Vodka On Ice
Part Eight
by sarAdora

He laughed, dropping the ice cube and then he pushed her back down and holding both of her hands at her hips, he held her down. He used his lips to retrieve the ice cube and rubbed it up and down her heated flesh until it was no more. Satisfied, he licked her until her breath was reduced to shallow gasps, her body his to command.

They slept, neither moving until the sun broke through the window. Sacha turned, feeling the warmth of him against her back, his arms around her. She was sore, but blissfully sore. She wanted him immediately. He woke when she turned and smiled at her. Both were instantly aware that his erection was prodding her.

"I want you," she murmured, kissing him, her voice soft, her body warm, her hands beginning to explore.

"How do you want me?" he smiled at her. "Do you want my hand to warm your ass? My fingers inside you? My tongue inside you? My...?"


He laughed.

"I want you to fu...," she paused as he glared at her. "Cock - I want your cock inside me. Can I say cock?"

"Yes," he said, kissing her hard, one hand kneading her breast, pinching her nipple, the other squeezing her sore ass.

"You consume me," she gasped, already hot and struggling for breath.

"I'm going to devour you," he murmured, driving into her without warning.

They spent most of the day in bed touching each other, exploring what gave them pleasure, his hands making her ass tingle, making her beg for more, making love. When he let her get up, it was only to go to the bathroom, shower or eat something. He was insatiable, his hands or his mouth or his cock constantly between her thighs. Sacha gave as good as she got. She wanted to touch him, kiss him, suck him into her mouth and she did whenever he let her.

By late afternoon, neither thought they'd move again. Nick knew he had to get some rest or he'd never make it to work in the morning. Sacha wanted him one more time before she left and she cupped his sensitive sac. "I love the feel of your balls," she murmured, slipping down to lick them.

"You do?" he asked, moving his hand to stroke himself.

She lifted her head and watched him.

"You like what you see?"

"Uh-huh," she agreed, reaching for him, but he backed away from her, wanting her to come and get what she wanted.

But she didn't. Instead, she moved to the foot of the bed and lay back bending her knees and spreading her legs. It was the most sluttish position she could think of and she watched his face as she rotated her hips.

His eyebrow arched and his breath escaped in a long hiss.

Sacha touched herself, her fingers spreading her labia, a thumb circling her clit. It felt good and she hummed, rotating her hips again, pleasuring herself.

Nick was mesmerized watching her dip a finger into her juices and he swallowed hard when she brought those fingers to her mouth and licked them. Before she could touch herself again, he roared his need and reached for her.

She quickly turned on her stomach and away from his reaching hands. He didn't waste any time delivering a few hard spanks and getting what he wanted. He flipped her back onto her back and buried his face between her thighs - licking, lapping, sucking up her juices, and inhaling her woman's smell.

Sacha laughed, clearly pleased with her maneuver, but gasped as his tongue quickly brought her to fruition. In the midst of her orgasm, he turned her back onto her stomach and thrust inside her - startling her - filling her - spanking her as he took his pleasure.

Much later in the evening, their bodies pleasantly sated, they relaxed in each other's arms, more at ease in each other's company.

Sacha played with the hair on his chest as he stroked her back and arms.

"I thought you'd be easy," she murmured.

"I am easy," he chuckled. "I was ready to make love to you the first time you visited my office. Right on my desk."

"That's not what I meant," she muttered with some exasperation. "I meant easier to..."

"Control?" He grinned. "Try me, see what happens," he murmured, kissing her, a feral grin twitching his lips.

Sacha wasn't happy about the turn of the conversation and thought two could play this game. She pushed at him, momentarily freeing herself of his embrace.

"Do you like what you see, Nick?" she asked as she positioned her thighs over him, straddling his upper chest. Her wet sex glistened - in his face - inches from his mouth.

"Teasing me again, Kushla? Making me hot for you?"

"Do you want this, Nick?" she teased, knowing he did.

"Touch yourself," he commanded, his voice so hoarse he could barely speak. "Let me see you pleasure yourself."

All of a sudden, the atmosphere changed and Sacha was unsure. She backed away from him, trying to get off the bed. But she wasn't fast enough. He pulled her back to his upper chest, holding her hips and waited for her to touch herself.

"Do it now, Kushla."


"Are you defying me?" he asked quietly.

She didn't like that quiet tone. It didn't bode well for her.

"I'm waiting," he said ominously.

She shivered and froze.

"Three seconds, Sacha. One...two...three."

He pulled her to his mouth - sucked her flesh between his lips and devoured her. She fell backward over his thighs and lay there panting while he took all she had to offer. Her body was complete in her orgasm but she passed out when he continued to suckle and lick her again. She woke when he entered her and vaguely heard his roar when he spilled into her.

In the morning, she was gone.


4 P.M.
Two Months Later
Nick looked at the stack of completed files and reports in his outbox. Thank God, that's done. I'm whipped. He glanced at his watch, thinking about leaving early for a change. His assistant had her standing 4p.m. appointment and had left thirty minutes ago. Good day to leave early. Standing and stretching, he faced the picture window behind his chair and gazed at the traffic below. He knew he had been a bear the last eight weeks, but he couldn't help it. He missed Sacha.

She was gone when he woke up that morning and he was running later than usual. He didn't have a chance to call her until after a 10 a.m. mandatory meeting. She didn't answer her phone, not then, and not the four other times he tried to call her that day. He knocked on her door when he got home. No answer.

