Fightin' and Lovin'
by sarAdora

1830 Hours
The Marine General walked around the side of JC's house to check on the new K-9 trainer putting the dogs through their paces. He approached the other K-9 trainer standing in front of the kennels on the far side of the yard. From this vantage point, he could see the trail into the forest on one side and the Admiral's house on the other. He wondered what the young sailor was looking at so intently and turned in time to see JC marching rapidly across the yard with Spencer over his shoulder. He reached the sailor at the same time JC entered his house. He wasn't sure, but even at this distance it sounded like JC had slammed the door. The sailor recognized the General and added a quick hello after his salute.

Sailor: "Uh-Oh, heís really mad now."

General: "What was that all about?"

Sailor: "Well... um... sir. It seems the Admiral came home and the missus was out there." He pointed to another part of the yard.

General: "And?"

Sailor: "And... well... the Admiral went up to her and... I donít know what he said, but he didnít look real happy and got in her face Ė if you know what I mean."

He knew what he meant.

Sailor: "And the missus put her hands on her hips and it looked like she was giving as good as she got."

He could picture that.

Sailor: "And the Admiral was yelling something and shook his finger at her. Uh... she didnít like that. No sir, she didnít."

General: "What did she do?"" Sailor: "Looked to me like she bit his finger... and then she shook a finger in his face."

The General was getting exasperated: "And?"

Sailor: "And the Admiral... he put his hands on her shoulders and yelled something back."

General: "And? What happened next?" He shouted at the poor hapless squid.

Sailor: "Well sir um... um... the missus... well... she... uh..."

General: "For Godís sake Ė spit it out, sailor!"

Sailor: "She... uh... she put her hand on his... uh... she... uh..." The young sailor turned beet red and in a rush to get his words out. "She grabbed him by the balls, sir!"

General, laughing delightedly: "She did? Hot damn! And I missed it!"

Sailor: "Um... well sir... maybe she didnít actually *grab* his... I mean... maybe she just... uh... pointed her hand... uh... touched his uh..."

General, still laughing: "Close enough! And then what? Spill it, sailor!"

Sailor: "The Admiral jumped, sir!"

General, gleefully: "Iíll bet he did, sailor! And what did the Admiral do next?"

Sailor: "He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and marched into the house. Looked to me like she was trying to kick him and beat his back to a pulp. The Admiral had a real angry look on his face. Might go bad for her. Yes, sir. Iím afraid so."

General: "What I wouldnít give to be a fly on their wall right now."

Sailor: "Oh, I donít think so, sir. Iíve seen the Admiral when he gets mad, and trust me. You donít want to be around him. Iím afraid it might be down right ugly in there about now."

General: "Thatís what you think, sailor."

Sailor: "Well, sir..."

General: "You donít know much about women, do you?"

Meanwhile, in the house: JC was as mad as a wet hen Ė maybe madder. He came home to find Spencer out in the rain with only a light jacket Ė no hat and no raincoat. She wasnít shivering, but he could see she was chilly. She had just recovered from a bad chest cold and here she was... When he yelled at her for not wearing a raincoat, she yelled back and told him to mind his own business.

"You *are* my business," he bellowed. You should know better than to be out here without sufficient clothing to keep you dry. If you catch cold again... woman, I will take personal pleasure in burning your butt. You won't sit for a week! Spencer! You just got over a chest cold. What will it take to make you see reason?"

She knew there was a *slight* possibility that she *might* be in the wrong. She had been out of sorts all day. The quilt she was making was not coming together right and she had ripped out most of the sewing.

Frustrated, she decided she needed some fresh air and had dashed out of the house and was in the yard before she realized she had walked into a light rain. Perversely, she stood there letting the rain cool her frustrations. In a manner of minutes, she had headed back to the house, but JC had shown up unexpectedly and there hadn't been time to explain. Instead of responding calmly and explaining herself, Spencer lost her temper at his high-handed manner.

"Don't you get all admirally on me, Admiral Piss-Ant!" she hissed, a mini-titan against a Sherman tank.

