Spice & Raspberry Wine
Part Fifteen
by sarAdora


Present Time
"How much do you love me?" he asked later, when they took turns drying each other. "Do you love me enough to marry me?"

"No," she said, rubbing his nipples with the towel, rubbing them too hard, making them tingle. "But I hate you enough to marry you. Will that do?" she asked, looking into his eyes, wondering if he was teasing her.

"Good enough," he smiled. "Let's elope."


"NYC. We can take an early shuttle, get the license, blood work, and be married before we show up for work on Tuesday."

"You have Monday off?"

"Uh-huh, and so do you. What do you think?"

"Marriage is forever, Eric."

"Forever is a long time, Puss - not as long as I'd like, but it'll do. "Will you marry me?"

"Do you promise never to spank me again?"

"No," he answered honestly. "There will be times when my hand will connect with your ass in ways you won't like. It can't be helped, Puss," he said with mock regret. "You're incorrigible, willful, and naughty. You're outrageously beautiful and sexy and..."

"What gives you the right to blister my ass?" she yelled, pushing away from him.

"And... I can't resist you," he chuckled, pulling her back into his arms and giving her butt a light smack. "I love to smack this pretty little ass and I love to kiss it right after I do. I do it just to rile you, baby. And you love it," he informed her. "I know you do."

"I do NOT!"

"You do," he grinned, tossing her over his shoulder and entering the bedroom, he sat on the bed and pulled her onto his lap. "Know what I'm going to do now, Puss?"

"Bully!" she punched him in the arm before he could grab them and hold her immobile.

"I'm going to smack this sweet butt just hard enough to remind you who's boss." He chuckled at her indignant look. "Then I'm going to suck your sweet clit until you scream, over and over," he murmured, getting hard just thinking about it. "Afterwards, I'll lick every sweet drop of your love for me. And when you think you can't take anymore," he hissed in her ear, his voice so husky it was a raw, guttural sound, " I'm going to fuck you so hard you're going to beg me to kiss it better."

Morgan was speechless. As far as she was concerned, Eric was the most amazing lover on the face of the earth. He was earthy, sensual, gentle and tender one time, rough and demanding at other times, always satisfying her before he took his pleasure. He loved her with his hands and his mouth and his teeth and his tongue and when his thick cock filled her and his heavy balls slapped against her ass, there was only him and what he did to her and how he made her feel. He tormented her the same way, loving her to distraction, making her want him, making her beg him for release, making her love him. She wanted him more than she wanted anything in this life.

But she refused to be bullied.

"The hell you will, you surly son of a bitch! You'll make love to me if I let you. Who do you think you are? Who do you...?"

He flipped her over his lap in one easy motion, his big hand coming down on her bare bottom with no warning, the spanks louder than they felt. She screamed at him, told him he was a whore monger and that his balls were in jeopardy.

He laughed at her words but kept a strong hand on her back to hold her down and a heavy thigh over hers so she couldn't kick him. He covered both cheeks with moderate spanks, warming her butt to the point of tingling. Morgan wasn't hurting; his slaps were meant to arouse her, not to inflict pain. She felt the slick heat between her thighs and a growing need to be filled, but cursed him anyway.

"I'll rip your balls off," she screamed at him. "Stop! Eric, please stop," she sobbed in frustration.

"He turned her in his arms, and cradled her to his chest. Her butt was just beginning to feel warm to his hand and he knew he hadn't hurt her.

"Did I hurt you, Puss?" he asked, wondering if she'd lie.

"You hurt my feelings," she admitted, a tear on her cheek, a hiccup escaping.

"Which feelings?" he asked gently, his hand rubbing her warm bottom, his fingers automatically stroking her and finding her wet.

"I asked you to stop," she mumbled.

"I stopped the minute you said the word, Puss," he reminded her.

"I told you not to spank me in the first place."

"I told you I was going to, anyway," he tipped her chin up to kiss the tip of her nose.

"Why do you have to always have your own way?"

"I don't know," he sighed. "I just do."

"I've had enough," she declared and tried to get off his lap.

"Oh no, Puss. We've just begun. After the spanking, I feast on your sweet body and then, we get to the rest of the loving." He stroked her cheek, and put her on her back, holding her down with his weight. "Do you want me to tie you down or are you going to be a sweet Puss?"

"Tie me down?" she sputtered. "You miserable bastard... you surly son of a bitch, Bastard!"

He laughed at her self righteous indignation. "I adore you, Puss," he kissed her, ending her tirade. You're more delicious every day and I'm addicted to teasing you. I'm addicted to your sweet spice... your raspberry wine... and I have to have some right now.

"You're not!" she protested, trying to push him off.

"I am," he insisted, holding her hands at her sides and burying his face in her sex. "If you don't like it, tell me and I'll stop."

He parted her labia with his tongue, running the tip up and down the inside of her pink folds, her heat warming his face, her juices coating his mouth and chin. Sucking her clit and simultaneously teasing the sensitive nub with his tongue sent Morgan's body into spasms of unbelievable pleasure. Her hands fisted under his and he released them so he could cup her ass and pleasure her more fully. His tongue dipped into her core, lapping her spicy nectar, then pushing in and out, loving her in a steady rhythm. Her hips arched forward, wanting more, and she cursed him when she could breathe.

