Play Time!
Part Two
by sarAdora

Still Playing!

Cowboy left a little earlier than planned so I got a head start. He assigned a marine as my bodyguard - taller and heavier than Cowboy - lots of muscles - poor man. They didn't teach him how to deal with me when he was at Parris Island. Tsk. He's just a marine. I have it under control.

The big fella hopped into the passenger side of my car - the dogs in the back - drooling on his neck... he warned me that Cowboy told him I was not to board a ferry at any time. His cell phone is programmed with Cowboy's number and on speed dial. He was a little gruff - yawn - nice teeth.

I stuffed myself with fries and milkshakes - the dogs scarfed Arby sandwiches and ginger ale. When we got to the ferry terminal parking lot... the man had the audacity to put his meaty hand on my arm!

"I have my orders. You are not to board that ferry, ma'am!"

Ma'am? Oh yeah, I've got it made!

I yelled HELP! RAPE! At the top of my lungs.

After we boarded the ferry.... I bribed the captain with a few of my homemade brownies (the kind I eat) and got to use his off-shore telephone line to check my mail - so glad I brought the laptop.

Locked the marine in the bathroom shortly before debarking - stuck a chair under the knob, too. I thought that would give me about a 20-minute head start before someone let him out. Borrowed his cell phone on the pretense of calling Cowboy. Dumped it in the Pacific ocean. Poor man never met me before. Not nice to mess with me when I'm on a mission. Was chocolate deprived, too, but fixed that quickly.

Anyway, the ferry was on its way back to the other side of the Sound before someone let him out 'cause he had to ride all the way back to Orcas again - he caught up with me about 4 hours later. Mad as hell, too. Pointed a finger in my face. I was tempted to bite it, but I had a mouth full of Hershey's finest. Walked away from him. I really detest lectures.

Used night film to capture the baby orcas cavorting with the pod. Not sure which pod it is but the sun setting over the water and the orcas playing, perfectly glorious site.

Anyway, I made it to the edge of the world again.

As for the marine - he is currently indisposed. Tried to lecture me - so to appease him, I gave him of my "very special" brownies I keep just for these occasions. He spent a lot of time in the bathroom here at the B & B where we're staying.

Tomorrow, gonna get up close and personal with the orcas - going to the beach with the dogs and my tripod and film and sketchpad. If the marine is feeling better..... he can join us.

Thinking about "napping" in the afternoon - then when he thinks we're okay... sneaking over to dockside and hopping that ferry to British Columbia. Weather's great. This is so much fun. Might even turn my cell phone on tomorrow. All things considered, I have been very good.

Between you and me, I think the marine's a little more afraid of me than Cowboy.

~ End Part Two ~

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