Spice & Raspberry Wine
Part One
by sarAdora


Lifting his face, he let the hot water cascade down his body, rinsing the lather and then laughed softly. Her soft breasts pressed against his back the second she entered the shower stall. Her arms encircled his hips, her hands stroking him - he was instantly hard.

"One of these days, you gonna get caught, Puss," he groaned as she slipped a hand under his butt, cupping and squeezing his balls.

"Spread 'em, mister!" she hissed under her breath. "Spread 'em good and wide or I'll blister your ass!"

"You and what Army?" he laughed, turning swiftly and hauling her into his arms.

"You going to kiss me senseless?" she asked, the smile on her face mirroring his.

"I am," he promised, "and then I'm going to fuck you senseless."

Delivering that promise, he kissed her, his tongue demanding entrance between her lips, his arms crushing her to his broad chest, his hard cock bobbing between her thighs.

She yielded as he knew she would and when he let her breathe again, he turned her face-forward against the shower wall, lifted her and impaled her with one hard thrust.

Morgan gasped. The head of his cock slammed into her as far as it could go and his width stretched her. She ached from his size - a good ache - and she wanted more.

Eric delivered. He pounded into her, each thrust filling her, each thrust taking him to the edge. He plundered her depth, easing out, and hammered back in, his hands all over her body. When she whimpered her need for release, he increased his speed and collapsed against her, the shudders from his orgasm washing over him.

"You okay?" he asked softly when he could speak, his warm breath heavy on her neck.

She nodded.

"You're going to be sore," he said with no apology, his teeth catching the edge of her ear as his large hands cupped her belly and her sex. "I'm going to make sure you are," he added, the huskiness of his voice making her shiver.

"Not now, you're not," she whispered. "I'm through for the day. Going home."

"Not yet, Puss," he murmured, turning her toward the shower's spray. He kept his arms around her so she couldn't get away and pushed a heavy thigh between her legs, spreading them. His fingers parted her labia and holding her immobile, he turned the water to full blast. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her as the spray pummeled her clit and Morgan momentarily lost consciousness.

He held her until she opened her eyes and marveled again at how beautiful she was. "Go home and wait for me, Puss. I'll be home in a couple of hours."

"Screw you, Eric Cleveland," she said without rancor.

"No, Puss. That's what you're going to do."


He made sure the coast was clear, wrapped a towel around her wet body and walked her to the door of the men's shower room. Giving her a light pat on the ass before pushing her out and closing the door, he leaned against it for a moment, chuckling. Morgan loved sneaking up on him in the shower after his workout. He thought it had been pure luck that other Fibbies looking for a shower after their workouts hadn't interrupted them.

He rushed to dress. There were two solid hours of paperwork waiting for him and he wanted it over and done with. A certain sexy puss would be waiting for him at home and he was anxious to make her purr.

7:45 PM
Tossing his coat and briefcase, he shrugged out of his jacket before the door slammed shut behind him. "I'm home, Puss," he yelled.

"You hungry?" she yelled back.

"Yeah, I am," he admitted, loosening his tie.

"I've got an appetizer for you," she said in a low, seductive tone.

He looked up, grinning. She stood in the kitchen doorway, an arm over her head, wearing 3-inch "fuck me" heels, a lacy garter belt and black silk hose. If the bare expanse of white thigh didn't make his mouth water, the rest of her naked body did. Her sex was framed by the garter belt and covered in whipped cream. Since she had come into his life, Eric had developed an extraordinary taste for sweets, hers in particular.

"You look more like dessert," he smiled at the beauty, dropping his pants and folding them over a chair before taking her in his arms.

"If you're still hungry after the appetizer," she murmured as he approached her, "I have something else for your main course."

"I certainly hope so," he said softly, lifting her to his shoulders and licking the whipped cream, taking care to suck her sweet flesh into his mouth as well.

He continued licking her when she peaked, his tongue diving in and out of her sticky sex, driving her crazy.

She'd had enough and tried to squirm out of his arms, but he laughed at her efforts and kept her thighs around his neck when he sat on the couch.

"You still sore, Puss?" he asked, holding her hands so she couldn't push away from him, blowing his hot breath on her mons.

"Yes," she moaned, the tip of his tongue still tickling her sex.

"How sore?"

"Not going to tell you," she moaned again, her head on his lap and her ass on his chest. She was unable to resist his tongue and pushed against his lips even though she had just climaxed.

"If you don't tell me, I'm going to have to make sure you're sore," he murmured, dropping kisses on her soft folds. "Really sore."

"You're going to do that anyway," she laughed softly. "You can't resist me. You're a randy Fibbie and you can't resist me."

"Going to warm your bottom, too," he growled, his tongue prodding her heat, his hands squeezing her ass. "Naughty little pusses get spanked before they get loved."

"I had no idea you had such a cruel streak, Mr. Cleveland."

