Spice & Raspberry Wine
Part Eight
by sarAdora


She sat at the table with her legs crossed at the knee, a dab of steak sauce on her chin and leaned forward as he offered her a piece of steak from his fork. He let it touch her lips, then withdrew it, pulling the fork back so she'd have to reach for it.

"Eric!" she said in exasperation. "I'm still hungry."

"Come and get it, Puss," he invited, patting his lap, his eyes on the taut nipples visible threw her T-shirt.

She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him, making him laugh softly. "I'm going to lose my temper if I don't get to finish eating."

"I'll take my chances," he said, imitating her, folding his arms across his chest.

She thought he looked deliciously surly and felt moisture between her thighs. "I'll eat all your ice cream," she warned softly, getting up from the table and moving toward the kitchen.

"I'll fuck you senseless," he replied just as softly, standing and going after her.

"You'll have to catch me, first," she grinned, loving the game, and darted around him, running toward the couch and behind it.

He thwarted her every move. No matter which way she turned, he was there to block her escape. "Is this a Mexican stand-off?" she yelled in frustration, her hands on her hips.

"Not any more, Puss," he growled, reaching over the back of the couch and hauling her into his arms. "Gotcha', little one. You're mine now."

"I thought you'd never catch me," she sighed, content in his embrace.

They undressed each other, two T-shirts and two pairs of jeans hit the floor with resounding speed. Lying on the bed, Eric balanced his weight on an arm and looked at her, his eyes feasting on her curves - a banquet of hills and valleys - and he took his time exploring. She was silk to touch and he touched. Her breasts drew his attention and he watched the rosy glow that filled her face when he teased her nipples with a gentle hand.

"Is this good, Morgan?"

"Mmmm," she hummed, mesmerized by the passion in his warm brown eyes, one hand stroking his chest, the other fisting the sheets.

"More?" he asked, not seeking permission, just asking.

"Mmmm." She parted her thighs.

His hand played her mons - his fingers caressing her, maddening her - 1st movement, adagio... fingers leisurely stroking her curls, 2nd movement, allegro... rapid feathery strokes over the fullness of her sex. The 3rd movement was his palm cupping her and his mouth capturing hers as his hand relished the heat she was generating, the moisture from her sex covering his palm.

"Can't wait," he whispered as he lowered his head between her thighs. Her folds were the sweetest pink, her clit hard and round and peeking at him under its hood, temptation staring him in the eye. He gave in to the temptation, teasing the hood with his lips, the tip of his tongue pressing the tiny organ.

Morgan's thighs spread wider in invitation and Eric licked the richness of her sex. Swallowing, he eagerly sampled her again, the taste of her was an exotic spice mixed with raspberry wine. He smiled against her folds; this was delicious manna from heaven and he was a starving man.

"Come inside me," she begged. "I want you."

"Soon, Puss," he murmured, his lips and tongue feasting on her sweetness and in no hurry to stop. "You are so delicious, so sweet, so wet for me," he told her, cupping her butt to keep her from jerking back from his mouth.

"Now," she demanded, making him smile, her body on fire.

He ignored her protests, her pleas, and her hands trying to pull him over her, sucking her to climax, lapping her nectar when she did. Before she calmed, he was sucking and licking her again, the taste of her a new addiction and one he had to satisfy. There was no denying him this pleasure and he took it, again and again.

When he finally entered her, she was mush, pliant in his arms and sated, voicing no arguments, just soft sweet purrs of pleasure. He pushed into her as far as he could go, the thickness of him filling her, the tip of his shaft brushing her G-spot. Morgan's breathing was so harsh that soft moans were her only response, she wasn't capable of speech.

She was tight, she was hot, and she was wet. His thrusts were slow, savoring the feel of her, the length of his engorged penis rubbing her inner walls, the sensation indescribably pleasurable. His balls slapped against her ass, teasing her flesh with his velvet sac, tormenting him with the rhythmic pressure. He moved a hand to her lower back, the other somewhat higher, lifting her so that her back curved, her breasts were peaks under his mouth and the angle of his thrusts teased her clit.

