What Happens in Vegas...
Part Two
by sarAdora


By the time Johnnie and JC arrived in Vegas, Eve and Spencer had already won $200 at the slot machines, lost $250 and won another $500 dollars at the craps table.

"This is so exciting!" Eve gushed. "I had no idea you knew how to play crabs."

"Craps," Spencer said, downing her third glass of ginger ale. "Crabs is something else entirely."

"Ohhhh. I think you're right." And then she giggled. "Are the drinks always free?" Eve asked, reaching for another rum and coke.

"As long as we're gambling. Let's go try that table over there. That's roulette."

"That's really just luck, isn't it?"

"Yep. Listen up, Eve. The secret to playing roulette is not to use too much of your own money. You go sit next to that big dude with the cowboy hat and I'll go sit next to that shady looking character."

"What?!? Johnnie will kill me if he sees me flirting with another guy."

"Is he here?"

"No... but..."

"Your butt is safe, toots! And you have a credit card bill to pay. What's it gonna be? A few sweet smiles at the cowpoke or Johnnie blistering your hind end for every dollar owed on that bill?"

"Well... when you put it like that," Eve agreed.

"And stop drinking alcohol," Spencer cautioned. "You need a level head."

"To flirt? Pish-posh! I can do that in my sleep," Eve giggled, ignoring that tingling sensation in her butt.

The big dude with the cowboy hat was happy to make room for Eve at his side. His smile was a little lop-sided but maybe it just seemed that way as Eve chug-a-lugged her third rum and coke.

"You gonna be my lucky charm, sweet cheeks?" he asked, leering at the pretty blonde who had wiggled her way onto a stool by his side.

"If I turn out to be lucky for you, are you gonna put one or two little 'ole chips down for me?"

"Honey, that ain't all I'm gonna do," the cowboy grinned and signaled the waitress for another drink for the sweet lil gal by his side.

Eve giggled.

The cowboy smiled.

The drinks arrived and it didn't take long for Eve to be several sheets to the wind. For some reason the red and black thingamajigs... chips, she reminded herself. Or were they red and green? Whatever. They were very pretty. Holding her elbows up on the edge of the roulette table kept her propped up and looking focused.

Meanwhile Spencer slipped into the chair next to that shady character, and winked at him when he stole a glance at her. He invited her to play, put a short stack of chips in front of her and challenged her.

"I win with you at my side, little lady, and it's you and me celebrating out on the town."

"What if I win?" Spencer asked sweetly, contemplating the odds... remembering how she won the last time she was in Vegas... by cheating... thought about what happened after JC caught up with her... dismissed the idea that lightning would strike twice in the same spot...

"You win and I'll give you the rest of my chips," the silly man said.


"I promise," the man gushed, thinking about what could happen if he got this little lady alone.

Spencer smiled... broadly. It was a predatory smile.

Meanwhile... Eve had forgotten why she was sitting next to the cowboy and smiling at him.

The cowboy was dreaming of what was going to happen when he tired of roulette or lost all his money. He slipped an arm around Eve's shoulder, whispered a few naughty words in her ear and then pulled her in for a biiiiiig hug.

Just about that time JC and Johnnie - following the credit card trail - arrived on the scene.

"EVE!" a distinctly irate male voice shouted.

The voice sounded like thunder. Eve's stomach took a dive and she was instantly sober.

She pushed away from the cowboy hugging her and screamed as loudly as she could. "You touch me again, mister and I'll kick you in your hoo-hahs!"

"Hoo-hahs?" Johnnie yelled. "That's not all that's gonna get kicked if you don't take your hands off my wife! EVE!"

"Now Johnnie, I can explain."

"Can't wait to hear it," Johnnie muttered, hauling Eve up from the roulette table and tossing her over his shoulder, a firm hand on Eve's bottom, which, for some reason, suddenly felt all tingly.

"Johnnnnnnnnniiiiieeeeee!" Eve protested. "Let me explain!"

