Cowboy's Home! Groan... Day Two
by sarAdora

Apparently, he found me. I woke up in my own bed, totally unaware that he carried me back to our room.

"You awake?" he asked, checking the heat my butt was still generating.


"I love you, mia bella. Turn around and kiss me."

"Kiss my ass."

"Okay." At least, he's agreeable and he rubs lotion into it, too.

"I'll fix breakfast. What do you want?"

"Not hungry," I mutter, belatedly remembering I'm supposed to be mad at him but his kisses really were sweet...

"You're always hungry," he reminds me as if I didn't know that. "How about French toast?"

"Make enough for the dogs."

"The dogs are getting kibble this morning," he states.

Kibble? My babies? Clearly, the man is not thinking.

"I'll call you when it's ready," he says getting up.

I eye his naked butt, thinking it could use a little color, wondering how I'm going to accomplish that - in the near future.

Sigh I love new projects.

There's a plate piled high with French toast on the table and next to my plate is a milkshake. Now I know he's feeling bad about spanking me. That doesn't mean he's not going to revisit the discussion, today. It just means he's feeling bad about it and going to pamper me a little. Good. A little guilt is good for the soul.

I also notice that he has torn up a half dozen pieces of French toast and mixed it with the dogs' kibble. He's also poured syrup over it for them and a generous amount of milk. My babies are satisfied. I am happy. It was too good to last.

Breakfast is cleared away and Cowboy stands at the kitchen counter, points toward the doorway and quietly says, "March!"

I walk. I walk aerobically. I jog. I run. I skip. I dance. I do not march. Not all that crazy about parades, either... except Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and of course, that Easter bonnet thingy in New York.

I stay where I am. Cowboy leans over the table and cups my face with both hands. "Bedroom now, Sar," he says, not raising his voice.

I stand. He backs up to let me pass. I exit the kitchen door and down the steps and into the backyard and think about playing kissy-face with the bipolar German Shepherd.

"I'm not going to tell you again," he says, about twenty steps behind me.

Oh good. I hate it when he repeats himself.

I try to evade him, zipping in and around our trees and flowerbeds, trying not to get pinned against the fence. He stalks me, comes close - I avoid his hands. He stops and watches me. I can tell he's strategizing. I dart behind some tall thick bushes, wondering if I can make it up a tree and climb high enough... my foot is on a low branch, I'm pulling myself up and I'm now looking at the grass from the top of a strong shoulder.


It's really discouraging. I should have run away last night when I had the chance. I could have joined the circus. I'd make a great clown... except I'm not all that gung-ho about that giant orange nose thingy they wear.

We are back where we started - in the bedroom - I'm sitting on his lap waiting for Doom's Day.

"You know, there are a bunch of guys on a spanking site I visit. You've already spanked me twice. What if I get a cyber spanking instead of another one from you?" Hey, it was worth a shot.

Cowboy thinks this is very funny - not reasonable, but funny.

"You'd have to get at least six of them to spank you, mia bella," he laughs.

Six? Jeez. I can think of one man who would probably spank me - probably another if I asked nicely, but six? I don't think there are six gentlemen on this site who know my name, let alone would want to spank me. Well, there goes that idea. But in case I'm wrong, IM me. Maybe we can work something out. Sigh

"Do we really have to do this again?" I am past pouting and fast sinking into sulkdom.

"Just a little reminder, mia cara," he affirms as he pulls my sweats off with a practiced hand. "I want you to think about what will happen if you wander too far away from home without me... or without someone I'm sure can keep you out of danger."

"NO!" I shout, at my wit's end. "It's too much!"

Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

I bit him.

His arm was around my shoulder and I grabbed it and bit - hard. Fortunately, I didn't break the skin.

He was stunned. I was shocked... and speechless - an event rarer than the sighting of Hayley's Comet.

Well... the tears flowed and flowed and flowed. I had never done anything like that before and I started shaking - not from fear but from what I had done.

