Never Enough Lovin'
Part Three
by sarAdora

He insisted she eat lunch, teasing her as she ate, distracting her by murmuring nonsense in her ears, and feeding her between kisses. Without realizing it, she ate a complete meal, making him very happy. When she cleared the table, he came up behind her, nuzzled her neck and licked her ears, sending shivers down her back.

"Love me now, baby," he murmured, pulling her onto his chest.

"Later, Captain."

"Why later?"

"That's what you always say to me," she grinned. "Just giving you some well deserved payback."

He looked at the clock, one large hand cupping her bottom, squeezing, the threat implicit. "Enjoy this, sweetheart. Everything goes back to normal in ten hours and... 12 minutes."

Spencer laughed. "Put me down, squidlet."

"Make me."

"Make you? Ooooh, is that insubordination I hear, sailor? Gonna' demote you," she warned.

He laughed, then lifted her over his shoulder and marched into the living room, ignoring her protests. Laying her on the couch, he covered her body with his, the lower half of his body resting on hers. Balancing most of his weight on his elbows, his hands cupped her face, his mouth seeking hers.

"I love you squidlet," she whispered.

"I know you do, baby." His answering kiss left her hungry for him, but she had special orders to give him later and didn't want to wear him out before she had a chance to deliver them.

"Do you want to play with me, Captain?"

"I always want to play with you, sweetheart." He arched a brow, still holding her face in his hands. "Did you have a particular game in mind?"

"Uh-huh," she rubbed his shoulders and turned her head to catch his palm with her lips.

"You wanna' play house with me?" His grin was feral.

"I had something else in mind."

"Let's not play. Let's make love," he murmured.

"That's not the game I had in mind, either."

"I don't consider loving you or making love to you a game, baby. I take it very seriously."

"I know you do," she laughed. "You've been extra serious for the last day and a half. It's time for us to lighten up a little."

"Ten more hours, imp," he warned as his hands kneaded her bottom cheeks.

"Let's go in the bedroom, Captain."

"Let's stay here."

"No. If you go in the bedroom and if you... perform satisfactorily, I'll promote you to admiral again."

"My performance is in question?"

"Sort of," she said cryptically.

"Let's go," he agreed, pulling her up with him. "My performance has never been in question. I'll be admiral again in no time."

Spencer didn't comment, but she did laugh.

"Okay sailor, take off your T-shirt, lie on the bed on your back," she snapped. "And that's an order!"

"Aye-aye, ma'am."

"I'm going to tie you down, JC"

"You are?"

"Yes, I want to love you and you always agree to let me, but then you take over and I don't get to do what I want to do."

He knew that was true - he couldn't keep his hands off her for very long.

"Do you have handcuffs?"

"No." Thank God!

"How about ties?"

"Not using my ties," he groused.

Spencer sighed and paused to think. JC stood in front of her, at ease. She would have to figure this out for herself; he certainly wasn't going to come to her aid.

"I've got it. Lie on the bed, Captain."

"What if I say no?"

"I'll be very disappointed."

He chuckled.

"And you promised to obey orders - so lie down," she stated firmly.

He lay down, but not before kissing her and then resigned himself to whatever the imp had in store for him. He stretched his body, laying full length on the bed, and folded his hands under his head.

"What are you going to use to tie me, sweetheart?"


"They'll get stretched out of shape and might tear."

"You'll buy me some more," she grinned and kneeled on the bed, straddling his chest. "Arms up and out, JC."

She wrapped one end of the stocking around his wrist and then tied the other end securely to the post on the headboard. He didn't comment about her knot and just watched her. Spencer was immediately suspicious that he remained silent and she tested the knot to see if it would come loose if he pulled on it. She was satisfied that it would remain tied.

After she tied the other arm, she leaned down to kiss him. "Are you okay, JC? Comfortable? Not too tight around the wrists?"

"I'm okay, sweetheart. Legs next?"

"No, no legs. I wouldn't want my legs tied," she murmured, moving off of his bare chest so she could pull his sweats down. She laughed when his cock immediately saluted her. "Eager, my love?"

"Always eager for you, baby. Always eager," he husked, his eyes never leaving her.

