Coughin' and Lovin'
by sarAdora

"Feel better, bambina?" he asked as he cradled her closer to his chest, one hand gently rubbing the back of her neck, his lips gauging the temperature of her forehead.

"Mmmm," she murmured, burying her face in his chest, trying hard to suppress her cough or at least muffle it.

"You sure?" he asked softly as his hand moved to cup her cheek. "You're a little warm, Spence."

"Mmmm," she hummed, distraught as she felt her cough threatening to bubble up in spite of her efforts to keep it from erupting.

"Your throat sore?" he asked, one finger stroking the silky skin there.

She shook her head, swallowing hard, trying not to cough.

"You sure?" he asked again, feeling her throat contract as she swallowed.


"Anything else hurt, baby?" he murmured as he tilted her chin up so she'd look at him.

"My bottom," she answered softly. "You spanked me too hard."

"You think so?"


It had been a glorious day. The sun was shining brightly, the air was crisp and Spencer couldn't wait any longer; she just had to be out in it. She had been warned not to jog or ride her bike until her cough was completely gone and she had every intention of being careful. She didn't want to give JC any excuse to force that vile cough medicine down her throat.

Mid-afternoon, she dutifully dressed in a heavy sweatshirt and pants, thick socks, sneakers and a ball cap. After filling her lungs with a big crisp breath... she lay down on the manicured lawn and did rollies across the wide expanse of the yard, giggling the entire way. Then she climbed up and down a tree... and another... until she ran out of breath. A cough escaped... causing her to make a rude remark... and collapse against the trunk of a large evergreen, exhausted but satisfied and so happy to be outdoors again... and promptly fell asleep.

The light rain woke her and she lay there, letting the mist sprinkle drops on her face, her tongue sneaking out to catch them. When the wind picked up, she finally stood and walked back to the house... slowly. By the time she reached the back door, she was soaked to the skin.

In the laundry room, she stripped to her undies, dropped her wet clothes in the washing machine and her wet sneakers under the bench where they kept the "mud" shoes and other heavy footwear. A hot shower was next and her wet panties and bra landed on the side of the tub when she tossed them. The shower was perfect; she was warmed immediately and thought she might just nap for an hour before starting dinner.

When she stepped out of the shower, JC was standing there, a big smile on his face and holding his arms open wide - a large bath towel in his hands.

"You're home early," she smiled back, slipping into his arms where he immediately wrapped her into his embrace.

"Couldn't wait to love you," he murmured. "Been wanting to love you all day."


There were days she was still asleep when he left for work and he'd whisper his love for her, kiss her softly, tuck the covers under her chin and quietly leave. Other days, she woke as he dressed and he usually sat on the side of the bed and pulled her onto his lap where he cuddled her to his chest, talking softly... teasing her body with his hands and his mouth. This morning, she woke as he got out of bed and when he realized she was awake, pulled her sleepy body into his arms and took her into the shower with him. He had leaned against the tiled wall, his arms around her holding her upright while the warm spray caressed their skin.

"You awake, Spence?" he murmured as his hands lathered her back.

"Mmmm," she yawned into his chest.

"You sure?" he asked as he lifted her higher onto his chest, one hand cupping her bottom, the other teasing the silk of her breast, his palm lightly pressing against her taut nipple... circling it until she gasped.

When his mouth covered hers, she dissolved into the heat and passion of his lovemaking, her body his instrument to tune... to orchestrate and to play. Later, when they were sated, he dried her silky form mostly with his lips... the towel in his hand catching the drops his mouth missed... tucked her back into bed, her eyes closed in slumber before her head touched the pillow.

Mid-morning, he was signing papers when he cupped his chin in thought... caught a whiff of her scent on his shirt cuff... and hungered for her all over again.

After all these years, I still want to make love to her as if... as if we met yesterday.

He skipped lunch to complete paperwork, met his early afternoon appointments and told his yeoman to reschedule the rest. Rank has its privileges and he took advantage of his unusually light schedule to rush home. La mia bambina, I'm going to give you a sweet spanking... make love to you...


JC felt the tension leave his body as soon as Spencer was enfolded in his embrace. She was his and he wasn't entirely whole until they touched - probably why they touched so much - each needing the other to be complete. Friends teased them... they didn't mind the teasing. It was just the way they were - a simple touch made their world right.

