Couldn't Wait for Lovin'
by sarAdora

"On your belly, sailor. That's an order."

"Yes, ma'am."

Spencer straddled JC's naked back and squeezed her knees along the sides of his rib cage. "Don't move, squid or you'll regret it."

"Yes, ma'am."

"This command business is okay," she giggled.

JC smiled. Command business?

Placing her soft hands on his upper back, she began a full-body massage on one of the Navy's senior officers. She regularly rubbed his neck and shoulders and often, other parts of him as well. A complete massage had become a weekend ritual for them and one they both enjoyed. Her palms began the deep pressure, circling motions on his shoulders and soon inched up to his neck.

"Mmmm, feels good, Puss," he sighed with pleasure.

"Did I give you permission to speak, squidlet?" she growled softly, lightly nipping the back of his neck, then kissed the pinch of the nip away.

"No, ma'am," he sighed again, stretching his neck. "No excuses, ma'am."

Grinning, she turned slightly and gave him a couple of sharp swats on his bare butt and felt his body jerk at her unexpected move.

"Quiet sailor, or it will go worse for you!" Her semi-stern tone completely lost its effect when a giggle escaped in spite of her best efforts to suppress it.

JC couldn't help grinning. Seeing that grin, she gave him another sharp swat and then wondered how far she could push her luck; he would never willingly let her swat him and she was really eager to try...

Spencer bent down to nip his earlobe and when she did, her breasts swept across his upper back, pressing softly into his flesh.

Murmuring his pleasure at the sweet feeling, he arched his back, almost unseating her.

"Be still, you... swabbie," she warned.

"Or what?" JC asked, lifting his head and turning to look at her.

"I'll show you what, you insubordinate squid..." Turning completely around on his back, Spencer swatted his butt really hard and then reached between his thighs and gave his balls a quick and gentle squeeze.

JC instantly turned on his side, unseating her and caught her around the waist before she rolled too far away. "So you want to play dirty, huh?"

Pulling her to him, he swiftly turned her on her belly, landing a volley of spanks on her bottom cheeks but before she could voice a protest, reached between her thighs and covered her vulva. Without warning, he lifted her to her knees, his large hand covering her folds. Spencer inhaled sharply when his fingers teased that sensitive bundle of nerves and felt delicious shudders when he swiftly entered her.

"You're... disobeying... a direct command. You're... going to regret it," she gasped between thrusts.

Gently squeezing her clit, he pushed in and out of her at a delicious angle. "Should I stop now, sweetheart?" he teased, his breath warm on her neck as his hand began to warm her pinking folds with gentle spanks.

"If you do... you can forget about... ever touching me again! And furthermore..." she continued between panting breaths, "you can forget... about massages... and um... special dinners... and..." She gave up thinking what he could forget about. The body tingling shivers caused by the gentle spanks and his lovemaking were skating down her spine.

He continued.

They stayed joined as long as possible, lying on their sides, her back snuggled to his chest. JC's arms remained around her, his hand teasing her wet sex with slow maddening strokes and spanks until he felt her post coital shudders. His other very efficient hand wandered over her belly and mound and breasts, caressing her, teasing her, loving her.

When he regained his breath, he murmured in her ear. "I'm ready to take any punishment you deem necessary for disobeying your direct order, Madam Commanding Officer."

"Why did you disobey... a direct order... squidlet?" her breath still heavy. "Because I gave you a few swats... or because I grabbed your... yummy stuff?" She reached back and ran her hands up and down his arms, her fingers touching, rubbing, and slipping over his flesh, causing goose bumps to rise on his skin.

"What do you think?" His husky voice and his heavy breath tickled her ear as he continued teasing her swollen petals.

Spencer was losing her focus again. "I think I'll have to grab you one more time so I can be sure." She made a feeble attempt to reach between her thighs and his for his sensitive testicles. Not only was she unable to reach them from this position, he enfolded her hands with one of his and held them.

His love bites branded the back of her neck and her shoulders, making her sigh with pleasure. When her breathing got even huskier, he caught an earlobe and sucked it between his lips.

Spencer was spiraling into space. Her body, entwined with his, was on another plane, her mind somewhere out in space watching the events below. A moment ago, she had been rubbing his neck. She had briefly squeezed his balls and seconds later, he was spanking her, thrusting inside her and she was barely able to catch her breath.

When he was sure she was near, he plunged into her once again and loved her until they both collapsed. Still lying on their sides, her back to his chest, JC licked Spencer's damp shoulders and neck, covering the same spots with light kisses while his hands caressed her breasts and belly. She continued to breathe heavily.

"Are you all right, mia amore?" he asked softly, hugging her. "Did I love you too hard?"

"What happened, JC? I could have sworn *I* was the one giving the commands."

Commands?  He smiled when he turned her over to capture her lips and it was mere seconds before his mouth found her breasts again.

"JC, did I... Oh, do that again," she murmured as he swirled the tip of his tongue around one extra sensitive nipple and then the other. "When I grabbed you, did I squeeze too hard? Did I hurt you?"

"No baby, you didn't hurt me." His mouth grinned around her nipple.

"Then why...?"

He lifted his head to cover her mouth with his. "I couldn't wait to spank you sweet and love you, baby. I just couldn't wait to love you."

~ End ~

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