137 Q Street
Part Ten
by sarAdora


He turned her on her back and cupped her face, kissing her gently. "You're safe with me, sweetness. I won't hurt you."

"You're a beautiful man, Alex Morris. I want to taste you," she whispered, sliding down his body and taking his exhausted organ in her mouth.

"Too soon, sweetness," he groaned, pulling her back up and onto his chest. "Later. Give me a few minutes."

"No," Neysa growled low. "This is the best time... now... while you're spent. I'll make you hard again." He was still gulping air, though not as heavily and she took advantage of his post-coital bliss to have her way. Slipping down between his thighs again, she cupped his balls, licking them until he groaned. His cock was growing hard.

She licked the tip of him, her palm cupping his sac, her tongue making him crazy, her other hand squeezing his butt. "You are so beautiful," she said. "And your cock is magnificent. I want to feel it inside me again.

Fuck me," she demanded, climbing on top of him and impaling herself on him.

He stretched, his arms going over his head and let her do all the work. His hips counter thrust up into her but only slightly and his grin was feral as she rode him. She wanted him and he let her have her way, but she was going to have to work for it. Her breasts were lovely, he thought, two beautiful melon sized globes topped with dusky nipples. He thought about fondling them but resisted. He would soon turn the tables on her and there would be plenty of time to suckle them later.

He wouldn't have thought she'd be this aggressive in bed. Amanda Labeau, yes,  he thought, but Neysa Zirniklis? Never would have thought it.

She collapsed on him when she climaxed and when she could speak without gasping, moved to get off of him but he locked his arms around her back and held her. "Let me up," she said quietly. "I need to wash."

"Later," he said just as quietly, still holding her.

"Now," she said a little sharper.

"Later," he grinned, rolling her onto her back and capturing a nipple that had teased him with its rosy peak.


"My turn, sweetness," he smiled, reaching up to cup her face. "You did what you wanted; it's my turn now."

"I like to be in control during sex," she said honestly, expecting him to release her.

"So do I," he grinned.

"Not with me!" she insisted.

"Sometimes, you need to give up a little control," he said softly, wondering about this side of her personality, the first he had witnessed since he had ordered her incarceration.

"Never!" Neysa yelled.

"Yes, sweetness," he murmured, rolling off of her and tucking her into his side, one hand rubbing her back, the other cupping a firm round breast.

"I can't," she said a little softer.

"You can," he told her.

"Alex, please," she begged.

"Please what, sweetness?"

"Let me up."


"Yes, but I like to shower alone."

"You can stay here in my arms," he told her, "or I shower with you. Which will it be?"

"Neither," she said firmly.

"Okay," he agreed. "I shower with you or I warm your butt." He cupped her bottom cheeks and squeezed.


"Which will it be, sweetness?" his voice remained soft and calm, waiting for her answer.

"You're... you're..."

"In control, baby," he told her, capturing her mouth and holding her tightly as he stood and went into the adjoining bathroom.

"You're a bully," she hissed when he pulled them into the shower stall.

"I am," he smiled. "And you're too delicious. Gonna love you again, sweetness."

"Impossible," she argued. "You have to recuperate."

"I will," he assured her, lifting her to his shoulders and tonguing her sex.

"No," she yelled. "Not yet. I'm too sensitive."

"Turn about is fair play," he chuckled. "So was I but you put your mouth on me, anyway."

"Put me down," she insisted, pushing at his shoulders, squirming in his arms.

"If you insist," he agreed, lowering her and then pulling her down until her back was on the floor. He pulled her legs over his shoulders, spreading her thighs.

Neysa was unsure, excited and frightened at the same time. She thumped him on the chest. "Let me up."

"Not yet, sweets," he smiled gently, capturing both her hands in one of his and holding them on her belly. His shoulders kept her legs apart, his other hand cupped her butt, pulling her sex closer to his mouth. "Give me the control, Neysa," he murmured, kissing her folds, then sucked her clit between his lips.

"No," she moaned, trying to squirm away from his hot mouth, but he easily held her in place.

"Give it to me, baby," he commanded softly, licking her with the flat of his tongue.

"No," she whimpered when she peaked, vaguely aware that he was lapping at her opening. "Can't give up control," she said again, when he lifted her and held her close, his mouth nuzzling her neck, his hands caressing her. "No," she moaned, leaning back against his chest, the feel of him triggering a memory.

She turned to look at him. "Are you sure we haven't met before?" she asked him when she could take a decent breath.

"Is that your standard line after sex?" he teased, grinning broadly, cupping her mound and stroking her again.

"You're too sexy for a government employee," she told him, the memory gone before she could recall it, her hands snaking around his neck.

"And you're too beautiful to be ignored," he groaned, filling her mouth with his tongue. "Have to love you again, Neysa..." he said softly, surprising himself as he parted her thighs. "Have to be inside you... can't wait any longer."

Lifting her hips, he pushed into her, holding her legs back and far apart. He pounded into her, his need to fill her and touch every inch of her core a momentary madness. It was almost as if he needed to possess her, their joining furious.

She wanted him, couldn't explain it and took what he offered, her body aching with need. Before him, she occasionally took pleasure where she found it, enjoyed it and moved on, never allowing a man to have the upper hand. She didn't understand her attraction to this big man and was stunned he made her feel the way he did. No man had ever made her feel safe before - she never felt the need to be cuddled after sex. But she craved Alex's touch - recognized that she wanted him - and tried to withdraw. He wouldn't let her and she thought she should hate him for it but embraced him instead.

~ End Part Ten ~

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