She stayed where she was, straddling his thighs and untied her robe, letting it fall to the side. JC's breathing got heavier as he watched Spencer stroke his body.

He pulled his legs up so she could lean on his thighs and was assailed by her scent when it reached him. "Come here, baby. I want to kiss you."

Spencer leaned forward, her breasts pressing into his chest and sucked his lower lip into her mouth. "Say please, Captain."

"Please," he immediately responded, his warm brown eyes quickly turning darker.

She cupped his face with both hands, kissed him, and pushed her tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it when she let him and pushed his own tongue into her mouth, exploring and teasing. Then she raised up slightly, running her fingers up the insides of his arms again and again, making him flex his muscles, and making him shiver. As she rose, her breasts hovered over his head and JC groaned every time her soft flesh rubbed his face. He moved his head side to side, trying to capture a nipple, but she let him get only so close before she moved out of his mouth's reach.

"Now I want to kiss your other lips," he murmured, then laughed softly when she blushed. "At least, let me rub my lips against you, baby. Come here. Let me inhale your sweetness."

Spencer was wet and she wanted him. He lay there - open and vulnerable - or so she thought and his words made her want him even more. She moved closer to his face, her thighs on his shoulders, her sex within proximity of his mouth.

JC lifted his head, inhaling her scent, and then turned his head so he could nip her inner thigh. "Closer, baby," he whispered. "Come closer so I can love you."

She leaned down and put both hands behind his head, pulling him closer to her need and gasped when his tongue found the sensitive bundle of nerves that brought her pleasure. He sucked it between his lips and she was lost in the sensation, unable to do anything but hang on. When she finally collapsed on top of him, he continued to lick her, moving his lips and tongue up and down her swollen flesh. His erect cock bobbed behind her as he filled his mouth with her sweetness.

When her breathing eased, he urged her to let his hands loose so he could fill her and love her. "Not yet, JC. I'm going to do the loving."

"Then ride me, baby," he groaned, spreading his thighs apart. "Ride me hard."

Spencer had other ideas. She sat up on her knees, positioning her body over his eager cock, and watched his face as she spread her folds. JC growled when she only slid back and forth over the tip of him, teasing him with her hot, wet flesh.

He arched his hips, trying to enter her but she kept enough distance to rub against him and still thwart his moves. He didn't give any warning, lifting his legs straight up, startling her, and she slid down onto his cock. The next sound she heard was his satisfied grunt as he pushed up into her. He smiled a little smugly as his hips thrust forward and back in the age-old rhythm of lovers.

"You're cheating!" she gasped, trying to move off of him.

"Ride me, baby, he groaned, his thrusts not as satisfying as they should have been. "Please, Madam Commanding Officer."

"You're insubordinate, Lieutenant," she chastised him. "Very insubordinate."

"I've been demoted again," he groaned, when she was able to lift herself off of him.

"Going to be punished," she promised and lay between his legs. Sucking his swollen member between her lips, she sucked hard. His hips responded accordingly, moving forward and back, eagerly pushing further into her mouth.

Spencer lightly smacked his hip and let him pop out of her mouth. "Don't move, squid! I'll stop if you move."

He stilled his movements, waiting for her to take him back in her mouth. He waited through a count of ten - a slow count. "I'm going to spank you," he threatened. "And then I'm going to strangle you!" he added, clenching his tied hands, flexing his biceps. "With my bare hands, I'm going to..."

He inhaled sharply when she sucked him back into the wet warmth of her mouth. And when her hands played with his testes, his neck arched back, and he took very long breaths. It was sheer ecstasy.

She played him like a finely tuned instrument. She was maestro and his body was made up of notes and scales, following her direction, forming her composition, and creating rhapsody. And he gave her everything she wanted. Her lips and tongue loved him, her mouth moving from his swollen shaft to his scrotum, licking, suckling, mouthing him, and kept him on a precipice that swung between need and pleasure. Her hands moved over his torso, skimming his flesh, making it vibrate as he felt every note it played and responded to every subtle nuance of her touch. Her fingernails scraped his nipples, the nerve endings tingling, the sensation causing muscle spasms in his gut and groin. Her mouth found the sweet flesh of his inner thighs and she discovered it was as susceptible to her tongue as his scrotal sac.

