Fact III: During the Fact
by sarAdora

I finally made it home... great trepidation... but decided to bite the bullet and get it over with. Was expecting a really hard spanking the minute I walked in the door. Cowboy was genuinely happy to see me, gave me a big hug when I walked in and told me to freshen up - dinner was almost ready.

I was immediately suspicious.

In defensive mode, I took the pups into the bathroom with me while I showered. He'd have to get past them to get to me. I was really surprised he didn't nail me in the bathroom. Refreshed, I dressed in as many layers as I could manage... thongs, panties, shorts, sweats, T-shirt, socks, Rottweiler covering the front of my body, Bull Mastiff covering my back...

"Hungry, baby?"

"Mmm." V-e-r-y suspicious.

"Shrimp, cara mia, and filet mignon, white zinfandel, and chocolate cheesecake."

V-e-r-y suspicious!

"Why? I asked.

"Because I love you," he said, nuzzling my neck and cupping my bottom.

Hmmm... really suspicious.

"Did you have a good time in BC?" he asks as he puts the food on the table.

"Uh-huh," I mumble, stuffing my mouth with shrimp, slipping one to each dog under the table and guzzling the Zinfandel... In case there's a spanking, I want to be numb when it happens.

"Don't feed the dogs at the table, Sar," he admonishes as he puts the steaks on a platter.

"Uh-huh," I mumble as I slip them two more.



He moves the shrimp to the other side of the table.

I pout.

He moves it back in front of my plate.

"You gotta let a doctor see you, Sar," he begins his speech. "Day after tomorrow, we're going to the lab and let them draw blood and sometime soon, we'll go to the base hospital. Is that understood?"

Is that understood? I'm biting my lip so I don't make a rude comment... It's very difficult to remain silent... but I know I'm treading on thin ice and for sure, I'll end up saying something that will get my butt burned.

The next morning, I'm still in bed and I hear my nemesis, David, laughing at something downstairs. David! What's he doing here?

"Morning, SweetCheeks," he greets me with a hug when I go down for breakfast. "How's my favorite brat?"

"Why are you here?" I want to know, red flags waving.

"To keep an eye on you," he grins tossing me into the air like I was a stuffed toy.

I threaten to hurl; he puts me down. Cowboy puts eggs, toast, home fries, grits and coffeecake on the table. I hoard the coffeecake and stuff a piece in my mouth and wash it down with milk. Cowboy takes it away and puts eggs, etc in front of me. When he gets up for the coffeepot, I dump it on David's plate and gobble another piece of coffeecake. Cowboy comes back to the table, eyes my empty plate and gives me "that look."

sigh... Wake up Wonder Woman! The day has just begun...

They take turns keeping an eye on me all day in case I decide to escape... and at dinner, Cowboy reminds me I can't eat anything after 8p.m... fasting blood work. Hmmm

I get up in the middle of the night... starving!

"No chocolate, Sar," the big bully says as he eyes me heading for the bathroom.

Ha! So much for what he knows! I lock the bathroom door, dig through the linen closet and gobble down two Twinkies, two Ho-Ho's, and three chocolate bars. Then I brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash.

"What did you eat?" he asks when I come back to bed.

"Mouthwash," I mumble, turning over.

"It's fasting blood work, baby," he reminds me, tucking my head under his chin. "You're fasting, aren't you?"

"Uh-huh," I answer truthfully because by this time of night, I would have normally consumed three times that much food... so, to me, that's fasting.

Once we get to the lab, my panic has surfaced into full-blown fear. I hate needles. Cowboy knows this and when I refuse to get out of the car, he pulls me out and with not a care in the world as to how it looks, tosses me over his shoulder to go into the clinic where they draw blood.

I catch the doorjamb as he walks through, grab it and hang on, but David pries my hands off... Cowboy sits in the chair with me on his lap, my back to his chest... his arms holding me in place, his legs locked around mine so I don't kick. David is holding my arm out for the technician. Cowboy warns me to cooperate... like I had any choice with two grizzly bears holding me in place.

