by saradora

"Miss me, Puss?" his deep Texas drawl filled her ear, easing the ache in her heart at his absence.

"Mmmm," she hummed, slowly moving her head on the pillow, almost feeling his hand on her neck.

"Miss my hands?" he murmured into her ear, his breath a whisper across the miles.

"Mmmm," she swallowed, cupping her breasts, imagining her hands were his.

"Where do you miss them?" he wanted to know, his voice soft but demanding.

"On my breasts," she answered quietly. "And on my bottom, between my thighs.

"What do you want my hands to do?"

"Spank me," she whispered.

"Why should I spank you, baby?" his voice gentled.

"I need to feel your love for me," she almost cried.

"How hard should I spank you, mia adore?"

"Hard enough to make me hot," she breathed her need. "Hard enough to make me wet, hard enough to make me beg, hard enough to make me whole."

"What else do you miss, sweetness?" he asked, his voice husky - hungry - picturing her beneath him, spread open for him - for his hands, his mouth, his body needing hers.

"Your mouth," she exhaled, the ache swiftly building.

"What do you want my mouth to do, Puss?"

"Kiss me," she moaned. "Lick me, suck my sweetness, make me yours."

"Where should my mouth kiss you... lick you... suck your sweetness?" he whispered, knowing she was blushing at his teasing words.


He laughed softly, the sounds echoing across the continent, filling the lonely spots in her.

She sighed, filling the lonely spots in him.

His sighs joined her, his body aching with his need.

He missed her, telling her what he missed.

He missed his hands on her, warming her, making her tingle with need, desperate to touch her. His arms missed cradling her to his chest, keeping her safe, assuring her of his love. His palms ached for her soft spots, the silky feel of her, the firm sleek buttocks beneath his hand. The tips of his fingers wanted to tease the silk beneath her breasts, her nipples turgid - taut - as he teased them with just a touch.

His mouth missed the softness of her mouth, the sweet taste beneath her tongue, and the wine colored nipples that tightened between his lips.

He was desperate to palm the rounded crest of her sweet ass, spank it, rub it, kiss it, and stroke it with his tongue. He wanted to slip his hand between her thighs - caress her, tease her, make her beg for more. He wanted to taste the succulent pleasure he would give her, then share the taste with her when he covered her mouth with his.

He wanted to bury his body between her thighs and fill her with his love.

She listened to his desperate words, her body quivering with desire, craving his touch, his hands, and his mouth as he whispered in her ear.

"I love how you love me," she said softly. "Will you be home soon?"

"I'm on my way, mia bella," he whispered. "Will you wait for me, sweet Puss?"

"Forever," she whispered back.

~ End ~

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