Vodka On Ice
Part One
by sarAdora

4:15 PM

Groaning, he eyed the stack of files that needed his attention and debated taking some of them home with him tonight. It's that or one more late night in this office. Leaning back in his chair, he stretched his arms above his head trying to zone out for a few moments but turned when he heard a light tap on the door. Curious, he looked up as it opened.

She was wearing a lightweight floor-length coat and to his credit, his face remained neutral when the woman locked the door behind her. He didn't stand; he remained motionless, his eyes taking in the black mask that covered her head and almost all of her face. A small chin and a very beautiful set of lips were her only visible features.

"Chairman Skovetz?"

"Assistant Chairman Skovetz," he corrected.

Mask? What the fuck is that all about? Who the hell is she? Jesus H. Christ! Sitting perfectly still, he watched as she gracefully walked toward him and stood at the front of his desk.

"Nicholas Sergei Skovetz, Assistant Chairman of Security, Ltd., and liaison to the Criminal Investigative Unit of the FBI?" She waited for him to confirm the information.

He said nothing, merely looked at her, and wondered how she knew his middle name. It's not on the directory in the lobby.

"Can you at least nod in agreement?" her voice soft and even.

Nick remained silent and motionless.

"Could you please say something?" she asked, leaning forward over his desk, filling his nostrils with her scent. "Maybe, you could grunt?"

It took a bit of will power on his part not to respond to her taunt, but he realized his palm was already itching to smack her ass, whoever the hell she was.

"Well?" she asked with some annoyance.

He didn't respond.

"Tell me this," she sighed, straightening again. "Are you still breathing? Do I need to take your pulse? Or, am I talking to a fresh corpse?"

His lips curved up in spite of himself. "Still breathing. Now, what is this all about?" he asked in a neutral tone as if a masked woman in his office was a common, everyday experience.

She said nothing, slipping around the desk and closer to him. Acting on reflex, he pushed his chair back to accommodate her and as soon as there was room for her to stand, she positioned herself between his knees and leaned back against his desk.

His eyes tried to penetrate the mask she wore on the presumption that if he stared hard enough, some hint of her identity might be revealed. He also wondered how she saw him; the narrow slits in her mask were barely wide enough for her to see. "You seem to know who I am... who are you?" Damn! She smells good.

She said nothing.

Folding his arms cross his chest, he tried to keep the annoyance out of his voice. This was an interesting diversion, but he had work to do. "What is your name? And what do you want?"

She was chickening out. The closer she got to him, the larger he seemed. One look at that broad expanse of chest, those beefy arms straining his shirtsleeves, the massive shoulders, and his thighs... yikes! Oh, my God! He's larger than life. What was I thinking?

Warm, dark eyes were boring into hers. Without conscious thought, she wet her lips.

"What did you say?"

Nick's eyes twinkled. There was just the hint of a smile on his lips as he watched her take inventory. "What do you want?" he asked again. "N-n-nothing," she stammered and turned to leave.

His arm reached out, and jerked her back. "Oh no, you don't," he said calmly, but with a trace of authority. "You came here, unexpected, uninvited, no appointment, and with your face covered for a particular reason. You're not going anywhere until I have some answers to my questions - satisfactory answers." By the time he finished speaking, he was standing, still holding onto her arm, pushing her back against his desk.

"Please, I... I've changed my mind," she whispered.

"You come in here, interrupt me, a mask on your face, and you changed your mind?" A hint of menace crept into his voice. "Start talking!"

She remained silent.

"I'm waiting," he hissed. "I don't have a great deal of patience as it is, and I'm about to explode! Any second!" Forgetting to be afraid for a moment, she asked softly, "What happens when you explode?"

In your case, I'll whip your ass! Suddenly, he was aware she was trembling and momentarily, he wondered if she was here under duress. Easing his grip, he made an attempt to calm her. "Why don't you just tell me what this is all about?"

"It was a dare," she whispered.

"A dare?"

She nodded.

"And?" His hand remained on her arm.

"And... a friend and I were taking the security tour and... We spotted you and I said... you were... um...handsome, and she said you were a... a hunk."