He wanted to make love to her but first, he had to fill his hands with her, hug her close to him, and kiss the smile on her lips. "Ti voglio, bambina. I want you, baby. "Ti voglio bene," he murmured as his hands caressed her, assuring her with words and sweet touches just how much he wanted to make love to her.

Spencer curled into his arms, content to be there, pleased he had come home early, relieved she had come into the house and out of the rain before he came home...

The lovemaking began as it always did... Soft sweet touches, husky murmurs, quiet replies, palms gliding over flesh, fingers teasing and deep, penetrating kisses that left them both breathless and hungry... so hungry for more. Somewhere... in the middle of their loving, his clothes came off, her towel dropped to the floor, and they were wrapped in each other's arms in the middle of their bed.

"Need to spank this sweet tush of yours, zucca pumpkin," his words a whispered breath in her ear. "Need to warm this little bottom until you beg me to love you. Need to make you wet for me..." he husked as he sat up, turning her over his lap, leaning forward to kiss her ivory cheeks before his palm pinked them to a rosy glow.

She arched into his hand as he knew she would, the spanks sweet... tingling... her body sensate with those delicious shivers that always heralded the prologue to their joining. And when he entered her... and they were one... promises were made anew and sealed again.

Later... when they calmed, he cupped her cheek just as she turned her face into his palm... kissing the hand that had pinked her bottom, teasing it with her tongue. He chuckled and groaned in the same breath and retaliated by teasing the ticklish flesh between her ribs until she begged him to stop.

"JC! Please! No more!"

He lifted his head to look at her. Spencer's face was rosy, her head thrown back and his mouth automatically gravitated to her throat, his lips intent on sucking the sweet hollow there. "Ti amo, mia bellezza piccola I love you, my little beauty," he murmured, "and I love loving you."

He ordered takeout - fried wonton and plum sauce, sweet and sour pork, fried rice, Mongolian beef and extra crispy noodles. She sat on his lap while they fed each other with chopsticks and fingers, kissing and talking quietly, friends and lovers enjoying each other's company. Spencer hogged the wonton, barely sharing when JC demanded a bite and when she refused to give him more, he held her high in the air, his head under her T-shirt, his mouth tickling her belly and her mons. She squealed, giggled, moaned... and agreed to share the sweet and sour pork and when her mouth was full, smeared the sticky red sauce across his face.

He growled at her. She laughed.

He shook his head at her antics and then chuckled when she dropped crispy noodles down his T-shirt.

"You gonna eat those, bambina?"


"Careful, bella," he warned as Spencer stuck her head under his shirt and nibbled. The noodles had amassed near his groin and Spencer went after them. His large hand on her tush gave her pause.

"Careful, Spence," he said softly, not trusting her to behave.

"You don't trust me?" she asked, her face a picture perfect look of innocence.

"With most things, yes," he chuckled, "but not when you're seducing me."

"Seducing you?" she made an unladylike snort. "As if I needed to do that." And while he considered her words and then laughed at them, she made headway into the Mongolian beef.

"Where do you put it, bambina?" he asked as he measured his slender wife. "You eat more than a marine and you never gain weight."

"Mmm," Spence agreed, stuffing her mouth again.

When their hunger for food was satisfied, they turned toward each other to feed their other hunger. They cuddled on the couch touching and caressing... JC's hands fondled her, his lips nibbled on her ears, her throat, his words of love murmured softly... in Italian... in English.

"What did you do today, bambina?" he asked as he tucked her head under his chin, an arm around her back, his other hand stroking her hair.

"Mmmm, the usual," she replied, snuggling closer to his chest. "How was your day?" she queried, turning the discussion around.

His antennae twitched at her words. He had spotted her wet clothes when he walked through the laundry room, the wet sneakers, her wet lingerie on the side of the tub - was ready to dismiss the evidence of her romp in the rain - was waiting to hear her explanation. He knew she'd be evasive; Spencer never volunteered details. It was up to him to ask the right questions.

"Did you go outside today, Spence?"


"Was that a yes?" He tilted her chin up and smiled when she tried to keep her head down. He knew she found it hard to avoid answering his direct questions when she was looking at him.


"Did you remember to bundle up the way I told you?" he asked softly.