He pointed a finger at her and loudly lectured that she needed to take better care of herself.

Spencer was furious with his bossy manner. "Bottom feeder! Shark bait!" Without conscious thought, she bit the finger he pointed at her and then, shocked both of them when she reached between his legs and gave his balls a fast, tight squeeze. "You bossy squid, you!"

The unsuspecting Admiral went ballistic. He tossed her over his shoulder so fast she swallowed her next breath and he held her legs down with one arm so her kicking was to no avail. This only fueled her temper and she tried to inflict serious damage to his back, but his jacket and raincoat were huge deterrents Ė not that she would have made much of a dent even if his back were bare. His other hand pressed her not-too-well padded butt, purposely making her feel the power behind his palm.

He was furious with her for not taking better care of herself. She was furious with him for his cavalier treatment. As soon as JC closed the door behind them, he tossed his cover on the couch and still holding Spencer tightly, shrugged out of his gloves, raincoat and jacket.

She squirmed against his arm, low growls of frustration interspersed with her ragged breathing. She was the picture of self-righteous indignation. "Put me down!" she yelled.

He merely grunted and having rid himself of his outer garments, threw her over his shoulder once again and stormed into their bedroom. Unceremoniously, he tossed her on their bed and stripped her of her clothing so fast he almost wasnít aware of his own actions. Focusing on her squirming naked body, he immediately softened. He loved her beyond imagination.

He had been livid about her lack of proper clothing. Then he was practically crazy because she had unexpectedly grabbed his balls... and then, even crazier at the thought that she could become seriously ill. Now his desire for her was fueled by the events of the last few minutes and no one on God's green earth was going to stop him from making love to her. Nothing was going to be right until he was holding her close to him and seated deep inside her.

But first...

Slipping off his shoes, he launched himself to the middle of the bed and swiftly flipped her over his lap, his hand already descending.

Spencer was stunned. She was certain he would have listened to her explanation before spanking her and she was furious with him for manhandling her. She had been shocked to find herself naked so quickly and... "How dare you!" she screamed, trying to wiggle off his lap.

"Very easily," he murmured as his heavy hand lit an inferno on her butt. "I come home and catch you out in the rain and you wonder why I'm riled? You curse me, punch me and grab my balls and you wonder why I'm spanking you? You..."

"You made me angry," she yelled between gasping breaths. "And... and I'll never speak to you again! And furthermore," she hissed as she gulped large amounts of air, "you better get a food taster!"

Chuckling at her words, his hands slowed. Laughter bubbled up and he lost it, giving in to the sensation, his body shaking with mirth. His hot hand covered her much hotter bottom and when he caught his breath, turned her onto her back. "Spence," he smiled at the imp. "You are utter and absolute joy."

"I hate you!"

"I know," he grinned and dipped his tongue down to her most sensitive parts. Her scent made him hard and he loved her thoroughly. Her body forgot that she was irked with him and responded. When she arched her back and twisted the bedspread in her fists, he lowered her body just long enough to rid himself of the rest of his clothing.

Before Spencer could even begin a semblance of normal breathing, he was bending over her and holding her legs up, apart and back. Swiftly, he entered her, his thrusts fast and deep and when he reached his climax, he took her mouth in his and sucked her tongue and lips with such a sensual tension, it shook them both. Lowering his weight to his elbows, he loosened his hold on her mouth and looked at her swollen lips. With sweet tenderness he covered hers again and breathed his breath into her until they both were calm.

When he finally turned on his side to cradle her in his arms, he gazed at her face. Her lips were slightly parted, her breath a little ragged, and he was surprised to see a few tears. Did I handle her too roughly...? Did I frighten her...? Or was her release that intense?  He wasn't sure. He only knew he had to kiss the face of this woman he loved and he did, placing his lips on her eyelids, moving to her cheeks, to the line of her jaw, her silky throat and her mouth, again and again.

