Spice & Raspberry Wine
Part Fourteen
by sarAdora


Picking her up, he carried her to his bed, intent on loving her until she gave him everything he wanted - her body, her heart, and her soul. She already owned his - he needed her and was determined to have everything she was and would ever be. His hands stripped her, leaving her bared to his heated gaze - bared to his touch. His mouth covered hers, kissing her, stealing her breath - she began to yield.

His hands moved to her breasts - palming them, his fingers stroking the silky undersides, her nipples hard - taut - pressing into his wrists. Her body quivered as he stroked them - her breath harsh when he released her mouth. Morgan leaned into him - yielding more.

His tongue licked a hot path from the hollow of her throat to the valley between her breasts - lingering there - searing her skin. She arched her back, moaning softly, covering his hands with hers, and pushed her breasts into his face - begging for more.


Palming her hips, he lifted her to his mouth, her thighs draped over his shoulders - spread wide - the scent of her sex drawing him closer. His lips roamed over her labia, probing, teasing, and gently parting the outer petals. When his tongue found her clitoris, his lips pulled it into his mouth, forcing her to yield when he touched it with the flat of his heated tongue. Morgan gave him what he wanted - her wine dripped between her folds. His mouth continued its assault - his hands moved lower on her ass, thumbs dipping into her, coating them with Morgan's wine. She floated away from him, lost in a sea of sensations, lost in the heat of his mouth, yielding her body - giving him whatever he wanted.

His mouth released her clit and he moved up again, rubbing his sticky fingers on her nipples - covering them with her sweet spice. He sucked them clean - his lips holding each turgid nipple while he indulged his tongue.

When she opened her eyes, she looked at the face of the man who loved her and was mesmerized by the hunger in his eyes. "You can only have parts of me," she murmured. "I won't give you everything."

"Yes, you will," his deep voice rolled over her as he returned to her swollen sex - pink and enflamed and begging his mouth. He nibbled bits and pieces of her nerve center - enough to keep her wavering between need and desire - between hunger and ecstasy.

Morgan wanted to tell him to fill her - love her - love her hard, but she didn't. Her ability to speak vanished - evaporated into thin air - her body clearly articulating all her needs.

His fingers were drawn back to her core - plunging into her - pressing her inner walls. She inhaled when his fingers pushed in - exhaled when they pulled out - her breaths staccato with his hand - easy breaths - hard ones - anticipating and predicting - her body humming to his tune, flowing with the rhythm, yielding nothing.


The hand on her ass cupped her - kneading her flesh - circled the pink, puckered opening, pressing a finger against her rosebud until he could gently push it in. The pressure startled her out of her sexual malaise - she resisted.

Eric's mouth nipped her clit, silencing her, and refocusing her attention. The fingers of his other hand remained in her wet heat - brushing her G-spot - caressing her. Morgan's body shifted - he pushed in deeper - pausing to let her adjust to the blunt digit, then lightly brushing the soft flesh inside the rosette - the flesh that surrounded her tight opening.

She gasped for breath - his mouth sucked her clit - his fingers gently teasing. Her body shifted again - she eased - a second finger joined the first and she pulled away from him, unwittingly pressing her clit harder against his mouth. He sucked more of her between his lips - the touch of his mouth demanding and proprietary.

She was disembodied nerves - raw and naked nerves - his mouth her universe - his hands holding her together as one sensation followed another. His lips sucked her to climax, his fingers in her heat - the other hand fondling her ass, two fingers still caught inside. When she bucked into him, moaning her release, he gave her no respite, sucking her to climax yet again. And when she floated away from him once more, he tested her limits, his fingers pushing in and out of her - a third pushing through the rim of her rosebud - teasing her inner flesh. The fingers of his other hand continued to press inside her, brushing her inner walls, her G-spot, making her muscles contract around him as she released her dew. Her juices seeped out over his wrist and down his arm. She was his.

Awareness came slowly as she drifted back to him, her body filled front and back, his mouth feasting on her clit, pushing her to the brink of madness - and delight. Her hands pushed at him and he growled - the low sound rumbling over her - a possessive sound - at that moment, she belonged to him.

His fingers moving inside her, teased - touched - and thrust into her while her clit throbbed in his mouth. His other hand pushed in counter thrust - her body tensed, was sated and tense again. Back and forth she swayed - into an abyss of hunger, then need - until he released her to the blinding light and spirals of ecstasy.

The scent of her was an aphrodisiac, filling his nostrils, her spicy wine flowing copiously - a drug he craved- a necessity to his well being. His mouth moved to her core - smoothly switching places with his hand now milking her clit. He drank - and drank again - took his fill - and lapped her clean - the fingers of his other hand still firmly in her ass.

He kept it there, holding her as he stood - her back bent over his arm - his mouth on her breasts, her blood red nipples turgid peaks she offered as if it were a mating ritual. He took the offering, branded her with his lips and tongue, and then moved to her mouth, capturing her lips with his own.

In seconds, he was leaning against the shower wall, his fingers still invasive while his mouth filled hers. He had delayed his pleasure as long as he could and lifting her, pushed his cock between her inner petals. His entry was swift - hard - and thorough - the extended length of him banging against her inner walls - his engorged girth spreading her - filling her - until he found his own release.

Her body was his - she had long since relinquished it to his care. Her heart still wavered - loving him - desperate to tell him so - awash in unfounded fear. He wanted it all and he held her to his heart, his eyes boring into hers, forcing her to give willingly or pull away. Her soul hovered - waiting word - eager to merge with his - it didn't wait long. She yielded - giving him every part of her there was to give.

Never once had she said no - not once did she say stop - she had not denied him - not his hands -not his mouth - not his body filling hers. He washed her tenderly - back and front - his fingers and palms covering every inch of her - inside and out - and held her while she slept.

He filled her twice more in the middle of the night, the first time hammering into her, the second time with tenderness - pouring his love into her with every gentle thrust. He purposely exhausted her, filling her - making her ache with need so she'd crave his touch. He succeeded.

"I'm sore," she told him as he pulled her into the shower the next morning.

"How sore?" he asked softly, even though he knew.

"Never been this sore before."

"Good," he murmured simply, his large hand between her thighs. "I'm going to love you again before breakfast."

"Am I going to be sore all day?" she asked, leaning into him.

"You're going to be sore for the rest of your life," he promised.

~ End Part Fourteen ~

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