She played him - she teased him - she pleasured him. He surrendered to the sensations she caused in his body, her hands and mouth all that mattered, his body hers to command. His orgasm was a loud and continuous outburst - warm semen coupled with JC's distinctive growling roar. It was like giant waves crashing onto rocks, taking possession, coating them with foam and froth, shouting victory, and very slowly, fading back to sea.

His seed filled her mouth, spilling onto her bare breasts and belly, seeping down, ribbons of semen coating her thighs. She marveled at his response and was extremely satisfied that she had brought him to this point. His arms hung limp against the restraints and she reached up to free his hands. "Promise you'll let me rest before you..."

"I promise," he gasped, his arms pulling her to his chest, enfolding her. "Whatever you want, I promise," the aftereffects of his orgasm coloring his words.

He could have easily torn the stockings she had used to tie him but he was certain that would have startled her so he had let her love him the way she wanted. He had wanted to hold her and touch her and love her back as intensely as she had loved him. Holding her soft sweet body on his chest he thought about his desire for her. Will it always be like this? Will I always be so wild about her? Will I always want to hurry home to her and love her? He smiled, his chin resting on the top of the imp's head, his arms holding her in his embrace. He knew he would.

When he could breathe normally again, he cupped her chin, tilting her face up so he could look at her. "Now I'll tie you," he smiled at her.

"You don't have to tie me to love me, JC."

"I know, baby," he chuckled, and sitting up, he pulled her onto his lap and asked. "Where did you get these crazy ideas? What inspired you to tie me up? To make me strip?"

Spencer blushed and JC laughed. "Where, Spencer?"

"On the Internet. I visited a few porn sites and..."

His eyebrows shot up. "Porn sites?"

"You know... couples having sex - it... it seems so mechanical." She tripped over her words, rushing to tell him what she'd seen and embarrassed. "Men loving each other - it's so intense, JC, and so... heated!" She looked up at him to gauge his reaction to her words. "And the women... well, they don't look like they're having any fun at all. They just seem to be going through the motions." She stopped abruptly, not sure what else to tell him.

"We'll have to watch those sites together," he spoke softly.

"Oh no, JC! We couldn't do that."

He laughed softly. Spencer was blushing again. "Why not?"

"It would be like having an audience. I... I think that would be embarrassing."

"Embarrassing?" He burst into laughter, then sobered. "I'd like to see what other couples do that we don't - maybe do those things with you."

"Actually, it's mostly oral lovemaking and... did you ever have a boy to boy encounter when you were younger?" she asked, quickly changing the subject.

He pursed his lips and glared at her. "Did you?" JC remained silent. "Answer me, squid," she said softly. "That's an order."

He looked heavenward, as if some sign would form on the bedroom ceiling that would save him from answering her question. "There was some rough housing in the showers when I was at the academy, but that was all." His voice softened considerably. "What about you? Did you, baby?"

"No," she denied, blushing crimson.

1700 Hours
They had spent the afternoon teasing each other and playing. JC had taken Spencer into the backyard to show her - for the umpteenth time - how to hold a baseball bat. Finally, after multiple tries, she hit a ball he had gently lobed in her direction. He reflexively ducked as soon as it connected with the bat. She was so excited about hitting the ball she jumped into his arms, kissing him on the mouth.

"I did it, JC! I hit the ball!"

He swung her around over his head, laughing and enjoying her excitement. "Remind me not to take you to a driving range, sweetheart. I would fear for the other golfers. Now football," he grinned, fondling her round bottom. "I think you might make a good defensive end."

"Ensign!" she protested.

"Oh no, you don't, sweetheart. I have definitely earned my admiral's stars."

"Put me down, sailor."

"No ma'am," he continued to grin, holding her close to his chest.

"That's an order, squid!"

Reluctantly, he set her on her feet, eyed his watch and noted the time. "Seven more hours, madam commanding officer," he reminded her.

"Attention!" she barked.

JC stood at attention.

"Don't move, mister!" she commanded, and moved away from him and toward the house. "Count to one hundred and then come looking for me. You can have me if you can catch me before I reach the porch," she grinned and broke into a run.