I get a look at the needle and hundreds of empty vials... and scream obscenities. "Touch me and die!" "Your balls are in jeopardy!" "Does your mother know you're a vampire?!"

The tech reminds me he has a family... and not to hurt him... like I care... and he draws enough blood to see a patient through major heart surgery... All of us are genuinely surprised my blood is red... and not chocolate.

It's over. My breath is shallow - my heart is pumping wildly - there's not enough blood left in me to ensure circulation... Cowboy lets go of me. David releases my arm. I kick him *and* the tech, turn around and punch Cowboy in the gut, get scooped back up and tossed over his shoulder. He lands a hard swat on my rear end. I call him a drunken son of a whore. I get another swat. Yikes! It stung! And where was Wonder Woman all this time?!

We go out for breakfast and I eat everything on my plate and whatever I can steal from Cowboy's and David's. I demand ice cream for my ordeal and get a double scoop.

Had a quiet week... knew it was too good to last. Sunday afternoon - eating early dinner - David is with us again! And Cowboy casually mentions that I can't eat anything after 6p.m. because we're going to the base hospital in a few hours - so I can get a complete checkup and some tests done and I should expect to spend two nights there.

I am totally and completely stunned at this turn of events. I don't have a chance to escape and I know it. The only thing I can hope for is an opportunity to get away once we're on the base. Not likely, but worth a shot. From this moment on, I am not speaking to Cowboy. He expects me to rail at him for springing this on me and when I don't, he gets suspicious.

Damage report:

/A nurse ushers me into a private room, hands me a hospital gown and tells me to change into that flimsy thing. She leaves the room in a huff when I tell her what her actual parentage/heritage is and my astonishment that someone with a single digit IQ is in the Navy.

/The doctor comes into the room and wants to know why I haven't changed. He claims he can't examine me unless I do. That works for me and I gesture toward the door, inviting him to leave. He puts his hands on his hips and glares at me. What a wuss!

"You will change into that gown, young lady!" he says in his doctor voice. "Change now or I'll do it for you!" He limps out after I kick him.

/One test involves a needle in my arm... Cowboy holds me down with David's help. I am still wearing my own clothes but have sleeves rolled up. The doctor inserts needle. I finally go limp once it's inserted. Everyone relaxes. I yank needle out, punch and kick the doctor and am halfway out the door before Cowboy catches me.

"Lay down and get this test over with," he says gruffly, "or lay down on a sore butt and get this test over with."

His cell phone rings.

YES! Wonder Woman comes through. I slip out of his grasp and make it to the hallway, but David catches me. I yell "pervert!" at the top of my lungs - he stares at me for a moment - I am out of there!

I found the mess hall and was able to inhale a piece of pie, onion rings, coffee, and two chocolate bars that were in my pocket when they finally caught up with me.

/Several unpleasant tests later, one doctor had to shower after I hurled on him. Another got squirted with whatever was in that syringe that was meant for me - and the doc who tried to give me a shot to relax me so I could go to sleep... got a broken finger for coming toward me with a needle. Yes, I am the patient from hell. Cowboy sleeps in the bed I'm in with an arm around me so I can't bolt. Jeez!

He talks softly, telling me why I need the tests, the exam, blah blah blah. Taking me to the base hospital just a few hours after telling me about the appointment didn't sit well with me. He knows that threatening me with a bad girl spanking will only bring out every infantile behavior I am capable of so he doesn't do that. Instead, he promises me the moon and other wonderful things if I cooperate. I continue to give him the silent treatment.

I'm a strong negotiator and I'm holding out for an apology, unlimited chocolate, no vile veggies, lots of sweet spankings, and 100 "get out of bad girl spanking" cards. I go to sleep quiet but with a smile on my face.

Tomorrow's another day and I have plans to make.

Next... After the Fact.

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