137 Q Street
Part Fifteen
by sarAdora


In spite of her anger and adrenaline surge, it was easy enough to overpower her, his body holding hers immobile as he spread her legs and plunged into her heat. Their mating was raw and urgent, each demanding more of the other until their passion peaked and their energies waned.

She reached for him when he slipped out of her, her hands seeking his exhausted organ, his accompanying growl spurring her on.

"No!" One word, succinct and firm and filled with warning.

"Just because I'm here, in this house that belongs to your precious FBI... just because..." she snarled, still angry with him and his deception, angrier with herself for allowing him to bring her to this point... You still think you're the one in control," she purposely smirked, "but you're not. *I* am!"

"Think again," he laughed, ripping her remaining clothes from her body and standing, upended her under one muscular arm, and marched into the bedroom, his hand clapping off her luscious bottom every step of the way. Unceremoniously, he dumped her on the bed and when she would have bounced off, he caught her and dropped her over his knees.

"Let me up!" she yelled.

" Oh sorry," he chuckled. "I'm not in control. Tell me again what to do."

"Bastard!" she shouted and tried to twist off his lap but he held her firmly.

With one arm around her waist, he spanked her, enjoying the bounce of her bottom cheeks, one strong thigh holding her legs down. His hand descended sharply and rapidly turned her butt to rosy red in a matter of swats. Ignoring her screams of outrage, he continued to spank her, taking cues from her shaking body, waiting for her to cry.

It was mere minutes before her bottom alternated between feeling numb, then seared with flashes of burning heat. All of Neysa's concentration was on the pain. When she finally collapsed, her breath was shallow, her pulse rapid as she tried to regain equilibrium. He kept her over his knees until she quieted and when she was calm again, he lifted her to his chest and cuddled her as if she were a small child.

It was a good feeling, safe, secure and for the moment, she was content being held, his chest warm against her cheek, his arms a haven, his hands rubbing her back and her sore bottom, soothing her. She leaned into him, his low murmurs comforting her, taking solace in his strength.

And then she regained her senses.

"You bastard! How dare you spank me! I'm not some spoiled child that needs..."

It was easy enough to simply cover her mouth with his own, ending her angry discourse. He was smart enough to pin her arms to keep her from flailing about, but she wasn't protesting. She wasn't indifferent, either.

Neysa kissed him back with an urgency she couldn't identify and she didn't stop to ponder why. Any reasonable explanations were immediately shelved.

She wanted him and she took what he had to offer. His body, his touch, his mouth, all warmly familiar and at the same time, achingly new. She was certain she'd regret this but it didn't matter. Life was short. It could be so very bitter. Better to have what little joy was in the present and worry about tomorrow when it came. Not exactly a hedonist, but close.

Alex was satisfied with her acquiescence. He wanted this woman in ways he couldn't explain and he wanted her now. Within seconds, their bodies were pressed against each other. Their hands and mouths moved almost in unison, each unable to get enough of the other, a craving neither of them knew they had until they were joined once more.

"I hate you," she whispered into his mouth as her hips arched up into his. "I want to eat you alive and beat you down and you better not stop or I'll rip your cock off."

"Can't get enough of you," he whispered back. "You can have my cock and every other part of me but you better spread your legs whenever I want you. And I want you," he gasped as he neared the pinnacle of his pleasure for the second time, something he had not been able to do so quickly since the raging hormones of his teenage years. "I want you all the time. And I'm going to have you, Neysa Zirniklis! Don't fight me! You're mine whether you like it or not!"

She laughed.

And then peaked, the shivers taking over, icy tingles and blood warm shudders coursing through her system. Pounding hearts and gasping choking breaths halted their words, but their hands continued the love dance, their mouths inhaling each other's wet dewy skin as they sucked air back into their lungs.

And then they slept.


The moon was high when they woke, each seeking the other, both of them in a heated rush to be joined, both of them determined to be in control of the act. With ease, he subdued her, his physical strength greater than hers, her efforts lost with the sensations coursing through her body and the weight of him holding her down. When they were sated, she snarled at him, the heat of the moment turning icy as her mean words were thrown like barbs.

He laughed at her feeble efforts to unman him. And when she yelled, he yelled back but in a softer tone, his words firm, dominant, and his hands kneading her bottom cheeks. "I'm going to spank you, Neysa," he warned, his hand swatting her once and so sharply that she inhaled too fast and choked on her breath.

"I hate you!"

"I know," he whispered as he spread her legs again and took what he wanted. "And you love what I do to you. Admit it."

"Sex is good," she moaned as he moved inside her, her body craving his. "But you can go to hell! Now!" she yelled and then gasped when he pulled out of her warmth.

"Do you want me, Neysa?" Alex asked as calmly as if he were offering a treat to an unworthy child.

"Yes," she said softly, ready to beg if it meant getting what she wanted.

"Give me control," he said simply.

"I can't," she whimpered.

"You can."


"Give me control, Neysa. Let me love you fully. I won't hurt you," he swore, promise in his voice. "You'll never heal until you give me your naked self."

Alarmed at his words, her entire body convulsed in shudders. Give him control? Let him do whatever he wants? With my eyes open and my mind in the present? Impossible. Too many years of flight... too many years of denial... I can't.


"Yes," he swore. "You will!"

~ End Part Fifteen ~

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