137 Q Street
Part Nine
by sarAdora


They had enjoyed dinner, quiet conversation, and looking at each other. Neysa seemed as attracted to Alex as he was to her. She thought he was about as male as a man should be, filling out his black turtleneck sweater with the broadest shoulders she had ever seen, and a broad muscular chest, one she wanted to touch. His black leather jacket was icing on the cake; she had surreptitiously licked her lips when he picked her up. He was absolutely gorgeous and she hoped she wasn't drooling like a cat in heat. She didn't dare look at his muscular legs, positive she'd say something foolish if she did.

He noticed the rising color on her face and wondered what caused it. He also noticed that he was instantly hard the moment he saw her and was immediately grateful that his jacket covered his crotch.

Down, boy! The evening's young.

She met him in the lobby of the hotel at her request and when she walked through the elevator doors, he was waiting. He took her hands in his, looked down into her beautiful green eyes and spoke softly, his husky baritone washing over her. "You are absolutely stunning. I don't know why some man hasn't captured you and carried you off to his cave, but I'm very happy you're free to spend the evening with me."

"Thank you... I think," she laughed softly. "Are there a lot of caves around here? I don't recall seeing any," she teased.

"I'll be happy to show you mine," he smiled. "It's a very modern one, running water and indoor plumbing."


"Yes," he grinned, "furniture."

"That's more than what I have," she said cryptically. Where are we going for dinner?"

They ate in a family owned restaurant near McLean. It was small and intimate, only a dozen tables, all with lighted candlesticks. They had the evening special, the house wine and neither had any idea what it was, so engrossed in each other, they ate what was put in front of them without comment.

"Dessert?" he asked politely.

"Depends on what it is," she answered. "If it's pie or ice cream, yes. I have a fetish for those desserts."

"What else do you have a fetish for?" he asked softly, taking one of her hands in his, squeezing it gently and then lifting it to his mouth.

Neysa couldn't take her eyes off of his mouth, his lips rubbing against her palm. After a few too many seconds of silence, she looked in his eyes and saw the same hunger she was feeling for him.

"Baked Alaska," the waitress said, putting the dish between them, smiling as she walked away, aware neither of them noticed her presence.

Alex noticed. "Cake and ice cream," he said, still holding her hand and using his other to spoon a portion and push it between her lips.

"Good," she murmured, licking her lips. "More, please."

He fed her a few more bites, watched her suck the confection between her lips, and watched her throat move as she swallowed. He thought if she did that one more time, he was going to pull her onto his lap and kiss her right then and there and she'd know right away that he was so damn hard...

"My turn," she murmured, gently pulling her hand out of his. "You have to have some dessert, too."

She spooned the ice cream, offered it to him and he took it, holding her hand as she fed him. "Good?"

"Yes," he heard a voice reply, unaware it was his own.


"Would rather have you," he said unnecessarily as he took the next bite she offered.

"Me..?" her voice shook.

"I apologize," he said, feeling absolutely no contrition then shook his head and took her hand again. "I *do* apologize if I made you uncomfortable, but I'm not sorry. I really would rather have you. You... I want to kiss you Neysa. I want to put my arms around you and kiss you."

"If I say yes, will you do more than kiss me?" she asked, not at all shy about what she wanted.

"I'll do whatever you want," he admitted. "Whatever you'll let me do."

"And if I want you to make love to me?" she whispered.

"I'll ask for the check."


As soon as the door closed behind them, she was in his arms, his mouth covering hers, his arms holding her so close, she could feel every hard ridge and plane of his body. One hand was on the back of her neck, the other moved to cup her butt and he groaned when her hips thrust into his.

"Now," he growled. " Can't wait any longer. Show me where the bed is or it's the floor."

She laughed softly, the sound humming against his lips and pulled him into the bedroom. "Don't rip my dress," she begged. "It's one of my favorites."

"Then we'd better get it off of you fast," he barked, spinning her around and unzipping it. It shimmered down her body and Alex had an arm around her waist lifting her before it hit the floor. He had her on the bed and was straddling her hips before her next breath. His jacket and sweater went flying, her bra dropping to her waist when he unclasped it as he pulled her up to his chest.

"So soft, so sweet," he murmured, his mouth on her throat, his hands roaming over her silky back, pressing her breasts into his chest. "You're a beauty, Neysa. So very beautiful."

"I want you inside me, Alex Morris. Give me your body," she urged. "I want to feel you inside me." She reached for his belt and zipper, tugging them down as quickly as she could.

"Let me," he groaned and pulled the rest of his clothes off and then the rest of hers.

Her green eyes flashed with her desire, the passion he saw in them making him even harder. His hand cupped her mound as his mouth closed over hers, one finger slipping between the lips of her sex to test her readiness. Seconds later, he filled her with his hot hard shaft, both moaning at the contact.

Her hands pulled at his hips, her own arching up and she growled at him. "Now, Alex Morris," she demanded. "Love me now."

He did.

She was hot and wet and eager for him, totally uninhibited in her desire. She murmured encouragement, telling him to fill her, love her harder, faster, and meeting every one of his power thrusts with one of her own. She squeezed him, inside and out and told him how hot he was, how much she wanted him and what she was going to do to him after he had pleasured her.

He would have chuckled at her words but had to concentrate on filling his lungs as he plunged. Her heat was overwhelming, her channel sopping wet and he savored every thrust. Her entire body was an erogenous zone, sensitive everywhere he touched her and he touched her everywhere he could.

She bucked wildly under him and soon collapsed, her shudders putting him over the edge. Alex thrust one more time and joined her in orgasmic bliss, his chest pounding against hers, his arms hugging her too tightly, both of them gulping air.

She licked the perspiration off his chest when she could breathe again - her hands exploring his body as thoroughly as he explored hers. "I like your chest," she told him, rubbing her cheeks on the furry mat. "You're like a giant bear, all cuddly and..."

"And what?" he asked softly, his initial hunger for her slated, wondering how soon it would be before he could love her again.

"Nothing," she whispered.

"Tell me," he urged, his hands stroking her back, wandering down to cup her butt, a finger probing between her thighs. "Tell me," he smiled turning onto his side.

"Nothing," she whispered again.

"Tell me," he commanded softly, pushing a finger into her heat, pulling out, sliding along her wet folds to tease her clit. "All cuddly and...?"

"Safe," she murmured, burying her face in his neck. "You make me feel safe."

~ End Part Nine ~

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