Spencer was physically and emotionally drained and hadnít moved except to put her hands on his face when he began breathing in her mouth. Now, while his hands were caressing her shoulders and he was kissing her face and neck, her hands made their way down his neck to his chest. She rubbed the sensitive flesh around his nipples and then gently taking each of them between her thumbs and two fingers of each hand, she contemplated payback.

For a man who was sexually spent, JC's reflexes were good. He covered her hands, sat up to stare intently at her and then slowly lowered his body again.

Spencer stared back, sucking her lower lip and daring him. She stiffened noticeably when he filled his hands with her breasts, gently squeezed them together, and lowered his mouth to them.

"You wouldnít dare," she hissed, thinking he might nip her.

He raised his eyebrows at that remark and then sucked the flesh around each sensitive nipple until her skin was a rosy pink. Scraping his teeth against each nipple, he suckled each of them hard and continued to lick and suckle each one until she thought she was going to faint from the sheer pleasure of it. And then he grabbed both of her hands and held them above her head. Lowering his mouth to her very ticklish armpits, he sucked and nipped each one just hard enough so she would know who was in control. He took his time kissing the same spots until she forgot about the pinch his teeth had made.

Not finished loving her, he turned her over to kiss the sweet butt he had heated with a heavy hand. Grateful that he hadn't spanked hard enough to leave his handprint, he covered every inch of it with kisses and then kissed his way up her back. Turning her and cradling her once again, he kept an eye on those busy hands of hers and as a precaution, also threw a heavy thigh across her legs.

"You okay, bambina?" he asked softly.

"Whatís left of me will probably live." She was sated from his lovemaking, but very sore and still irritated that he had spanked her for no reason. "You're a bully," she pouted and pushed at his chest. "I didn't know you had a cruel streak, JC."

"Did I frighten you, gattina puss?"  He gently stroked her cheek. "Or are you just mad at the circumstances?"

"You hauled me over your shoulder like I was a sack of oats or something." She felt her anger rekindling.

"You... you took my clothes off so fast and then you... I thought you were going to swallow me whole." She took a deep breath and began to hiccup.

"And... you spanked me for *no* reason! ... and too hard! ... and then you loved me so swiftly Ė it was like raw... raw..."

"Raw sex? Raw sensuality?" He rubbed his cheek against hers. "But did I hurt you?"

"No," she admitted. "You didn't hurt me... except for the spanking. That hurt." She sat up, pushing him away from her face. "For a moment, I was... How could you...? How dare you...?"

He pulled her back down and holding her tightly, he rolled on to his back, gathering her closer to his chest. "I dare very well, mia adore," he said softly. "I love you. I love you beyond my wildest imagination. You are mine. You belong to me." He rubbed her back with one hand and her warm butt with the other. "You are the most important person in my life and you *will* take better care of yourself, or I'll be tempted to... Do you understand?"

"Understand?" She yelled at him and tried to get up, but he held her in place. "Understand what? That you...? That you...?" Her breath was ragged and she was trembling. "You... would...?"

"Would what, sweetheart? Beat you? No. But warm your butt over and over again. Yes. Chain you to my side? Count on it." He held her gently and spoke softly, trying to calm her and whatever fears she might be harboring. "And I will, you know. If that's what it takes to make you take better care of yourself, I will warm your butt over and over again and if necessary, chain you to my side."

She calmed considerably and nuzzled his neck. She had completely misunderstood his intentions. "You are a bully and a tyrant," she whispered.

"Spencer," he pleaded with a slight tremor in his voice. "If anything happened to you... my life would be nothing. It would be... dolcezza, I'm asking you to take better care of yourself, not to be so impulsive... for my sake."

"Better watch your back, squidlet." Satisfied she had given him ample warning, she cuddled closer to this man she loved more than life and closed her eyes.

JC held her and stroked her face and neck. He couldn't believe he had frightened her - she had always been so fearless - and he knew he'd beat himself up over it time and again. He also couldnít keep his hands off of her and it constantly amazed him that he couldn't.

They had been married for twenty years; she was his, and yet, each time he touched her, it was like the first time. "You are my everything, my love," he whispered. "You, I love."

~ End ~

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