Spice & Raspberry Wine
Part Twelve
by sarAdora


"Check under the bed and in the closet," he suggested when he put the spitting fireball back on her feet. "The bathroom's got a large shower stall; maybe, she's there."

"I hate you," she screamed at the top of her lungs, charging him again and practically leaping into his arms, her tears blinding her.

He caught her in a tight embrace and bent her over his arm, her sobbing calming his temper. "You want me, Puss?"

"Yes," she whimpered. "I do. I hate that I do, but I want you."

"How badly do you want me?" he goaded.

"So badly, that if you don't make love to me, your balls are going to be in serious jeopardy," she hiccuped.

"Glad to hear it," he chuckled, maneuvering her to the bed, kissing her while he pulled her clothes off and feasted his eyes on her naked beauty. He took his time removing his clothes, making her curse him, and making him chuckle. At last, he covered her body with his eager one, spread her legs and teased her with his cockhead. He knew she was wet and when he knew she was at the end of her rope, he lifted her ass and plunged into her, making them both sigh at the contact.

She banged her heels on his back when he didn't move further.

"Eric!" she screamed.

"Tell me what you want, Morgan," he said quietly, "I want to hear you tell me."

"I want you," she insisted. "Love me... please love me..."

"Is that all you want? Just some good loving?"

"No, I want more. I want you to want me. Love me, please love me... Eric, please," she sobbed, the sound somewhere between a groan and a plea.

He drew back, almost leaving her body, then pushed forward again, his powerful hips hammering into her again and again. His arms locked her in his embrace, his cock pounding into her heat, rubbing her soft inner walls, and bruising her. Their coupling was violent with energy, their mating raw and base.

Morgan sucked him in, squeezing her inner walls around him, her arms pressing into his back and her mouth open against his neck as she gulped air. Eric's body merged with hers, his hardness and the depth of his thrusts claiming her for his own, spoiling her for any other man. They rolled, the urgent twists and turns of their lovemaking pushing and pulling at their bodies as if another being forced them together and was loath to break them apart.

"I adore you, Puss," he told her afterward, kissing her brow, then licking beads of perspiration off her cheek. "I'm never going to let you go - no matter what you say." He cupped her chin, holding it firmly in his palm. "Tell me you want me again."

"I do," she said softly.

"Tell me you'll stay with me."

"As long as you want me."

"What if I say forever?"

She didn't answer, took his hand from her chin and kissed his palm, then turned her back to him, pulling his arms around her so he could cup her breasts.

"What if I hadn't been home?" he asked a few minutes later. "What would you have done?"

"Didn't have enough cash to pay for a cab home. Would have sat outside your door till you showed up," she said quietly, grateful she didn't have to.

"I love you Morgan Woodehouse," he told her, "and I want more of you."

"How much more?" she asked, ignoring his declaration. "I think you've already had as much of me as there is."

"Move in with me," he said softly.

"It's too soon, we barely know each other."

"We know enough," he said with quiet determination. "I want to wake up with you every morning. I want to make love to you every night. I want to sleep with my arms around you." He turned her to face him, willing her to say yes.

"Are you going to be a demanding and bossy AD if I do?"


"What will you be bossy about?"

"About the fact that you wear too many clothes when we're alone. About the fact that you won't let me love you as much as I want to," he grinned at the stunned look on her face.

"You make love to me any more than you do, I'll sizzle and burn into the atmosphere."

"Take me with you," he smiled. "Let me be inside you when we go."

"You're a sex maniac."

"Only with you, Puss." He tucked her closer to him, her head on his shoulder as he stroked her breasts. "Did I mention I love you?"

"I don't believe you."

"You don't have to," he said, confident of his feelings. "I know that I do. How much do you love me?"

"I don't love you; I hate you," she said calmly.

"Good," he grinned. "That'll keep our unresolved sexual tension at an all time high."

"Unresolved?" she sputtered.

He laughed. "Spread your legs, Puss. My tongue needs to taste your sweet spice - then I'll love you to sleep."

He loved her most of the day, continuing the lovefest they had started at his cabin the week before - stroking her - his hands teasing all of her. He kissed the same places - licking her - pleasuring her body - pleasuring his own - lapping her nectar when she peaked - and beginning again. They talked, they cuddled, and they touched.

Morgan had to touch him - kiss him - her hands and lips memorizing the hardness of his body. His massive shoulders fascinated her and she tried sucking pieces of them between her lips, tickling him, making him chuckle. His neck beckoned her and she bit the hollow of his throat testing its resiliency and his patience. He growled at her - she ignored him, moving to his chest, her hands palming his nipples, rubbing them hard and moving lower before he could voice a complaint.

His chest was a solid wall with no give so she couldn't bite him, licking him instead, making him shiver under her tongue. She licked a spot, raised her head to peek at him and licked another. He watched her under hooded eyes, his hands stroking her shoulders and back but letting her explore. When she pressed her chin into the bushy nest of his groin, he groaned. His cock was hard and eager for her mouth but Morgan hadn't teased him sufficiently. She licked the tip of him and left him wanting as she moved back up to his chest, her naked body rubbing sensuously against him.

She stroked his scalp, tested his tickle tolerance and tormented him when she discovered an erogenous zone just below his armpits. Her tongue teased him there while her hands tweaked his flat nipples until he growled at her, making her laugh again. Finally, she gravitated to his heavy sac, sliding her tongue over and around him, the velvety feel of him appealing to her. When she sucked him there, he bent his knees and arched his hips forward, the feel of her mouth surrounding him one of ecstasy.

"Good?" she murmured, her hot mouth engulfing him as she stroked his shaft.

"So good, little one," he sighed, his fingers entwined in her hair. "Don't stop. Please don't stop."

When she felt his sac tighten, she sucked his cock into her mouth and teased him with her tongue. Eric tried to pull back but Morgan held onto his balls and he gave up, his seed gushing forth. She tried swallowing it, but it was too much for her and spilled out of her mouth, down her chest, coating her breasts and belly. She licked him while he gulped air and dodged his hands when he tried to move her away from his exhausted organ. She licked him anyway, holding onto his balls, listening to the sounds he made while she did. They were unlike any other she had heard him utter and unwittingly, she pushed him into a no-tolerance zone.

He hauled her onto his chest and smacked her ass, none too gently, a rapid machine gun spray, the spanks stinging her, making her curse at him. "Are you going to behave?" he growled softly when he could speak between breaths.

"You can dish it out, AD Cleveland," she growled back. "But you can't take it."

"A man's cock and balls are very sensitive after climaxing, Ms. Woodehouse," he informed her, still gasping for breath.


"So, don't touch until..."

"You touch me," she said indignantly. "You just keep loving me over and over without caring that I might be sensitive, too. You..."

"I do care," he said softly, his breath not quite as harsh as he turned her onto her back and kissed her. "A woman can have multiple orgasms. I want you to have them, little one... as often as I can give them to you."

"Why?" she asked softly, cupping his handsome face.

"I told you why, Pumpkin Puss," he murmured, kissing her again, his large palm cupping the ass he had just warmed. "I love you."

She reached for his balls, gently cupping them as he kissed her. "I love you, too, Eric," she told him, "and I'm going to touch you whenever I can."

"Not right after an orgasm, Morgan," he growled low, his body shuddering as she palmed his sac.

"Whenever I want," she insisted. "Try and stop me."

"Gonna warm your ass again, little one," he threatened again.

"No, you won't," she smiled, her hands moving to stroke his cock again. "You love my hands on you."

He didn't argue with her. He *did* love her hands on him.

~ End Part Twelve ~

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