137 Q Street
Part Twelve
by sarAdora


True to his word, his unexpected lovemaking made their day sweeter. He had held her when sanity returned, his arms cradling her back against his chest, his hands stroking her in such a gentle way that she had difficulty reconciling the dominance of his thrusts with the sweetness of his post coital actions. She wanted to rail at him; it was impossible. The sex had been too good - not just the feel of him inside her - everything... his hands, his arms, his mouth. She sighed, sated and suddenly hungry.

"Eat up," he had murmured, preparing a bagel for her. "Eat up," he repeated. "You're going to need your energy."

"More sex?" she had asked, taking a bite of the bagel and still floating from their lovemaking.

"Thought you were going to work me like a dog," he teased. "Thought I was here as the hired help. You want me to love you, instead?" His grin was spreading and on the verge of laughter, she could feel the slight rumble of his chest as his mirth exploded.

"I *am* going to work you!" she said tersely. "Let me up!" she demanded further. "We can start right now!"

"Not until we finish breakfast," he grinned, pulling her back into his arms.

"You don't call the shots, Mr. Morris! I do!"

"Mmm," he agreed. "You can call the shots *after* you eat." When she opened her mouth to protest, he silenced her with a gentle kiss. "Think of all the energy you'll have to push me around," he admonished softly. "You know you want to do that; don't deprive yourself of the opportunity," he teased as his hands palmed her breasts, his breath warm on her neck.

He was right, of course. She'd need energy just to make sure he could use a shovel or a hoe. Probably doesn't even know how to use a wheelbarrow.

Initially, she was chagrinned to learn that he could use a wheelbarrow very well. Giving it a bit more thought, she realized that it was more fun to tease him while she issued orders on what she wanted him to do.

Stifling his laughter, he followed her instructions to the letter. When she said to shovel the debris into one pile, he did just that, the pile getting higher with each shovel full until it was so high, it was in danger of spilling over. When she told him to dig a few holes so she could lay the foundation for a raised flower bed she would plant in the future, he dug and dug and dug until they were unable to walk around the bed's perimeter without the possibility of breaking a leg. When she told him to take a 15-minute break so he wouldn't get overheated, he dropped the tools, grabbed her and tossed her over his shoulder.

"You!" she screamed. "You put me down this second!"

He put her down, behind the overgrown shrubbery, covered her body with his own and kissed her until her protests faded with the sensuousness of his caresses. In moments, their clothes were in disarray, their bodies were joined and the 15-minute break became twenty minutes... then thirty minutes... then...

"We have to get back to work," she declared, her tone more languorous than demanding.

"If you insist," he hummed, turning her in his arms, kissing the tip of her nose and then fondling the silky skin of her bottom cheeks. "I love working with you," he added, making her growl at him.

"You're a slack-off," she mumbled. "Can't even get a day's work out of you. Hired help," she tsked. "So hard to come by and your lovemaking leaves much to be desired."

"Slack-off!" he thundered. "I'll show you who's a slack-off!" Pulling her on top of his body, he demanded that she show him how lovemaking should be, his hand landing a few hard and fast swats to her bottom.

Neysa laughed. Alex was so easy to tease and so sexy lying beneath her.

"Well?" he growled. "Are you going to show me how to make love or are you just another cock teaser?"

"Cock teaser?" she yelled indignant at the appellation. "I am *not * a cock teaser! How dare you! You...!"

Laughing, he unseated her, dragging her beneath him and filled her once more, the sweat of their bodies perfuming the air with the musky scent of their ardor. He showed her that he wasn't lacking in the lovemaking department and she, in turn, showed him how much she appreciated his skill.

Later, she insisted that he help her finish clearing a portion of the yard. She needed to feel she had made some progress, even if only a small amount. He agreed and worked along side her, bagging the debris that she weeded from what would later be turned in a compost bin. She was pleased with his efforts and hugged him tightly, her thanks sincere.

He was a bit taken back with her thanks; he hadn't expected it - it didn't fit the personality of the Neysa who had been incarcerated. It didn't fit the Neysa who was as aggressive in bed as he was. He wondered about the many facets of her personality - the stoic, stubborn and silent woman, the narcissistic and aggressive lover, the shy and grateful girl. Each time he was with her, she fascinated him more and he knew he wanted more than sex with her; he wanted to get to know her further, build their relationship, and see what developed.

He courted her regularly, seeing her at least once a week, more when she allowed it. Both had busy lives, work consuming most of their time - leisure a rare luxury. But he wanted her and though she enjoyed his company and his brand of lovemaking, she didn't like losing control. She wanted to call the shots, be in charge, and see him when it suited her, not the other way around. Alex knew he had to assert control or become just one more man in her bed. He thought he was the only one in her bed now but wasn't positive. He wanted to ensure that he was the *only* man and he started thinking about a way to accomplish that goal.


The inevitable was bound to happen; their professional lives crossed paths.

They were having a late lunch on the Promenade along with scores of DC tourists enjoying a mild fall day when one of Alex's agents spotted him and came over to say hello. Neysa recognized her right away; she was one of the first agents to supervise her when she had been held at 137 Q Street.

"AD Morris!" the woman gushed. "How nice to see you out of the office. Oh! I know you," she smiled at Neysa. "You're... "

"Yes, I am," Neysa said quietly, feeling as if she had been slapped in the face.

"Neysa," Alex murmured, trying to avoid a public confrontation.

That voice.. A memory surfaced along with long-delayed recognition, the presence of the female agent triggering the details. "It was you," she said softly, ignoring the woman standing there. "All this time, it was you. And you never said a word. How could you do this to me?" She rose from her chair with a dignity befitting royalty, dropped her napkin on the table, momentarily watched as a sudden breeze blew it away and turned her back. Before he could stop her, she was walking away.

"AD Morris," the agent said, apology in her tone. "I..."

But Alex didn't hear her. He was already on Neysa's heels, determined to stop her... explain... try to get her to realize that he really wanted to be with her... I'll apologize, placate her. She'll understand.

~ End Part Twelve ~

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