God bless Cowboy. He understood right away and just held me very tightly until the crying and the shaking stopped. It is so damn hard to give up control. I fight it every time. I don't know why, but I do.

His hand came down hard on my sore butt and fortunately, did not last long at all. It was the last little bit of burn I needed to make things right.

Afterward, when he wanted to just hold me, I was ready to be held and the intimacy that followed was so necessary to both of us. It was over and forgiven. We were back on an even keel. I didn't apologize for going to the San Juans, but I did let him know I was sorry I had worried him.

I knew the incident wouldn't be forgotten. When the urge to go back to the San Juans fills me with wanderlust, I'll be back there. I hope Cowboy or one of his minions will go with me 'cause there's this new whale site that just opened on Orcas Island and...


He didn't let me out of his sight all day so I was pretty well behaved... even ate a piece of fruit I neglected to dispose of. Then I remembered there was a box of Ho-Ho's stuffed under the towels in the bathroom linen closet so I scarfed some of those down as soon as I could. Felt better right away. We had a nice cuddly afternoon. Cowboy can be really attentive when I need that attention. I know he really loves me and I'm so very lucky he has so much patience with my wayward ways and knows just when to rein me in. And in spite of the spanking, I love him fiercely.

David showed up at 7 this evening, dressed to kill. Cowboy and I were ready. I wore my new plum gown... V-neck, a little cleavage, floor-length, slinky, slit on the side, really sexy. Felt pretty good - my butt was only slightly sore. David gave me a hug and whispered loud enough for Cowboy to hear.

"How about we ditch the squid and you and me go dancin', SweetCheeks?"

More like slightly sore cheeks...

"I'll give it serious consideration," I said, eyeing Cowboy's reaction. He simply snorted. The man really has no couth whatsoever at all. The least he could do is show a jealous streak.

We sat in a corner booth - with cushions! - Cowboy on my right, David on my left. Cowboy wanted to know if I wanted his cushion. I kicked him under the table. He laughed so I grabbed his yummy stuff under the table. He glared. Tsk.

I'm ambidextrous, but Cowboy always sits on my right because I eat left-handed. That way, he has a free hand to hold onto me if necessary. There have been times when it was necessary, but those are other stories.

David proceeds to tell Cowboy about the strange packages he's been getting at the base, looking pointedly at me. Cowboy arches a brow and looks at me. I am the picture of innocence.

Cowboy and I laugh at the stories David is telling us. David is so incensed, he doesn't notice that I've eaten all the shrimp on his plate... you know, there's this little imp inside me...

"What do you know about this, Sar?" Cowboy asks.


"What? Me? Why would I know anything about it?" Okay, stopping there, don't want to protest too much.

"It's your style, imp," he chuckles.

Chuckles are good.

"Wish I had thought of it," I smile, piercing one of Cowboy's shrimp. I already ate all of mine.

"You sure you didn't?" he asks, looking directly into my soul.

Wonder Woman? This is your cue. Just lasso both of them. I'll go join the circus. I can be the featured act in the center ring - in my sexy plum gown - about to be devoured by lions.

"Of course, I'm sure. Are we having dessert?"

"If I ever find out Sar's responsible..." David says to Cowboy. "I'm gonna whip her butt!"

"No, you won't, jarhead," Cowboy says quietly. "I'll do it for you."

"Wait just a cotton-pickin' minute! That is so unfair of both of you." My eyes fill - it has not been my finest day.

"I'm sorry, baby," Cowboy hugs me, all contrite. "I shouldn't have said that. Forgive me?"

"Uh-huh," I nod, accepting his apology.

Mea culpa

David kisses my cheek. "Me, too, SweetCheeks. I'm sorry I railed at you. You know I love you."

Hail Mary! Full of grace...

I make a mental note to pick up the new Orcas Island ferry schedule and to see if I can get a special courier to deliver a crate of suppositories to a certain marine I know.

~ End ~

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