by saradora

She had no idea how it happened, and right now, she didn't care. She had seen the big lug shop here regularly. The way he handled the fruit before he finally made his selections made her crazy.

He rubbed his thumb over the peaches - a slow sensuous rubbing... She shivered, feeling that thumb on her nipples.

Jesus! I'm dripping!

The way he hefted the cantaloupe in his palm, weighing it, squeezing it. She clenched her butt cheeks, feeling his palm warming her ass, desperate for the sting of arousal.

I've got to fuck him!

He bagged a few grapes, slowly sucked a couple into his mouth, the tip of his tongue wetting his lips, a look of succulent pleasure on his face.

That tongue in the right place... Yes! I want that tongue. I know just the place. She sighed heavily.

He reached for the pears and she lost it. Grabbing him by the sleeve of his trench coat, she pulled him toward the front door.

"Don't say a word. Just come with me."

"What the hell?"

"One more word and I'll fuck you right here in front of God and company. Now shut up and come with me. You won't regret it," she promised, a note of desperation in her voice.

The big man grinned. "I thought you'd never make a move. I was about to grab you."

She pulled him out of the store, across the street to the park and over to the public unisex restroom. Going for the gold, she locked the door behind her, pushed him up against it, and reached for his fly. She hauled his cock out in record time.

He reached under her coat, yanked her skirt up, her pantyhose down and lifted her. He knew she'd be wet. She was drenched. He pushed her head into his shoulder to muffle her cries and then cupped her ass. He warmed it with numerous fast and furious swats until she whimpered, then plunged into her hot, slick heat in one long determined stroke.

Her inner walls tightened on him, making him thrust harder and faster. "I'm close," she gasped.

"Come for me, Arianne. Come for me, my love," he commanded huskily, his breath in her ear.

He stayed inside her, his chin buried in her hair, stroking her back with one hand, cradling her warm pinked ass with the other.

She collapsed against his chest, breathing in his scent, satisfied he was as good as she thought he would be, tickled he had also spanked her.

When she could breathe again, she pulled the hood of her coat away from her face and looked up at him.

"Who's Arianne?" she asked.

The big man stared at the woman in his arms, a woman he had thoroughly spanked and thoroughly fucked, a woman he didn't know.


~ End ~

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