Spice & Raspberry Wine
Part Seventeen
by sarAdora


Morgan was euphoric - she helped solve a big case - a ring of men who had abducted children - used them, abused them, and sold them to the highest bidder. The Director had just congratulated her when Eric walked into her office.

"What did she do?" he asked, knowing full well what had transpired, but wanting to hear it again, so proud of her he could hardly contain himself.

"She made us proud," the Director beamed as if he were personally responsible for Morgan's skills. "It's a good day for the FBI."

"Is it a good day to accept my proposal of marriage?" he asked, startling her.


"Hurry up and say yes," the Director urged her. "If the office pool on when you two are getting hitched gets any higher, we'll need a Brink's truck to deliver the money.

Morgan blushed. Eric grinned. She said yes. He whooped for joy, and kissed her, unaware their audience had grown - the lab techs hanging in the doorway attracted by his uncharacteristic cry of joy.

They were married quietly, the Director insisting on being a witness, Eric's assistant, Alina, also standing up for them.

"I'm so happy for you, sir," Alina told him, giving him a big hug after the brief ceremony. "And you," she said quietly to Morgan. "I'm glad you decided to make an honest man out of my boss. Now, when I hear you two in his office, I won't blush as much knowing you're married."

"Eric!" Morgan flushed scarlet.

The AD laughed softly, a rare telltale blush covering his face.


They spent a week at his cabin - locked away from the world - loving each other like newlyweds. She was naked except for meals - pulling on sweats and a shirt to eat. He often objected strenuously. She argued that she'd get chilly without clothes. He'd yank her clothes off anyway and pull her into his arms - keeping her warm while they ate. His hands roamed freely over her - a lot of their meals half eaten when he couldn't wait any longer to make love to her. He offered a compromise about her clothes - she could wear one of his T-shirts, - it would be long and loose on her - something he could get his hands under.

"You have sweats on," she complained one night.

"That's to protect my balls, Puss. You have a habit of grabbing them."

"I like your balls," she told him.

"I do, too," he snorted.

Mid-week, he was standing behind her cupping her ass while she brushed her teeth. "Do your balls ache?" she asked, rinsing her mouth.

"No," he grinned. "Why do you think they ache?"

"Because you haven't stopped loving me since we got here. All day, all night - you're insatiable, AD Cleveland!"

"You're exaggerating," he said with a mock glare, his hands moving to her breasts to tease her nipples. "We stop to eat and nap and most nights, we sleep a few hours before..."

"Before you're between my legs again," she turned toward him, pinching his flat nipples.

"Sometimes, you're between mine, Puss," he reminded her, capturing her mouth.

"I can't help it," Morgan whispered. "I'm very fond of your balls... this, too," she added, fisting his cock that hardened in her hand.

"And I'm addicted to your sweet spice," he murmured, lifting her to his shoulders to lap at her.

"I'm sore, Eric," she moaned when his tongue tip touched her opening.

"You should be," he told her, balancing her against the bathroom wall. "I'll kiss your soreness, little one, then love you again," he promised. "Gotta keep you sore and aching."

"Why?" she asked, already lost in the bliss he gave her.

"It's my job," he informed her. "As your husband, I have to keep you satisfied. Being sore's a small price to pay."

"Day in and day out?" she gasped when he licked her clit.

"Absolutely! But when we get back to DC, I'll let you make my balls ache," he offered.

He impaled her when she collapsed against him, took her to bed and set her ass on the edge of the mattress. His balls hit the bed instead of her ass when he pushed into her making her snort. "You like that, little girl?" he growled at her. "Let's see what you think about this." He pushed her legs back against her chest and spread her further, his power thrusts hammering into her, making her weak. His balls slammed against her and his mouth briefly caught a blood red nipple between his teeth.

"You're going to be so sore, little one," he promised. "So sore... I'll have to kiss your soreness... stroke you till you're sopping wet... kiss you some more... tease you with my tongue... lick your spice."

"I love you," she said later, her voice soft, leaning back in his arms. "I shouldn't love you, but I do."

"Why shouldn't you?" he asked, cupping the curve of her cheek, his thumb brushing her face.

"You're too bossy," she murmured, poking him in the chest. "And you think you own all of me."

"I do own all of you, little one - every part of you is mine."


