Jealous Lovin'
by sarAdora

"You're a bully," she sniffed, wiping her eyes on his T-shirt.

"I am," he agreed, one hand entwined in her hair, the other cupping her heated bottom cheeks as she straddled his thigh.

"You're a piss-ant, too!"

"Uh huh."

"You're too bossy and I do *not* take orders and I am *not* one of your subordinates and... and you're a piss-clam!" she announced, beating her fist into his chest.

"I'm a piss-clam?" he asked, his lips curving into an irritating grin. "I've graduated," he chuckled, palming her fist. "Thank you, bambina. I'd rather be a piss-clam, bigger than a piss-ant."

"And you have no couth," she added like that was a revelation.

"You know what I *do* have?" he asked as he tilted her chin up. "I have a birbantella naughty imp  in my arms."

"Bully for you," she snapped, rolling her eyes.

"Your sass isn't helping your cause, imp."

"You don't spank for sass," she reminded him.

"I might make an exception," he said softly as his hand cupped her bottom cheeks a little tighter, making her gasp.


He had a temporary duty assignment overseas in an out-of-the-way relay station and received permission to take Spencer with him for the few weeks he would be there. They would be housed in a small village that was occupied by other military couples. She was overjoyed to be with him and when he was on duty, spent time getting to know the other wives, shopping and sightseeing.

The military community was isolated from the main town; it was small and they socialized as a group on a weekly basis. JC and Spencer had participated in the dinners and parties and reciprocated the hospitality. This evening, they were attending a cocktail party hosted by JC's commanding officer and both were looking forward to the soiree. Naval officers rotated through the billet and new guests were always showing up at the various social gatherings.

At this particular party, one of the new guests was a woman who seemed to know JC fairly well; had met him years earlier, and was obviously attracted to him. Her second U.S. Navy husband was at sea, she was filing for divorce and JC was her next target.

Ignoring the wedding ring he wore on his left hand... she rolled her eyes at Spencer standing by his side... nudged her out of the way when Spencer didn't move... and threw her arms around the tall handsome Navy Captain she was sure would be her next conquest.

"Meredith..." JC choked when it looked like the woman's hands were super-glued onto his neck.

"Kiss me, big fella!" the woman cooed, "or so help me, I'm going to do something outrageous in front of all this company. You know me, JC. I've always been a bit outrageous," she added in a husky whisper, her body melting into his, her hands sliding down his back to fondle his butt, her foot slipping out of her shoe and rubbing against his calf.

"Mmm," he hummed, his hands on her waist as he tried to extricate himself from her bear hug and put some space between their bodies. "Have you met my wife?" he asked when she pushed herself back into his chest.

"Is it really necessary?" the woman asked and because there was a sudden hush in the room, she turned and gave Spencer the once-over. "Such a slip of a girl," she tsked. "You really need a woman of experience, JC, a woman of substance, one who can make it good for you in bed. Remember how good it was for us when you were in my bed?"

Spencer arched a brow.

The woman was hanging onto her husband's body like drool on a rabid dog and she had the same fierce expression. "You slept with her?" Spencer asked, aghast at the visual that presented.

"He was the very best I ever had," Meredith smirked. "And I know he can't wait to get me back in bed," she added, rubbing her body against JC's and reaching up to kiss him.

"Basta! Enough!"  he growled low, trying not to make a bigger scene than they had already caused. "Back off, Meredith! I'm married and not interested. Behave yourself!"

"But we were so-o-o good together, JC," she pouted. "Haven't you missed me? I know you've missed me."

"I haven't missed you," he said bluntly, pulling away from her embrace but she persisted, her hand landing on his chest, rubbing it.

"Please stop pawing my husband," Spencer said softly... much too softly.

"Spence..." JC warned, recognizing the signals in Spencer's body language, the clenched fists, the raised brow, the leg that was ready to kick... "Don't hurt her, bambina."

"Hurt me?" Meredith laughed. "This... this girl?"

Spencer struck.

Reverting to the street urchin she had once been, she grabbed Meredith's hand off of her husband's chest, bent it back, and swiftly yanked the woman by her hair. "Don't touch what isn't yours," she said softly as she delivered a powerful left hook into the woman's cheek.

"JC! That woman hurt me!" Meredith exclaimed, too stunned to do anything but hold her impaired wrist to her body, her other hand on her bruised face, tears flowing freely.

"JC, I'm ready to leave now," Spencer said quietly, her look at Meredith one of extreme contempt.

"In a minute, Spence," he said as he reached for Meredith's hand to see the damage inflicted by his "slip of a wife."

"I'm leaving," Spencer announced and turned to go.

"Wait for me, Spence," her husband said in that tone he used when he was giving orders to someone in his command that had displeased him.

Spencer paused in mid-step, gave her husband a withering look and said goodnight to one and all as she rapidly left the house.


The earth paused in its rotation... the moon hid behind cloud cover, cats went screeching away into the night and anyone with any sense at all got out of his way. JC morphed into combat mode... stalked the slip of a girl that had defied him... in front of his commanding officer... and the rest of the invited guests.

It was true that Spencer had good reason to be angry but she should have let him do what was necessary when Meredith had acted the tramp. And... she should not have left him standing there! He was an officer and a gentleman; he couldn't just leave the woman without ensuring that she would get some medical attention. When he caught up with Spencer...

