Fact II: To Do List:
by sarAdora

/Get out of bed

/Inject caffeine directly into vein

/Eat chocolate bar to insure caffeine intake

/Eat another chocolate bar

/Let dogs out

/Daydream a while

/Contemplate a nap

/Do morning stuff - brush teeth, shower, etc.

/Let dogs in

/Think about spanking that's waiting when I get home from latest escapade

/Shudder appropriately

/Prepare logical arguments in advance

/Discard logic - go for the jugular

/Eat another chocolate bar

/Get depressed

/Pull blankets over head


/Prepare to meet the real world


/Curse if there's no clean underwear


/Wash undies - dry with blow dryer

/Gasp when hot undies touch bare skin



/Check cell phone messages

"Where the hell are you?"

"Call me, NOW!"

"So help me, woman...!"

"If I don't hear from you in the next 15 minutes..."

"You're NOT gonna sit again in this lifetime!"


/Erase phone messages

/Eat another chocolate bar

/Plan alternate route to the Yukon

/Put "companion" jackets on pups

/Kiss Rott

/Kiss BullyBoy

/Brush teeth again

/Order breakfast
/1 order ham and eggs, toast, milk, and coffee for me
/4 orders for the Rott
/5 orders for BullyBoy
/"Do *they* want their toast dry?" the waitress asks, rolling her eyes.
/"Nawwww, they like 'em buttered."

/Admonish BullyBoy who gives waitress a goosey sniff

/Laugh when she squeals

/Wipe muzzles - wash hands - leave extra large tip

/Hitting the road

/Stop to walk in park

/Think about spanking that's waiting at home


/Double check route to the Yukon

/Eat a chocolate bar

/Rehearse speech

/Get very depressed

/Wonder about spots of refuge located far from home

/There are people who would shelter me... in California... Minnesota... Texas... Indiana... Ontario.

/I suppose I could travel down under... Rue would save me... On the other hand, Rue and I would get into so much trouble together, the earth would rock off its axis.

/There's Christin... in Florida. Scratch that! There's a spanker in Jacksonville that would cheerfully blister my butt the moment I crossed the state line.

/Lots of gals in New York I could call on... Wait! Last I heard, there's an Apparition in that state that wields a vicious paddle...

/There's Hallie Jo Mary Margaret Rose Marie... Naw... she'd give me up in a New York minute. Lil' imp couldn't keep a secret if her life depended on it. But Brina might... Maybe... Katy and Joanie...

/Might have to bring in the *big* guns to save me... EVE! RED! SHANNON! MEEMS!

/Sigh If you're a female who would give me refuge, rest assured you'll get a spanking from Cowboy when he finds out about it. Of course, if that appeals to you... be my guest! (Line forms on the right.) If you're a male who catches me before he does, he'll probably give you a medal! I am soooo screwed.

/Drive south

/Sing "On Top of Old Smokey" at the top of my lungs - dogs start to howl.

/Wave at friendly police person who waves at me as I speed along the highway.

//Ohhhh - pull over to the side of the road

/Admire the fit of the mountie's uniform... uh-huh... very nice!

/Smile at the nice man - bite my tongue - think about offering him a special brownie (with saltpeter.)

/Agree with everything - yes, I'll be more careful - uh-huh, you, too. Have a nice day. Whew! That was close.

/Think about spanking that's waiting at home.


/Turn cell phone on - it rings - turn cell phone off.

/Listen to messages

"Where the hell are you?"

"Call me, NOW!"

"You're making me crazy. Call me, Sar. Talk to me.

"You better be on your way home...!"

"Hell yes, I'm gonna spank you!"

"You'll NEVER sit again!"


/Erase phone messages

/Eat another chocolate bar

/Think about lunch. /Consider immigrating to Russia. (It's only about an inch and a half away from Alaska on the map. I'm certain we don't have any military bases there.)

/Continue driving south.


/16 cheeseburgers - hold the bread and all the other stuff - 2 for me - 6 for the Rott - 8 for BullyBoy. Beer for the pups. I'm the designated driver, I get a milkshake. This Canadian beer smells good. Waitress asks me if the dogs are old enough to drink. Sar rolls eyes.

/Walk it off in nearby park - take a short run - roll around on the grass with the pups. Munchkin comes over to pet the dogs and asks me if my Daddy knows where I am. I say, no he doesn't. She says my clothes have grass stains and I'm gonna get a spanking when I get home... out of the mouths of babes.

/On the road again

/Wave to nice police person who waves at me.

/Jeez! Again! I pull over.

/Checks driver's license.

"How long are you planning to be here, miss?"

"Till tomorrow," I hedge.

"Can I take you to dinner, tonight?"

Some days....

/Check cell phone messages

"Okay, you've been gone more than 48 hours. I'm not happy. Calling the Mounted Police. Your butt is mine!"

"I'm worried, sweetheart. You're alone. If you had a marine with you, I wouldn't be half as worried. Call me, Sar."

"Sar... your wanderlust is one thing, but this is something else entirely. Please come home. We'll talk about it, work something out."

"If you're not home in the next 24 hours...!"

/Erase cell phone messages

/Double check the map for nearest international airport.

/Eat a chocolate bar

/Sing "There is Nuthin' Like a Dame!" at the top of my lungs - dogs whimper - their ears hurt.

/Think about supper

//Eat another chocolate bar.

/Stop for the night

/Homemade lasagna - Yes! Nice B & B.

/Sample the beer - yuck! Smells good but tastes like beer. Switch to root.

/Think about spanking that's waiting for me at home


/Answer IMs from people encouraging me to go home.

/Put those people on my "ignore" list.

/Play on the Internet

/Call Cowboy

"Mi manchi, baby. Miss you. When you comin' home?"

"Promise not to spank me?"


"Who are you and what have you done with Cowboy?"

"Desperate to see you, cara mia."

"Think about me?"

"Ti penso sempre." I'm always thinking of you.

"I'm on my way home."

"I'll be waiting, mia adore."

"You're not gonna spank me hard, are you?

"You're gonna see stars, Sar."


"Ti voglio bene, Sar." I love you.

/Biting the bullet

/Head home in the morning to face the music

/Think about spanking that's waiting for me.


/Rub my butt in anticipation

/Eat a chocolate bar

/Rehearse my speech

/Eat another chocolate bar

/Consider volunteering for the Peace Corps

/Should be home in a day or two

/Pray for me.

/Keep the home fires burning (about the color my butt is gonna be) /Adios - adieu - and fare thee well.

~ End Part Two ~

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