Needin' Some Lovin'
by sarAdora

She was still asleep when he left the house. He had awakened earlier than usual, pulled on sweats, and went for an early morning run. When he came home, he gathered her into his arms and loved her awake with his mouth. And then, he loved her again, filling her. She fell asleep afterward, her butt still tingling from his sensual spanks. Lying beside her for a while, he watched her sleep, his warm gaze taking in the sweet curve of a breast, the indentation at her waist, the pink fading from her butt. When he had to leave for work, he dropped soft kisses on her mouth and pulled a cover over her warm sleepy body.

Traffic into the Pentagon was heavier than usual and he was late getting to his headquarters. When he finally barked "As you were!" to those in the bullpen, he remembered that he hadn't had coffee or anything to eat.

His morning had been a disaster. The Secretary of the Navy had showed up unexpectedly, several simple matters suddenly became complicated and one of his junior staff members was acting like a classic jerk. Time to read the riot act, he thought.

He missed lunch.

By 1430 hours, he had admonished a senior subordinate for arguing with his yeoman over the merits of a stupid rock concert. When he had given the hapless officer a list of items he needed from the supply closet, he had to send the Gunnery Sergeant to go find him when he disappeared. Neither man had returned.

Leaning back in his leather chair, he covered his eyes and wondered how he was going to get through the next few hours without committing murder or mayhem. He checked his appointment book - nothing urgent.

Retrieving his cover and giving no reason, he told the marine deployed outside his office to inform his yeoman that he had left for the day. He headed for the beltway and the closer he got to his exit, the better he felt.

She heard him come through the front door and curious as to why he was home before the day was over, dropped what she was doing and went to investigate.

"Cowboy! You're home so early." She looked at him critically, then reached up to kiss him. "Is everything okay?"

"It is now, baby." He picked her up, held her against his chest and kissed her deeply. "It is now."

Without another word, he carried her into the bedroom. She opened her mouth to say something when he laid her on the bed, but he put a finger to his lips. She remained silent and just watched him.

Taking off his uniform jacket, he hung it on the back of a chair and stared at her. Pulling his shirt out of his pants, his gaze wandered over her while he unbuttoned it and then tossed it behind him. He dropped his trousers after toeing off his shoes.

Remaining silent, he leaned over her and reached for her sweater, pulling it over her head. Cupping her bare breasts, he kissed each one before unzipping her skirt and pulling it from her. Standing back to look at her, he smiled at the attractive blush that was tinting her cheeks.

"I love you, baby," he murmured as he got into bed and gathered her into his arms. The heavy weariness that wore him down earlier disappeared as soon as her body touched his. Instantly, he relaxed. He was content just to hold her - she was the anchor in his life.

Sighing deeply, she snuggled against his chest, her arm around his waist. She could feel the tension leave his body and knew that whatever had been bothering him was dissipating.

"Squidlet," she murmured one of the pet names she called him. "Are you okay?"

"I am now, sweetheart," he murmured back, his arm tightening around her, his other hand behind her neck.

"Tell me what happened, today," she urged.


She laughed softly. "That's my line, Texas boy."

He chuckled. "Nothing really happened, baby. It was a typical day - unexpected complications, petty problems, too much paperwork, miserable traffic, but no national emergencies."

"And that's why you came home early, squid?"

"I... ran out of patience," he admitted. "I didn't have any afternoon appointments and decided to play hooky with my favorite imp." His fingers skittered down her back and teased the cleft of her butt, squeezing each cheek gently. "I thought she might be willing to let me play with her delicious bottom."

She raised her head to smile at the handsome sailor. "What did you do before I came into your life?"

"You mean when I had to get away for a while?"

She nodded.

"I usually came home, changed into sweats and went for a long run - a very long run."

"And then?"

"And then, imp," he pulled her up so they faced each other. "I sat on the porch steps, drank Scotch and thought about abducting a fair maiden - a fair maiden I could strip and spank and..."

"What if it was cold out...?" she grinned, ignoring the maiden comment, and tweaking his nose. "And too chilly for your butt?"

"Too chilly?" he growled. "For my butt?" He grabbed her palm and licked it, then mouthed her wrist, kissing his way up the inside of her arm until he nipped the sweet flesh of her armpit, tickling her.

She laughed at the sensation, loving their play, loving him. "I love it when you're silly, squid."

"Squids are never silly. Former SeALs are never silly, imp," he proclaimed in his voice of command, his hands moving to her ribs. He tickled her unmercifully, his mouth capturing the underside of one breast and then, the other.

"Cowboy, stop! Please!" she begged between bursts of laughter, her head thrown back, her body squirming.

He raised his head to look at her, enjoying her laughter, the feel of her in his arms, and damn happy he had come home early. Rank does have its privileges, he thought.

He loved her with his hands and his mouth and his body. He loved her with his heart. She was his to love and he did love her.

She accepted everything he offered and returned every kiss, touch, and loving word. He was hers to love and she did love him.

Afterward, she kneeled behind him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her breasts pressed into his back, making him hungry for her all over again. Her thighs leaned against his bare ass and he reached back to caress her silky skin.

"God! I want you again. Come here, baby," he turned and pulled her willing body onto his lap.

She took his face in her hands and kissed him. "I love you, cowboy, husband, sailor man, lover, friend."

He pulled her back against his arm and leaned down to kiss her breasts, catching a nipple between his teeth, and then, pulled her up again to straddle his legs. Her mouth found his once again and they sat for a moment lost in the kiss. He caressed her, stroking her body and swallowed up her breathing.

His palm rubbed circles on her sweet ass, his fingers lightly pinching, and his mouth watered as he thought of how he was going to spank her, and kiss those pink cheeks. He slipped a finger between her slick folds, pushing into her heat, then turned her over on his lap so he could touch her, warm her, make her tingle, kiss her, taste her, excite and pleasure her, and lose himself in her loving warmth once again.

"I want you with me all the time," he murmured, his hands beginning the dance of love, his mouth swiftly following, his body joining hers once again. "I'm always needin' some of your lovin'."

~ End ~

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