Spice & Raspberry Wine
Part Ten
by sarAdora


He woke in the middle of the night, aware that a small, sweet ass was burrowing into his belly. She was warm in his arms and she smelled good. His cock twitched. Gently, he turned her on her back and dropped kisses on her breasts; then spread her legs to taste her sweetness. The moment his lips touched her, he knew she was sore. He kissed her gently, feelings of tenderness filling him as he looked at her swollen sex.

"Eric?" she murmured, half asleep.

"I'm here, Puss," he answered softly, dropping a kiss on her curls and then tonguing her folds, teasing her with his lips. With a light touch, he rubbed her sensitive flesh, sucking gently, lapping her spice when she climaxed, then drawing her onto his chest to hold her when sleep took her again. He thought he was falling in love with her before he had made love to her. Now, he knew. He was irrevocably in love with her.

Sunday morning, she couldn't stand. She ached all over - her folds puffy from his mouth loving her - her opening swollen. Her clit was engorged and sensitive to a feather's touch - her breasts tingled, her nipples slightly swollen and even her lips were fuller than usual. She was sore - an achy sore that felt good like she had been thoroughly loved and she had - and she wanted more of him. Morgan hoped he felt the same way. With her eyes still closed, she reached for him, intending to torment that thick cock that had tormented her.

Eric watched her hand move toward him and grinned. The naughty puss was up to something. When she found the tip of him, she squeezed him gently, then a little harder, but gasped when his large hand landed on her ass - several firm smacks to remind her there was more to him than cock.

"Don't try to hurt me, Puss," he said quietly. "I'll whip your ass if you do."

"Says who?" she sputtered, opening her eyes to glare at him and seeing the twinkle in his, giggled and told him to kiss her.

"I know you're sore, little one," he said, cupping her cheek and kissing her softly. "I loved you non-stop. You have to be sore."

"You make a habit of doing that?" she asked. "How many women do you go through in a month? Any of them alive to tell the tale?"

"Just you," he grinned, eyeing her breasts and her beautiful nipples, determined to suckle them again before breakfast.

"Can't take any more loving right now," she said, seeing where his eyes had drifted.

"Yes you can," he assured her, stroking her torso with a large and gentle hand. "You can take as much as I can give you and then, when I've recuperated, you'll take some more."

"Am I your newest sex toy?" she asked, not terribly alarmed at the thought.

"Only if you want to be," he murmured, pulling her into his arms and onto his chest as he turned over.

"When will you tire of me?"

"Never," he swore, fondling her ass and the backs of her thighs. "I'll want you forever."

The loving was gentle and tender, his mouth soothing her swollen sex, then his fingers parting her before he pushed into her. He entered her from behind, seeking maximum penetration, one arm under her breasts, the other over her belly and cupping her mound. She moaned softly when he entered her, and he hushed her with soothing sounds, the rumble of his deep voice comforting and exciting at the same time, his breath heating her neck and shoulders. She had been his to love all weekend and for the moment, she remained his - he had no intention of letting her go.

He fed her, bathed with her, and loved her some more. When he finally put their bags into his car for the return trip, he came back into the cabin and held her on his lap to touch and kiss her again. It had been an idyllic weekend of intense lovemaking and if given the opportunity, he would have remained there with her in his arms for an indeterminate amount of time.

"I don't want to take you home," he told her. "I want to stay here and make love to you."

"You need to rest," she teased him. "You have to rebuild your testosterone tanks."

"Tanks?" he scowled.

"I don't know what else to call those containers," she laughed. "I can't believe how much your body holds."

"I can't, either," he grinned. "I wonder if I have any left?"


"I need to be inside you again, Puss," he murmured, laying her on her back, pulling her jeans down. Her folds were so swollen, he licked her instead, gently sucking her tender flesh. "I don't think I'll ever get enough of you," he murmured, lapping her when she peaked.

She slept all the way home, her head on his shoulder, waking when he parked his car in the underground garage of his building.

"Eric...? Where are we?" she yawned, sitting up.

"My place," he said. "Come on, Puss. You'll spend the night here," he told her as he ushered her to the elevator. "Your car's at the Hoover. I'll drive you in tomorrow morning."

She ate what he gave her, and only what he slipped between her lips, her body sated but exhausted from his lovemaking. She couldn't stop yawning, barely able to hold her head up. She finally fell asleep when he lifted her to his lap to towel her dry after their shower. She was still asleep when he took her to his bed, wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes.


Quietly, he slipped on a pair of sweats and barefoot, padded out of the bedroom and down the stairs to make coffee. He called the Hoover, leaving a message on his assistant's phone that he had a couple of stops to make and would be late this morning. He remembered he had a 10 o'clock meeting with the deputy director, assuring Alina he would be in before then. He didn't have anything he really had to do before going to the office but he didn't want to rush this morning. There was a sensuous redheaded puss in his bed and he had every intention of making love to her before starting his workweek.

