Spice & Raspberry Wine
Part Nine
by sarAdora


Dawn arrives slowly in Virginia's mornings, the sky deceptively dressed in gray cloud cover, a sure sign of snow. A few minutes past the wee hours, Eric opened his eyes, his nostrils flaring - he smelled her. He stretched and smiled, content with the bitterly cold day - they'd spend it in bed or naked on the rug in front of the fire. He turned his head to look at her - her nude body was sprawled across his bed - her legs spread. A few mauve marks were visible on her pale skin where he had suckled her too hard. There was another on her thigh and he leaned over her to lick it, the flat of his tongue savoring the silkiness of her skin. The smell of the sex they shared lingered on her body, heavier the closer he got to her sex. He relished it, rubbing his cheeks on the inside of her thighs, dropping tender kisses as he moved forward. The flesh surrounding the opening of her sex was puffy, swollen from the pounding he gave her a few hours earlier. He regretted hurting her, but he wasn't sorry for the heated coupling.

He wanted her more than he wanted any woman, his desire approaching desperate need. Eric didn't need a lot of things in life, people included, but he needed Morgan. He didn't have to explain it to himself or anyone else. It came from within and he accepted it. Need denied turns to obsession; he had no intention of being denied.

Her clit was engorged, the sensitive tissue pink and peeking at him, He licked it, then blew softly over it, his hot breath stirring her to wakefulness. He answered her sleepy murmurs with soft sounds, gently turning her onto her belly and parting her thighs. Stroking her with a gentle hand, his fingers gently probed until she was wet enough to enter. He pulled her ass against his belly, and slowly pushed his hard cock between her thighs until he was fully sheathed inside her. He pushed in - out - again - again - again - and in seconds, he was overcome by her heat and emptied into her. Sleep followed within moments.


She woke with the sun, his arms enfolding her, his morning erection snuggled against her ass. His hands cupped her breasts - her nipples tingling as he worried them between his thumbs and forefinger. Morgan smiled. It was a delicious way to wake up. Eric's breath was warm and heavy on her neck - his chest was a wall of warmth behind her - his arms and legs surrounded her - she was being held in the arms of a giant, furry bear.

He knew she was awake and his hands moved to her mound - parted her folds and stroked her. His thumbs found her clit and pressed it, her soft gasps making him harder. He ran his hand over the tiny turgid organ and it teased his palm. He pinched it lightly, his fingers circling the flesh around it, pinching it again until her breathing was ragged.

"Good morning Puss," he whispered. "Tell me you want me to love you."

"Love me, Eric."

"I will, little one."

"Easy and slow," she begged. "I'm sore - not so fast this time."

"Easy and slow it is," he promised, prolonging her release so long she begged him to hurry up - making him smile - still going easy and slow.

"Now," she demanded.

"Soon," he murmured, taking his time to love her thoroughly, then removing his hands from her clit to stroke her breasts instead. She protested, trying to push his hands back to her folds. He grinned into her neck, his hands rubbing her nipples till they ached. He continued to make her crazy, nipping her earlobes, kissing the side of her neck, discovering it was an erogenous zone. Without warning, he slid into her, his thick shaft filling her and he pumped in and out as slowly as his could, his balls slapping against her ass much too gently to suit her.

"I'm going to have my revenge," she warned, pushing back into him, trying to make him thrust faster. "If you don't hurry up, I'm going to..."

"No, you're not, Puss," he chuckled. You want me too much to damage the part of me that brings you so much pleasure."

"Please," she whimpered, appalled she was reduced to begging.

"Magic word," he smiled, speeding up, stroking her clit, and felt her climax surge around him. Morgan collapsed back into him only to feel his climax as he flooded her womb.

When he could stand, he continued to hold her back against his chest, his softening penis slipping out of her. Taking her into the shower, he washed them both as she leaned against him. Softly, he murmured to her, telling her how sweet she was, his need for her momentarily satisfied. When she could stand on her own, he turned her in his arms and kneeled in front of her - his hands cupping her ass. Gently, he pushed her thighs apart and lapped her until she shivered, then lowered her to the wet floor. Pulling her legs over his shoulders, he held her down while he sucked her clit until she screamed and then stroked it with the flat of his tongue until she passed out. Leisurely, he drank from her well -his mouth sated.

When Morgan opened her eyes, she was on his lap and he was drying her body. "Are you going to do this all day?"

"All weekend, Puss," he assured her, stroking her neck. "I've just begun to make love to you."

"At this rate I'm going to be very sore very soon."

"That's nothing compared to how sore you're going to be by the time Sunday night rolls around."