In answer, Johnnie delivered one very hard swat to Eve's bottom and marched off toward the elevators.

The wide-eyed casino crowd made room for the madman with the screaming lady over his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Spencer panicked when she saw JC headed in her direction.

What happened next was pure impulse... and a desperate ploy for survival. Spencer did one of those "Oh My God!" yells.

"He's a stalker," she insisted, pointing a finger at the tall man with the ominous look on his face headed in her direction. "Followed me from my home... dangerous man... somebody please call the police. And save my friend," she added, watching Eve's bottom wiggle over Johnnie's shoulder as he marched away.

Casino security rushed in and manhandled JC out of there, intercepting Johnnie along the way.

Both men were protesting ... "That's my wife!" Johnnie yelled as Eve scurried back to Spencer.

"Spencer!" JC shouted, enraged he was being handcuffed. "When I get my hands on you, I'm gonna..." And then JC shut up, realizing he was making the situation worse.

"Real tough guys, huh?" a security guard muttered. "Big brave men picking on two little gals out for a good time. Couldn't pick on someone your own size? You should be ashamed of yourself. In this town, we protect our women... yada yada yada..."

When JC and Johnnie continued to protest their innocence, the guard told them to tell it to the judge. "A sweet night in the pokey ought to calm you two down."

"Ohhhhhh Spencer! What are we going to do now?" Eve was trembling as she watched the casino police tackle Johnnie and JC and take them away.

"Eat! We missed dinner. Come on, Eve. This place has a fabulous buffet and I'm starved."

"Johnnie and JC are going to jaillllllll and it's allllll our fault," Eve wailed. "How can you eat at a time like this?" She was beginning to tear up.

"Tunnel of Fudge cake," Spencer whispered, wiping Eve's tears. "Praline Crunch Cheesecake," she added.

"Tunnel of Fudge cake? Ohhhh... ummmm... welllllll," Eve brightened up. "I guess I could manage some of that. After all, this is part of my birthday celebration. And Johnnie won't be looking for us right away, will he?"

"Nope," Spencer agreed. "And you'll need all that fuel to withstand his nonsense when he gets out of jail... sometime next week, maybe next month... with any luck, not till next year."


It took a LLLLLLLOT of cake and rum and coke for Eve to completely calm down. It took a lot of food for Spencer to notice. There were so many yummy dishes to sample and she was determined to enjoy them all.

When she finally spotted Eve hanging onto the table's edge in order to sit up straight she suggested they call it a night.

"Go to sleep, toots," she told Eve when they got back to their suite. "Things will look better in the morning. I want to try that roulette table again. I think there's good pickings there."

"Noooooo," Eve groaned. "We go back there and I'll keep looking over my shoulder for Johnnie to show up and blister my behind."

"You don't have to worry about looking," a deep male voice said from out of the shadows. "I'm right here and the blistering's about to start."



Once they arrived at Clark County jail, JC demanded his one phone call. Johnnie gave him *his* one phone call and in no time, a friend of a friend of a friend had them arraigned at night court, released on a hefty bail and their own recognizance and told to appear the next day in civil court.

"I'm gonna burn her butt!" Johnnie declared as they went through a back entrance at Circus Circus.

"You're too hard on her," JC said matter-of-factly. "You burn her butt hard enough as it is already. One day she's gonna leave you high and dry. Calm down, man. The worst is over; go easy on her."

"You're letting Spencer off scot-free over this?"

"No, but I'm not gonna make her afraid every time I spank her, either. Eve worries enough about what you're gonna do. You pretty much bust her butt over everything, don't you?"

"Not over everything," Johnnie murmured, thinking about that. Just about everything... "Don't know what you've been hearing but not about everything."

"What would you do if she left you, John?"

"Left me? Eve leaving me? Never happen! Crap! Not that! Go after her. I love her like nobody's business. What the hell did you think?"