He was on her in an instant, his arm snaking around her waist as he lifted her off her feet. "Gotcha!"

"You cheated!"

"I didn't cheat."

"You were supposed to count to one hundred first," she protested indignantly.

"I did."

"You couldn't have!"

"Twenty-forty-sixty-eighty-one hundred," he said in half a breath.

"Not fair. That's not what I meant and you know it," she argued.

"Those were not your orders, ma'am," he chuckled, nuzzling her neck. "You said I should count to one hundred. I did. And you also said I could have you if I caught you before you reached the porch. I caught you. You're mine, baby."

"What am I going to do with you?" she sighed. "You are so insubordinate."

"That I am, ma'am," he grinned, kissing her hungrily and carrying her into the house. "That I am."

It was rare that they had a day to themselves, rare that they had the luxury to enjoy each other at their leisure. JC relished every moment, loving her gently, taking his time with her, ensuring her pleasure. His hands stroked her flesh, his fingers alternating with his palms as they roamed over her naked body, touching her as if he had never touched her before. His mouth followed suit, his lips kissing and rubbing, his tongue probing, and licking, seeking her erogenous zones and heightening her pleasure. He murmured love words as he touched her, his soft drawl and warm breath teasing her ears as his hands caressed her breasts. He cupped them together, rubbing his cheeks between them, his mouth seeking one nipple and then the other.

Spencer's hands massaged his neck, her soft moans filling his ears, making his heart full. When he finally buried his mouth between her folds and loved her, she was his to orchestrate.

"You're mine," he murmured to her, his tongue dipping into her. "You taste like wild raspberries, my love, sweet and tart and sweet again." He held her hips until she came back to him, his cheek resting on her thigh, his hands stroking her hips.

"JC," she murmured. "Come up here so I can kiss you."

He gathered her into his arms and rolled onto his back so she lay on his chest. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of her hair and then rolled his body again, turning them on their sides. He rained kisses on her face, soft gentle kisses on her eyelids, her cheeks, the tip of her nose, her chin and finally, her mouth. One warm hand slipped down her back, cupping her butt - spanking it lightly - cupping it again while the other fondled a breast, moved to her belly and then stroked her inner thighs.

"I can never get enough of you, baby," he murmured, kissing her again. "Never enough lovin, never enough."

2100 Hours
He broiled steaks for their supper, offering her wine and laughed when she drank it too fast, making her hiccup. She was a little tipsy when she challenged him to another game of dirty Scrabble, beating him, and then blushed when her winning word was not something she had ever said out loud.

"Where did you ever hear words like that, Spencer?" he demanded, failing miserably when he tried to maintain a scowl on his face.

"From hangin' aroun sailors," she slurred her words, working on her third glass of wine.

"Is that so?" he grinned.

"Uh-huh, she said, pushing up against him and ordering him to stand at attention. When he did, she pulled his sweats down again and skipped away from his arms. "Can you run with that thing when it's at full attention?"

"Not only is it at full attention, imp," he barked, going after her. "It's in full strike mode!" His satisfied "Hoo-yah!" rang out as he caught her in a tight embrace before she got too far.

"I always thought this was very much like a surface to air missile," she laughed softly as her hand reached down to stroke him.

"Definitely surface to air missile, sweetheart," he agreed, taking her into the shower. "Three more hours to give me orders, baby. What do you want me to do now?"

"Love me, JC. Just keep loving me for the rest of our lives," she whispered, her hands cupping his face, her mouth seeking his.

"Aye-aye, my love. The best order I ever received," he murmured. "And the easiest to do."

When they finally called it a night, JC spooned up behind Spencer, his arms holding her body close to his chest, the fullness of one of her breasts captured by his palm. She snuggled against him, her body seeking his warmth and his strength.

"I think we should change positions," she murmured sleepily. "I want to hold you this way."

"I'm much bigger than you, baby. It's more comfortable this way."

"I think we should do it, squidlet. Turn over. That's an order," she said as her eyes closed and her breathing evened out.

"Aye-aye, ma'am," he said quietly, smiling, remaining in place. The imp was asleep and where she belonged, in his embrace.

~ End ~

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