Spice & Raspberry Wine
Part Eighteen - Epilogue
by sarAdora


Her back was to him but he knew in an instant that it was his mother-in-law. She turned toward him - her body a picture of grace in motion. Red hair artfully piled on her head - Morgan's neon blue eyes staring at him. This would be Morgan in 20 years - lush round breasts, a small waist and hips that were nicely rounded. Not too many wrinkles and the face of a confident woman sated from countless couplings and constant adoration. She carried her beauty like a mantle - well. Though dressed demurely, there was an animal aura about her - sensual and erotic. He was instantly drawn to her.

"If my daughter hadn't claimed you," she said bluntly and without guile as he introduced himself, "I'd seduce you." Her words were toned with lust and honey as she openly appraised her muscular son-in-law.

"If you didn't have a daughter, I'd also seduce you," he said, returning the compliment and meaning it. "But you do have a daughter and she holds my heart." Smiling, he soothed his words by adding, "I see where Morgan gets her beauty."

"Thank you," she answered as she reassessed her son-in-law. "But Morgan's beauty surpasses mine and her daughter will be even more beautiful than she."


"Tell me, Eric Cleveland," Morgan's mother queried. "Do you love my child?"

"With all my heart," he responded.

"Will you marry her?"

"We were wed almost a year ago."

"Keep her pregnant," his mother-in-law advised, satisfied with the match her only child had made. "Surround yourself with the fruit of your love."

"I intend to."


Four-year old Madeleine Cleveland sat in her pint-sized rocking chair, cuddling Miss Amelia, her favorite doll. Natural blonde streaks highlighted her long red hair and long silky lashes framed her neon blue eyes. She favored her grandmother in more than looks - her seductive mannerisms still dormant - just under the surface - waiting to blossom when she was grown. Eric looked at his first born and marveled at the beautiful child. She was Morgan's mother all over again. He knew she was destined to break hearts and he also knew he would break bones if any harm came to her.

Her two-year old sister, Josephine, was asleep in the playpen, her red hair and blue eyes a duplicate of her mother's. She was Morgan through and through - an insatiable imp with a teasing smile and sweet chubby arms that clasped her father's neck when she dropped wet kisses on his cheek. He didn't know if he could ever let her go... he was wrapped around her tiny fingers... the child - like her mother - demanding "more" of him until he cuddled her to sleep.

He looked at his youngest child - six weeks old - cradled to her mother's breast as the infant nursed. Nicole's red hair curled around her cheek, her neon blue eyes closed as she suckled, a chubby tiny fist pressed against Morgan's breast.

He bent toward the woman who held his heart - the woman who made his life worth living - the woman leaning against his chest as she nursed their child. He murmured in her ear, his words making her blush. Eric laughed softly at Morgan's rosy face... the doctor had given them permission to resume lovemaking. He was desperate to spank her until her bottom pinked under his hand, fill her ... and when she was calm, do it again.

"I'm going to love you," he told her. "Again... and again... and again... and a year or so from now, you could be carrying our next child.

"Eric Cleveland! I'm not going to get pregnant again. If you think... I'm not having a dozen children!

"Just one more... one more beautiful babe like her mother."


"Hush, Puss. Let 's put the children to bed," the surly... tender... SOB of an AD whispered. "I need to hold you and love you... I need to taste your sweet spice and raspberry wine.

~ End ~

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