"Shhh, Puss. I'll kiss all your sore spots and make them better." He laughed softly when she moaned at his words.


Except for a few moments of privacy, he rarely let her out of his arms all day - and never out of his sight. She pulled on a sweater and jeans when they ate a meal; he pulled them off mid meal. He pulled her into his arms while he stirred something at the stove and when she cut vegetables for a salad, he stood behind her and kissed her neck, his hands either under her shirt stroking her breasts or on her ass, cupping her, filling his hands. She retaliated - pushing his sweats down while he basted a steak on the grill, fondling his heavy balls, and pinching his firm ass. Once, she just stood behind him and leaned on his back knowing her nipples were burning a hole in his flesh.

"I'm hot for you," she murmured, "and so wet, I'm dripping."

They ate the steak rare and cold because he couldn't stop feasting on her.

Later, he stroked her body as they lay in bed, feeding his need to touch her and almost ready to call it a night. "Where did all this beauty come from?" he asked as he fondled her exquisite nipples before his fingers roamed over the silkiness of her belly.

"My mother," she said. "She's the one who gave me her genes."

"Is she still alive?"

"Very much so," Morgan smiled. "We don't see each other often, we're not that close."

"Does she live nearby?"

She lives in Europe with her latest lover."

Eric arched a brow. "Tell me about you... about her."

"I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. My mother was descended from Arcadians, more French than Cajun and was a kept woman - that's what it was called then. Soon after my birth, she took me with her to France - following her lover and benefactor and we lived very comfortably there for a while. When that lover died unexpectedly, my mother took other lovers." Morgan paused, momentarily lost in memories. "She was a high-class prostitute with a small but very wealthy clientele. I look a lot like her and although her lovers always gave me admiring looks, they never touched me. She introduced me to them years earlier, telling each of them that they were my father."

"And your father?"

"I never met him. I'm not really sure my mother knows who he is, either. I was well taken care of, loved and adored and didn't know my mother was a whore.

She sent me back to the states to attend boarding school when I was twelve and beginning to blossom. There had been an incident and... There was only so much temptation she was going to put in front of the men in her life."

"Tell me about the incident," Eric asked quietly, hoping she hadn't been raped as a child.

"I had come home from school and was in my bedroom, changing from my uniform into other clothes. One of mother's clients was angry at her because she wouldn't spend a week at his villa. He had gone into a rage and went through our home intending to steal something of value, something my mother cherished, hoping she would follow him to retrieve it. He happened upon me in my bedroom."


"And he saw me in my underwear and spun me around before I even realized he was in the room. As I said, I favor her appearance and perhaps, he saw her when he looked at me. He ripped my slip and panties off - I had already removed my bra - and he touched me - his hand was rough between my thighs - it hurt and I screamed and my mother's maid came running. He hit her and she fell and the next thing I knew, I heard a shot. My mother stood in the door, a gun in her hand."

"Did she kill him?" he asked, barely suppressing his rage, certain he would murder the son of a bitch if he were still alive.

"No, she shot him in the thigh. I think she was aiming for his balls. He was in a great deal of pain and bleeding and mother covered me with a robe and told me to go to her room. I heard his screams within seconds. When I came back, he was gone. Later, I heard that she had been so angry that he touched me, she pulled his pants down and while her servant held him down, she practically ripped his balls off. Two of her paramours took him away."

Eric arched a brow. It runs in the family.

"Before I flew to the states, she showed me how to defend myself if attacked."

"Did your mother's lovers know about each other?" he asked.

"Yes, she let them compete for her attention and the opportunity to adore her. And they *do* adore her. She's not only very beautiful; she's also a very clever woman. She socked away a lot of cash, made good investments and when her jewelry collection grew, she'd sell pieces of it every year and invest some more. When the times comes that she retires, she'll be able to continue her life style."

"She *is* a beauty, Eric, unparalleled and very much worshiped by those who love her. They can have her and still be married to their wives, and have families. She's so beautiful, she's not shunned from society, but coveted like a treasure. Occasionally, she takes clients other than her regular following and they have included men whose names you would recognize. She told me to be careful with my body - not to sleep with any man who wanted me - but when I wanted a man in my bed, to give generously, but to keep my heart locked so I wouldn't be hurt.

"And all the men whose hearts are hurting because you rejected them?" he asked, making her look at him. "What about them?"

"There aren't that many and for now, there's only room in my life for you. I don't know about tomorrow, but right now, there's only you."

"Good," he murmured, drawing her closer, "let's leave it that way."

~ End Part Nine ~

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