"Yes, you did," he chuckled, turning her over and giving her a few light smacks before dropping kisses on her butt. He turned her again and rose to his feet to rid himself of the rest of his clothes.

Morgan bent her knees, spread her thighs, and watched him as she fondled her breasts. He tossed his T-shirt and had just dropped his boxers when her fingers squeezed her nipples taut.

He growled.

"Those belong to me," he said in a menacing tone.

"Says who?" she teased, then stroked her wet labia.

"Says me, Puss," he snapped, "and that's mine!" He slipped an arm under her knees, lifted her legs and landed a sharp smack on her ass. "Mine!"

"You son of a bitch!" she yelled, rubbing her butt. "That hurt!"

"It was supposed to," he murmured, pulling her into his arms and rubbing the sting away. "Turn over, I'll kiss it and make it better."

"The hell you will! You smack me one more time Eric Cleveland and you'll sleep alone!" She pulled away from him, intent on finding her robe.

He grabbed her before she could get away. "Oh no, you don't," he said softly. "You're not going anywhere and I'm not sleeping alone."

She glared at him. "Let me go."



"No," he said a little firmer and tightened his hold on her. "We agreed we're in it for the long haul and we'd talk instead of running away. Talk."

"We didn't agree that you'd spank me whenever you felt like it."

"You never objected to the other spankings I've given you," he argued.

"The last one hurt."

"I'm sorry. I'll kiss it and make it better and I..."

"That's what you always do," she hissed, trying to move out of his embrace. "You just kiss it and make it better; you never consider that spanking and kissing aren't the only solutions."

He held her tighter, determined she was staying where she was until they settled their latest squabble. In the past, he had been the one who didn't want to talk - he'd move away - remain silent, his anger building and building until there was nothing left but indifference. But not this time. Not with her.

She fought him, angry at his highhanded manner. She pushed her back against his chest, tried to kick him, and when that didn't work, she turned in his arms and tried to bite him - anything to get away - determined to have her way. "Son of a bitch," she snapped. "Miserable bastard! This is *not* the FBI! You're not a goddamn assistant director on this couch. You're... damn you! You don't fight fair," she yelled, then collapsed against him when he pushed a long, thick finger into her sopping heat.

"All's fair in love and war, Puss," he murmured, one finger inside her, easily holding her with his other arm, his palm caressing, stroking, and teasing her backside. His lips captured the sweet flesh of her throat and sucked it, sending shivers skating through her body, making her moan. The beauty in his arms capitulated, her long silky red hair tickling his chest, her soft curves rubbing against his hard body, her sweet flesh warm and wet, hungry for more of him.

"I'll get even," she promised softly, spreading her thighs, pulling him closer, unable to resist him. "I'll get even if it's the last thing I do."

"Going to make you sore again, Pumpkin Puss," he promised in return. "Really sore."

"I love the way you love me, you big lug," she moaned when he turned her around and pushed his hard cock inside her. "Fuck me hard."

"I'm going to," he growled, and later, you can be on top and fuck me," he promised.

He filled her again, stretching her, his cock hard and thick, plunging in and out, his need for her overriding any other emotion. He wanted to devour her and possess her. She had turned his life upside down and he was desperate for her, willing to sell his soul to keep her in his life.

It was good sex, she thought, snuggling into his broad chest in the aftermath of their lovemaking. But we didn't talk.

Eric had the same mindset. When he felt her relax against him, he cupped her chin, tilting her head up. "Talk to me, Puss. What's wrong? I know it wasn't just the smacks on your butt. Something's bothering you."

"You bother me," she said softly. "You're too bossy."

"You knew that a long time ago," he reminded her, kissing her brow and palming her breast, his thumb teasing her nipple.

"You promised you'd stop being bossy," she complained, pushing his hand away.

"I promised I'd try to stop being so bossy," he murmured. "I have been trying. I..."

"Try harder," Morgan snapped, her neon blue eyes flashing, and jumped off his lap. "If you don't try harder, I'm going to be just as bossy and we'll fight all the time and I'll leave you!"

"No, you won't," he said calmly, folding his arms across his chest, oblivious to his nudity.

"I will," she yelled, turning away from him.

"No, you won't," he said softly, hauling her back into his arms. "You'll miss my loving."

"I won't," she denied.

"You'll miss my arms around you while you sleep."

"I won't," she insisted.

"You'll miss playing with me in the shower."

"I'll get over it."

You'll miss me."

"Never!" She was adamant.

"I bet you'll miss my good cooking," he grinned.

"You're right," she laughed. "I'll miss your good cooking."

"I adore you, Puss," he told her, pulling her down on the couch to cradle her against his chest.

"I love you Eric Cleveland, but I can't live with you anymore. You make me crazy."

"I can't live without you so you're staying right here," he said simply.

~ End Part One ~

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