... or lean... or..."

"Lean on me, sugar woman," Mark murmured in her ear, one arm around her breasts, the other reaching through the shower door for the condom on the bathroom vanity.

Val leaned, sighing heavily as Hank once again pleasured the ache between her thighs with his mouth, his appetite for her nectar as strong as ever, his need not yet sated. When she crumbled in Mark's embrace, Hank rose to his feet, his hands beneath her thighs pulling her toward his bobbing erection, lifting her to fit him.

Mark's hands gently warmed her butt until they were the right shade of pink, then spread her cheeks, the tip of his hardened cock pressing lightly against the rosebud, teasing her as his mouth nipped an earlobe.

"You sure you want this, baby?" he asked softly, prepared to withdraw if she changed her mind.

"I want both of you," she moaned. "I want both my cowboys... now," her voice was a whisper under the unrelenting shower spray. "Need to feel you lovin' me - both of you... now," she insisted.

Hank stilled his movements until Mark slowly filled her, her body full - the sensation overwhelming her, causing her muscles to clench around both of them. Val forced her body to relax to accommodate their girth, her mind trying to remember how to tell her lungs to breathe.

Their penises flared inside her, each man feeling the tip of the other's cock through the thin membrane that separated them. Hank's hands stayed at her waist, his fingers rubbing her as his hips began moving in counter rhythm to Mark's thrusts, his mouth covering hers, his tongue caressing hers, gentle and reassuring.

Mark thrust forward... back... forward again... easing in and out of her, his breath hot on her neck, his hands kneading her breasts, her nipples hard between his fingers. His low hums and growls differed from Hank's as both men filled her, made love to her, and adored her. She moved into subspace, her mind long gone, her body the instrument of her pleasure as well as theirs.


Several weeks later
Navy Headquarters
"Has Commander Fletcher reported in?" Hank asked his yeoman as he exited his office.

"She's due any minute, Sir," his yeoman responded. "Her plane should have landed an hour ago. Should I send her in as soon as she arrives?"

Hank nodded and got as far as the middle of the general bullpen when Val entered the common area. She looked up, caught his eye and nodded. "Admiral," she said in her sweet Southern voice. "Nice to see you again, Sir."

"Nice to see you, too, Commander," he smiled and surreptitiously winked as he headed toward the break room. "Coffee?" he asked, gesturing for her to follow him.

"Yes, Sir," she replied, her cool demeanor no indication of the turmoil inside her as she followed him. By the time she made it to the break room, she wasn't certain she could maintain any control - her thighs had liquefied the instant she saw him.

"How are things in Memphis?" he asked nonchalantly, brushing against her as he handed her a filled mug of coffee.

"Good," she sipped her coffee, eyes down so she could get her body under control.

"How good?" he murmured as he reached behind her to open the cabinet over her head, his arm grazing the side of her breast.

"Not as good as here," she murmured back, catching his gaze and piercing him with soft brown eyes, her arm moving in front of him... retaliating... her hand catching the edge of his groin.

He inhaled sharply. She giggled, moving away from him.

"Let's go into my office," he groaned, leading the way. "We have some business to attend to."

Halfway across the bullpen, she stopped to speak to another officer, assuring him that her report and testimony would be forthcoming.

Coming up behind her, Hank folded his arms across his chest and asked if there was anything else that would be forthcoming at the afternoon trial.

For a second, she faltered, then spoke in an even tone. "Was there somethin particular you had in mind, Admiral?"

"Yes, there is," he responded, gesturing toward his office, leaving the officer in a befuddled state, wondering if he had missed something in this brief conversation.

No sooner did the door close behind them than Hank whispered in her ear. "You've been a naughty girl again," he grinned.

"Naughty enough to deserve some one-on-one correction, Sir?" Val grinned back, her eyes twinkling, and her hands itching to touch him.

"Absolutely!" he agreed. "And I'm sure the AD will think so as well. You bring everything you need?"

"Aye-aye, Sir," she replied. "I'm yours for the weekend."

"Good," he smiled, pursing his lips. "Meet Mark in the east parking lot no later than 1600. I'll meet the two of you at the airport and we'll leave for Hilton Head."

"You're not gonna make me run on the beach, are you?"

"Nope. Gonna make you do laps, instead," his grin was downright wicked.


"Mmmm, his and mine."


0530 Hours
Hilton Head
Hank's internal clock woke him on schedule, the gray mist filling the window, dawn breaking early in the Carolinas. He was eager to run on the beach but there was a soft breast teasing his palm and long blonde hair teasing his neck. He turned toward her, relishing the look of Valentina Jardine Fletcher in slumber.

Lord! She's lush, he thought, his arm wrapped around and under her, his thumb rubbing across the silk of her breast. He lost track of how many times he had kissed her and spanked her and made love to her last night. They had arrived late, all three of them tired and hungry but the minute they had walked in the front door, they were all over each other.

Mark grabbed Val and pushed her down on the couch, kissing her before she knew what was happening. He still had his jacket on and her shoulder bag remained on her arm as his mouth covered her face and neck, his hands unbuttoning her blouse. Hank shoved him off with a growl and a mumbled "I outrank you, jarhead," and pointed Mark in the direction of the kitchen while he took Mark's place, hugging and kissing her and pulling her clothes off at the same time. Mark had touched, kissed and practically made love to her from the moment they boarded the plane and throughout the entire drive to the beach house while Hank had been stuck behind the wheel. He was horny as hell from watching them and wanted nothing more than to make love to her right then and there.

He was poised to enter her when Mark came back into the front room and swatted the Admiral on his two-star ass.

"Damn you, jarhead!" Hank cursed, making Mark laugh as he stripped off his own clothing.

"Play nice, little boys," Val admonished, pulling Hank closer as she wrapped her legs around his hips. "I'm an equal opportunity playmate."