"Did you have a good time, baby?"


"Tell me what you did."


He tried to smother his laughter at her boldface lie, but she felt his chest rumble and he tightened his hold on her so she wouldn't get away.

"Nothing? You sure?" he asked as his laughter burst forth.


"Did you climb a tree, bambina?" he smiled into her face, Spencer's cheeks getting rosier by the second.

"Mmm... um... uh-huh."

"How many?" he grinned, knowing full well that his city-bred wife loved climbing trees as if she were a curious child and did it as often as she could get away with it.

"A couple," she mumbled.

"Did you roll across the lawn?" Oh yes. He knew her well.


"So-o-o you did the things you wanted to do... that's good. But why didn't you come in out of the rain?" The question asked softly... too softly.


"I didn't hear you, bambina," his voice still low. "Tell me again."

"I did."

"You did what?"

"I came in out of the rain."

"Uh-huh. How long did you stand in the rain until you decided to go in the house?"

"I *did* come in... the minute it started raining!" she protested.

"Okay. Let's agree that you did. Did you run back into the house?"

"I... uh... walked," she admitted.

"Hmmm... walked slowly?"

"I went into the house. Isn't that enough?"

"It's a good start, little one but..."

"You have no faith in me," she pouted.

"I love you, Spencer, and I know you love being in the rain. And when you're in the rain, you inhale damp and cool air... and then you get sick. We've had this discussion more times than I can remember and I think you need a warm healthy reminder..."

"I'm not sick!" Spencer protested. "I'm not fragile! I can..." She suddenly swallowed hard, coughed once... harshly and bit her lip, trying hard not to cough again.

"It's okay," he murmured as his hand rubbed her back. "Cough, baby. Let it out. Don't hold it in."

"It's your fault," she grumbled, her words interspersed with hiccups and then she began to cough in earnest. "You get me all riled and... I feel stifled and... and..." She couldn't finish her thought; her coughing left her breathing hard and ragged.

JC held her upright on his lap in a loose embrace so her lungs could clear and when she finally calmed, he pulled her to his chest, soothing her with soft murmurs and then announcing... "Sto andando sculaccialo, Spence. I'm going to spank you, Spence.

"You're... you're spanking me for coughing? Everybody... everybody coughs. Just because I..."

"Everybody who is susceptible to bronchitis and pneumonia does *not* stay out in the rain," he said softly but with a firm tone, the tone he took when he brooked no argument, the tone he took when she knew he was serious. "I'm not spanking you for coughing. I'm spanking you for taking your sweet time getting out of the rain when you knew you shouldn't have been there in the first place."

"That's not fair! You're a bully! I should be able to do what I..."

The rest of her words faded as he quickly turned her over his knee and raised her T-shirt. "JC's rules," he reminded her as his hand rubbed her bottom cheeks. "Put your health in jeopardy and pay the price, bambina."

"No!" she shouted as if that would stay his hand.

"Yes," he murmured as his hand came down on one cheek and then on the other. The spanks rained down slowly, his hand cupping her tush after each one, holding in the heat, ensuring she felt his displeasure. She gasped with the first few, then bit her lip, refusing to cry out. When she opened her mouth to take a big breath, she coughed... hard harsh rasping coughs.

His hand stilled, waiting for her breath to ease but it didn't and he turned her over and picked her up so she could breathe easier. Her face was flushed, her eyes watery and he knew that she had been biting her bottom lip. It was swollen.

Gently, he kissed her swollen mouth and then the tears on her cheeks, one hand cupping the curve of her jaw, the other cupping her sore bottom. "Bambina," he murmured. "I will give you this kind of reminder *every* time you cough if you bring this on yourself."

"You're a beast," she hiccuped.

"Yes, I am," he agreed. "And this beast loves you."

"You spanked me too hard," she complained as she tried to wiggle off of his lap.

"I didn't spank you hard enough," he responded, pulling her closer to his chest, his mouth nuzzling her throat. "But tomorrow's another day."


"If you're coughing in the morning, I'm going to spank you again," his words a soft promise she knew he'd keep.


"Yes," he murmured, picking her up and taking her to their bed. "Bully, beast, piss-ant, spanker... lover..."


This morning:
"Feel better, bambina?"

"Mmmm," she murmured.