"And if you couldn't find her? Or she wouldn't take you back?"

"Then, I'd crawl into a hole and die. My life is nothing without my Eve."

"Remember that when we catch up with them."


Since the room had originally been registered under JC's name... courtesy of the friend who owed him a favor... the desk clerk was happy to give them the electronic room card to enter the suite. On their way to the elevators, JC had spotted Spencer and Eve at the buffet and barely restrained Johnnie from confronting them on the spot. Visions of getting rearrested spurred him to hustle the irate man into the elevator before Johnnie could make a scene.

"We'll get to the suite before they do," JC said.

"And let nature take its course," Johnnie added.

"Something like that," JC muttered, thinking what that course would be when he got his hands on his naughty wife. If she hadn't screamed out that I was a stalker... none of this would have happened.

They hid behind the oversized couch in the suite's living area in case the ladies turned on all the lights when they came in.


As soon as Eve heard Johnnie's voice, she panicked and ran behind Spencer. Forgetting... for the moment... that if Johnnie was here, so was JC... Spencer crossed her arms over her chest and dared Johnnie to lay a hand on Eve.

"You have some nerve!" Spencer snarled. "Showing up here and ruining Eve's birthday celebration! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Dumbfounded by Spencer's words, Johnnie took a step back... "What do you mean ruined her birthday celebration? We had a party!"

"With people?" Spencer asked, sarcasm one of her strong suits.

"With people, for shit's sake! And... and balloons! And cake! Ice cream, too!"

"And presents?" Spencer pushed.

"Yes, damn it! Presents, too!"

"What did you get her?"

"Welllllll, I.... uh... crap! I can't remember."

"AHA! So she deserved this little teeny tiny weekend of fun. And you want to ruin it, don't you!"

"And what's your excuse, bambina?" another deep male voice asked, his words calmly and softly spoken, a warning sign that things wouldn't stay calm long.

Ut oh!

"I thought you were in DC."

"I was," the voice remained soft. "Now I'm here."

Spencer ducked behind Eve.

Johnnie reached for Eve.

Eve screamed "NO!"

JC grabbed Spencer.

Spencer said a naughty word.

JC gave her a swat.

Johnnie dragged Eve off into one of the bedrooms and slammed the door.

JC dragged Spencer into the other bedroom and locked the door.

"Don't you dare hurt me," Spencer warned, ready for a fight.

"I won't hurt you, bambina, but I *am* going to spank you."

Meanwhile in the other room, Johnnie had Eve over his knees and had delivered half a dozen hard swats before she could blink.

"Johnnnnniiieeeee!" she cried. "I can explain."

"I want to hear it," her husband answered, delivering another hard swat but first I'm gonna blister your butt. I was arrested, for cryin' out loud!"

"What would you do if she left you, John?"
"Go after her. I love her like nobody's business.
What the hell did you think?"
"And if you couldn't find her? Or she wouldn't take you back?"
"Then, I'd crawl into a hole and die. My life is nothing without my Eve."
"Remember that when we catch up with them."

His hand stilled as he remembered that conversation. "You wouldn't leave me, would you Eve?" a suddenly worried Johnnie asked, turning his wife over in his arms.

"Leave you?" Eve blinked back tears. "I love you, Johnnie. I'd never leave you."

"Ahhhhh good," her husband said with relief... turned her over and gave her the spanking of her life... "for all the aggravation of this trip, that cowboy that was hugging you, the arrest, court in the morning, and tearing my heart out worried about you."

"You were worried?" Eve asked, rubbing her bottom, relieved it was only his hand that had blistered her butt. "You aren't mad any more?"

"Wasn't mad," he began but clarified his feelings at Eve's skeptical look. "Okay, was mad but mostly worried."

"Why?" she asked softly, leaning against his chest, happy to feel his arms around her.

"Because I love you," he answered.

And that was all Eve needed to know.

~ End ~

Happy Birthday, toots!

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