"Don't wear her out," Mark ordered. "I want to love her, too."

"Go find something for us to eat," Hank ordered, his breath becoming ragged as he increased the speed of his thrusts. "Christ, sugar, you are so sweet, so hot," he gasped as his powerful hips arched forward and he hammered into her before throwing his head back growling his release.

Val floated away from him, her orgasm extraordinarily intense after being on the edge since they left the DC area. Her arms fell off his shoulders, her head rolled to the side but her legs had locked on his hips and stayed there. Gently, Hank pulled them down and rolled to his side, pulling her with him and cradling her against his chest. Both dripped with perspiration.

He looked up and met Mark's eyes. The FBI man had nothing to hide; there was a film of moisture on his brow and another above his lip. His eyes were slightly glazed from watching them and his penis was at full mast. Hank nodded in his direction.

Mark took the invitation and lay behind Val, squeezing the three of them into each other, desperate to feel the heat of her back against his chest. "You okay, sugar?" he asked, nibbling her earlobe then licking the moisture from the back of her neck.

"Mmmm," she murmured, pushing back into the wall of warmth behind her, aware her breasts and belly were pressed into another wall of warmth. "I'm sandwiched between the two of you and am feeling downright decadent, cowboys of mine. Decadent, I tell you," she cooed, the cadence of the South sweet and soft.

They chuckled. She was decadent and lush and soft and beautiful and silk and Adam's Eve come to life. She was a woman being loved by two men... two men who adored her. It was more than any woman had a right to expect from life. A giggle escaped.

"Mine," she announced, touching both of them. "All mine."

They didn't argue with her. Hank caressed her face, her neck, her breasts, his hands and mouth getting reacquainted with familiar territory. Mark's hands and mouth did the same, his palms cupping her belly, her mound, his need for her pressing into her lower back.

Turning her toward Mark, Hank lifted her slightly so her back was partially on his chest. "Love her, jarhead," he husked, getting hard again as he watched Mark reach for her. "She needs you now."

Val spread her arms and legs, inviting the AD between her thighs, her mouth reaching for his as her butt rubbed against Hank's groin. "Sugar woman," Mark murmured, rubbing his face on hers, his hands cupping her breasts as he settled between her thighs.

Their initial lust was slaked but both men were erect again and all were in need of a shower. "Let's continue this in the bathroom," Hank murmured, pulling Val out of Mark's arms. "Then I'll make something for us to eat."

They tickled her mercilessly under the warm spray, her laughter bubbling forth as she tried to dodge their hands, and she retaliated every chance she got. Hank pulled her back against his chest when she couldn't catch her breath; Mark cupping her breasts, his mouth paying homage, aware that her heart was racing.

"You Texas boys don't play fair," Val gasped when she could speak. "Two cowboys pickin' on a lone filly. Seems downright unfair."

"Unfair?" Mark smirked. "Is it fair to flaunt your beauty in front of our eyes? Is it fair to drive us crazy with your kisses, your body, the sweetness between your thighs?" He gave her a surly glare, making her giggle, making him grin. "You call that fair?"

"Uh-huh, sure as shootin', I do," she drawled, leaning back into Hank, grinning when she felt his hardened shaft.

"What do you think, Admiral? Is the Commander being fair?"

"Absolutely not," he growled in Val's ear. "Gonna bring her up on charges."

"Does that mean punishment?" she asked breathlessly as Mark kneeled between her thighs.

"One on one correction, sugar," Hank murmured, fondling her breasts as his warm breath washed over her neck.

"That's two on one correction," Mark amended.

"Thank the good Lord," Val laughed. "Get on with it."

Mark ran his knuckles up her inner thigh, spreading her legs further apart, teasing her with his tongue. "I charge you," he said as his mouth covered her sex, "with stealing my affection. For that, you're gonna pay." And pay she did. His mouth seduced her into spreading her legs even further, giving him what he wanted and when she peaked, he took everything she offered. He held her against his chest and delivered the stinging tingly spanks she wanted. Hank followed... warming her cheeks just a little bit more, then entered her from behind.

Later, they lay in bed together, Val still euphoric from their combined attention. She dozed for a while, Hank at her back, Mark's mouth at her breast, at ease in each other's company. She lay quietly between them, trying to make sense of who they were and what they were doing and how they had reached this point. It took a while for her to focus on the two of them, their limbs entwined, and when she did, she softly cried.

"Sugar, sugar," Hank crooned, cradling her against his chest as Mark hugged her front. "Are you all right? Did we hurt you?"

"I'm..." She was suddenly shy with them and at a loss for words.

"Tell us," Mark murmured, cupping the curve of her cheek, his other palm caressing her breast, kissing her tears away.

"What we have... the three of us..." she paused, choking on a breath, "is a powerful thing and it fills me. When I'm back home in Memphis, I remember what we've shared and sometimes, I'm filled with a terrible sadness. But when we're together, all I can think of is being with you and lovin with you as much as I can. It's a powerful thing, this thing we have. It runs deep in me... and sometimes, it hurts. Am I makin any sense?"

"Why does it hurt, sugar?" Hank asked, his arms holding her tight.

"Because it can't last," she said quietly, embracing them both.

They made love all weekend - Val and her two cowboys, both men gentle with her, loving all her luscious parts, filling her body and those empty spots within her heart. They teased her, tickled her, laughed with her, spanked her, and made her whole, giving as much of themselves as she would take, baring her soul in return. The bond they created was a tenuous one, temporary in the scheme of things. They chose to enjoy their liaisons as they happened, taking whatever happiness that was theirs to share, storing memories for another time, asking for nothing more.

The next time they met in Memphis. Val opened her door to the two of them. The silence between them was their first embrace.

It was a powerful thing.

~ End ~

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