"Yes," he murmured, smiling. "And you own all of me. When I'm with you, I'm whole and fully alive. When we're apart, I live to be with you again. I need you as much as I need air," he said, covering her mouth.

"Will you still love me if I let myself go to hell, get fat or...?"

"I'll never stop loving you no matter what."

"What if I commit a heinous crime?"

"I'll paddle your behind but I'll still love you."

"What if...?"

"No ifs, Morgan. You are my life. I'll love you with my last breath, no matter what."

"What about your career? What if we have a child?"

"You come first with me. If we ever have a child, I'll be a father second. Our careers, our friends, everything else is last - there's you and only you as far as I'm concerned."

"I'm first with you?"

"Always, little one," he swore.


Three months later
"That means you're happy about the baby."

"I'm happy about the baby," he assured her. "And when she's born, I'll love her to distraction. Just remember that I'm your husband first and I love you more than life.

Morgan had always been an enthusiastic lover but pregnancy played havoc with her hormones and she was constantly horny, unable to be sated for long. This suited Eric very well. He adored teasing her - saying he had to go out in the field with his agents just to get a break - adding that he was sure he needed to rest every few hours so *it* wouldn't fall off. Working in the same office building didn't stop Morgan from popping into his office for a love fest. He was always happy to accommodate - his mouth or cock or both happily meeting her needs. Some days, he'd surprise her in her office and take her on her desk - leave her wanting even more. He'd attend her weekly case file meetings and lick his lips when she caught his eye - she always blushed. He knew she was dripping at the thought of his talented mouth between her thighs. He'd rub her ass in the elevator and make her squirm - then, he'd hold her back from exiting until they were alone and stop the elevator between floors - his hand under her skirt - warming her butt and teasing her till she groaned her release in his mouth.

When he had to go out of town for three days, he called her every night fisting himself while she touched herself - telling her how he was going to love her when he got home. And when he returned, he kissed her hello and ripped her clothes off, taking her on the rug inside the door. After they showered together, he took her straight to bed and loved her with his mouth till she passed out - then loved her again. He couldn't get enough and neither could she.

"If you use it too much, will it fall off?" she asked after a vigorous session one night as he kissed the perspiration off her brow.

"I adore you Puss," he chuckled and then smiled as she drifted into sleep, her body finally sated.


Present time
She was nowhere in sight as he climbed the stairs, looking for her. He found her in their bed, curled on her side, softly crying. Slipping off his shoes, he lay down behind her, and gently, pulled her to his chest.

"Tell me what's wrong, little one," he murmured. "I'll make it better."

"Go away."


"Look at me," she sobbed. "I'm a beached whale. I can't even see my feet."

He looked.

Then he smiled at the beauty in his arms. Morgan's belly was round, growing every day and except for her larger breasts, that was the extent of her extra weight. "You are so beautiful, my love," he told her, cupping her breasts through her robe, then untying the sash so he could look at her.

"I have to kiss these luscious breasts," he groaned. "Have to suck these beautiful nipples. Can't wait till you have milk. Going to suck you dry," he promised.

"You can't," she smiled in spite of her tears. "That's for the baby."

"You better leave some for me," he growled, putting his lips to her belly, informing the babe in vitro.

"She heard me," he laughed when they felt the tiny kick. "She takes after you, Puss. Already voicing an opinion."

"Why were you trying to look at your feet?" he asked, licking each nipple and sucking gently.

"I was trying to shave my legs and I couldn't reach all the way down," she suddenly sobbed. "My big belly was in the way." Her eyes overflowed, her mood swinging with her words.

He reached into his pocket for a handkerchief and gently wiped her running nose. The doctor had warned him about her hormones and how the smallest thing could affect her mood. "I love your beautiful round belly," he told her, dropping kisses all over it. "I love that you're having our child. I love these beautiful breasts. You are so damn sexy, I think I'll keep you pregnant."

"Just for that, you get diaper duty," she told him.

"No problem," he smiled. I'll do whatever it takes to makes you happy. I adore you, Puss and I need to taste your spice and be inside you. Later, I'll shave your legs for you."

"Who are you?" she asked quietly. "When did you turn into a gentle, tender man? What happened to the surly son-of-a-bitch AD?"

"Left him at the office to come home and love you senseless.

~ End Part Seventeen ~

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