Her sensuousness overwhelmed him, her beautiful body and sweet soft breasts were gifts to his eyes and mouth, and her wet heat engulfed and consumed him. The intensity of his release filled her womb, draining him.

"Anyone ever tell you, you have a few freckles on your butt?" he asked when she opened her eyes a half-hour later.

"My mother, my roommate at boarding school, college roommates, a lover I rejected, the doctor I saw when I took a physical before joining the FBI. Thank you for noticing."

"You weren't this sassy when we were working out together in the gym," he chuckled.

"We were friends, then and you had clothes on."

"Now?" he arched a brow, his hands stilled.

"Now, we're lovers and you're naked. No holds barred."

"Glad to hear that," he murmured, taking her back into his arms, intent on tasting her unique nectar again.

"Why do you call me Puss?" she asked as he palmed her breast before moving over her.

"It becomes you," he said. "You're a sweet sensuous kitten. When we first met, you were skittish around me. When we knew each other a little better, you wove around me, in and out of my arms, rubbing against me, teasing me. When you realized you couldn't live without me, you begged me to stroke you."

"Couldn't live without you?' she hissed. "I begged you?"

"You arch your back and hiss like a cat," he grinned. "I stroke you," he continued, his breath warming her breast and making her nipple harden into a wine red peak. "And you respond to me," his lips gently suckled that nipple while his hands roamed over her firm round hips. "So I stroke you again," he murmured, his hands mapping her curves, memorizing each feature, "and again." His tongue followed his hands, nuzzling her curls before exploring her pink folds and licking her essence until his cock strained to be inside her. He rose above her, intending to plunge into the warm wet opening he had just lapped, but Morgan scooted down on her back and gently cupping his heavy sac, licked the beads glistening on his cockhead and then sucked him between her lips. The pillows muffled his groan, and he had the presence of mind to roll onto his side so he wouldn't crush her.

When her lips firmly enveloped him, her tongue swirled around his engorged flesh and he held his breath while she sucked. Her hand stroked the part of him that wouldn't fit in her mouth, the other massaging his balls and caressing the underside near the cleft of his ass. He almost lost it when she teased that spot.

"Puss," he gasped. "So good baby, so good." His hands were in her hair and he struggled not to choke her, but his hips were moving forward on their own and he wasn't sure how much longer he could control their thrusting.

Morgan held onto him as she let him slip out of her mouth. She lifted her upper body slightly and watched him as she caught his thick cock between her breasts. His mouth dropped open and he inhaled sharply when she lifted and squeezed them around him. He thrust up in reflex and she sucked the tip of him back into her mouth, the rest of his shaft and balls between her beautiful breasts. The sight of his engorged cock between her breasts was unparalleled eroticism - the sensation of being buried between them and in her mouth at the same time... it was more than he could take and it pushed him over the edge.

The crescendo that was the roar of his release reverberated through the log cabin, the almost silent aftermath approaching redemption... if redemption made a sound. His heavy breathing continued unabated as Morgan lay her head on his thigh, her own breathing somewhat ragged. He felt her hot breath on his loins and he shifted, trying to move her mouth away from his exhausted organ. She held onto his thigh, determined to give as good as she got and he felt her smile against his sweat coated flesh when he realized her intent.

"I'm gonna warm your ass if you don't stop," he warned between gasps.

"Then I better do something to deserve it," she laughed softly and sucked him back between her lips. His growl should have warned her, but it didn't. His hands reaching for her shoulders was another clue she missed, but when he hauled her up against his chest and gave her butt a good smack... and then another... then several more... she turned the air blue, cursing at him.

"Gonna wash your mouth out, Puss," he warned.

"I'll rip your balls off if you do," she said cheerfully.

"Gonna tan your hide too," he added softly, his tone serious.

"No you're not," she said with great confidence.

"And why is that?" the surly AD wanted to know.

"'Cause you don't want to damage your playing field."

"You're right, I don't," he grinned, delivering light stinging smacks, then rubbing the warm globes of her butt.

"Good, I didn't really want to rip your balls off," she said matter-of-factly, enjoying the light heat on her bottom cheeks. "I like your balls."

He snorted. He liked them, too.

~ End Part Eight ~

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