Tell Me!
by saradora


"Why are you crying, sweetness?" he asked softly, kissing her brow.

"Not crying," she sniffled, her eyes closed, afraid to look at him.

"What are these?" he touched a tear with his thumb.

"Not mine," she whispered, a catch in her throat.

"How did they get there?" he wanted to know, his thumb brushing the curve of her cheek.

"Don't know," she fabricated.

"I think you do," he said, his voice husky with desire, twisted with hunger.

She pulled her head away from his hand.

Gently, he pulled it back.

"Tell me," his words were soft, but firm - insistent and commanding in tone - honeyed and warmed by his love for her.

"Can't," she moaned, burying her face in his furry chest.

"It's the only way," he said quietly. "We agreed that's how it would be, today."


"Please what?"

"Please touch me. Please kiss me," she implored.

"Is that all you want?" his tone marked with skepticism.

"I can't," she murmured.

"You can," he replied.


"Please what?"

"Please love me," she sighed.


"With your hands, your mouth, your tongue, your... your..." she hesitated.

"My...?" he questioned, one corner of his mouth curving up.

"I want to feel you inside me."

"Where?" he smiled, his eyes twinkling.

"You know where."

"Tell me," he smothered his laughter, loving her sweet blush.

"I can't."

"You can," he assured her, his fingers stroking her neck.

"I... I... need you. Please."

"Tell me what to do, sweetness."

"Touch me."

"Where?" he asked again, his mouth dipping to suck the hollow of her throat.

"I want to feel your mouth on my breasts, your lips suckling my nipples."

"Like this?"

"Yessss," she gasped, arching her back, pushing into his mouth.

"I still see tears, my ladylove," he murmured when he lifted his mouth. "What else do you want?"

"I want your hands touching... my lips."

"Like this?" he teased, slowly rubbing her soft sweet mouth, one finger slipping inside.

"The other ones," she blushed furiously, moving his hand to her sex.

"Here?" he smiled at her pinking face, his fingers dancing across her folds. "Here? Where you love me?"

"Yessss," she moaned, spreading her legs and covering his hands, pushing them against her protruding clit.

"Here?" he laughed softly, his mouth capturing her mouth as his fingers pressed the sensitive bundle of nerves again and again until she spiraled into ecstasy.

He watched her mid and post coitus, her lips parted on a breath, her nipples taut - wine coated peaks an offering to his mouth as her back arced. Taking a deep breath, he was once again astounded by her earthy sensuality.

She was a woman passion drugged and she was his.

"I still see tears, little one," he said when she returned to him. "What else do you want?"

"I want you," her words were soft, her breath still ragged from the teasing tango his fingers had danced between her thighs, sliding up... down... dipping.

"How?" his voice gentled, his need for her increasing.


"Tell me," he breathed softly into her mouth.


"I'll wait until you tell me what you really want." His lips pressed against her cheek, his hands stilled, time in a bottle until she spoke.

"Please!" she cried, eyes filling.

He waited.

"Please put your hands on me... on my ass... on my... touch me... stroke me, sting me. I want... the warmth. I need... the heat. Oh, please."

"Then, what?" his heart raced, his mouth desperate to taste the pleasure he would give her.

"Your tongue... your mouth... your lips... your breath on me... between my thighs... on my soft center... on my... my..."

"On your pussy, sugar woman? Shall I love you there? Is that what you want?"


"Is that all you want?"

"I want your..."


"Your penis inside me! Your cock spreading me, filling me! Fucking me! Your... balls slapping my ass! I HATE asking. Why do you make me beg?" she sobbed, the tears flowing fast and furious.

"Because I love you," he said quietly. "And I want you to feel easy telling me what you want... what you need... just like I tell you what I want and what I need." Cupping her face with both hands, he dropped feather kisses on her brow, the soft silk beneath her eyes, and the tip of her nose. "I don't want you to wait for me to love you, mia adore," his voice like sin and chocolate. "Tell me what you want. I'll always give it to you, my love, my life, my joy."

"Please... I need to touch the sun. Help me."

"Shall I warm your bottom with my hand? Do you want to feel the sting, the tingle of my hands slapping, swatting, warming you until you lose your breath?"


"Do you want me to love you with my mouth, baby? Here? On your sweet sex, your woman's place?"


"You're wet for me, my love. Your pussy's wet for me, and hot. Your petals open... spreading for my tongue... I adore you, mia bella, my own."


"Will you spread your legs for me and take me deep inside your heat? Will you, sugar woman? Tell me."

"Please," she begged softly, the tears flowing down her cheeks and onto his neck.

His breath caught once again. She needed him and he was there.

Turning her in his arms, he placed her across his thighs, his palms circling her soft sweet flesh. He pressed lightly, then harder, then lifted as he targeted each cheek, softly slapping, filling a need. The slaps got harder... faster... then he rubbed... each globe pinking and generating heat.

Her soft sweet moans went from her mouth to his groin, his burgeoning erection bruising her belly. He desperately needed release. The swats began again, pausing between each slap, letting the tingle register and slapping once again. When she had enough, his breath was warm on her rosy butt, his kisses sucking the burn from her inch by inch, the flat of his tongue tasting the heat of the sting.

Turning her again, he lightly slapped the tiny, turgid organ peeking at him between her folds, then licked it, his hot breath stirring her in a different way. He filled her, stretching her, his cock hard and thick, plunging in and out of her slick heat, his need for her overriding any other emotion. He wanted to consume her, devour her, and possess her.

He succeeded.

She sucked him into her body and held on, her inner walls tightening around his shaft, refusing to release him. She reached for the sun, grabbed it with both hands, and was reborn as liquid silk within his embrace. The heat and strength of his love dried her tears, her body under his, the soft purring sounds of her ecstasy lost in the crescendo that was the roar of his release.

"Tell me," he said later when their breath eased and their pulses slowed.

"Will you love me again, this day?" she asked.

"I will, my love," he smiled. "Any way you want. Just tell me."

~ End ~

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