His commanding officer tried to smother his laughter at JC's dilemma and clapping his hand off his back, told him he'd take care of Meredith and JC should go take care of his wife. "You're a lucky SOB, Captain!" the senior officer had chuckled. "Now go make it right with that pretty little lady of yours. And don't make her mad," he continued to chuckle. "That's a mighty mean left hook she has!"

He caught up with her just as she slammed the door to their quarters shut, locking it behind her and then she put a chair under the knob. There was no other entrance and all the windows were locked.

"Open this door!" he roared when he realized she had the only key in her pocket. "Open it now!"

"Go back to your experienced lover," Spencer said softly as she leaned against the door. "Go back and see if her injuries need your special kind of attention. Go back to the woman who thinks you're the best she's ever had!"

"Spencer..." his tone foretelling dire consequences if she didn't immediately unlock the door.

She ignored him, changed into pajamas and socks, and knowing JC would eventually find a way in, grabbed a pillow and blanket and hid in the hall closet. After a very brief pity party, she fell asleep, visions of dismembering Meredith extremely satisfying.

When he finally found her... hiding from him... asleep in a closet, his heart melted at the evidence of tears on her cheeks. Picking her up, he took her to bed and settled in beside her. The morning would be soon enough for her to feel his extreme displeasure and a night's sleep would also give him time to holster his anger.

But they both had too many clothes on... he stripped to a T-shirt and boxers and pulled her pajama bottoms off. He liked to feel her bare bottom on his belly when he slept, she wouldn't need them in the morning... his arm went around her, snuggling her close to his body.

She wiggled back into him, the warmth of him familiar even in slumber and content, she fell into a deeper sleep with his arms around her.

Morning came... Spencer stretched... then realized where she was and who was holding her. She almost asked him how he got in without making any noise but he was a Seal after all; she said nothing, feigning sleep.

JC's mouth curved into a smile when he felt her awaken and then pretend to be asleep. He knew... she knew... a spanking was imminent and she was only delaying the inevitable.

"I love you, bambina," he whispered as his palm cupped her breast. "I love every inch of you," he husked as his hand moved lower on her belly. "And I'm going to make sweet love to you this morning... after I spank you."

"No!" she squealed and tried to leap from the bed but it was futile fantasy on her part; he had her on her belly and over his lap before she swallowed her next breath. "Not fair! Spencer yelled. "Not my fault you were attracted to harlots and floozies before you met me! I should have decked her while I had the chance! I hope you showered with soap after you slept with her... and... and took antibiotics! I hope... OWWW! OUCH!"

His laughter at her words was louder than her squeals and gasps, his heavy hand raining hard on her pale posterior. And then he got serious and continued to spank her until he was certain she'd feel the burn for several hours and the residual ache for a day or two. He ignored her stuttered cries, the soft whimpers that escaped between her lips and when she finally lay limp across his lap, her cheeks deeply stained red, he stopped.

Pulling her up against his chest, he kissed the tears that lingered on her cheeks, his hands soothing her back, one slipping down to cup her heated bottom.

"I don't want you to hold me," she said softly, pushing away from him.

"Too bad," he murmured, pulling her closer. "I need to hold you and that's what I'm going to do."

"You spanked me for standing up for what's mine," she pouted.

"No, I didn't," he replied. "I didn't spank you for hitting Meredith; I didn't spank you for being jealous. I kinda liked that part, bambina," he smiled as he tilted her chin and placed a soft kiss on the tip of her nose. "I spanked you for leaving the house when I told you to wait for me and I spanked you for wandering out into the night in a foreign country by yourself."

"We're only six houses away from where we were!" Spencer protested.

"Night time... no streetlights... you don't know the neighborhood... I told you to wait for me..."

"But... but..."

He arched a brow.

She sighed.

"You spanked me too hard, your hands are too big," she murmured into his neck.

"I didn't spank you hard enough," he muttered, cupping her heated cheeks, his palm slightly swollen.

"You're too big and that spanking hurt like the devil," she complained, reaching back to rub her bottom.

"I didn't spank you long enough and spankings are supposed to hurt," he said softly, pulling her hand away.

"You're a big bully and you better not spank me like that ever again. You'll maim me with those big hands of yours."

"I don't spank you often enough and I think you're a perfect size for these hands," he stated as his hand moved between her thighs. "And a perfect size for this body," he sighed as he fit himself within her, his body holding her in place while his hands pulled her legs around him, raising her bottom off the bed.

"I was jealous," she told him later. "I didn't know I was capable of jealousy but that's what it was."

"I know."

"I was dumbfounded at her behavior, too."

"I know. So was I."

"Were you with her a long time?"

"Took her to dinner two nights in a row, slept with her, shipped out, never gave it another thought."

"You made love to her and didn't think about it again?"

"Didn't make love to her, bambina. We had sex - like animals mating - raw and rough and strictly for release. We both wanted it, took what was offered, end of story."

"Was that how it was the first time we were together?" she asked softly.

"Do you want another spanking on top of this one?" he asked with an arched brow, cupping her bottom and making her squirm. "When you finally let me kiss you... you still kept me at arm's length," he reminded her. "When you finally let me love you... violins, bambina," he murmured. "A cathedral of violins... and you beneath me. Our loving merely sealed my love for you."

"It was your charm," she told him later as they soaped each other in the shower. "I succumbed to your charm. OUCH!"

"Another spanking," he murmured as he lifted her to his chest. "Gonna spank the jealousy out of you... and the sass," he added as his mouth descended, his hands fondling her sore tush, soothing her. "I loved your jealousy, bambina; give me some of your jealous lovin'."

~ End ~

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