"You sure?" he asked softly as his hand moved to cup her cheek.

"Mmmm," she hummed, distraught as she felt a cough threatening to bubble up in spite of her efforts to keep it from erupting.

"Your throat sore?" he asked.

She shook her head, swallowing hard, trying not to cough.

"You sure?" he asked again.


"Anything else hurt, baby?" he murmured as he tilted her chin up so she'd look at him.

"My bottom," she answered softly. "You spanked me too hard."

"You think so? I'm not sure I spanked you hard enough," he replied, his hand moving down to cup her bottom cheeks. "I think you need another reminder to stay out of the rain."

"No! Not fair!"

"Fair doesn't enter the equation, zucca. When it's your health..." he let the words linger. "... and you let your good judgment slide, then I overrule everything else." He cupped her chin, making her look at him. "You don't get choices when that happens, Spencer. You know that. And short of locking you in the house, I'll give you a sharp reminder. That reminder is a good hard spanking. Maybe the sting will last long enough this time."

"No! You already spanked me! It's not fair to spank me a second time. I..."

Her words faded when she looked at his face. His decision had been made and short of a miracle or an earthquake... he was going to spank her again. Spencer had a fine sense of justice and being punished for doing something he objected to was tolerable. Not acceptable - just tolerable. But being spanked a second time went against the grain and she pushed her hands against his chest, trying to get away.

JC knew what she was thinking but also knew that one spanking wasn't enough to get his point across. Though they did not have a DD marriage, he could have easily blistered her butt the first time; used a hairbrush or a paddle or his belt. But he didn't want to bruise her to the point that she'd fear him and she would fear him if he did that. Her childhood had been a difficult one and he wasn't going to do anything that smacked of a beating or abuse. His hand would sufficiently deliver the message.

He grabbed her hands when she tried to push him away and then with ease, flipped her over his lap, one hand on her back, the other on her bare bottom. "If I have to spank you every day..." he let the words sink in as he kneaded her bottom cheeks, "I will. Do I have to repeat myself, Spence? Do you understand what I'm saying?"

She understood all too well and she protested loud and clear. "You're a piss-ant and a bully and a giant pile of... of gorilla poop!" she shouted. "And... and you can damn sure sleep alone!"

JC was hard pressed not to laugh. Though not foul, Spencer's insults were sincere and he was grateful she didn't use foul language. If she did, he was certain the word combinations would make a sailor blush, and he would be no exception. He ignored her rant and concentrated on turning her bottom into a three-alarm fire.

She yelled at him.

He spanked.

She wiggled and squirmed and hissed.

He continued to spank and her bottom was fast turning cherry red.

She coughed.

He paused, his hand in mid-air.

She coughed and then gasped for breath... again... again... and again.

He quickly pulled her up and turned her so her back was to his chest; she was hyperventilating.

He felt her shiver as the tingling sensations raced up her spine, her body shaking a little. Finally, she went completely limp and her breath echoed shallow. "Easy gattina puss,"  he murmured. "Slow, even breaths. You're okay. Sono qui I'm here;  I'm holding you."

He held her gently, both arms around her, one curled up over her chest to stroke her cheek, the other under her breasts. The heat of her bare bottom rested against his groin and he was very aware of just how hot he had made it. He hoped it was enough; he didn't want to spank her again any time soon. When her breathing returned to normal, he took her into the bathroom and cooled her face and neck with a wet cloth.

"I'm not putting this on your bottom, Spence," he told her while he wiped her face. "I want this reminder to last; I want you to feel the sting until it fades. Maybe then," he paused, dropping the cloth in the sink and pulling her closer, unable to resist hugging her. "I won't have to give you another reminder any time soon."

Spencer didn't say anything; the spanking was over. Her words wouldn't change what he had done. Her bottom was sore; her throat was raw, and her heart hurt.

He fixed soft scrambled eggs and English muffins for her breakfast, added honey to warmed milk to sooth her throat and insisted she drink that instead of coffee. She ate quietly, ignoring him, and when he wasn't looking, drank his coffee. He started to say something but realized she was too quiet, not protesting the second spanking. A quiet Spencer was either plotting revenge... or aching inside. He wondered if he had spanked her harder than necessary.