"Whore monger," she hissed. "Miserable bossy, bully. I hate you!"

"Should I stop?" he asked, lifting his head to look at her sensuous body. She was sopping wet, a film of moisture covering her, her skin glistening with dew.

"I'll rip your balls off," she insisted.

"Does that mean I should continue?" he teased.

"Eric, please. I need you inside me. Love me," she whimpered.

"I will, Puss," he promised and sucked her clit once again. His addiction to her nectar overwhelmed him - he had to have more. He took his time enjoying her, his mouth bringing her the most incredible orgasms, his body finally filling hers, loving her hard, the way he had promised.

It was over too soon. Whether it lasted a few minutes or he prolonged their pleasure, it was always over too soon. He was a man in control of his body and his emotions, except when it came to the woman under him.

Six Months Later
It was too quiet when he unlocked his front door, Morgan nowhere in sight. She had been working half days since the end of her first trimester and would have started that half-day schedule sooner if Eric had known she was pregnant. Her brief bout with morning sickness generally hit her mid-morning when she was already in her office and he was at his desk so he missed that particular symptom. He caught her hurling in the bathroom one Saturday and mistook it for a brief bout of stomach flu when it hit her again on Sunday.

She usually got home earlier than he did and often napped until dinnertime. Eric didn't give it a lot of thought; her job wore her out emotionally and he wore her out physically - loving her in one way or another on a regular basis. As for her increased appetite and penchant for unusual food combinations, Morgan had always eaten whatever she felt like eating regardless of the combination and in spite of her small size, had always had a big appetite. It was pure chance he was home when someone called to confirm her doctor's appointment and he answered the phone.

"Morgan, where are you?" he had said calmly, going in search of the naughty puss he had married eight weeks earlier.

"In your study," she replied.

She was sitting at his desk, playing a computer game, wearing a silk kimono and looking delicious. "You feel okay, Puss?" he had asked, lifting her into his arms and sitting in her chair.

"Took a nap," she yawned, kissing him.

"Ready for me to love you?" he had asked quietly, nuzzling the sensitive flesh of her throat, inhaling her scent.

"I'm a little hungry," she murmured, burrowing into his chest. "Can we eat, first?"

"I'm going to eat, first, Puss," he had told her. "I'm going to spread your beautiful legs and feast on you."

"You ever get tired of doing that?"

"Never," he swore, lifting her and taking her upstairs to their bed. "I'm always hungry for you... you're spice and raspberry wine... manna... and all mine, little one."

She wondered why he stared at her breasts when he cupped them, his mouth extra gentle this time. They were a little fuller but he saw her every day and she didn't think he had noticed the small changes in her body - not yet, anyway. Her nipples were becoming more sensitive to his touch and she shivered when he suckled one and then the other.

His hand cupped her belly, smoothing his palm over her skin, the slightest roundness evident if you looked for it. He looked for it, wanted it to be there and bent his head to rub his lips against it. Her hands caressed his scalp when he moved between her thighs, her hips automatically lifting to fit his palms. He kissed the length of her pink folds, then sought her clit, teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

"Give it to me, Puss," he murmured, sucking the tiny organ between his lips. "Give me your sweet wine, little one. Give me your spice. I'm hungry for you."

She gave him what he wanted, her thighs spread for him, the lips of her sex open to his tongue. His mouth continued its assault on her, kissing her softly, lapping her love juices, taking his pleasure from hers. He rose above her, entered her gently and stilled his movements.


"When were you planning to tell me?" he asked quietly, pinning her with his dark eyes, the hardness of his shaft impaling her.

"When it was too late to abort," she answered honestly, her blue eyes beginning to fill, hoping he wasn't angry about the baby.

"Naughty Puss," he whispered, rolling onto his back, still buried inside her. "If you weren't pregnant, I'd warm your ass."

"How did you find out?"

"Got a call from your doctor's office confirming your next appointment." He rubbed her butt with a gentle hand. "Gonna warm it good, little one."

"Because I didn't tell you or because I'm pregnant," she asked, unsure of his meaning.

"Because you didn't tell me," he said softly, cupping her firmly, kneading both cheeks. "And why would you think I wouldn't want my own child? I owe you a good hard spanking, Puss," he growled low. "And when the babe is delivered, I'm going to turn you over my knee."

"Will you wait until I've recuperated?" she asked matter-of-factly, knowing he would never hurt her.

"Yes," he murmured, "but you better recuperate fast. My hand is already itching to smack your pretty little ass.

"You know," she drew out each word, reveling in the feel of him inside her, relaxed in his embrace. "While I'm recuperating... it's possible I'll get pregnant again."

"I hope you do," he smiled, kissing the few tears that remained on her cheeks. "I'd like a dozen girls that look like you."

"I'm not having a dozen children, Eric Cleveland. Don't even think about it!"

"We haven't used birth control, baby," he added, his cock twitching inside her. "And I'm not starting now."

He loved her gently, his heart full when he thought of the babe growing inside her. "A daughter," he murmured, "beautiful like her mother."

"We might have a son," she told him later. "A big strong boy with balls like yours."

He smacked her butt. She laughed. He grinned.

"Are you really happy about the babe?" she asked again.

Do you remember what I told you when we got married?"

~ End Part Fifteen ~

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