She was lying on her side when he entered the bedroom, her body bared and exposed, the sheet bunched at her feet. Eric stood there a few moments, drinking in the sight of her luscious body. One leg was raised over the other, exposing the swollen lips of her sex - his cock twitched and he licked his lips. He knew the taste of her. The curve of her hip drew his eyes next - taking a deep breath, he suddenly realized that his hands itched to touch her. One silky arm rested near her face giving him a glimpse of a round breast, the nipple peeking at him. His mouth actually watered. Her hair obscured her face, the red shoulder length tresses brighter than the thatch between her thighs.

She stirred when he placed a knee on the bed, his weight depressing the mattress and shifting her slightly. She burrowed back into the pillow and he smiled at the sleepy sounds she made. He thought he could get used to hearing those sleepy sounds every morning but pushed the thought aside as he pulled her up to her knees and back against his chest. She was warm and soft and sleepy and she smelled like a woman should smell first thing in the morning - delicious. He cupped her breasts, his thumbs and forefingers automatically tweaking her nipples, gently pulling at them, and making them hard.

"Too early to get up," she moaned softly as her head dropped to his shoulder. "Put me down... have to sleep."

"Have to love you, Puss," he murmured as his lips roamed over her throat and one hand slipped down to caress her smooth belly.

"Mmmm," she hummed, trying to curl into his arms and leaned back into him, unable to maintain her balance.

"Do you want me to love you, Morgan?" the huskiness of his voice lulled her back to a sleepy state, his warm breath caressing her neck. "Are you wet, little one? Shall I find out?"

His hand moved between her thighs, one finger parting her folds and dipping into her. She was damp and warm and he stroked her gently, holding his need in check. Her thighs parted, making him smile - she wanted him to love her. He placed both arms over hers, holding her upright and closer to his chest, thrusting a thigh between the backs of hers, spreading her further. His fingers parted her inner lips and gently, the head of his cock probed her.

Morgan felt him and she protested, murmuring that she needed to sleep and then began to pant when his fingers teased her clit. His mouth nuzzled her neck and shoulders and she was soon lost in the sensuous act. It didn't take long for her juices to coat his erection and he slid into her, arching his hips forward, his balls slapped against her ass, the warmth of her body making him crazy with desire.

"So hot, Puss," he murmured, pushing in and out of her heat. "So hot and sweet, little one... so delicious."

He remained on his knees, holding her upright, his hand pressing her mound back into him as his hips thrust forward. Her arms were locked under his and his firm hips and strong hands easily controlled the movement of their bodies. Morgan was caught in his embrace, her body his to fill and love and she gave in to him, unable to do anything but surrender to his touch. The sudden furious thrusting of his hips startled her to complete wakefulness and she moaned when he emptied into her. She collapsed against him, then tried to move away but he continued pushing in and out of her, his hand still rubbing her clit.

"No more... I'm sore..." she complained. "You're rubbing me raw."

"Not yet, Puss," he murmured, his penis not quite soft and loath to leave the haven of her body.

"Now," she growled and squeezed her inner walls around him, pushing him out of her.

"Naughty Puss," he whispered, lowering her to the bed, keeping his hand between her thighs, and rubbing her clit. "Naughty pusses get punished, little one," he told her, an edge to his voice that made her shiver. "I'm going to punish you, baby... real good," he promised. "Slow... and good... real slow."

Rolling her onto her back, he pulled her legs over his shoulders and cupped her ass. Her sex and inner thighs were sopping wet and he teased her with his breath, blowing softly over her flesh, making her squirm. He tormented her over-stimulated clit, kissing, blowing his hot breath on her, licking, and sucking her until she screamed for release.

"I hate you," she yelled at him.

"You don't hate me enough," he grinned and licked her with the flat of his tongue.

Morgan begged. She cursed. She pounded her fists on his shoulders. Her heels dug into his back. She grabbed his ears but before she could pull them, he lifted his head and glared at her.

"Now, I'm really going to punish you," he growled, grabbing her hands. "Do I have to handcuff you?"

"Hand... handcuff me?" she asked, startled by the thought. "I... I'll rip your balls off," she screamed and tried to punch him.

He laughed, pulled her hands to her sides and held them down, his elbows keeping her thighs apart and went back to tormenting her with his lips and tongue. He sucked her clit - hard - twirling his tongue around it - and then licked it gently when she arched her hips, the spasms from her orgasm consuming her. His tongue dipped into her, tasting her sweetness - a little salty from mixing with his juices, still pleasant to his mouth.

When he felt her body relax, he dropped kisses on her inner thighs, then licked the length of her sex, the folds pinker and fuller from all the loving he had given her for the last two and a half days. Her clit was especially engorged and he made no apologies when he sucked it back between his lips and brought her to fruition once again.

Morgan remained limp in his arms when he carried her into the shower to wash the scent and residue of their loving off of her. His hands were gentle on her and his mouth more so as he nuzzled her neck, bending her back over his arms. The lather trickled down between her breasts, cascading over her belly and between her thighs and Eric traced it with his palm, cupping her mound once again.

"No more," she protested. "I'm too sore."

"I'm glad," he murmured, capturing her mouth with his. "I want you to remember I caused it. I want you to remember I loved you so hard, I made you sore... loved you so good, it hurts. Want you to beg me to love you again, Puss."

~ End Part Ten ~

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