All Our Lovin'
by sarAdora

Sunday morning
They were already back in bed. JC had returned from his morning run and showered while Spencer prepared breakfast - eggs sunny-side up and roasted potatoes with feta cheese - Greek style; a stack of buttered toast and coffee. His appetite sated, he was ready to fulfill the day's agenda: relax, give Spencer a sweet spanking, make love, relax some more, make love, shower, nibble something - maybe Spencer, nap, give her a sweet spanking, make love...

He was propped up in bed reading the Sunday newspapers while Spencer sat between his bare legs - massaging his feet and toes. With a casual shrug, she let her robe fall open and off her shoulders. JC arched a brow, his mouth curving up into a naughty grin... Without warning, she pulled his foot to her mouth and licked one of his toes and then sucked it hard. JC jerked his foot back and out of her mouth but she held on to it. "You keep doin' that, bambina," he said huskily, "and I won't get any reading done this morning."

Of course he should have known that Spencer could care less about the Sunday papers... even the New York Times. Sacreligious! She lifted his foot to her mouth once again and maintaining eye contact... let her lips and tongue wantonly play with his toes... licking... sucking... nibbling. It took a few seconds of sweet torture before JC gave in to the inevitable and let the papers slide to the floor. As his breathing pattern changed... as it always did during intimacy, his voice got deeper and his Texas drawl was even thicker.

"The other foot is jealous, mia adoré. Doesn't it get any lovin'?"

She replaced the foot in her hands with the one in question, lifting it to her lips. When her tongue sucked his little toe into her mouth and then proceeded to lick the back of each of them, he surrendered to the sensations and let his body slip completely down the bed... so he could totally enjoy her loving attention.

It wasn't hard to miss the tenting in the center of his shorts. Kneeling, Spencer placed his feet on either side of her and leaned over his prone body. Slowly, she ran her hands up his calves... squeezing... rubbing... massaging his flesh along the way. When she reached above his knees... she let her fingers tip toe up those sensitive inner muscles... under his shorts... and when they met at the juncture of his thighs... she heard his first soft growl of deep pleasure.

Her touch sent short bursts of shivers from his lower limbs to his gut. JC felt every goose bump as each one tingled and rose... first, on his belly... spreading to his arms and chest. His hands began to flex and fist and flex again. His feet mirrored the motions, his toes curling and stretching. As his chest rose and fell a little faster, he felt deep shock waves begin to flow and ebb and build within him.

Leaning forward, she smiled at him... her fingers entwined under his shorts... her wrists and the edges of her palms making contact with his manhood. Low guttural sounds escaped from the back of his throat.

"Feel good, squidlet?"

"Did I ever mention...?" his voice hoarse... his words barely above a whisper, "...that you're a persistently naughty imp?"

Spencer laughed softly and freeing her hands, she removed his shorts and leaned over him. Taking him in her mouth, she made soft purring sounds while she loved him. Her hands fondled his sensitive sac and then she ran her fingernails down his inner thighs... to the backs of his knees and up again... back to that tightening sac... teasing him and making him hunger for more. When she licked the tip of him and sucked lightly at his flesh, he arched his back and reached for her. His fingers ran through her hair and he caressed her face while she continued to love him.

"Soon, my love," she whispered. Her lips covered his shaft... kissing and suckling at him... her tongue licking his length... her teeth scraping his skin.

JC's heart raced... his breathing harsh... and his hands slipped to the bed to grasp the sheets. She finally tucked as much of the length of him as she could... under the side of her tongue and swallowed... and swallowed again.

His loud roar accompanied his shuddering orgasm and Spencer briefly tasted him and then let him slip out of her mouth. She held him to her breast where he coated her with the remainder of his seed and then she moved over him and rested on his broad chest. H

is hands stroked her back and hips while his heart raced and his lungs heaved... testing the limits of his rib cage. When each organ finally achieved a near-normal state, he pulled her closer to his mouth.

"I love the way you love me, bambina," he murmured, rubbing his lips across her mouth, tasting himself.

She smiled at that. "You love our Sunday morning loving, JC?"

"I love all our lovin', dolcezza." Capturing her mouth with his... one hand reached for her breast... the other cupping her bottom... intending to see it pink beneath his hand... ensuring her pleasure... before seeking the promise between her thighs. "All our lovin'... every day."

~ End ~

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