She felt her face getting warm, knew she was blushing under her mask. "And... and she dared me to walk up to you and... tell you and I couldn't."

Nick nodded, suppressing a grin, and stepped back to watch her. As she confessed her reason for being in his office, she continued to wind her fingers through her hands over and over again.

"And?" He kept his face neutral, letting her squirm a little.

"And she said I was a coward and never took a stand on anything and that's not true! I take a stand on a lot of things. I marched on the Capitol to fight to save the owls in Washington state and... and... oh, sorry. Anyway, she dared me to come here... and that's it... and I did." Finishing her confession in a rush of breath, she turned to leave.

This time, he pulled her back gently. "You were supposed to do something, weren't you?"



"It's... it's nothing."

"Tell me."

"I said it was nothing.

"I think it's something. Now, tell me."

Sighing heavily, "I'm... I'm supposed to kiss you."

"How will your friend know if you do?"

"She'll take my word. I don't lie."

"Kiss me," he ordered.


He nodded.

Leaning forward, she kissed his cheek. As she pulled away, he pulled her back. "I don't think that's what she meant. Try it again," he instructed as if she were a student in his class - Kissing 101.

Leaning forward again, she barely brushed his lips, amazed at how soft they felt.

With a soft growl, he pulled her to him, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply.

She was startled by his aggressiveness, but the kiss was so much more than she imagined a kiss could be. Oh lord! The way this man kisses should be against the law. If he does that again, I'm going to melt into a puddle at his feet.

He thought it was strange to kiss someone whose face he couldn't see, but her mouth was utterly sweet and he wanted to taste more. The scent of her filled his nostrils and stirred his libido. Gardenia, maybe, musk?

Smells like woman to me, the irreverent voice inside his head quipped. All woman!

Finally breaking the kiss, he found himself anxious to learn more about her. He had thoroughly kissed a woman he didn't know, but he did know he'd like to kiss her again. "Take the mask off. I want to see your face."

"I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Because I can't, that's why," she said firmly.

Nick was not happy with her response, but decided not to pursue the matter for the moment. He could easily have removed it, but she had it on for a reason and it intrigued him.

"All right, what else were you supposed to do?"

"What makes you think I was supposed to do anything else?"

"Because you're dressed in a loose fitting coat. If you were just trying to hide your body, you could have worn a loose dress. What else?"

"Maybe I'm wearing a loose fitting coat so you... um..."

"Cut to the chase," he snarled with impatience. "What else were you supposed to do?"

She was having a little trouble breathing. A moment ago, he kissed her deeply and with warmth. Now, he was snarling at her. An adrenaline high coursed through her. Whew! He runs hot and cold.

"I'll tell you, but you... you have to sit down." He sat. "And... and... you have to promise not to touch."

He thought a moment. She's trembling; I frightened her. "I promise."

"I don't suppose I could get you to swear a promise?" she asked with more bravado than she felt.

"Swear a promise?"

"Say, I promise not to touch, cross my heart and hope to die." She crossed her heart.

His eyes narrowed in a glare.

Her tongue slipped out to touch her upper lip as she waited for his promise, fully expecting him to give his word. Mentally, she chastised herself for saying such a childish thing.

Choking on a chuckle, he crossed his heart with a finger. "It's a promise."

She was satisfied. "Sit back in your chair."

He did.

"Push your chair a little further back." He did.

"Cross your arms." He crossed his arms.

"And your legs." One knee went over the other.

Slowly, she unzipped her coat. Her eyes focused on his face, she took a deep breath, and inch by inch, revealed her naked body. In her head, she counted the seconds her coat was open. Two heartbeats... one, two heartbeats... two, two heartbeats... three, until she reached a count of ten and re-zipped her coat.

Nick's reaction was visceral. His eyes widened... his mind registered... and his body reacted. A brow arched... his heart rate increased... his breath quickened. He clenched his hands... his legs uncrossed... and his cock twitched, aimed and tried to fire in the direction of the rosy lips that were peeking between her thighs.

