Sono il Vostro
by sarAdora

There was a slight hint of a smile and a twinkle in his eyes when she awoke to find him watching her. His smile broadened and he leaned over her, his mouth anointing hers before she was completely awake.

"Sleep good, sweetheart?"


"Have I told you how beautiful you are?" he asked, pushing the covers down, exposing her breasts to his gaze. One hand cupped a full firm globe while his other hand was entwined in her hair. "I need you," he murmured, his voice teasing and urgent at the same time. "I need to love you again."

"Didn't we just do this?" She snuggled into his chest, seeking the comfort of that warm sleepy spot that made her feel good.

"Hours ago," JC murmured as his hands continued their sensuous exploration.

A soft sigh escaped as she eyed the clock. "Barely two hours ago," she sighed again.

"An eternity," he agreed. "Have to love you again, sweetheart."

"Aren't you worried our parts will wear out?"

Her eyes were closing...

He lifted his head to watch her doze off again. "My male ego was just struck a severe blow," he grumbled but there was laughter in his voice.

"Better your ego than your yummy stick," Spencer yawned again. "At this rate, it's going to fall off."

"Have I ever told you there's a spanking in your future?"

"Many times," she replied slowly, the pause between each word lengthening. Her eyes blinked and finally closed. Her breath evened out, her body relaxed in slumber.

"I love you, sweetheart," he told her, his voice soft in her ears, his arms gentle as he repositioned her onto his chest. "I love you so much."

It had been a lazy weekend for the newlyweds, rare and precious - no commitments, no appointments, and the phone jack disconnected. It started Friday evening when he came home with wine and cold shrimp and dessert. German chocolate cake smeared on her lips inspired him to smear it elsewhere on her body. She retaliated and discovered that it was extra tasty on very special parts of him as well. The dining room table got messy and sticky... the carpeting under the table also succumbed to their passion.

Her three cats that he accepted as part of the marriage contract scrambled for higher ground. Mo, the fourth stray and possessive of Spencer, stuck around to watch them.

They didn't notice.

They lay entwined and entangled and sated. Words that lovers share were whispered in each other's ears, breath was exchanged and kisses were never deep enough. When they found the energy to move, she led him to the shower...

Grabbing her hand that was squeezing his exhausted shaft, he grumbled that it wasn't a leash.

She laughed and squeezed harder, pulling him along with her.

He landed a swat on her pinked bottom and then scooped her up into his arms. "Gonna make you beg for mercy," he growled.

"About time," she sassed.

"Did I mention not all spankings are fun spankings?" His face was set on serious, his tone equally firm.

"You'd hurt me?" She blinked.

"Never," he murmured. "I would never damage my playing field."

"YOU!" she sputtered and they both laughed.

"Let's not stay in the shower so long we're water logged," she told him when they had teased each other into passion once more.

"Until the water cools," he told her, and lifted her thighs to his shoulders, his head dipping, his mouth taking her back to nirvana.

"This is the biggest shower I have ever seen in my entire life," she told him when she found her voice. "It's why you bought this house, right?"

"I had it built," he smiled. "I knew I'd find you one day."

She snorted at this declaration.

"Uh huh. Any other fantasies you want to tell me about?"

"I got you, didn't I?"

She thought his smile was too smug.

She grabbed his yummy stuff and arched a brow, waiting for him to 'fess up to all the girlfriends he had taken into this shower before he met and married her.

"Gonna spank you," he warned.

"You and what Army?"

"Bambina," he said to his bride. "You have to learn something... I'm a sailor. Sailors are in the Navy. Grunts are in the Army."

"What about the rest of the fighters?"

"The Air Force is filled with flyboys and Marines are jarheads and a separate breed of beings - powerful and mostly lunatics."

"Isn't your friend...?"

"Yes, he's a Marine, powerful and a lunatic," he said matter-of-factly. "Where was I? Oh yeah, a spanking's waiting for you... just about now," he chuckled, disengaging his body from her hand and flipping her over and onto his raised thigh.

"Don't you dare hurt me," she yelled.

"Tell me you're mine," he demanded in that husky tone he used when he couldn't wait to love her.

"I'm yours," she replied, her words automatic.

"Tell me the way I taught you," his voice was commanding.

"Yours," she stubbornly replied in English.

"Gonna burn your tush," he threatened, one hand stinging her bottom...

"Il vostro Yours," she whispered.

"The whole thing," he barked. "Tell me."

"Make me," she groaned.

And he did...

He swung her up into the air, wedging the front of her body into a corner of the large shower enclosure. His forearm lay over her hip and belly, his hand delving between her thighs, the other arm around her breasts, cushioning her body from the tiled wall.

The teasing began...

Fingers probed... explored, dipped... then plunged. Her muscles squeezed around them, grasping his digits so they couldn't escape. Her cream flowed over his palm sending signals to his groin, making him hard again, hard like velvet covered rock, hard like a primal urge about to burst...

His knee spread her thighs further apart, his need for her pushing... probing... teasing her... teasing him... Breathing became ragged, each breath hot... asking... demanding... Her breaths turned into gasps, each one a beggar's prayer... His breaths morphed into dragon's fire, each one a scorching demand...

He plunged.

And took over... Their union suddenly shifted from two lovers joined, each playing their role... to his total control... holding her still... doing precisely what he wanted to do, in exactly the way he wanted it done, giving her more pleasure than she could ever have found on her own.

His arms around her kept her focused... She was filled with his thickened need. Filled, left desolate when he almost left her body, filled again... and again. The heavy hand between her thighs kept her spread when she wanted to squeeze those thighs around his pulsating organ, wanted to grab, hold on... bless...

And then his palm lifted and descended... light stroking stings on her swollen folds... her swollen need... each one in counter thrust to his body's motion.

Plunge... retreat... stroke and sting... plunge... retreat... stroke and sting... plunge... retreat... stroke and sting...

A roaring sound... purrs... sated contentment... sweet bliss... and the tide lapping the shore... slowing... receding...

Soft sweet violins filled the air... long bows glided effortlessly across strings... an Amati, a Guarnerius, a Stradivarius...

Rainbows glowed, then faded...

Shooting stars fell to earth...

Mostly... there were violins...

"Dicami Tell me," he murmured as he held her limp body in the aftermath of their loving, his mouth nuzzling her throat. "Dicami."

"Sono il vostro I am yours."

~ End ~

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