He called her several times a day for two weeks. Faithfully, he knocked on her door in the morning before he left for work and every evening, when he came home. No answer.

Surreptitiously, he keyed open her door. Her clothes were in the closet, food in the refrigerator that hadn't gone bad. He couldn't figure out where she was. By the end of the fourth week, he stopped calling and he stopped checking on her.

He missed her.

He missed her sassy, smart mouth. He missed her beautifully lush lips.

He missed her defiance and her soft, curvaceous body.

He missed her impudence.

He missed her sweet smile, her beautiful face, and her arms around his neck.

He missed kissing her and holding her and spanking her.

He missed the smell of her and he groaned, missing the taste of her sex and the feeling of being inside her body.

He growled low, the itch in his palms and the ache in his groin a constant reminder.

Shaking his head of his thoughts, he stared gloomily out the window and contemplated another weekend on the couch.

He didn't hear the tap on the door, but he did hear it open and turned to see who entered without permission.

She leaned against it, her mask firmly in place, the long coat covering her secrets.

Slowly, so as not to startle her, he moved to his chair and sat, watching her.

"Nicholas Sergei Skovetz, Assistant Chairman of Security, Ltd., in charge of Criminal Investigations?" Her voice seemed deeper than he remembered it.

He said nothing, just looked at her, his heart skipping beats, but his face masking the joy he felt at seeing her again.

"Can you at least nod in agreement?" Her voice kept its soft and husky tone.

Nick remained silent and motionless.

"Could you please say something?" She moved toward him and leaned forward over his desk. Instantly, her scent filled his nostrils and he grew hard, remembering the scent between her thighs.

"I know you can speak. I've heard your voice," she said caustically. "Give me a grunt so I know you're still breathing."

He bit the inside of his cheek so he wouldn't respond to her taunt.

"Well?" she asked with some annoyance.

He didn't respond.

"Tell me this," she sighed, straightening again. "Did you miss me? Are you hard for me? Do you want to...?"

He raised a brow, his expression daring her to say "fuck."

"Do I know you?" he asked, as if this were her first visit and he didn't already know her body was soft and sweet and hot and...

She said nothing, just slipped around the desk and closer to him. He pushed his chair back to accommodate her. As soon as she positioned herself between his knees, he pulled her down to his chest and kissed her hard.

"Where have you been?" he groaned. "I've missed you."

She said nothing.

She had forgotten how big he was. Her lips parted and her breath got ragged. He kissed her again, pushing his tongue between her lips and taking control of her senses.

She squirmed against him. "Let me up," she demanded.

He loosened his hold and she stood panting in front of him.

He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, his voice neutral. "Did you come here for a reason?"

She remained silent.

"I'm waiting," he hissed. "You know I don't have a great deal of patience, and I'm about to explode!"

"What happens when you explode?" she asked in a teasing voice, slipping away from his grasp and circling his desk.

"You don't want to know, Sacha Ella Brody," he said, the steel in his voice making her pause.

"Do you have something to show me?" he asked as if she was secreting some evidence of a crime on her person.

"Sit back and see for yourself," she murmured, striking a pose. "My body, my rules," she reminded him.

She put a hand on her coat zipper and slowly, pulled it down. When the cloth parted, she was nude. "Is this what you want?" Putting her hands on her hips, she counted the seconds it took for him to come to her.

As soon as she exposed her naked body, his erection throbbed. He stood and walked toward her.

"My office, my rules," he growled, pulling her into his arms and pushing his hard cock between her thighs. "Is this what you want, Sacha?" He kissed her and bent her over his arm.

"Yes-s-s-s," she moaned. "Are you going to spank me? Are you going to...?"

"Yes, I am," he continued to growl. "Are you going to argue with me? Fight me? Object?"

"No-o-o," she murmured. "I want you, Nick. Please spank me.

Please make love to me."

"I intend to, Kushla," his voice softened. "I definitely intend to."

He kissed her mouth, her cheek, the pulse in her throat, his hands relearning her body, his mouth anxious to taste her and his cock twitching to be inside her. "Shall I spank you here, you naughty minx? Should I make love to you here? Do you want to meet me at home? What's your pleasure, my little stripper?"

"Let's go to your place," she whispered, looking into his warm brown eyes. "I... I'd like some vodka... on ice."


Plaza Towers
Her ass was on fire. Nick had made her pay for her absence, her teasing, and anything else he could think of that allowed him to warm her butt over and over again. She begged, she cried, she screamed, she taunted him with words that enflamed and enraged him. She yelled "fuck" in his ear at every opportunity, daring him to spank her and he took the proffered bait and followed through, his hand spanking, swatting, smacking and spanking again. He made her stand in a corner and stood with her, his hands rubbing her burning cheeks while his mouth devoured hers. When he turned her in his arms, he could feel the heat from her ass burning his groin and he took her back to bed, eager to fill her.

Her legs were spread, his mouth covering her sex, his lips licking the swollen flesh. He had dripped the warm vodka between her thighs and with an ice cube between his teeth, rubbed it up and down her heat. It melted quickly. He repeated the action, making her squirm, making her gasp and making her climax repeatedly.

Nick smiled, loving the sounds she made in orgasm and rose up to enter her. His little stripper was back in his arms and in his bed. He was content. The last coherent thought he had before he roared his release was that he needed more vodka... and more ice.

~ End ~

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