Her coat had been open for the length of two good sized breaths, not that he was breathing. He had seen her breasts, beautifully full and round, areolas the color of café con leché, nipples slightly darker. He swallowed hard. He couldn't see her face or hair, but he didn't have any trouble memorizing the alluring contours of her body.

As for the patch of silk between her thighs, he couldn't decide if it was medium or dark brown. Shiny - looks soft - bet it feels like silk. Her navel was indented, his tongue already itching to taste it. Probably ticklish there, maybe an erogenous zone. Skin looks so smooth. He wanted to run his hands over her, first his palms and then his fingertips. Then, my whole hand... touching, my mouth sliding over her... His body leaned forward of its own accord.

"Uh-uh," she warned.

Uh-uh, my ass!

The phone buzzed, momentarily startling him, interrupting his thoughts. Grabbing it with one hand and her arm with the other, he gave the caller a moment of attention. It was just long enough for the naked woman to slip out of his grasp.

"Hold on a moment." Covering the phone's mouthpiece, he turned to the woman who had interrupted his afternoon's work, intrigued him, and captured his full and undivided attention.

"Don't go! Please don't go," he said with some urgency.

She moved to the door, hesitated and turned back. Standing in the center of the room, between the door and his desk, her back to him, she let the coat drop off her shoulders. His eyes followed the seductive trail... the cloth sliding down her back, exposing smooth flesh to his gaze, and when it slipped beneath her ass, his eyebrows shot up, and his mouth went dry. One arm slipped out of a sleeve... the coat was twirled away from her body and she spun around on high-heeled sandals. If that wasn't enough to make the breath leave his body without sufficient air, the rest quickly drained from his lungs when she circled again. Absolutely nothing about her nude body missed his eye.

He inhaled sharply. "What? What?" he barked at the caller, knowing damn well that he hadn't heard a word. There was no way he could take his eyes off the naked nymph standing a few feet from his desk.

She circled one more time as she donned the coat once again. Then she faced him, bent over and zipped the wide coat to just below her crotch. Spreading her thighs, she slid a finger down her slit and up again... staring at him when she sucked that finger into her mouth. Abruptly, she zipped the coat shut and went out the door.

"I... something's come up... an urgent matter. I'll call you later." He made a beeline for the door, determined to catch her and when he did, he was going to warm that beautiful ass until...

She had done her homework. There was a closet that held cleaning supplies two doors down from Nick Skovetz's office that opened to the parallel corridor. She slipped inside and locking the door behind her, removed her mask and stuck it into the pocket of her coat. Grabbing the small bag she had left there earlier, she hurried to the women's restroom.

Nick jerked the door open, rushed through the outer office, and into an empty corridor. She was nowhere in sight. She must have slipped into one of these doors. He tried them all. Most were locked, except the restrooms. Bravely, he stepped into the closest women's restroom - nothing. No one was there. By the time he had exhausted every possible exit route, he knew she was gone. Must have made it to the elevator or the stairwell. He wondered if he'd ever see her again.


By the time she entered the stall in the restroom, her reversible coat was inside out, and hanging over her arm. Quickly, she pulled on a skirt, pulled a sweater over her head, and changed her shoes. The woman who pushed the button on the elevator several minutes later had shoulder length, ash brown hair, dark, gray eyes, and a very wicked grin.


Sitting at his kitchen counter drinking his second Scotch, he reviewed his visit from the mysterious and gloriously naked woman. Beautiful, very beautiful. He wondered what would have happened if he hadn't answered the phone. Seeing every detail of her body in his mind's eye, he continued to muse. Wanted to kiss that sweet mouth again. Wanted to touch her. Find out if she was as silky to the touch as she looked. I'd bet on it. His cock twitched in agreement. Who is she? Why the mask? Wonder if she works in the building?

Really fine looking ass, his inner voice smirked, adding fodder.

Yeah, damn spankable, too.


That night as she soaked in a bubble bath, she thought about the handsome man she had flashed. He's really a hunk - that kiss, his arms around me, his hard chest, those soft lips - oh my, sweet Jesus! The man is male personified. Testosterone and an aura of... hmmm. I wonder if I should surprise him again...

~ End Part One ~

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