"Bambina," he murmured, pulling her onto his lap. "I know you're hurting. I'm sorry I had to spank you like that. I... want you to stay well. I need you well," he whispered, cupping her face, leaving a trail of kisses along her brow. "I love you," he breathed into her ear. "Tell me you love me, too."

She looked up at him, silently considering his words. She *did* love him but was unhappy about the second spanking. The first one had been bad enough; in her opinion, the second one had been overkill. She opened her mouth to say so, swallowed air and coughed.

... And couldn't catch her breath... open mouth stuttered breaths... more coughing... hard harsh coughing that made her throat raw...

"Baby, baby," JC murmured, kissing her brow, soothing her with his softly spoken words, his easy strength holding her upright. When her breath eased, she collapsed against him, the side of her face against his chest, her hands clutching the fabric of his T-shirt.

"Better?" he asked, keeping his voice calm, keeping her calm.

"Uh... uh-huh," she hiccuped.

He held her for a while, making sure the coughing had subsided and her breathing was stabilized and then, without saying a word, cradled her against him and took her into their bathroom.


"Bambina di calmo. Sono qui Shhh baby, I'm here,  "he murmured, "You need to take some cough medicine, Spence. It will ease your throat."


"Yes, mia adore. This will make you feel better; you'll rest and when you wake, your cough will be gone and your throat..."

"No! I don't want..." Spencer started to fight in earnest. She punched him and tried to kick him but he held her easily. "Put me down!" she yelled. "That medicine is vile! It tastes bad; it makes me sleepy. I don't want to go to sleep! I don't need this! I don't want this!"

"Spencer, listen to me." JC remained calm in the midst of her tempest, easing her against him, her arms held locked between their bodies. "You're taking this medicine whether you want to or not. It's the only way. You have to have..."

"No!" she screamed into his chest. "No! Don't do this. Please," she sobbed. "Don't do this."

"Baby, I'm sorry," he moaned, hating what he had to do. One arm held her, his hand cupping the back of her head; the other held the cough medicine, forcing it between her lips.

She protested; her body squirmed and wiggled, her eyes filled and the gurgling sounds were loud in his ear as she swallowed the medicine he had forced down her throat. And when she had swallowed enough, he loosened his hold on her and murmured soothing sounds while he rubbed her back, his lips against her cheek.

"Easy, bambina. It's over. You'll sleep now and when you wake..."

"No!" she whimpered, gathering strength, punching his chest, gulping air and yelled. "I'm not going to sleep and you can go to hell!"


"You think you can do whatever you want... you think just 'cause you're bigger than me that you..." Her arm flung out in her fury, her hand smacking against the medicine bottle and sent it flying across the bathroom. It hit the wall, fell to the floor, the contents emptying as she turned to run from the room.

He caught her around the waist as she turned to flee, tucking her under his arm, upending her. Without thought to her sore bottom, his hand delivered several firm swats. She yelped; her butt still very much on fire from the previous spankings. He raised his hand to spank her again when she coughed. Quickly, he righted her but she continued to cough and then her diaphragm sharply contracted. He felt it and turned her toward the commode.

In seconds, she inhaled too much air... gasped... her cough sharpened; she fell to her knees and she hurled... medicine and breakfast lost as her stomach emptied. Kneeling behind her, JC held her gently, one hand holding her head and keeping her hair out of the way. When all was calm again, he filled a glass with mouthwash so she could rinse the taste away and washed her face with a cool cloth.

"Baby, baby," he murmured, rocking her against his chest when they cuddled in bed. "Mi spiace, innamorata. I'm sorry, sweetheart.  I never wanted it to come to this."

"No more medicine," she whispered, still a little shaky, leaning against him. "Please," she said softly.

"No more medicine," he agreed, kissing her brow. "No more medicine... no more spanking."

Ironically, she dozed, exhausted from the events, the coughing, the spankings and all that followed. He held her, keeping her cradled in his arms, his tension released now that she was no longer coughing and was breathing easier again. She wouldn't put her health in jeopardy for a while but when she did - and it was inevitable the rain would eventually draw her outside - he'd give her another spanking reminder.

Spencer turned in his arms in her sleep-like state and murmured that he was a piss-ant but that she loved him. JC smiled at her words whispered in Italian. "Ti amo, JC."

He was holding her; she loved him.

His world was right again.

~ End ~

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